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It was my mother who actually started this whole thing, believe it or not. Mom is a nurse and everyone in the family just naturally runs to her with all their medical problems. She even got me patched up last year when I wrenched my shoulder playing rugby.

Mom had called last Saturday and asked if we could have lunch. I thought she meant her and my family; but apparently she had other ideas. She asked to meet me at a local Starbucks…alone. Talk about a piqued curiosity; that was it.

Mom and I met, and over a latte and a bagel mom laid out a story I had never dreamed I would be involved in. I mean, it isn’t everyday your mother asks you to impregnate your sister; or in this case sisters.

Me, I’m about as ordinary as you get; at least I always considered myself to be; but it seems I did have one hidden talent even I didn’t know about; to explain that I need to give a little bit of family history.

My name is Ray Compton and I’m about to turn thirty. Life has been pretty decent for me. I married my high school sweetheart at twenty; and over three years three kids popped out. The last round my wife Dee figured we were done; so she did the tubal thing right after the delivery. We figured that saved money and was easier; and before all the women out there yell, it was HER choice.

Anyway; I have three sisters; Angel, Carrie and Belle. If you haven’t figured it out yet my mom is a big movie fan and named us after television or movie people. But back to my story; my sisters are all younger than me. Angel is twenty-six, Carries is twenty-two and Belle is now twenty.

All three are now married; but none have kids. Not through lack of trying I was to learn. The interesting thing you as a reader should know; is my father…is not their father. I was from mom’s first marriage; where she wound up pregnant at eighteen, gave birth to me at nineteen; and was divorced at twenty. Why? Try two other babies; his but not hers.

You got it, my dad was very much on the fertile side; and liked his variety of pussy. Mom remarried and that is where my sisters came from. Yeah I know, half sisters; but when you spend your life growing up; they are as much my sisters as anything else.

So, enough history; back to Starbucks. We had been there about fifteen minutes, catching up on a few things; when mom literally dropped a bombshell from left field.

“Ray, I wanted to ask” she looked at me. “You know Angel has been trying to have a child.”

“Yeah” I nodded. “She talks about it; a lot” I said.

“Yeah” mom nodded back. “Did you know Carrie and Belle are trying as well?”

“No, that I didn’t know.” I sipped my latte.

“Well” mom fidgeted with her cup. “They…all three…seem to have a very similar problem.”

I just sat silent, I figured she needed space to get everything out; it seemed to make her nervous. Finally she looked up at me and continued.

“I took some samples in.” she said quietly.

“What kind of samples?” I asked.

“Samples…you know…sperm.” She fidgeted again.

“How did you get them?” I was surprised. I didn’t see any of my he-man brother-in-laws voluntarily submitting to a question of their vitality.

“Blowjobs are very effective” she smiled.

“Holy shit” I almost feel out of my chair.

First, that mom would be so blunt about sex; I mean she had always been the conservative rock in my house. That she would admit my sisters had deceived their husbands just stunned me.

“Your sisters wanted to know, I told them I needed a sample” she looked at me with red cheeks. “I told them to give a blowjob, go to their bathroom and save the samples.” My God she was cute when she was embarrassed.

“I take it the results weren’t promising” I said slowly.

Mom snorted. “The highest didn’t pass eight or nine million.” She said.

“Which means?” I had no idea what she meant.

“The normal is between 15 at low and 200 million at high” she said.

“Oh” I thought about it. “Oh shit” I said softly as the numbers sank in.

“Yeah” mom nodded. “Low count is not the word.”

“So what are they planning, invetro?” I asked.

“They would” mom agreed. “Except none of their husbands know they sent the samples.”

“Oh fuck” I whispered. Just the idea of breaking that news to any of those three was not a good image.

“The interesting thing was; my last sample.” Mom looked up at me.

“What?” OK she was hinting now I realized.

“It was over 300 million.” She just stared at me.

“Well that’s a baby making factory” I laughed. “Did you tell whichever of my sisters?”

“I didn’t need to” mom just stared harder. “She already knew…she has three children.”

“Has three…what??” I just looked at her. “Me? But how…”

“Dee was very helpful” mom gave a weak smile.

I tried to remember our last few sessions; after all we still fucked like rabbits, I have to admit it. What was it three or four days ago, Dee had finished me with her mouth; and then disappeared into the bathroom. Giresun Escort I had assumed she had swallowed, I mean that woman LOVED cum.

Suddenly, it was like the light bulb came on in my head. Three men who all had low counts; unaware; and with one man who had exceptionally high counts; holy shit.

