Awards Banquet

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Chapter 1 Getting Ready

Julie and Bret had flown in earlier that day to Chicago to attend his company’s annual awards banquet. The day was now ending, and Julie was sparkling with anticipation as she stood fully nude with her nipples pressed to the chilly hotel window. She gazed out at Lake Michigan and thought about their lives. They were excited. This event could fulfill of their dreams. They dreamed of financial security and worked toward it all year, teaming up to earn big sales commissions. Tonight, they could cap that income with the top salesman bonus. They also dreamed of being out in public without always worrying that they were jeopardizing the privacy of their “special” relationship. At a venue like this banquet, they just wanted to be themselves and relax. Lastly, they dreamed of meeting new friends and forming intimate bonds with other couples who shared their special style of love. This banquet had the potential to do all that. Above all else, this trip was beautiful getaway for making love and enjoying sex.

As Julie looked out on the wind-blown lake, wave after wave pushed by powerful blasts of wintry air crashed ashore. Each one frothed and crested with a creamy, spurting white cap. The surging flow from each heave then ebbed back out and spawned another one. The lunging in-and-out was a natural power. She sensed the heaving as it repeated over and over. She mused, ‘just like fucking’.

This rhythm put Julie into a trance. She felt each wave as the thrust of her lover’s cock and each white cap was an eruption of his sperm. Julie shifted her gaze back on shore and to the tall, erect skyscrapers. They reminded her of smooth full hard cocks. She wanted to reach out and touch one and stroke it up and down.

Julie shook herself back into reality, saying to herself, “Is loving my son so much making me obsessed with sex?” Down below were the passersby on the sidewalks, holding their scarves and hats as the cold air blasts licked their way up the valleys of the Windy City, Chicago. She shivered, got it out of her system, then relaxed

Julie was 12 stories above the crowd. She wondered if any of them would look up and see her. She was giving them an arousing view of her firm, 38DD, full melon shaped breasts. They jutted out her front, and their bikini lines showed white contrasted with the sepia tones left from her summertime tan. Her nipples were erect and wrinkled from the gentle stream of frigid coming off the cold glass like a frosty breadth. Aglow in the setting sun, her curly red hair was highlighted radiantly in its scarlet and orange hues. Around her face, these bright rays were an angelic halo; around her pubis, they were like a beacon that lured cocks to her sex cave. Her blue eyes twinkled.

Yes, if those folks looked up, they would see her and join in enjoying this moment of sensuous pleasure. Julie shuffled her feet apart and opened her legs to give them a better view of her pink erotica. Teasing them with this peek was naughty but she liked the titillation. She took on an erogenous glow. She was playing with danger, but there was no real chance of being seen or caught. Those scrambling people down below were all too busy fighting the freezing air and holding down their chins close to their scarves to fend off the cold blasts. They were missing the best show in town!

She looked back to the lake shore. The rhythmic undulation of the waves again seemed to her to be strokes of cock sliding up her vagina, and each powerful upheaval ending in an eruption of white cap that caused her a small orgasm. Her vaginal juices trickled and moistened her crotch.

“Oh, I can’t get my mind off this,” Julie thought to herself. She shook herself back in to the reality.

Inside the hotel room, the cold mist emitting from the window was frosting her breasts and nipples, the rest of her was warm and comfortable. She felt secure. She thought of the man she loved all his life. Just for him, she kept her nipples chilled and wrinkled awaiting his lips. She reveled in the delight her tits would give her son tonight! Yes, her young lover in the room was her own son, and she was proud of him. ‘He’s so handsome and sexy, and probably the horniest guy in town, too!’, she thought to herself. He loved her aureoles when they were hardened and crinkled, and the tips were like dark red hard candy that he could suck and lick.

Julie’s young man enjoyed his view of his mom at the window. He came up to her from behind and looked at her from ankle to ass to neckline. He admired her beauty and poise. He enjoyed her exhibitionism. It was a harmless depravity to display her nude body to the delight of those below. As he stood there, he placed his hands on her waist, then rubbed them down to her ankles, then back up her legs, across her ass cheeks, and back around to the front. He cupped her breasts in each hand. As he cupped her tits, he looked at and adored her sensuous lips, her round full tits, her curvaceous hips, and her pussy. The sight, the feel, the taste, and the aroma of her sexual charms kept his Oedipal lust always on Meydankavağı Escort edge and ready for lovemaking. Tonight, would be no exception.

