Awakening of Melissa Pt. 02

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This is an erotic love story between Melissa and her boyfriend Rob. All characters are over 21. It is the second part of the series: Friday night.


Melissa was naked except an apron that she wore because she prepared a dinner.

Rob insisted she was being naked in the house. He would have called her few times per day from the work demanding her to put her hand in her panties and be touching herself while thinking about him, demanding that her pussy is wet all the day until he came back at home.

And he managed to accomplish this; her pussy was wet almost all the time, from the moment he would have left the home till the moment he would have come back.

At the beginning she did not like being completely naked. She had tried to persuade him to allow her to wear at least panties, but he had insisted that she was more beautiful this way.

But apron was an allowed piece of clothes when she was preparing some food. With apron, she felt even more naked, her back and ass was naked and Rob frequently demanded her to bend so that he could enjoy a view of her ass and pussy.

Today, it was Friday. Not too bad day, on contrary good day. She did not love Sunday afternoons very much as that was her regular spanking day.

“Although honestly,”, thought Melissa, “it had not too bad either, as Rob was always gentle and spanking ritual was actually like foreplay before sex.”

And after spanking would be finished, she could not resist remembering that part of Sunday’s ritual, Rob would have always being güvenilir bahis kissed her sore ass, and she liked that part a lot.

As it was Friday, and on each day there were some sexual duties for Melissa, today was a day for cat girl role-play, as they called it. Basically, that had meant that Melissa would put butt plug with long tail and have to move along the house on all four until next day.

She would go into bathroom in half past 6 and should have been ready till 7 pm. After 7 pm, she would be a “his lovely pussycat”.

And she liked the tail; she liked walking on all fours and teasing her Rob with her perfect ass, and giving him long blow jobs.

She became an expert to keep him in aroused state for long time during performing her oral services.

She waited him behind the entrance door, completely naked and very aroused exactly as Rob wished her to do. Her nipples were hard and pussy wet. Rob arrived at the door.

“Hi,” he said.

As he was kissing her deep and passionate in her mouth, his left hand touched her pussy.

“Well, nice wet,” he thought, “as it is supposed to be”. “Good girl,” said Rob and offered his wet fingers to Melissa who put them eagerly in her mouth to clean them from her own pussy’s juices.

After few glasses of wine, during which they talked about small things, she went into the bathroom. She took butt plug from hidden shelf, put some gel on the top of it and inserted it in her anus.

She was so sexy with this tail, on all four.

In the meantime, Rob türkçe bahis took a bath, and sat on the sofa. He found some good film and waited for his cat-girl to come out from the bathroom.

Melissa’s head appeared from the door, firm tits, smile on her beautiful face. She was on all four and was slowly turning around showing to Rob her tail.

“That is nice. That is my girl,” said Rob, as Melissa was turning her ass to Rob.

Oh wow, she was so beautiful, after all these years they had been together, he did not want to spend this night or any other night with any other woman than Melissa, his love from early days.

He slapped her gentle on the buttock.

“Ok, my little one, come here next to me, I am a bit tired, so I would ask you for a nice and long massage.”

So, as many other Fridays before, she knelt between his legs and started to lick first his balls and then after few moments she put her tongue in his ass crack and started kissing his anus.

“Perfect relaxation after long hard working week,” thought Rob.

Once he should bring some escort girl to share his pet with her. That idea popped up almost a year ago in his mind, but he still did not decide to ask Melissa. He knew that she had some lesbian experiences several years ago and she would probably like to repeat them.

“Melissa, what do you think to bring some escort girl to have a diner with us on one of our next Friday’s night?”

“But, but, you know that I do not want to share you and that I am against group sex. Besides that, güvenilir bahis siteleri on Friday evening I am becoming a cat-girl, have you forgotten that?” asked Melissa with a big smile.

“No, Melissa, I did not forget, and that is exactly the reason I would like to invite her on Friday, as I do not want to share my Melissa with anybody else, but I would be proud to show my pet to someone else,” said Rob with teasing smile.

“Or do you think that maybe better day would be Sunday evening?” asked Rob.

“O no,” thought Melissa, “on Sunday evening I receive my spanking – that would be too embarrassing to be seen by anyone else… Wait a minute cat girl, butt tail and walking on all fours would be less embarrassing?”

But she knew she would actually enjoy this humiliation as she was already all wet even thinking about some woman – stranger that would see her current outfit and, “who knows what other ideas Rob had in mind for that evening?”

“I love you,” she said, continuing licking his balls.

“I know,” said Rob, patting her head, as he continued watching the film.

“Maybe,” added Rob, “instead of an escort girl, we can ask Sara to join us on the dinner one Friday night?”

Sara was Melissa’s boss, and she was 10 years older than her. She was very attractive and from time to time they were hanging out together and had fun. Once, when they drank too much they even exchanged a few kisses, but they never considered to make further step.

Thought about Sara in their home on Friday night, and she – naked and walking around on all fours following Rob’s demands increased her desire to touch her pussy and get some relief.

But she knew, that she had to wait for tomorrow morning and that this night was reserved only for Rob’s pleasure.

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