Away From Our Wives

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The moment I saw Brian’s beautiful cock I knew I had to have him. I knew I wouldn’t rest until I felt that gorgeous hard cock sliding in and out of my wet, hot mouth as he moaned my name. Brian had emailed me after reading one of my stories on . It was a fantasy about dressing up in my wife’s underwear and making love to an eighteen year old guy I had been writing to. Brian’s was one of the few emails form the UK I had received so I decided to reply. I was wearing a pair of Angela’s tight, red, lacy thong panties as I read his email and thought it would be fun to send him a pic. I checked my inbox about an hour later and noticed a reply from him with a file attached. I opened up the attachment and waited as it slowly appeared on my screen. By the time the pic had finished downloading I was almost bursting out of the front of Angela’s panties. It was a pic of him naked and very hard except for a pair of his wife’s see-thru cream panties and a pair of her black stay up stockings. His cock was visible, hard and beautiful through the material. I was in love instantly. I started rubbing myself through the material of the panties as I looked at the incredible image in front of me imaging being with him. I came quickly, my hot cum spurting through the gaps in the red lace and soaking my chest and the panties themselves. I ran my fingers through the cum on my chest before licking it off. I pulled the panties off and licked my cum off them, wishing it was Brian’s cum on my lips. I was hooked straight away.

After that our online affair began in earnest. We would write to each other regularly and send pics of us dressed in our wife’s underwear. We told each other about our experiences with other guys and wrote out fantasies about each other. After a while we also started having phone sex. I sent Brian my mobile number and he sent me a text early one morning just after Angela had gone to work. He told me his wife was out and he was dressed in a pair of her black stockings and dark, patterned see thru panties. I immediately sent him one back saying I was feeling horny and put on a pair of Angela’s smooth, tight, silky flesh coloured thongs. I loved wearing them for Brian and had sent him loads of pics of me in them. They were delicious to wear and to rub myself through.

We swapped a few more messages as we turned each other one, telling each other what we would like to do to each other. I got so hot I asked if Brian would like to hear me come. I phoned him as I stroked my hard cock through the material of Angela’s panties. I moaned his name and heard his breathing heavy down the phone which turned me on more and more. “God I want you” I cried. He moaned back that he wanted his cock in my mouth. I came with a deep, long groan as my cum poured out of my hot, aching cock soaking Angela’s panties. I continued to rub the cum all over the panties and my chest as I heard Brian coming. When we calmed down we chatted and flirted until we were ready to go again. After that Brian and I would have phone sex two or three times a week after our wives had gone to work.

As the phone sex continued we both began to talk about meeting up, getting away from our wives for one night and acting out our fantasies together. Sex over the phone and online was great but it just made me want Brian for real more and more. Every time I wore Angela’s lingerie, which I was doing most days now, despite being incredibly turned on, I got more and more frustrated that I was alone. Brian told me he felt the same so we decided the time had come for us to get together. About a month into our affair Brian said he might be coming down to Gloucester where I lived for a meeting and would be staying over night. Unfortunately at the last minute his meeting was cancelled. I thought I might be staying in Leeds, quite near where he lived, a few months later but got increasingly frustrated waiting as my desire to make love to Brian grew, fuelled by our online and phone affair.

About a month after Brian’s meeting was cancelled I decided I couldn’t wait any longer. I told Angela I had to go to Manchester for a conference and took a couple of days off work. I checked dates with Brian and he invented an excuse to get away from his wife for a night. I booked a room in a city centre hotel and Brian did the same – we didn’t want to presume too much!!

I arrived in Manchester in the early afternoon. Brian and I had arranged to meet a few hours later in a wine bar. In the meantime we had agreed that we would spend the afternoon buying a present for each other. We were to each choose a lingerie shop or department store and select a set of lingerie for the other person to wear when we met. I had chosen Debenham’s and Brian was going to Marks and Spencer.

As I walked into Debenham’s lingerie section and saw the array of sexy ladies lingerie in front of me my heart quickened. I walked around the store for a couple of minutes taking it all in. The store was quiet thankfully and the assistants on the counter looked bored and not particularly interested in my presence. I walked up to a display of silky nylon panties and bras. They were in all colours and had both thong and high-leg style panties. The lingerie was very isveçbahis yeni giriş plain in design with little decoration and reminded me of some that Angela had. I loved wearing it and rubbing myself through the smooth, cool material. The feel of my cock and balls in those panties drove me wild and I imagined pulling them over Brian’s hard cock and smoothing them into place. I felt myself grow harder as I thought about it.

