Babs at Work

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The warm July day was a welcome change from an unexpected week of grey and rain. Even better than the warm sun, was having the day off after working for nearly 30 days straight out of town. She, on the other hand, had to work or I would have had her naked, in bed and enjoying every inch of her body already. There was no other way to describe her than hot, sexy, and stacked. She was a blonde, about 5’6 with curvy playful breasts, the brightest blue eyes you have ever seen, legs that were tanned and toned and didn’t quit and best of all was her teasing, naughty mind and vivacious smile that could light up any room.

The plan was, I would drive over and hang out at a coffee shop until lunch when I would take her out. I couldn’t wait to finally kiss her after a month out of town. As I made my way, the text came in.

“Can you last a few more hours big boy? I hope so. Because I’m going to fuck you so good later on. ” It hit my screen and I nearly drove off the road. It was all I could do to not lose focus. Pulling into her town, I drove to the coffee shop. They knew me here. Small, private, and not a chain, it was my type of place. The hardwood floor, aged ceiling beams, fireplace and overstuffed leather chairs were perfect. It even had a bookcase that you could pull one off the shelf and take if you put one back in its place. It fit the small town by the water where every summer, the wealthy from a 100 mile radius would come and dock their boats and never use them. They served me my Escort Bahçeşehir coffee and I took it and my book to go relax and enjoy my downtime until lunch.

Deep in my book, I barely noticed the text about 11:30. “Hi baby. I can’t believe this, but Jim asked me if I could watch the office. He had to go run to a job and needs me here in case a call comes in on a new bid. Just a few more hours and I’m all yours.”

Like a punch to the gut. A few more hours? After a month, it wasn’t really a big deal, but would feel like torture. Following the text, she sent a picture. And what a picture it was. She was making a kiss face and I could see she had a sleeveless top that she had unbuttoned two too many, revealing her supple cleavage and a sexy black bra. She had on khaki shorts that showed off her legs. I went from sad to horny and hard as a rock instantaneously. Immediately I had a new plan.

Walking to the counter I paid for a couple sandwiches, some fruit and a couple waters and got in my truck, driving to her office. I pulled up out of sight of the front window, wanting to surprise her. I grabbed lunch, got out and walked up to the front door. She had it locked and I knocked. Coming to the front, what a vision she was. A month of not seeing her and she was hotter and sexier than I could imagine, in her casual work clothes. She gave me the biggest smile I have seen and opened the door. Jumping into my arms, she yelled out…baby!! And Bahçeşehir Escort Bayan gave me a kiss.

“I thought you might want lunch,” I said. “Can’t work all day and not eat.”

“You didn’t have to do this. You’re so sweet. Come on in. We can eat while the guys are out.”

We walked into the office. It wasn’t big, but it had what it needed. Everyone was gone and out at different construction jobs while she held down the fort. All I could see was her. Her blonde hair bouncing in waves down her back. Legs looking so perfect. Her blue eyes making the sky jealous. I knew what I wanted and it wasn’t lunch.

“Are you hungry?” she asked.

“I’m hungry, but not for that sandwich.”

She smiled slyly. “Oh yeah, what are you hungry for? Tell me.”

“I’m hungry for you. Your lips, your body, your pussy.”

Sitting behind her desk, she pulled her legs up on the chair and put a finger in her mouth. Looking at me with those baby blues.

“This pussy?” And as she said it, she pulled her shorts and panties to the side and showed me her wet lips. Pink, swollen, and ready. She started rubbing her fingers up and down the sides, teasing herself and me all at the same time. Showing me exactly what I wanted.

“Yes! That fucking pussy, right there. I want.”

“Come get it…but you better hurry, they might come back.”

I was around that desk and between her legs in 2 seconds. My mouth licking and locked Bahçeşehir Escort on to her. Sliding my tongue up and down, the feel after a month away was incredible. I could taste her sweet juice and the smell was intoxicating. Her moans broke the silence of the quiet room. She laid her head back and my face kept getting wetter and wetter. She took her hand and pulled the back of my head making my face go farther into her. She started to cum hard, moaning and yelling and her pussy clenching. Her juice now coated my tongue and lips.

Standing up, I was as hard as a man could be. Throbbing and needing release. I took her hand.

“What are you doing?”

“I’m going to fuck you, right now.”

“They’re almost back!”

Leading her into the drafting room, I pushed her hard over the table. Standing upright, leaning over, I ripped her shorts off her ass to her ankles. Spreading her legs apart, I pulled my cock out and shoved it deep into her pussy. Crying out, she grabbed the desk and pushed her ass back into me. I started to fuck and thrust and jam my cock in. Intense. I needed this and so did she. Hard. Fast. Knowing time was short. Smacking her ass, I grabbed her hips, digging into her flesh with every bit of strength I had. My cock buried within, I started to flood her pussy and shoot over and over deep inside. The cum oozing and dripping down the side of my cock, and down her inner thighs.

She pulled up her shorts and turned and kissed me. Biting my lip and licking them.

Setting herself right she moved back to her desk as the phone rang, the call that she had been expecting, and I got myself ready to go.

Stepping to the front door, I turned and blew her a kiss.

One last look before going as she spoke to the person, I said, “in a few hours, your ass is mine…be ready.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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