Awkward Pt. 02

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Author’s note:

Credits to s0rethr0at for helping me edit the story.

Thanks you all for all the comments and suggestions.



All characters are above 18 years old. The story is mostly but not strictly under the incest/taboo genre.


We panicked, and mom hurriedly straightened herself up. It was my sister Janice. She had come home from campus.

“HELLO?” Janice yelled as she came up the stairs.

My mom straightened her clothes and hair and answered, “Janice! You’re back.”

“Hey, Mom! Jays, you’re still alive, I see.”

My anger subsided a little as I laid my eyes on my older sister. I had almost forgotten how hot she was

“Oh hey, sis.” I tried to cover up my erection, and I was rather pissed at her timing of interruption.

We went down to the living room and spent the next hour or so catching up.

My mom stood up and gestured to me, “Time to shower, Jason.”

“You have to shower him, Mom?” Janice exclaimed.

“How else is he going to shower?”

Janice looked at me in casts.

“Oh.” She just answered while seeming deep in thought.

With Janice home, my mom changed into her usual home clothes. Janice had been looking at Mom funny when she had been wearing her braless top when she got home.

Janice coming back was a good wake-up call. I’ve been lost in lust and did so much wrong with Jason.

Once alone with Mom in the bathroom, my lust filled me again as I hugged and kissed her. We started to kiss, but she stopped me.

“We shouldn’t,” She said. My heart sank. Janice and I got along, and we’re close, but her timing really made me mad.

Mom proceeded to shower me as usual, but it was quick, and she didn’t touch me sexually.

Mom seemed a lot more guarded now that Janice was home, and she acted nervously around me. It seemed like she was back to her old self. I was pretty bummed out after experiencing everything with her.


Janice is 3 years older than me. Like Mom, she’s really attractive. She’s like a younger and taller version of Mom. When we were young, we got along well and shared secrets, but since she moved out, we haven’t been in contact all that much.

“How long are you back for?” I asked Janice during lunch.

“Why? My semester doesn’t start for a while,” she answered.

“Alright, I’m just asking.”

“Don’t you like your sister here at home?” she teased.

Janice is the definition of physical perfection, and she knows it. She has a naturally flirty and confident demeanor. She is surprisingly smart and also a top student at school. She isn’t the usual bimbo who only has looks.

We went about with our day, and during the evening, I saw Janice strut out of her room all dressed up. She looked awfully sexy, wearing a tight dress that showed off her cleavage and killer curves. I found my gaze lingering at her longer than usual.

“I won’t be having dinner here. I’m hanging out with my friends tonight,” she said.

Right as I heard that, I glanced at Mom, and she was looking at me too. She gave a sheepish smile. That meant I will be alone with mom again. Mom had been understandably more distant with Janice around.

“Alright, take care, hun.” my mum said. She seemed to be in a cheery mood.

“Mom, why don’t we eat out tonight since it’s the both of us. We can have a mother and son date.” I asked my mom.

Please don’t make me fall more for you, Jason. You’re my son.

She looked at me longingly and thought for a moment. “That sounds… nice.”

I got ready and was looking forward to spending the time out of my home finally. When mom walked down, I was mesmerized. It had been a long time since I had seen her all got up. She wore a tight-fitting black dress where the skirt playfully floats around her mid-thighs.

It had a v neck that just showed enough of her round boobs. A simple but elegant necklace hung around her neck.

“Still fits,” she said, blushing.

“You look so beautiful, mum.”

We were walking around town; he held my hands like we were lovers. We found a nice café to eat at and had a wonderful time. We enjoyed each other’s company.

“Mom, weren’t you lonely after dad left?” I asked her.

“I guess in a way I was, but I didn’t have time to think much about that.”

“I’m sorry, mom. It’s our fault.”

“It’s not your fault. I’m not even sure if I can love anyone else other than your father.”

Mom was looking at me longingly as she said that. I just realized how lonely she must be. Taking on all these responsibilities alone, without having a man to lean on to. I want to be there for her.

After dinner, we were walking around at the shopping center, and she gestured at the theatre, “I can’t remember the last time I went to one.”

“Let’s go then!” I pulled my mom.

We picked a quiet, dark corner to have our privacy alanya escort and held hands as the movie went on. Unfortunately, the movie was rather boring, and I turned my attention to my mum. I squeezed her hands, and she turned to look at me.

