Awakening erica pt. 2

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Last night had been amazing, thought Erica as she drove her black BMW towards home, and her waiting husband. She was only supposed to have been Devon’s till midnight, but he had taken her four more times after their first liaison in the hotel elevator, and it was almost 11:00 am when they finally awoke from the sexual stupor caused by the evening’s events. Erica had given Devon a quick blow job before jumping in the shower to clean her body of the adulterous evidence. Stepping out of the shower, she had toweled off her thick blond hair, and ran her hands over her curvaceous young body. She was giddy as a school girl, looking at herself in the mirror, and thinking about how her life had changed in one night. Erica knew she would see Devon again, whether her husband David liked it or not. It had been David’s request that she screw Devon, and it wasn’t her fault if in doing so her final inhibitions had been torn away.

Erica had finished dressing, and come out of the bathroom only to find Devon gone, but sitting on one of the night stands was a note, and a thousand dollars cash. Erica began reading the note as she fumbled to put on her high heels.

‘Erica you are the finest piece of ass I have ever had the pleasure of fucking. I don’t know how much Dave paid you for tonight, but here’s an extra grand for the best sex I have ever had – your husband is a lucky man.’

‘I have a proposition for you, if you are game? As you know I work as an AR for G-Tone Records, and I could use a fine lady like you, to help me in securing certain deals, and favors for our label’s artists. It would be very profitable for you and I, plus I’d be willingly to pay you extra to fuck that fine white ass of yours again.’

Erica paused, and felt her pussy get moist from the words that Devon had left her. It was better than she had imagined. Devon really was going to make her his whore, and she could continue to fuck him, and make money on the side as well. She knew David had created a monster, but fuck him; if he didn’t want her anymore, she’d have plenty of money if she joined Devon’s stable, and all the cock that she could ever handle.

Sitting on the edge of the hotel bed, Erica reached under her black mini-dress to finger her pantiless muff, and continued reading Devon’s note.

‘Working for me would be safer perhaps than what your doing now, as it would be hidden by the façade of a legitimate job so your husband would be less likely to find out. Also, it appeared to me that you thoroughly enjoyed the black cock I gave you, and since I work for a rap label, you’d be well fed on some of the finest African American meat around.’

‘Let me know if you’re interested. You can reach me on my cell at….’

Erica didn’t even finish reading the last sentence, as she dropped the note to the floor, and hiked her skirt up to facilitate the frigging of her cunt. She could see her pink pussy in the mirror across from the bed, and spread her legs wider to get the clearest view possible. Erica’s pussy was a wide open, gooey pink maw, and the swollen black pecker she had fucked all night had stretched her cunt wide enough that she could easily fist fuck herself. Moaning aloud, Erica watched her petite hand vanish into the wet baby tunnel between her legs, and she began pumping her fist in and out as she asked, ‘What have I become? In answer, Erica’s mind said, ‘You have become an insatiable slut, ready for anything or anyone.’ Smiling at herself she agreed, and closed her yes to fantasize about the black cock she was already missing.

Before Erica could bring herself off, she was interrupted by a loud knock at the door. She tried for a few seconds to ignore it, but thought that she didn’t want what possibly might be the maid coming in, and seeing her with a cunt full of fist, and leaking pussy juice all over the bed. A second knock brought her to her feet, and she adjusted her tight dress as she went to answer the door. Opening the door slightly, she peered around the edge and said, “Yes?”

“I’m sorry to bother you miss,” responded the middle aged female standing outside, “Mr. Child’s has had the valet bring your car around to the back of the hotel for your convenience.”

There was no mistaking the disapproving look that Erica was receiving from the hotel worker standing in front of her. ‘Yeah this old bitch knows I just got balled all night by a colored man, and she doesn’t like it,’ Erica shot off in her head, ‘Bet the old sow hasn’t had a good fucking in that wrinkled cunt of hers for ages.’

“If you follow me miss,” the lady continued, “I’ll show you the back way out,” her voice barely hiding her disdain.