I snapped out of my erotic haze and moved on. I walked past racks of cotton lingerie and imagined the feel of Angela’s cotton panties on my skin. I had decided I wanted something see thru for my first meeting with my new lover and walked on to see what I could find. I wanted something that would remind me of the first time I had seen Brian’s cock.

I eventually chose a pair of light blue thong panties in a very light lace and a little decorating on the front. The lace was smooth and tight but would give me a good view of Brian’s cock when he put them on. The material at the front was large enough to cover Brian’s cock, even at it’s hardest and the thong strap would fit snugly against his bum. I picked up a matching bra and a couple of pairs of black, lace topped stay up stockings. I knew Brian loved wearing stockings so I had to buy him some. As I walked out of the shop I imagined Brian somewhere else in the city choosing an outfit for me. I went back to the hotel and prepared for our meeting.

I got back to the hotel and had a shave and a shower. My cock had been hard for about an hour now with the anticipation of the meeting and I desperately wanted to stroke myself and relieve the tension that had been building up all day. I was fantasising like mad as I rubbed the soap all over my body in the hot, steamy shower. I managed to pull myself together and got dried off. I walked back to the bedroom, my cock still sticking out in front of me. I had laid my purchases out on the bed earlier. I couldn’t help trying the panties on, pulling them over my cock and smoothing them down over my now aching balls. I picked up one of the pairs of stockings on a pulled them over my legs as I sat on the bed, admiring myself on the full-length mirror opposite. They felt good. I lay back on the bed and closed my eyes, imagining what was to come.

After about ten minutes of this erotic torture I snapped back to reality and took the clothes off not wanted to spoil them for Brian. I wondered what he was going through in his room somewhere else in the hotel. I got dressed and waited for the time to drag by until I could leave and meet Brian for the first time.

As I walked into the wine bar I recognised him instantly. He was good looking and in his mid forties. He smiled as I walked towards him, no doubt the same wicked thoughts going through his head as through mine. We shook hands and didn’t take our eyes off each other. We chatted in a casual way as we drank a couple of glasses of wine. The innocence of our words hiding the current of sexual tension and attraction that was building up between us. We couldn’t talk about what we were both really thinking about as the bar was quite full and was full of a very straight crowd. After half an hour Brian suggested we get something to eat. We walked to a quiet Italian restaurant and sat at a corner table. We talked as we waited for our food to arrive, sharing a bottle of white wine. The wine relaxed us a little and we became more flirty with each other, still not touching each other or making our attraction obvious to our fellow diners. The more we played down our attraction to each other the more turned on I got, my anticipation growing now Brian was in touching distance.

We ordered two courses and ate them quickly while enjoying the fine food and the night to come. When the waitress asked if we would like any desserts or coffees we both said no together. We paid the bill, left and made our way back to our hotel. We collected our keys from reception and got in the lift together. It was the first time we had been together alone. We waited for the lift doors to close as we moved closer together. Just as they were about to close we heard a woman on the other side jam her bag against them, forcing them to open. She apologised as she got in looking flustered. Frustrated, Brian and I just smiled at each other as the lift made its way to my floor. As the door opened Brian said he had just remembered he had left something in his room. He said he would see me in a few minutes. I knew exactly what it was he meant. I went back to my room and as soon as I was in started to take my male clothes off waiting for my lover to arrive. I left the door ajar slightly for Brian and went and laid on the bed. My cock was and erect with desire. I lay back, naked on the bed waiting.

After a couple of minutes Brian walked in with a carrier bag under his arm. He walked to the end of the bed and stared at me and my lingerie purchases laid out on the bed next to me. “Very nice” he said smiling as he began to undress under my unwavering gaze. Soon he was naked and that gorgeous cock, the object of my dreams was only a few feet away. I wanted to crawl to the end of the bed and just take it in my mouth isveçbahis giriş there and then. Before I could move though Brian climbed on the bed and crawled over to me crouching over me, our tense bodies and aching cocks only inches apart. He lowered himself down gently onto my waiting body and our mouths touched for the first time. We kissed, tentatively and then with more passion. I left my cock brush his and a tingle ran through my body. My hands rubbed his back as we were crushed against each other and rolled together on the bed. “I want to show you how much I want you” I said breathlessly as we kissed, licked and stroked each other.