As Julie watched the people below shuffle through the stinging weather, she sensed that her son, her lover, was nearing her. They had a special mental radar for each other. Her lover’s approach aroused her and usually would lead to only one thing, a sexual interlude. She didn’t quite have time for it right now. He shifted closer to her and pressed his nude, male body up against her back and ass. His hands slid down to her hips, then around to her belly. He pulled her closer.

“Oh, your hands on me feel so good,” Julie said.

Bret leaned forward, kissing her neck, and pressing his semi-flaccid cock in to the crevice of her ass cheeks. She felt his arousal stirring as his cock started to enlarge. Its cockhead flickered against her ass, tickling her anus, then stroking the crevice. If he kept pressing his hips forward and rubbing his cock to full attention, there would have been no stopping.

A smile went across her face, as she huskily breathed, “Oh, babe, that feels so good, but you’ll save it for later.”

“I’m not sure it’ll wait.”

“Well, it can. And, waiting makes it just that much better.” She twisted her head to look at him and finished with a smile, “Don’t you agree?”

“Butting up to your naked ass this way gives me an urge that won’t go away. What if I get up there on the stage tonight and I start thinking about you and my cock starts poking out of my trousers?”

She chuckled and said jokingly, “Well, I’ll have to come up on stage and do something about it, won’t I?”

Then, glancing at his cock hanging half erect and flickering for a signal from her, her personality turned motherly. In a maternal voice, her tone turned directive. She said in a firm, sweet, and gentle voice, “Honey, it will just have to wait. We need to get down to the banquet. We’re expected, and we’ll be too conspicuous if we come in late, looking ruffled like we just had sex.” She paused, then said, “Here, I don’t want you to go in there with a crotch ache. If you really must take care of it now, take this packet and go relieve yourself.”

With a teasing smile she handed him a packet of photos they had taken of each other at home in several amorous poses. Each one brought back a sensuous memory of their love making. In one his mouth sucked her nipple. In another her puckered lips kissed the slit at the tip of his cock. In the next her mouth enveloped his cock’s crown while her red lips clamped on the sensitive ring of tender skin just past the ring of his crown. Next one, she is face-sitting with her knees astride his shoulders, her pussy open above his face, and his tongue stretched out, trying to get a lick of her pussy ointment. In another, she is turned around, squatting down, her ass cheeks in his face, backward face-sitting, her cunt opening squat on his nose, making his nostrils inhale the bouquet of her labia flowers.

Best of all is the shot of their mutual oral sixty-nine, with him on his back, her lying on top of him, her tits mushed to his chest, his cock encased in a crimson ring of her lips and deep in her mouth, and at the other end, his face raised in to her pink pubis. Glancing over these photos took him back to those moments. He could taste her sweet femininity, inhale her womanly redolence

“These will help, too” she said, and with an impish smile handed him the pair of panties she had worn on the plane and taken off when they got to the hotel. “They still smell like my pussy. You’ll like it”

Bret lifted the panty crotch to his nose and sniffed a mix of pussy oil, pee, and crotch sweat.

“Thanks, but they may help too much.” He scrunched his nuts and continued, “you’re right, that I need to save my sperm load for the real blast tonight!”

“I agree.”

Whenever they had a long evening, they always saved the best for last. She smirked and said teasingly, “Tonight, we’re here for the money, the pride, and to meet people. I’ve been excited all day.” Then she set her jaw a bit and said with a sexy growl, “Tonight I am going to give you a fuck that you will never forget. I am going to put you in paradise, honey babe” She relaxed again and beamed a warm, motherly smile.

This evening’s event was the awards banquet. Julie reveled in the thought of being Bret’s escort for the soiree. Looking out the window again, Julie felt their dream had come true. They had flown in first class and been given a suite in Chicago’s most prestigious lakeside hotel. Tonight, her son will be recognized as top sales performer. He’ll be awarded a big money prize. His career will soar. Everyone will admire him. They will meet new people tonight, and maybe even find that ‘right couple’ they have been looking for. Then, after the party, they had plans for their own private celebration. She intended for it to be an unbridled fuckfest with her son.