Erica looked at the lady, and cocked her head to the side, and smiled mischievously saying, “One second honey, I have to get my purse.” Opening the door wide so that the lady could get a full view, Erica sauntered back into the room, her luscious hips swaying from side to side, and her flaxen hair seductively brushing her ample tush. Erica grabbed hold of her purse, and bent over to retrieve Devon’s note that she had dropped a few minutes ago. Erica was sure that Ms. Prude Bitch had seen her flash her bald crack, and began walking back towards the sour faced woman, but stopped by the chair that was set against the wall next to the door. Lifting up her black stockinged leg, Erica pulled her skirt up revealing her garter, and her dripping shaved cunt again. Erica smiled coyly at the woman, and took the thousand dollars she still had in her hand, and tucked it neatly into the top of her garter saying, “You know a lady has to make sure her valuables are safe, don’t you think? I wouldn’t want my husband to wonder how I came by a $1000.00.”

Looking stone faced as a nun, the lady chewed her teeth and responded, “No miss, a lady must be discreet…and protect her livelihood as best she can.” The lady clicked her tongue and motioned Erica towards the hall.

Erica thought that this old hag must just be fuming, seeing that she had just made a cool grand for laying on her back, while this prune faced bitch probably didn’t earn that much in a week of brown nosing hotel guests. Smiling at the lady, Erica ran her experienced tongue across her pouty lips, and followed the lady towards the rear elevators that she had had her first sexual experience with Devon in.


In minutes, Erica was in her car, and speeding along the highway. Rounding a turn she, noticed that the gas gauge on her dash was showing almost empty; Erica considered herself lucky, when just a block away she noticed a filling station. Pulling into the gas station, Erica pulled up to the full service pump, and waited for the attendant Ankara escort to come up to her. “Fill’er up ma’am,” said the gas jockey with a grin.

“Yes, please…and could you check the tires, and everything else as well?” Erica replied barely noticing the man.

As Erica sat in her car, she hummed to herself, and wondered why she wasn’t sorer from the pummeling she received by Devon’s huge cock, as it was only her ass that felt a little numb. ‘Maybe I’m completely ruined?’ Erica brooded, and the anxiety made her stomach do flips, worrying about how her pussy might not be as tight as it had been before last night. She had loved every minute of the stretching her beaver went through, and had fantasized about going home to David, and him fucking her, only to find that his prick fell into her dank depths without restriction, but she didn’t want to have some huge ugly pussy that looked all fucked out, and droopy.

Coming to herself, she noticed that the gas attendant was looking at her through the open sun roof, and his glance was falling on her revealing cleavage. Thinking she’d have a little fun at his expense, she pretended to ignore him, and twisted in her seat turning around as if to look for something in the back. Erica’s ripe tits hung forward, as she bent her torso towards the rear of the car, and she wondered if her positioning was allowing the gas pumper a good view of her wares. Wiggling back and forth, and still pretending to look for something, her cantaloupe sized jugs jiggled a little too much, and came flopping out of the top of her dress.

Looking up quickly, Erica saw the attendant stare at her, eyes like saucers on his face, and she noticed the slight movement of the hand not pumping the gas, knowing that the man’s cock must be throbbing from her show. Pretending to be a little tipsy, Erica giggled, and pulled her top back over her heaving hooters, and half heartedly scolded the man for watching her. Erica was having fun now, and decided to take this game as far as she could. She was still horny, having been disturbed by that old broad at the hotel, and not being able to finish herself off; besides the gas attendant wasn’t that bad looking either. Erica studied his face, as he hurriedly finished pumping the gas, and made his way around to check under the hood of her car.

Getting out of the car, Erica kept up her game of intoxication, and pretended to stumble into the attendant, drunkenly. “I’m…ah….so sorry, Erica sputtered as the man caught her, and kept her from falling, “I…kinna got…drunk lash night, an I’m…uhhh…shtill feelin ahh liddle woozie.” Erica, laughed at herself for the bad acting, but continued with, “Waz…your name?