“Mom, are you suggesting…” I couldn’t even get the words out.

“As a matter of fact…no” she looked into my eyes. “Your wife is.”

“Dee…what…how…” I was shocked.

“You know how precious those kids are to her” mom smiled at the thought. “The idea your sisters can’t share in that joy…” she looked back at me. “Your wife…is offering your…services. I’m just the broker if you will.”

“Oh my God” I whispered.

“I would say this is some kind of sick joke” I said hoarsely. “But it isn’t, is it?” I asked.

“Why don’t you go home and ask your wife.” Mom said softly.

“She’s with the kids at the park.” I said lamely.

“No.” mom stared at me. “Angel has the kids. Your wife is at home naked in your bed, waiting for you.”

Mom rose from her chair and stared at me. “This is up to you Ray, I’m just the messenger.” She reached down and rested her hand on my shoulder.

“All I will say, is having you kids; was the four best things that ever happened in my life.” Mom sighed. “If I could have another one, I would.” She looked at me. “To be told you will never have children…to never know that joy…would break my heart.”

Mom leaned down and kissed the top of my head. “I love you baby” she whispered; and then she was gone.

I sat there for another five or ten minutes, trying to digest what she had said. Everything seemed like it was from a dream. That Dee had even been a part of this was what so totally threw me for a loop.

On the way back home, I tried to think of how we were going to discuss this; but I should have known my wife better than that. As I stepped to the doorway of our bedroom; all I saw was this beautiful, thirty-one year old woman. No, she was a hot thirty-one year old slut. God, she was stretched out on the bed nude; two fingers jammed into her already soaked pussy, looking at me with a blazing hunger in her eyes.

“Fuck me” Dee growled at me.

“Baby…you know…” I walked over to the side of the bed.

“Just fuck me” she growled again. “Fuck me like you will your sisters.”

“Oh Jesus” I moaned.

“Oh I know you will mister” she pulled her fingers free with a wet sucking sound.

“Tell me Angel doesn’t have a set of tits you would love to suck” her fingers began unbuckling my jeans.

“Dee” I gasped.

“And Belle; God that girls ass’ think about pounding her doggy; or have you already” her voice was driving me insane.

By now my jeans were on the floor and she was jerking my boxers down freeing my raging hard cock. Her hand wrapped around my thick shaft and began to slowly pump.

“Fuck you’re so hard baby” she moaned. “Is that for Carrie…does someone want to shove his hard cock into her tight pussy?”

“Oh fuck” I moaned at her words.

“Come on big brother” Dee stretched back out on the bed, opening her legs wide. “Fuck your sister” she hissed at me.

“Oh Christ” I groaned as I climbed on the bed between her spread thighs.

Dee reached up and gripped my cock, urging me lower; lining the fat head up with her dipping lips. We had role played before, but this was totally new; Dee wanted this, I could tell.

“You want me to fuck my horny sisters” I looked into her eyes.

“Fuck me big brother” her eyes flashed with lust.

“This is for you Angel” I rumbled; and then rammed my hips forward.

“YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS” Dee screamed as my cock split her lips and plowed in to the root.

“Oh God…fuck me…more…” she moaned as I began to pump into her. “Breed me baby.” She grunted.

“Is that what you want; you want my baby” I rammed down hard.

“Oh fuckkkk” Dee groaned. “Call me…say it…” she said in a hoarse voice.

“Like that Belle” I whispered in her ear. “You like your brothers’ cock inside you.”


I felt her body convulse under me; hot juices spraying out to coat my cock and balls. Christ I had barely been in her five minutes as she was cumming like a fountain.

“Brother…fucking…Oh God…Oh God” Dee babbled as I felt her belly flex under me.

“That’s it Angel, cum on your brother’s cock.” I sucked gently on her earlobe.

“Oh fuck…I’m going to…again…” Dee moaned.

I could feel her walls rippling around my cock in an almost constant orgasm. I could tell by the way her whole body was vibrating; this was going to be massive. I could feel my balls start to tighten as I climbed closer to my orgasm.

“I’m going to cum in you Carrie” my voice raspy. “My hot…thick…baby seed; in my sister” I rumbled.

“Breed meeee” I watched Dee’s eyes roll back as she stiffened under me. “Breed your SISTEEERRRRR” I felt her nails dig into my back.

“FFFUUUCCCKKKKKK” Giresun Escort Bayan I roared as my virile seed spewed out of my cock; filling her tight tunnel.

I was cumming; inside my sisters; as I pumped my wife full of hot cream.

“So good…oh God…brother…sister…pregnant…” Dee babbled as a second thick rope erupted inside her.