Sex in a hotel was special, thought Julie. The beds were king size and lush. Meydankavağı Escort Bayan They could roll and thrash all night. Window curtains could be left open to let in the glimmering, low night lights of city life. Hotels always had the distant sounds of city sirens and street life, and the stimulating knowledge that other people were nearby, maybe thrashing wildly with each other like they were. Or, more thrilling, maybe other couples were peeking in at them, watching and waiting to catch them in their taboo lovemaking. ‘Fuck them’ she thought. This is a night for full throttle love making. Just the thought of the top prize money had kept her pussy tunnel tingling all afternoon.

Now, dusk was setting in, and the excitement of the evening was just starting.

While Julie looked out the window, her lover’s hands tweaked her nipples, and his man-size cock brushed her ass cheeks.

Bret said, “It’s getting dark out, Mom. Aren’t are you worried that some man might be looking up at you and getting over excited? He might get as horny as I am.”

“Let them look,” she laughed, “it’ll be good for business for those girls working the street down there in the cold.”

She winced. “It would be a lot easier for them to be an escort than a street walker.”

“Escort? Did you ever try it? You’d be the best paid!” he said, whisking his hands back down to her hips, and pulling her hips back and pressing his cock in firmer to her cute, round ass cheeks.

She did not answer him directly, but said, “Maybe I should. They can make good money, you know!”

“But would you like to be one?”

“Honey, why don’t you just find out? Call me, ask how much I’d charge to come over and have some fun with you tonight, and have me put you down for an appointment.” They laughed at the thought, but mentally registered that it would be a new game they would try when they got home.

“But for now, let’s finish getting ready.”

Julie’s afternoon had been spent in the hotel spa. She told the spa hostess, “Make me irresistible for tonight from top to bottom”. They started with her skin tone, giving her a hot shower and a skin buffing that left her tingly. Next came her hair, which she wore in a short, curled style. “That’s good,” she said as the stylist trimmed and tinted red and burnt orange highlights in to her hair, and coiffed it to a classy frame around her face. Next, her finger and toe nails were manicured to perfect curvature and smoothness and polished a siren cherry red. Finishing with her facial make-up, the salon facial artist blushed her cheeks, darkened her eyebrows, added long, dark eyelashes, colored the eye lids blue, stroked on mascara and eye shadow, and powdered on blush to her cheeks. Her lips were made crimson red. Her features transformed from attractive to gorgeous.

“Voila!” softly cried out the stylist as she waved mirror in to several views. “You’ll be the queen of the ball tonight, sweet heart,” her stylist smiled and said.

Julie cooed and replied, “I love it.” She envisioned herself walking in to the ballroom arm in arm with her beau, her son, tonight.

Julie tipped the stylist well. The afternoon was getting late, and she had taken her shower earlier, now she would only need to change in to sexy undergarments, an elegant dress, matching shoes, and jewelry. She made one final check in the salon’s mirror. She looked irresistible, and she knew it, but there would be no kissing or loving before the banquet. As she started to leave the shop, she noticed another woman cashing out at the same time. She was about her age, busty, a brunette, with a mature look and sophisticated demeanor. Julie sensed something about her and wondered if they would meet again. The woman noticed Julie’s glance and she said nothing, but her eyes twinkled. She had a radar that was developed to sense when anyone was looking her over and checking her out, whether that was a man or woman, a friend or a threat.

Back in the moment, stepping away from the window and his arms, Julie chatted as she dressed. “Those girls are just starting work tonight, and so am I”. She slipped on panties and a girdle, then sat and lifted each well shaped leg to pull on nylons. They slipped past her toes and up her legs. From the top, she slid her hands down each thigh and shin to smooth out her stockings, then stood up. Next came a bra. She pulled it on then held the cups to her breasts and asked, “Hon, hook me in the back, please.” Bret always enjoyed seeing the tantalizing flesh of her semi-covered breasts as he snapped the hooks in to place. She shook her breasts to settle them in and fill the cups comfortably. Each jiggle of her breast flesh was a delight to her son.

Next came her dress, an exciting white cocktail gown. The top was cut low to reveal her breast cleavage and get men excited. The bottom was a full knee length; that was a bow to modesty but also a lure to mystery as to what treasure it hid.