“Ken ma’am…my names Ken,” the man stammered a little taken off guard by what was happening. “You know ma’am you shouldn’t be driving like this…in your condition…I mean. Your husband wouldn’t want to lose you…I know if I was him I wouldn’t, that is…” he trailed off into whisper before finishing his thought.

“Nonshence…my huzben don’t own me…,” Erica said, swaying a little as she looked up at Ken, “I do wha I wand….an fuck who I wand. Don ya think I’mmmm sexy?”

Looking from side to side Ken answered, “Damn ma’am you’re about the hottest babe I have ever seen, begging your pardon.”

Erica waived her hand in front of Ken’s face, as if to say she wasn’t offended by his comment. In fact, Erica’s cunt was boiling from the excitement of turning this gas jockey on. Looking at Ken, she decided she was going to fuck him, as she had thought to herself earlier the guy wasn’t half bad. He was in shape for his age, which must have been around fifty. He was built sort of like a former football player that after retirement, kind of gets a little thick around the middle, but in no way could be considered fat, and his slightly graying hair was sort of sexy. Running her supple fingers through her blond locks Erica said, “Hey…ummm…Ken…I neeeeed to pee, really, really bad. You got a bathroom around here?” Twisting where she stood, Erica placed her hand over her crotch, and pulled her thighs tightly together pretending that she was holding her urine in. “Come on Kenny, I need to pee,” she whined.

“Sure…um the ladies room isn’t in service at the moment ma’am, and the men’s room door lock is broken, but I could stand outside, and make sure nobody came in,” Ken replied looking towards the gas station building.

“Lead the way Kenny,” Erica said, happy at how well her little deception was working.

Kevin led Erica around to the side of the filling station, and showed her the men’s room. Erica asked Ken to leave the door open so she could talk to him, and at first she was worried that he might think it a little strange, but he obeyed her, and she went inside to supposedly pee. The bathroom was pretty clean for a gas station, and Erica found that now that she was in there she did have to go tinkle.

“Oooo…that feels good. Hey Kenny come in here a sec,” Erica said as she squatted over the toilet bowl and pretended to urinate.

Ken looked over his shoulder through the crack in the door saying, “What you need ma’am?”

“Quit it with the ma’am shit Kenny. I am 26, and sure not anyone’s ma’am. My names Erica, and anyways, come in here,” the devilish blond demanded. Erica hoped that Ken wouldn’t be a dud and chicken out, and was greatly relived when he mumbled ok.

A little reluctant, Ken opened the men’s room door and entered. The stall door was open where Erica was, and he could see her squatting over the toilet, with her skirt hiked up around her waist, and her pussy glistening. Turning his head a little so he appeared not to be looking at her exposed twat Ken said, “Ummm…what do you need ma’….I mean Erica?”

“Kenny look,” Erica pouted, showing him her wet muff, “there’s no toilet paper, and my little pussy is all wet.” Erica pushed her cunt lips wide with her fingers, allowing Kenny a crystal clear view into her tasty clam.

Stammering Ken said, “I’ll right back with some paper for you Erica,” as he turned to leave.

“No Kenny, don’t leave. What if someone should come in, and find me like this? You are a full service station aren’t you?” Erica said, pretending to be a demanding customer. Ken nodded in response to her question. Erica smiled at him and said, “Well then get down here, and service your patron. If you do a good job I may even let you fuck me afterwards.”

Erica stood up and lowered the toilet seat, then proceeded to sit down leaning back to give Ken ample space in which to drink from her fountain. Ken lowered himself to his knees, and ran his tongue over Erica’s wet cunt lips, and that is when Erica released her pungent fluid. Running her fingers through Ken’s gray speckled black Ankara escort bayan hair Erica moaned, “That’s it baby, lap up my golden nectar, and make sure you get every drop.” Ken mumbled an ascent as he cupped his mouth over her pee spout and sucked up Erica’s urine. Erica filled the dirty old man’s mouth with the warm yellow liquid, and by the way he drank it up, she was sure Ken was no novice to toilet tricks