By the time I collapsed onto the bed next to her; Dee was laying limp on her back; her entire body quivering with aftershocks; as my hot cream leaked out of her.

“You really want this?” I was amazed.

“I want them to enjoy a family, like we do” Dee rolled on her side and looked at me. “To enjoy the pain and joy of childbirth; and knowing they have created a life; with a man they love.” She said softly.

“You do know once might not guarantee” I looked at her.

“If I’m lucky…it won’t” Dee smiled.

So that was how things started. I swear to God I wasn’t the one with the bright idea; in fact I felt like I was a pawn as my wife and mother plotted the almost impossible strategy. It was their idea to get my sisters pregnant, without their husbands’ knowledge; and make it look like their husbands were all proud fathers.

It was Dee who created what she called the ‘A B C’s of babies; A for Angel, B for Belle and C for Carrie. We started with Plan A.

Mom the nurse convinced Angel and her husband that part of their problem might be that they were trying too hard. That having sex every day was not the right way; they needed to give his sperm more time to generate between their sexual encounters.

I didn’t quite understand how this was going to work, until the fourth day. Mom had convinced them to wait a week; which was apparently something Angel was not used to. Not having sex for four days had an unbelievable effect on her. She became moody, shaky at times, and totally forgetful; I swore it was like she was having some kind of with drawl.

“She is honey” Dee laughed when I mentioned it.

“Huh?” I looked at her as we got ready for bed that night. “Is she on a drug?” now I was concerned.

“In a way” Dee laughed. “”She is missing her daily injection…of sperm” Dee smiled.

“Oh my God” I couldn’t believe how raunchy my wife was becoming.

“Which reminds me” Dee gave an almost evil smile. “Nothing for you tonight bad boy” she told me.

“What?” I was shocked.

“Angel is coming over tomorrow morning for coffee” she slid into bed. “I want you primed and ready.”

We lay there in the dark, as my wife lay out her plans for the next morning. I have to tell you, falling asleep with a raging hardon is something new; and I hated it. I had the hottest dreams of Angel sucking every drop of cum out of me; it’s a wonder I didn’t blow my load in my sleep.

Dee seemed to know my sisters better than even I did. It seemed Angel was a closet slut; given the chance the woman would have fucked anything that went by; and apparently had in high school. The fact she had married and stayed with one man had come as quite a shock to Dee and their circle of friends.

Dee planned to use that against Angel; to tap brutally into that raw slut history. After she had gone downstairs; and I had heard Angel arrive; I remained upstairs stretched out on the bed. Ten minutes of the hottest fucking blowjob of my life had left me throbbing and hard as a steel pipe.

“Just use the bathroom in our bedroom” I heard Dee’s voice at the bottom of the stairs. “He’s sound asleep so it won’t be a problem.”

True to Dee’s plan; she had told Angel our guest bathroom was acting up; and after two cups of coffee, tiny tank Angel needed relief. I lay there, listening to the soft footsteps coming up the stairs. My hand wrapped around my throbbing cock, slowly stroking up and down; just enough to keep my hardness.

I heard a sharp intake of breath and turned to the doorway. There, standing in the archway with a shocked and hungry look in her eyes, was Angel. One hand gripped the wooden door frame, the other pressed against her flat belly just above her waist. Her eyes were locked to my hand as I kept it slowly sliding up and down.

“Morning wood” I said softly.

“Oh God” Angel moaned as she pressed harder into her belly.

“You need…to stop” she said in a hoarse voice.

“Why, it won’t go down on its own” I said calmly.

“Oh Goddd Ray” she moaned.

“Don’t you like it?” I goaded her.

“To much” Angel gasped.

“Do you know who I was thinking of?” I looked in her eyes. “You”

“Ray…don’t…” Angel almost panted.

“Sliding it into your tight wet cunt” I told her.

“Ray” she gasped.

“You are wet, aren’t you?” I smiled as she quivered.

“Ray…please” she softly whimpered.

“You can touch it sis” I told her.

“I can’t…we shouldn’t…” Angel moaned.

She was weakening and I could tell. She needed to be tipped over the edge, and once again it was Dee who came to the rescue. Having slipped up behind Angel, she leaned in, her hot voice filling her sister-in-laws ear.

“God Escort Giresun look how hard he is for you” Dee whispered. “It’s only…a touch.” She egged Angel on.

“Oh God” Angel murmured.

It was like watching someone in a trance as she slowly walked towards the bed. I would never have believed Dee before, but I could see hunger burning in my sisters’ eyes. She had been four days without cock; and by now any cock, even her brother’s was enough to tip her over.

