Babysitter Caught on Tape

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I work from home, and had mislaid my keys for my desk so decided to check the houses security videos, to see if I had put them somewhere stupid.

Sitting down to go through them my stomach did a flip when watching back last fridays tape of the kitchen, onto the screen came our babysitter, Jess, with a man I had never seen before.

He looked a good few years older maybe mid twenties when she was only 19. Why had she brought this strange man into our house, she was supposed to be looking after my two children! The reason became evident quite quickly, when after some furious kissing the man pushed Jess to the floor and unzipped his trousers and took out his erect cock. I watched in shock as I saw my very sweet babysitter lick and then start sucking this man’s dick, he was not being that gentle with her, grabbing the back of her ponytail and thrusting his hips into her face to make her take him deeper, after a few minutes I could tell he was close, he slid his cock out of her pretty mouth and started slapping her round the face with it, letting it bounce off her flushed cheeks. Then tapping the tip against her lips while pumping his shaft he started to spurt over her face, mostly into her open mouth but also on her lips and chin.

I was so shocked, I realised I was breathing hard and also had a massive hard on. I checked the time, my wife wouldn’t be home from work for a few hours, continuing to watch the tape Jess wiped the spunk off her face and swallow it all, I started tending to my aching boner, the man then left and Jess went to the bathroom. I rewound the tape and watched again, coming so hard by the end of the second viewing.

I must confess I watched that tape a good few times that week, feeling rather guilty, Jess had been our babysitter for the past 6 months and was a very lovely girl, but I couldn’t help also being rather angry, that was our time we were paying for, she was in charge of our two boys both under ten, she most definitely should not be bringing boyfriends into my house and having dirty oral sex with them, what if one of my boys had woken up and walked in on them!

I felt like I needed to talk to her. She was babysitting again this Saturday. My wife and I had separate events and I made sure to get back before my wife so I could give Jess a piece of my mind. I arrived home having had a few beers and found Gaziantep Olgun Escort Jess on the sofa watching tv, my cock gave a twitch she looked so innocent sitting there, curled up with her lovely hair loose around her shoulders, but my mind kept flashing to the image of a cock slapping against her cheeks.

‘Oh Mr Davidson! You’re home early I wasn’t expecting you yet.’

‘Where you expecting someone else?’

She laughed and shook her head ‘noo’ but I could see her cheeks had gone pink.

I gave her a stern look and asked her to come into the kitchen. I sat down and she stood by me looking confused at my firm manner.

‘I came home early as I wanted to talk to you, I really don’t approve of you bringing men I don’t know into my house and doing filthy things with them, what if my children had seen?’

The colour drained from her face, and she started to stammer a denial.


I haven’t told anyone yet what I have discovered on my security tapes ( she looked around the kitchen and spotted the security cameras and went bright red) but I will have to inform my wife and your parents.’

‘Please Mr Davidson I’m so sorry please don’t tell anyone, I will never babysit again if you do! My parents will be so so angry and your wife will hate me! Please please!’ she begged.

‘I apologise, my boyfriend did come over but it was just that once, I’ll never do it again, I love this job and your boys, Oh god I’m so ashamed.’

She was crying now, her beautiful green eyes filling with tears and I did feel sorry for her, she was usually a very good, nice girl, but I didn’t feel she should leave without some consequence.

‘Fine, I wont tell anyone but you must have some sort of punishment.’

‘Of course! Oh thank you so much Mr Davidson.’

‘Well what do you suggest?’ I asked.

She bit her lower lip, ‘I don’t know, how would you punish your boys if they were naughty?’

‘Well they would get a spank on their bare bottoms.’

We both didn’t say anything.

I swallowed, I couldn’t do that. Could I? It would be totally inappropriate, but the thought of it was giving my stomach butterflies.

Jess looked at me ashamed and said in a whisper ‘Ok. I do need to be punished, what I did was appalling.’

‘It really was, I told her, I will put the tape on so you know why you are getting spanked.’

I set the tape to play on the TV that was on the kitchen table and asked Jess to take her knickers off and lean over the table.