As Erica squirted the remaining drops into Ken’s thirsty mouth, he lapped at her gooey tart pie to clean her, and every so often swished his tongue over her throbbing clit. Erica leaned back as far as she could, and watched as Ken performed his cleaning task like an expert. Erica pondered, on how this dirty old fucker was old enough to be her father, and it excited her already wanton body to the point that she said, “So daddy…do you like sucking on your little girl’s kitty and drinking her hot pee? You know we might get caught daddy, and what would people think about you molesting your own little girl like this?” Erica ran her fingers through Ken’s wavy hair again, as he mumbled something inaudible, continuing to give her tart a tongue bath. “That’s it daddy…I’ll never tell mommy…I promise,” she whispered seductively, and continued internally with, ‘OMG…this feels soooooo goooood!’

Cunt cream and urine poured into Ken’s willing mouth, as he now chewed on the hot blonds’ clit hood. Erica pulled out her nice rack, and grabbed hold of Ken’s hand, pulling it up to massage her breast. The semi-sweet smell of mechanic’s grease, urine, and pussy juice permeated the air, sending Erica into a flurry of passion. What wouldn’t she do now? Fucked all night by a strange black man, being fucked right now by a stranger in a gas station toilet stall, and using his mouth for a toilet, pretending to be a drunken cunt to get laid, wanting to be a tart for any man willing to pay for it, not even thinking about her husband at home who may be worried about her; these were all the things running through her deviant mind, and Erica knew there were more.

Ken’s mouth was like a vacuum on her clit, and she felt her little bud being tugged into the gap between his front teeth, causing the right friction to unleash her bitch juice. Erica saw Ken look up at her with his blue gray eyes, and she ran her tongue in a circle around her lips, and in her best little girl voice said, “I’m gonna cum daddy. Just keep chewing on your little girl’s clitty, and my hot tight little coochie is gonna pop all over your face. Then you can stuff your turgid cock in me, and get me pregnant like you do mommy…fill your sweet baby girl’s belly with the same gunk you used to make her.”

Erica could see that her verbal play was really getting to Ken, as he had his free hand pulling on his pecker that somehow she had failed to notice he had pulled out. Her words to Ken had also excited her, and with just a few more swipes of her clit between Ken’s teeth, Erica unleashed her bubbly froth. Ken drank up the ripe twat cola, and continued to drink from Erica’s pink cup till her orgasm was complete.

Ken raised his head from between Erica’s thighs, and the lower half of his face was caked with girl cum. Standing, Ken gave Erica the first real look at his grizzled pecker, and she opened her mouth to gawk in awe at the fat pud he was stroking. Ken’s member wasn’t as long as the black meat she had had earlier, but the head on his circumcised cock was the size of a peach, and the veins running along the shaft were rigid and pronounced. Ken brought his ball peen hammer up to Erica’s mouth. “Little girl is gonna suck her daddy’s cock before she gets fucked, cause mommy doesn’t like doing it anymore,” Ken said as he stroked himself in front of her face.

Erica didn’t hesitate, and scraped her front teeth over the bulbous head, before taking the tip into her mouth. “Ohhhhh…that’s it daughter, use those cock sucking lips of yours, and give daddy what he needs. Maybe I’ll buy you a pony for Christmas,” Ken mumbled almost to himself, while Erica spit shined his ripe organ. Ken grabbed a hold of Erica’s hair, and pulled it straight up, then parted it, deftly tying each side into make shift pony tails.

Sliding his mancicle into Erica’s cum trap, Ken decided to pull on her two new pony tails, and ride her face, as if he were galloping along on a horse. Drool trickled out of Erica’s mouth, while she licked and sucked on her latest meat puppet, and it fell to the bathroom floor in long stringy threads. Ken smiled in pleasure at seeing the sticky saliva Erica was leaving behind, and soon there was so much of it that her tits were sticky with a mixture of it, and Ken’s pre-cum.