Julie turned around so that Bret could zip her up. The final touches were a pearl Escort Meydankavağı necklace and earrings. She was stunning to see and absorb. Completing the apparel outfit were white shoes to match the dress and pearls. Her eyes and lips and cheeks dazzled from the salon Her last touch was perfume. Dabbed in the right places, it could drive Bret to heights of passion. She was a stunning, classy, and mature beauty. She looked at herself in the mirror; she was ready; and then at Bret.

Bret was now dressed in his black tuxedo and bow tie. To Julie her son looked like James Bond. 007. He could have been any of the stars in that role, but she liked James Bond as in Goldfinger the best. Like 007, Bret was tall and lean, cheerful and confident, suave, continental, and debonair. He was manicured and well groomed, and he wore his hair in full, European style. English Leather cologne, her favorite, his fragrance for this special night, topped the ensemble off perfectly.

Julie said, “Wow, we have come such a long, way together.”

Her sensuality made him want to hold her, kiss those crimson lips, and make love to her right there. She sensed the passion rising in him.

“Whoa, that’s for later!” She said. “We’ll take care of that before midnight. In the meantime, not even a kiss”. She could be firm when money and power were at stake.

Bret said teasingly, “Mom, you’re could make a lot of men want to cream in their trousers.”

“Well, that’ll be a favor for their wives, hon.”

Julie’s makeup was perfect. Her cheeks were blush, her eyes shadowed, her lashes long and sexy, the blue on her eyelids glamorous, her crimson lips succulent. She smoothed her dress, stood at the doorway with a cocked leg in a coquettish poise, looked at Bret with a debutante smile, pursed her lips and seductively hissed, “I’m ready”.

She turned to him and touched her palms to his tuxedo chest. “You’re such a man, darling, so confident, so smooth, so handsome. Yet, you’re still my boy, too, so sweet and kissable” She lightly scratched her nails along his cheeks, gently but sexily. A tingling streak of erotic pleasure raced along his cheek.

As mother and son looked each other in the eyes, they took a few seconds to reflect on their romance. Their ages made no difference, and the socially unacceptable ‘perversion’ of their relationship only made it more exciting. They were perfect for each other. She as was attractive as he was handsome. Bret had reddish brown hair, and blue eyes, and, always, a big smile for every occasion. Julie was red haired, slender at the hips, full and firm up from there up to her melon-like breasts, where her nipples were as tasty as they were eye appealing. She was vibrant and matched as any twenty-nine-year-old for enthusiasm and verve. Her cheerful smile melted hearts and warmed crotches. Her maturity gave her savoir faire that made her a social charmer whenever she wanted to be and in any conversation. They were a happy couple. They were successful. His career in sales was on the fast track. Julie became his office assistant, working for his company under her maiden name. The commission checks rolled in. Every moment to themselves was triumphant and full of glee. Their life together was in high gear.

They had agreed that this evening marked milestones for their goal of money, their special relationship, and their social life.

Julie wanted money to break away from painful memories of the financial hardships in their pasts. Tonight, Bret was proving that he could make money and give her this income security.

Keeping their special relationship protected was as paramount, even though it conflicted with the goal of expanding their social life. Right from the start they had no moral qualms about mother and son romance and intense sex, but they knew that some others did. They never knew when or how they would encounter these prudes or how they might cause problems. Mother and son, they had to be discreet. However, tonight their masquerade as an ordinary couple would be tested. Tonight, they would be in the spotlight together. If successful, they would be freed of this masquerade. They had decided to crack the door of privacy open a bit, to see what would happen. If their secret stayed tight even in tonight’s spotlight, then they would be able to do so anywhere. The reward was worth the risk to find out. In fact, they enjoyed the adrenaline rush that they got from defying norms. It got their blood pressure up and that would carry over into passionate sex celebration.

A broader social life would make their lives more fulfilled. Both Julie and Bret wanted to connect with other like-minded couples. Their lives would be more at ease. Their lifestyle brought them happiness. Knowing it was incest put spice in their good sex life. They wanted to share the joy, relax with others and laugh, tell stories of their sexcapades, and talk about the unique satisfaction and love in an incestuous relationship. They wanted to ask others about their similar lives. How did they learn to enjoy their mother and son bond? Was the attraction simply the that an older woman, in her sexual prime, has for a younger man, a stud in his prime, also? Did incest make sex better and more fulfilling? How did others deal with the finding friends? For Julie and Bret, fitting in at a company party with other business couples like tonight was one step toward finding those answers.

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