As the tape began to play Jess looked mortified but did as I bid.

I couldn’t believe this was happening, but I couldn’t stop it now. I didn’t want to.

I walked behind her and lifted her skirt and caught my first sight of her creamy round bottom, my god it was perfect. My cock got instantly rock hard.

I lay my large hand on one of her milky cheeks and Jess shivered.

I raised my hand and brought it down swiftly, a crack sounded in the air, a large red handprint sprung up on her behind.

She gasped, I then went for the other cheek, smack, her beautiful bottom wobbled slightly.

I then started to pick up the pace, covering her bottom in sharp smacks and telling her what a naughty naughty girl she had been.

I stopped for a moment her bottom was now a magnificent scarlet, it had got to the bit in the tape when the boyfriend was smacking her with his dick.

‘Jess why do you let him do this to you? If he’s your boyfriend he should treat you with more respect.’

‘I’m sorry Mr Davidson’ she sobbed overcome by pain and embarrassment.

‘You don’t like being treated like that do you?’ I asked concerned.

No answer, I went in for another wallop. Smack.

She let out a soft moan and I paused surprised.

‘Do you?’

She didn’t answer but her face flushed all over.

‘Answer me, you don’t like being treated like that do you?’ Smack.

She gasped ‘Yes!’, then hid her face with her hands.

My whole body froze. I hadn’t expected that answer.

‘You like being treated like a little whore?’

‘Answer me’ Smack smack. She let out a long moan as my hand stung her flaming, pert bum.

‘Yes Mr Davidson.’ She cried.

My god I was so turned on.

I looked down at her beautiful slim legs clamped together and could just see peeking through, her puffy, dripping wet pussy.

I couldn’t help it I reached round the front of her and gently brushed my fingers against her inflamed lips.

‘Uuhhh’ she moaned, I continued very gently stroking up and down until my fingers were covered in her juices and she was pushing her hips against my hand.

I slipped one finger inside and scooped up some liquid and started rubbing her clit in a circular motion. Her legs started to shake making her sore bottom sway. I used my other hand to start slowly caressing her bum cheeks.

‘Oh god Mr Davidson.’

‘You like men treating you like a little slut don’t you?’ Lightly starting to smack her bottom again while still circling her sticky clit.

‘Yes Mr Davidson, I do, ooh fuuuck, do what you want with me.’

She was close to coming I pushed two fingers up inside her, pumping them in and out of her tight cunt and really went to town on her arse, she came with an almighty guttural scream bucking against my hands. Her orgasm ripping through her body. I slipped my fingers out and quickly went to my trousers, undid them and pulled out my thick throbbing cock. Jess lay panting still bent over the table but I ran my fingers through her hair and pulled her up, and pushed her to her knees her face inches from my hard swaying cock. She looked a little alarmed at my size but quickly closed her full lips around my dick. Her wet slippery tongue danced over my sensitive member. I couldn’t help but thrust my hips, but she was brilliant and took it all.

I pulled out.

‘What would your boyfriend say about you sucking another mans cock?’

Jess smiled. ‘He wouldn’t mind. He often likes offering me around his friends and then watching.’

Jesus! she had the sweetest prettiest face ever but was such a slutbag!

I grabbed the back of her head and slammed my cock back in, pumping her mouth with my meat, again and again. I wanted to come on her face. I had never done anything like this.

I pulled out and gripping my cock started hitting her round the face with it.

‘Open you shirt’ I order.

She undid her buttons her braless breasts were perky and full.

‘Pinch your nipples.’ I commanded.

She started bruising her pink nipples.

‘That’s it you whore, you little slut’ smacking her with my cock.

‘Oh yes Mr Davidson’ she squealed.

I couldn’t take anymore with a last few pumps I tensed and shot the biggest load of cum I’d ever produced over her lips and down onto her tits.

She smiled up at me flushed, and licked her lips.

‘Thank you Mr Davidson.’

I groaned as I realised I now had two tapes of my slutty little babysitter. She would have to be coming round more often.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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