Erica decided to reach into Ken’s work pants, and knead his hairy balls. She could feel the old man’s nuts were filled with cum, and Erica was happy that he wasn’t an early shooter because she wanted to feel it shoot into her trembling pussy. Erica released her mouth’s suction on her morning snack, and jerked Ken’s cock with both hands, watching the big head turn from a dark pink to purple. Ken’s pee hole oozed a generous amount of pre-cum, and since Erica wasn’t the kind of slut to let good protein go to waste, she scooped up a gooey line of it onto her fingers, and dripped it into her mouth. The clear fluid streamed onto her tongue, and Erica played with the syrupy goo, pulling her fingers away from her mouth, which made the pre-cum dangle in front of her like a jump rope. With a quick suck, Erica slurped the string back into her mouth and said, “Over the lips and past the gums, look out pussy cause daddy needs to cum.” The dirty old man smiled at Erica’s poem. “I want to ride you daddy, just like I’m gonna ride that pony you buy me,” Erica said, getting to her feet so Ken could take a seat on the toilet.

Before Erica could trade places with him, Ken slipped out of his blue work trousers, and she saw that she had been right about the old man’s body; he sure was in great condition, and he was well worth the fuck. “Yeah honey, daddy will buy you that pony, but first daddy’s gotta make sure you earned it,” and still pulling on his fat pecker Ken sat on the seat finishing up with, “Come on and let’s see if this rocket here will fit.

Erica straddled the gas attendant’s lap, and lowered her twat over the head of his cattle prod. Dancing on the pole was not a hard feat, after having her tirade with Devon, and Erica’s pussy easily accepted its size. Erica proceeded to hop up and down on Ken’s dick, and threw her head from side to side, to make her pony tails flop around. Ken reached around to squeeze her hooters, and ran his course tongue across her sweaty back. Reaching down between her thighs, Erica grabbed the man’s dangling balls, and she twisted them Escort Ankara to keep them from spewing. Erica could feel her sugar daddy’s hot breath on her back, and shivered as he nibbled on her naked flesh.

Giggling girlishly, Erica said, “Daddy and Erica screwing in a tree…fucking his knob where mommy can’t see. First he licks…as her twat spits…then daddy’s cock gushes inside her pussy. Come on daddy fuck me with that big wonderful dick. Fill your little bitch girl with that baby soup.”

Vigorously, Ken met Erica’s demands, and pushed his tool up her smoldering cunt, trying to drive it through the top of her head. “Damn you’re a hot fucken bitch…*huff*…I haven’t fucked like this in ages…*huff* *huff*…Maybe I need to trade in my old lady for a young cunt like yours?” Ken breathed heavily, “Ya think I could keep a fine lady like yourself happy…I mean if you weren’t already married and all?”

“Sweetheart,” Erica panted back over her shoulder, “that dick you have would keep any girl happy. If your wife isn’t taking care of you like she should, you need to look for pussy elsewhere.”

Ken continued to plow Erica’s mink, and began long dicking her, pulling his cock out so the head broke free of her fleshy cunt lips. Each time he withdrew his cock from Erica’s poon, a sloppy wet pop ensued. “Pop goes the weasel, and the weasel goes pop,” Erica giggled, “You gonna pop that weasel daddy?”

“Not yet little darling, I’m gonna try something else out first. I hope you can accommodate it?” said the old man, as he pulled his randy pecker out Erica.

Laying Erica down on the tiled floor, Ken pulled both of her legs together, pushing them back towards her head. Erica’s ass rose off of the floor, and she was quite aware of what Ken wanted to try. The gas pumper spat a huge wad of saliva into Erica’s brown hole. “Hold ya legs up for me bitch,” he grunted as he swabbed his cock head through the spit puddle in her shit hole. Pulling Erica’s perfect ass cheeks apart, the old man entered her ass for the first time, and heard her gulp in air, trying to help lessen the pain of the anal invader. Erica pulled her legs as far back as she could, almost touching her face with her ankles, and wondered how her poop shoot was going to handle this molesting? Holding her hips steady with both hands, Ken forced his baton into Erica’s ass, and every so often spit another loogie onto his cock to keep it lubed.