I leaned in to give her a kiss. Mom hesitated, but she then gave in as I placed my lips on hers, and we started making out like teenagers. I slid my hands to her thighs, rubbing her smooth skin. Our kissing got more heated, and my hand made its way to my mom’s breasts. I slid it over the top of her blouse and cupped her breast.

Jason, what are you doing? You’re my son! I should stop him. But I’ve never felt so excited in my life.

As I kneaded and played with her nipples. My mom’s eyes opened wide.

“Stop! What are you doing? Someone might see!” My mum said worriedly, pushing my hands away.

“Sorry, Mom,” I replied as I pulled my hands away.

I placed my hands on her thighs, gently stroking her smooth skin. Bit by bit, it slid higher.

“JASON!” She whispered, half giggling.

Suddenly we noticed the theatre staff coming in. They probably weren’t looking for us, but we decided to bail anyways.

“Ok, time to go.” I quickly pulled my mom, and we ran out giggling.

“That was adventurous. I feel young again when I’m with you, Jason.”

“You ARE still young, mom.”

She kissed my cheeks. “Let’s head home.”

In the car, as mom was driving, my hand was kept on her thighs, stroking it. Her skirt rode up high, nearly exposing her panties.

“Jason stop, you’re going to get us into an accident.”

I never imagined doing all of these things with my mom. Mom seemed younger and playful in contrast to her usual serious and mature demeanor. I got emotional thinking that this is probably how she originally would’ve been had dad not passed, leaving mom to take on all the responsibilities.

Once we reached home, Janice still wasn’t home. I playfully pulled my mom up into her room and twirled her around. We stood at the foot of her bed, embracing. I placed my hands around her waist, and her hands were around my face.

We started to kiss, our lips tasting each other. It was slow and loving, but it soon grew hot and heated. I started to slip my tongue in hers, our tongues invading each other’s mouths.

I started to undress my mom by unzipping her dress from behind.

As much as I want it to, I can’t let this go any further.

She held my hands and said, “We mustn’t.”

She had the familiar guilty and conflicted look. However, she didn’t physically resist me.

I turned her around and gently pushed her on the bed. I lay on top of her kissing the back of her neck passionately as I slowly pulled her dress away as I kissed along her back. It revealed a very sexy pair of matching black bras I stared into her eyes as I felt the clasp unbuckled.

Mom gasped.

I should stop my son, but at the same time, I want him badly.

I slowly pulled her bra away, unveiling her naked breasts for the first time. Mom had her hands covering them. I held her hands and moved them away.

Her breasts were more beautiful as I imagined they were the perfect shape and size. They were still round and perky for her age. My hands reached to cup them as her body shivered to my touch. Her nipples hardened between my fingers.

“Aaahhhh…” she moaned.

I leaned down and kissed her breast. Pecking every inch of it. I trailed my tongue over her mound to her nipples, flicking it.

God, that feels so good!

“Ahhh, Jason…” my mom moaned. Her body jerked in sync with each time my tongue flicked her nipples. I took it between my lips and sucked on it.

One of my hands slid down her panties, and she caught me with her hands.

“Please stop…this is too far…” my mom begged.

However, my fingers were already wriggling against her clit. Mom was soaking wet.

“Aaaaaahh.” Mom could only moan, and her hips reacted by bucking against my hands. This is probably the first time a man touched her in years. Her body was so sensitive.

I started to trail my kisses down as I pulled her panties. I kissed her flat stomach and reached her crotch. Mom held my head.

“OMG, Jason…this is so wrong.”

I just smiled back at my mom as I trail my kisses all over her inner thighs. Mom’s body jerked as my lips touched her clit. I kissed it lovingly and trailed my tongue over it. I started flicking my tongue against it.

OMG, my son is actually eating my pussy.

My mom’s breath grew labored as she held to my head tightly. I felt her stomach tense up, and I could see the faint shape of her abs and ribcage. Her body arched, and her erect nipples were pointing upwards as her body shuddered as I flicked her clit quicker.

“Ahhhh ahhhhh ahhh…” waves of orgasm flowed through her body.

I could see goosebumps forming on her flawless skin. My mom’s body alanya escort bayan shrunk to a fetal position as she was recovering from her orgasm.

My cock was rock hard and throbbing as I looked down at my mom’s petite frame. I leaned in to kiss my mom as I rubbed my cock against her clit.