“Stop” he said. “Let’s get dressed up then we can really make love”.

We climbed off the bed and stood naked facing each other, our cocks harder than ever. “Dress me” he said.

I picked up one of the fresh stockings off the bed and knelt down in front of Brian. He lifted his foot and I slipped the stocking over it and pulled it up his leg. My hands stroked him as I pulled the stocking into place, running my fingers around the top as it gripped his thigh. I could see how turned on wearing the stocking made him as I did the same to the other one. I leant back a little to take in the sight of Brian naked except for a pair of black lace topped stay ups. I had seen pictures of him like this many times but nothing turned me on as much as seeing him for real, my mind racing with thoughts of what would happen later.

I took the panties off the bed and slipped them up over his stocking covered legs and into place, stretching them as they strained over his fully erect cock. I snapped the thong strap into place and slowly rubbed my fingers over his cock, smooth and firm under the panties. I closed my eyes and moved against him, kissing his cock and balls through the material and telling him I loved him. He held my head and bent over and kissed me. I stood up, remembering the bra and took it off the bed. I asked him to turn round and he slipped his arms through. I secured the clips at the back and smoothed the tight straps and firm cups into place. I stood behind him and admired him in the full-length mirror. My hands fell to his hips and I gently pulled him towards me. My cock rubbed his thighs and bum as I kissed his shoulder and neck. His eyes were closed and breathing heavy as I gently, lovingly turned him on.

He broke away and turned round. “Your turn now” he said.

He picked up the bag and pulled out a black nylon suspender belt. “Turn round” he ordered as he slipped the belt around my waist. He pulled out a pair of stockings and proceeded to pull each one slowly up my legs and secured them with the clips. It was a long time since I had worn a suspender belt and stockings. I had found one in my sister’s lingerie draw some years before and remembered how turned on I had been then. Next he pulled a lovely pair of black lacy smooth semi-see thru panties. I stepped into them and he pulled them up. My body shivered as the cool, smooth material slide into place over my cock. The final surprise in the bag was a matching tight camisole top with thin stringy straps and lace decoration over the breast. Again it was nicely see through. Brian pulled it over my head as I slipped my arms under the straps as he pulled it into place. It came down my chest leaving a few inches gap above the panties. I felt the tight material and thin straps over my skin and the feeling of the panties over my cock. I had never felt as turned on as this before. I looked at Brian standing in front of me and we started a long, slow passionate French kiss as our hands explored each other’s bodies and our panty covered cocks rubbed together.

Brian lay down on the bed and I lay over him and he drew me down on top of him. I could feel his chest through the material of my cami. His breathing excited me more and more and he ran his hands over my body inside my camisole and pulled it up so that my chest was exposed and rubbing against his. We were still kissing as he slowly and sensuously pulled my cami up, my nipples aroused and swollen a few inches above his. He gently pulled me down and we hardly touched, still kissing slowly, my nipples brushing the hair on his chest, the hardness in my panties aching.

He pulled me down further and we came together at last. I felt my chest crushed against his as his kissing became harder and more insistent. As I straddled him and our crotches touched I couldn’t help moaning with desire and pleasure. We moved together like that, both wearing tight knickers, simulating making love, and I felt, even through the material, the hardness of his cock which made me even hotter and hornier, my knickers bulging over my aching cock.

We stopped for a moment as the tension became almost unbearable and I moved down besides him so that we were lying facing each other on our sides. We lay gently touching each other for a few moments, him tracing the outline of my chest and nipples with his fingers and me rubbing his chest and shoulders and running my fingers through the hair on the back of his neck. He moved his hand down and pushed me over onto my back and gently kissed and licked my chest, taking the hardened isveçbahis güvenilirmi nipples one by one in his mouth and running his fingers lightly over my stomach. I ran my fingers through his hair and groaned at the warm wet touch of his mouth. Slowly, slowly he moved his mouth down over my stomach, kissing and licking and gently biting. He stopped and I reached down and stroked his knickers, my hand brushing against his erection, my mouth longing to do the same. We lay facing each other again. My knickers felt strained as my cock was dying for the gentle touch of his fingers, but still we waited, looking at each other and slowly caressing each other everywhere except where we really wanted to.