“It’s so hard” Angel whispered as slender fingers wrapped around my shaft.

“Fuck” I couldn’t help but grunt as Angel slid her fist up to the tip and then back to the base.

“That’s it, jerk your brother’s hard…thick cock” God Dee was laying it on thick.

“I shouldn’t…so hard…” Angel stared as her hand slowly pumped up and down.

A clear drop of pre cum oozed from the tip; I thought I would lose my mind when Dee pushed Angel further.

“Go ahead” Dee’s voice dripped with lust. “Taste it…just a small taste.”

Small taste, Christ Angel didn’t even fight as her head came down, bending at the waist; and a hot mouth engulfed my entire head. I saw her cheeks suck in as she applied a tight vacuum; fuck it felt like she was trying to pull my semen out of my balls.

“Mmmmmmmm” Angel moaned around a mouthful of cock.

OK, I surrendered; Dee was right; Angel was a total cock slut. My sister began to bob her head up and down as her lips slid along my shaft, my balls went from a simmer to a boil in minutes as Angel gave me one of the hottest blowjobs right in front of my wife.

“Oh shit…oh God…” I squirmed on the bed. “Angel…keep that up and Ill cum” I choked out.

“Mmmhmmmm” Angel murmured.

“Oh no” Dee hissed as she pulled back on Angel’s shoulder.

With an obscene pop my cock came free of my sisters sucking mouth. I saw spit dripping from the corner as she stared at my cock with total lust. I watched as Dee reached around and unsnapped Angel’s shorts.

“You know what that is” Dee whispered hotly in her sister-in-laws ear. “That’s a baby maker” she told Angel.

“Oh God” Angel seemed to regain a bit of herself as she turned and looked at Dee.

“You want that baby; then here’s your chance” Dee hissed at her. “Look at those balls; full of hot virile seed.”

“I can’t…he’s your…oh fuck…” Angel gave a gasp as I heard a soft sucking sound.

“You’re dripping wet” Jesus had Dee just shoved her fingers up my sisters cunt. “You want your brother’s cock don’t you?”

“Oh God Dee…don’t…” I watched Angel losing control again; it was unbelievable.

“You want to feel it, inside you” Dee just kept going. “Filling you.”

“God help me.” Angel began to move again. Nude from the waist down, she crawled onto the bed, straddling my legs. Her hand still gripped my pole as she positioned herself over me.

“Fuck me Ray” she groaned. “Fuck your whore sister” she moaned.

Hell, who was I to argue, especially with my wife right there encouraging the whole thing. I reached up and wrapped my hands around her slender waist and held onto her.

“Like this” I grunted. At the same time I pulled down on her waist, I drove my hips straight up.

I know, people boast about cock size, I’ve never really compared myself to other guys, like in the locker room. I do know back in my school days I measured myself and I was between seven and a half and eight inches. Respectable, I always thought. By Angel’s reaction, I took it I was a bit larger than what she was used to at home.

With an obscene slurp she drove down onto me; every inch of my cock slamming home inside her. Her eyes popped open wide, and her mouth hung open as I tried to impale her on me. When her pelvis ground into mine, she gave out this gurgling sound, and her entire body shook.

“Fuck…fuck…fuck…” she kept repeating; as a gush of hot fluids suddenly coated my cock and balls.

One penetration and she was cumming; I knew then she was done fighting. I raised her slowly back up my cock, and dropped her half limp body back down, driving as deep as I could.


Her hands came down and slapped onto my bare chest, nails digging into my skin. She looked down at me with a fire in her eyes.

“”So big…so fucking big…” she grunted.

I lifted her again and held her, while she stared down at me wild eyed. When I let go of her waist, she slammed herself back down onto me, I could hear the mattress protest as she tried to pull my dick into her belly.

“FUUUCCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK” Angel screamed again as more hot fluids gushed out to coat my belly.

“Fuck me…oh God Ray fuck me…pleaseeeee” she whimpered.

I was past recognizing anything but the tight walls wrapped around my cock; past the fact this was my sister; and well past the fact my wife was only feet away. With a heave, I rolled us both over on the bed, landing with Angel on her back, my cock still lodged deep inside her.

“Yes; fuck me…fuck me…fill me big brother…” Angel babbled.

I reached back and gripped her legs, pulling them up until her ankles rested on my shoulders. My hips rose and fell as I began to pound down into her. My heavy full balls smacked against her ass cheeks as my hips slapped into her. I gave her exactly what she asked for. I FUCKED her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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