I gently pushed the head of my cock against her wet opening

I can feel his cock pressing against me. What do I do?

“NOO JASON, WE CAN’T,” my mom said, holding on to my hands.

I felt my cock slowly split my mom’s pussy apart as I looked into her eyes. I felt her pussy grip the tip of my cock. My cock was penetrating my mom’s pussy.

“OMG…JASON…” she moaned as I held her petite body by her slim waist. Inch by inch, I felt my cock fill her up. I slowly retracted my cock until the tip was left inside and plunged my cock deep inside again.

“AAAAAAHHHH!” my mom moaned loudly.

“Omg, mooom.” I moaned into her ears. I was in heaven as my cock was fully in my mom’s pussy.

I can’t believe my son’s cock is inside of me. This is so wrong, but it feels so good!

I stared down at my mom as I felt my cock throb inside of her. She gazed up at me longing, and slowly, I felt her wrap her legs around me. I could feel the insides of her pussy gripping around my cock.

We kissed passionately once more as I slowly rocked my hips against her. I was actually making love with my mom. We were panting heavily. As I ground against my mom, I could hear wet noises coming from her pussy as my cock slid in and out of her.

My son is actually fucking me. We have committed incest, and it feels like heaven.

Our hands explored and caressing each other’s bodies as I started to swivel my hips quicker. My mom was gripping the sheets as her body tensed up.

“OMG Jason… this… is incest…” she moaned as my cock pounded into her with vigor. Her breasts swaying violently as I pounded my cock into her.

Mom’s head was hanging out from the bed and bobbing as her body was arched upwards, pushing her breasts up.

She had her arms and legs wrapped tightly around me. Her heels were digging into my back as she tried to push me deeper.


I couldn’t last much longer. My cock pumping into her pussy with long and hard motions. My pace, increasing as our breaths grew labored.

Our bodies were slapping against each other making obscene noises. Mom’s body was arched further back, her hips lifted as my hands held her waist. She was rocking her hips against me with vigor. Mom reached out to embrace me.


“Forgive me, Lord.” I heard her whisper.

“URGH… MOOOOMMM!” my hips bucked violently as I exploded inside of my mom.

Cum in me, Jason.


I felt my mom’s body tense up and shudder as we came together. Her body twitching each time she felt my cum squirt inside of her.

OMG, I can feel his hot cum inside of me. What have I done?

We were catching our breaths as we embraced each other.

“What have we done?” my mom asked as she stared into my eyes. Her eyes were tearing up.

“We made love,” I replied as I leaned in to kiss my mom. “I love you mom,” I said.

“I love you too, Jason,” she replied as she kissed me. I felt her tears rolled down her cheeks.


The next day was back to normal with Janice back home. I stole glances at my mom and also caught her doing the same. We have crossed the boundaries and were in love with each other.

My bathroom is shared with Janice’s room, so I knew that with her home, it was hard to do anything with Mom as she was just next door.

Janice came by my room and sat on my bed. We started some small talk about school when suddenly she asked:

“Jason, so Mom has been bathing you since the accident?”

“Yeah, why?”

“So, you’re like all naked and stuff?”

“How else?”

“Isn’t it like awkward, you know, since you’re an adult?”

“Uh, yeah, definitely.”

“Plus, Mom’s so prim and proper; it must be difficult. Although she WAS acting a little weird when I came back the other day.”

Was Janice suspecting something? I wondered. I would, too, if I saw my mom wearing so skimpily suddenly.

“Maybe it was just the weather. It is pretty hot lately.” I tried to shrug it off and changed the subject.

“Are you sure that’s all?” Janice probed. No one knows me better than Janice, and that worried me.

“Yeah, what’s with you? Now get out. I want to watch a show.” I was getting uncomfortable and made an excuse for her to leave.

Later that day, Mom received a call. She grew anxious as the call went on. After the call, she turned to us, looking worried.

“Aunt Jenny has been hospitalized. I’ve got to make a trip down to see her.” She said.

Aunt Jenny is Mom’s little sister. escort alanya They are very close and are like 2 peas in a pod.

“For how long?” I asked.

She looked at me longingly. “I’m not sure, a couple of days? Until she’s okay.”

“There’s another thing, someone will need to… take care of Jason,” she added.

We both turned to Janice.