We started to kiss again and the warm soft touch of our mouths was too much to resist, so I slowly ran my fingers down over his stomach to his groin, where his erection was trying to push out of his skimpy knicks, and I gently ran my fingers up and down the length of his cock, not touching him directly, but through the material.

He sighed with desire and our kisses again became harder and more urgent while his hands moved down to my knickers running over my tight bum. I managed to pull myself together enough to be aware of the hardness under my hand and I sat up and slipped his erection out of the side of his panties, now stained with precum and I saw his cock hard and erect with desire for me.

I took his cock in my hand and felt its hardness, sliding my fingers slowly and gently around it. I wanted his cock wet so I could really drive him crazy so I moved round so that my head was near his cock and I gently kissed his stomach and thighs, moving closer to his cock which looked so hard and horny. All I wanted to do was take it in my mouth, but instead I took him in my hand and moved my mouth down and slowly licked and sucked his balls, while gently rubbing him with my hand. His groans were driving me wild. I moved my tongue slowly up the shaft of his cock until I reached the head. Gently holding him in my hand I flicked my tongue round the head of his cock, running it gently under the ridge of the head and up onto the wet eye. I took him slowly for the first time into the warmth of my mouth and gently, hungrily ran my hot tongue over his head, drawing him deeper and deeper into the heat of my mouth. He started to move very slowly in my mouth while my hand squeezed and caressed his balls. I could feel his rigid cock in my mouth as I started to lose control.

Brain gently eased himself out of my mouth before he came. I lay there gasping but he had other ideas. He made me lay back on the bed while Brian went and knelt below be. He held my ankles and raised my legs until they rested on his chest. He took hold of the sides of my panties and pulled them down until they rested around my knees, exposing my cock and bum. He reached across to what I thought was the empty carried bag and pulled out a tube of lubricant, smiling as he squeezed a liberal amount into his hand. He pushed my legs apart slightly and began to rub the lubricant between my legs, the tops of my thighs and over my balls. He pulled my legs together and moved them so they were both resting against his right shoulder. He then took me by the hips and positioned himself so that his crotch was pressing against the backs of my lubricated inner thighs. I could feel his cock, still perfectly hard and erect against my thighs. I saw him reach down and slip his hard, wet cock between my legs. I squeezed them together as I felt him move in. I felt his cock glide between my legs and against my balls. I looked down as the slick, wet head of his cock appeared between my legs, rising over my balls. He knelt upright pulling me with him so my bum was about a foot off the bed. He held me steady with his hands around my hips as a nestled into place against him. His cock was still poking out between my legs, now only about two feet almost directly above my face. My cock was adjacent to his and now wet with precum.

Brian began to slide himself back and forth between my legs, building a slow rhythm. He reached around and took my aching cock in his hand, still slick with lubricant, and began to squeeze and stroke me. I was going dizzy as he pumped away, sliding in and out. I kept looking up as his cock would appear and then disappear and the rhythm got more intense. As we both got closer, Brian eased off and slowed his hand around my cock, prolonging our love making to the maximum. We both started to moan and our breathing grew deep and heavy. I was in heaven. I had never felt so turned on before. I wanted him more than I knew. All of those desires and fantasies coming together as he made love to me like no one had ever done before. Suddenly he tensed. I looked up as his cock appeared between my legs and a huge spurt of hot come shot straight at me, hitting me in the face. I came instantly as my cum splattered over my cami cover chest and into my face. Brian came and came all over my chest and face. I opened my mouth as he shot, cum splattered my onto my lips and into my face. I rubbed my fingers across my chest and through the pools of our come there. I put them to his lips and he licked it off. He did the same to me and we both tasted each other before collapsing exhausted on the bed after the best sex of our lives. We lay there together kissing and stroking each other before taking a shower together. By the time we had dried each other off we were both hard and ready to start again.

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