Tears came to Erica’s eyes at the raping her ass was getting, but the pain was nothing compared to the pleasure, and she tried to help her pretend daddy by relaxing her muscles as much as possible. Ken feeling her ass give way a bit, ploughed into her with reckless abandon. Watching his python thick cock sliding in and out of Erica’s puckered ass encouraged Ken, and he was at the point he wanted to be to try an experiment. Allowing his cock to pop free of Erica’s bung hole, Ken drove it back into her cunt for two strokes, then repeated the two stroke beat in her shitter. Back and forth he went, ass to cunt, cunt to ass, till Erica was screaming in rapture beneath him.

Fireworks shot off in Erica’s head, as the blue collar cock double dipped her two fuck holes. Devon had been great Erica thought, but this guy was fucking her like it was his last piece of ass before dying. For another five minutes Erica tried to milk the fat pecker exploiting her dirt box and pie, but then had Ken switch positions again so she could ride him one last time, and control the action. Riding the battering ram as fast as she could, Erica placed her hand on her pelvis, to feel the throbbing tree truck through her skin. “Come on you dirty old fucker, cum in my pussy….drop that load, and fill my hungry hole,” Erica screamed. Erica felt the old man’s cock swell in her pussy, and then the first jet of hot spunk filling her young womb. “That’s it daddy…make it pop…make it pop….give your baby all your slop,” she cheered as another orgasm shot through her own body, and leaning back onto Ken’s hairy chest she felt him bite down on the back of her neck, like she had seen lions do when they fuck. This old cock, was in his own way marking his territory, and Erica’s head swam as her orgasm mixed with Ken’s to make a twat stew. Erica felt a few more spurts of frothy cum fill her, as Ken’s body jerked towards completion, and she continued to lay on Ken feeling his hicky growing on the soft skin of her neck.

Ken kissed Erica’s shoulder lovingly, and she reached back to caress his rough cheek with her hand, sighing in contentment. Erica straddled Ken’s lap for a few more minutes, but finally got up, and dislodged his semi hard erection from her quim.

Reaching down between her legs, Erica cupped her palm to her bubbly cunt, and brought the warm broth to her lips. Tilting her head back, she poured the thick, white spunk into her mouth, and blew cum bubbles. Ken watched in complete satisfaction, as more of the paste he had deposited in the slut’s cunt, ran streaming down her legs, forming puddles on the bathroom tile, and all the while Erica kept blowing bubbles out of the mess in her mouth. Erica finally swallowed her brunch, and smiled at the old gas pumper still prostrate on the floor, his spent member slightly throbbing, as it lay on his pelvis, gradually growing smaller.

Erica pulled up her dress to cover her tits, and walked over to Ken. Leaning down over the heavy breathing man, she kissed him on the lips, letting him sample his own nutting, and pulled out the thousand dollars she had stowed in her garter. Handing Ken a hundred dollar bill Erica whispered in his ear, “That was great service baby. Maybe we’ll fuck again if I ever need my pussy tuned up,” and running her pretty fingers through his hair one last time, she turned around pulling her skirt down to hide another affair.

As Erica left the bathroom, Ken never said a word. Making her way to her Beamer, Erica opened the door, and slipped into the leather seat, then started the engine. Looking in the rear view mirror, she adjusted her hair, pulling out the pony tail knots Ken had made, and mulled over the events of the past 16 hours. Yeah she was an adulteress now, on her way home to her husband. David had pimped her out like a piece of meat to make partner at his firm, and she had ended up loving it. She had fucked a 50 year old in a public bathroom just because she wanted to, and she was sure she was going to take Devon up on his proposition. Erica still loved David, but with her sexual appetites wet, she needed the freedom to explore them further, and hoped David would join her. After all, sex was like a dessert, you might love ice cream, but why couldn’t you have a little chocolate on occasion?

Erica’s last thought, as she put her car in gear, and headed for home was, ‘Let’s see if David likes the taste of foreign jism marinating in his wife’s pussy. He better, cause he’s gonna be getting a lot of it from now on.’

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