“Haha, I think it’s ok. I’ll take care of myself.” I laughed nervously. I couldn’t imagine Janice giving me a bath.

My sister didn’t react.

We each left to do our own things later. Janice went out to do some shopping.

“Shower time.” Mom said. I was a little let down as she was wearing her usual clothes. I know mom had Aunt Jenny on her mind, so I dared not pester her.

After undressing me, I sat on the stool waiting.

Mom stood opposite me and started to undress. She slowly lifted her top over her head and slowly slid her skirt down her hips.

I want my son so bad.

I felt my heartbeat speed up, and my face lit up as I took in her beauty. She paused as if she was thinking, but then she slowly reached back to unbuckle her bra and slid her panties down.

My jaw dropped as she stood facing me fully naked. Unlike yesterday, I could see Mom clearly under the bright light of the bathroom. She was the definition of perfection.

She was beautiful, her waist was slim, and her round breasts hung sexily above it. Mom looked exceptional. My cock stood at full attention. Her hips protruded beneath her waist, giving her a very fit hourglass figure. I stood up and reached to hold her hands.

I leaned down to give her a small kiss on her lips. My hard cock pressed against her tummy. I devoured her mouth and kissed her like a wild teenager.

“Stop, Jason. I just didn’t want to get my clothes wet. I figured since you’ve already seen my body, it would be ok. But what happened last night was a mistake.”

I knew she wanted me as much as I wanted her, and she was just giving excuses. My hands caressed her body and groped her breasts, flicking her hard nipples. Her body jerked each time my hands pressed against her breasts.

I pulled my mom up and kissed her again. I felt her kissing me back as she slipped her tongue in my mouth. I slowly turned her around while kissing her neck and back. I gently pushed her, so she was bending forward, and her ass was pointing towards me. I wanted to be inside my mom.

The head of my cock was pressing against her pussy lips. It was wet and dripping.

As much as I want my son, I know it’s wrong.

“Stop, Jason, didn’t you hear me? We can’t keep doing this. It’s wrong. I’m your mother, and you’re my son.” She had one hand against my stomach. Mom was feeling guilt again, remembering she shouldn’t be doing such acts with her son.

“Why did you kiss me back, mom?” I asked. Mom was speechless.

He’s right. Why did I do everything I did? It’s already too late.

She kept silent but kept the tip of my cock against her pussy lips. It was throbbing. I watched as gooey strands of fluid stuck to my cock like a spider web.

My hands were on her hips, but we stood, not knowing if we should go on. Our gazes were shifty, and our breath was heavy. I slowly felt Mom’s hips start to push back against me bit by bit as she dropped her hands from me. I felt my cock split open her pussy.

“Oh, mom!” I moaned.

My hands reached down to cup her breasts. I lovingly kneaded them and rubbed her nipples.

“Ahhhh!” my mom moaned. Her back was arched against me. I felt my cock enter deep into my mom. It felt like heaven. Her head tilted back as she felt my cock fill her pussy.

Inch by inch, I felt her pussy lips envelope and grip my cock. It seemed like an eternity, but my cock was finally fully inside of her. It was wet and warm and felt like the best thing ever.

“OMG, Mom…”

“What am I doing, Jason?” she whispered.

We looked into each other’s eyes as she started to swivel her hips. She then reached to turn on the shower and moved her hips. My hands reached around her to cup her breast as my hips bucked against her ass. My cock buried deep inside her, filling the space inside of her.

She then turned around and gently led me down to sit on my stool. I ogled at her body as she climbed on me. She slowly guided my cock into her and sat on my lap.

“Ooaaahhh!” she moaned.

I’m giving in. I want my son, and I want him to fuck me.

She placed her hands around my neck to balance herself as she leaned back, arching her body and gyrated her hips.

I could see hints of her ribs and abs as she stretched her body while bucking her hips. It was the sexiest thing I’d ever seen. Her breasts were bouncing up and down in front of my face.

My hands fumbling all over her body as Mom ground her hips against mine and water splashed all over us. Our bodies making wet slapping sounds as we made love.

“OH, MOM!” I moaned.

She hugged me tight and wrapped her legs around my body, bucking her hips against me. She whispered into my ears.

“This is so wrong…this is so wrong…”

As she kept repeating those words, she leaned forward towards me and placed her hands on the walls behind me. Her face was inches from mine, and water dripped from her face to mine.

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