Bacchanal Ch. 05

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Beautiful Body

Chapter 5: Cerise

There was a small hallway at the bottom of the stairs; following the voices I turned right and went to the door at the end of the hall. It opened onto a sort of…playground for sex. There were several padded leather tables, couches, wooden horses, even a Sybian riding machine on a raised carpeted platform. I recognized most of the toys and implements (dildos, cuffs, whips), but some objects left me clueless.

A cry came from one corner of the room, and I recognized the girl who had been suspended from the ceiling when I first arrived at the orgy. She was even more beautiful close up—dark brown skin gleamed in the light, as though she’d been oiled up; her long, caramel-colored hair lay in a puddle around her. Her eyes were closed, and her full lips were shaped into a perfect O of pleasure—or pain.

Like the first time I’d seen her, she was trussed up in an intricate harness of red rope, but instead of being hoisted in midair, she was stretched out on antable, her wrists and ankles cuffed to a long spreader bar that left all of her holes easily accessible. Svetsi was busy eating her out, while Dev and Oksana were dripping melted wax onto her nipples. They’d synchronized it perfectly—every time the wax hit her skin, Svetsi would suck on her clit, hard, making her cry out in a mix of pain and pleasure.

All three were already naked, so I stripped out of my clothes as quickly as I could, then joined them at the table. “Mike, this lovely lady is Cerise. Yesterday was her birthday, so we’re having a little celebration tonight,” Dev said, drizzling on more of the wax and eliciting another cry. “We were just getting her warmed up; we’re gonna start on her pussy next. You want to get a taste of her first? Her safe word is hyacinth.”

Did I ever. Svetsi scooted out of the way and went to the head of the table, where she knelt and went to work first between Oksana’s legs then Dev’s. (Suspicions confirmed!) I lightly ran my hands up the backs of Cerise’s thighs, making her shiver. Even bound as she was, I could tell that she was built similarly to Oksana, if somewhat taller—long legs and a firm, round ass just made to be split in half by a cock.

I turned my attention to her pussy and found it to be equally delightful. The dark, warm chocolate of her labia shaded inward to a delicate, dusky pink, and because she was already wet from Svetsi’s mouthwork, she fairly glistened. It occurred to me as I bent my head to take a taste that not only did she resemble a flower, she had a sweet, flowerlike scent that had my mouth watering.

Nor was I disappointed when I buried my tongue in her. “Jesus!” I exclaimed. “She tastes—”

“Delicious, yes?” Svetsi took her mouth off Dev’s cock long enough to answer. “Fireweed honey, very sweet. I use in desserts, sometimes.” She paused to flick her tongue over the head. “And now I use in her.”

Cerise was mewling and trying to move her hips against my mouth, but Oksana roughly pinched one of her nipples. “No cumming!” she said sharply. “Pain sluts don’t get to cum.”

“Should I stop?” I asked in between flicks on her hard, swollen clit. “She looks like she’s ready.”

“Nah, give her a little more,” Dev said. Eagerly I dove back in, expanding my explorations to her now-quivering asshole. I hummed in appreciation as I discovered that Svetsi hadn’t neglected this area either. Her sphincter was tight and resisted my tongue’s attempts at deeper probing, and I knew she would feel amazing clamped around me.

Sinking two fingers in her cunt to coat them, Küçükyalı Escort I managed to get one, then the other into her tight anus, fascinated by the contrast of my pale skin working in and out of her darkness. Cerise grunted at the invasion, but my tongue fluttering over her clit turned her sounds into moans of pleasure.

I looked up to where Dev was enjoying the attentions of both his wife and Svetsi. “Can we fuck all her holes?” I asked. I didn’t know much about the whole BDSM thing, but I did know that there were pre-set rules about what you could and couldn’t do with a sub.

“Oh, yeah,” he panted. “Everything…open for business.”

“Awesome,” I said, climbing up on the table. “Okay if I fuck her ass while you wax her pussy?”

Dev chuckled. “A real ass man, huh? Be my guest.”

“Can’t help it,” I said as Svetsi helpfully lubed me up. “Not on the regular menu, so when beautiful asses come around, attached to beautiful ladies like these, hell yeah.” I pulled Cerise into my lap and wedged my cockhead against her pucker. “Besides,” I said as I pushed through her tight ring, making her cry out, “She looks good with me in her ass.”

Slowly I worked her up and down on my shaft, reveling in the tightness around me, until I was fully sheathed. She was still moaning, so I gave her clit a light slap. “You know you like this,” I said softly. “Dick buried in your ass, pussy wide open—when we pour the wax on you, is that gonna make you cum?” She made an inarticulate little sound, so I gave her another, harder smack. “Yes or no…you want to cum from hot wax on your clit?”

“Fuck…yes, please,” she gasped.

Dev busied himself fucking Cerise’s throat while the two ladies took turns delicately teasing her clit, getting her as close to the edge as they could. I had been doing my best to ignore it, but all of the squirming was making me aware of the plug still in my ass, hitting all the spots guaranteed to send me into overdrive.

“Shit,” I groaned, trying to hold myself together. As I had with Oksana that first night, I wanted to feel Cerise’s orgasm squeezing her muscles even harder around my cock, pushing me over the edge into my own release.

Fortunately those two Czech ladies knew what they were about. At their signal, Dev pulled out of Cerise’s mouth and handed them the two candles, and I spread her pussy lips as far apart as I could, exposing the swollen nub. Together they let the twin streams of red wax cascade onto her clit.

Her scream echoed throughout the room as her climax burst through her in what must have been exquisitely painful waves. I thrust myself as deep as I could as her sphincter contracted and her hips bucked wildly, threatening to evict me from her snug little hole.

That was all my overstimulated body could take, and I could feel the already red hot pleasure intensifying, until after one last moment of frenzied thrusting, it hit me, knocking the wind out of me in a harsh grunt, leaving me drained and exhausted.

I collapsed onto my back, Cerise still on top of me, and tried to catch my breath. Vaguely I was aware that someone had gently removed Oksana’s plug from me and that I was starting to soften and would soon slip out of Cerise’s ass, but for the moment I was content to hold the still-shuddering girl and breathe in the scent of her. “Fuck,” I murmured, “I could die a happy man right now.”

“Th-thank you, sir,” she whispered, her voice raw and shaky.

Eventually Oksana and Svetsi uncuffed Cerise and laid her out on another table, Küçükyalı Escort Bayan cleaning her up and massaging the circulation back into her shoulders and hips and legs. Dev and I watched as they worked their magic. “So is she one of Mister J’s or…?” I asked, trying to get a feel for our companion. She seemed almost too beautiful to be a hooker, no matter how high class, with a face and a sleekly toned body that could give Naomi Campbell a run for her money.

“No, she’s one of the regulars,” Dev said. “Owns a ballet studio. Her fiancé has no idea she’s into this—he thinks she’s at some student recital or something.” He chuckled to himself, then gestured to where Svetsi and Oksana were locking her wrists into cuffs which they secured above her head on a hook dangling from the ceiling. “Look at her,” he said. “Gorgeous, bendy as shit, fucks for hours—and her dude’s idea of changing it up is goin’ doggystyle once a month.” He shook his head and shrugged as he headed toward her. “His loss, our gain.”

I was nowhere near ready to go again, but I thought I might help entertain Svetsi and Oksana while Dev amused himself with Cerise. I picked up Svetsi and put her on the table, and before long, Oksana and I were happily double-teaming her pussy with our tongues and fingers.

Dev, meanwhile, was drawing an almost infinite variety of sounds from Cerise. He’d added a spreader bar to her bonds and was working her over with a flogger, snapping the flexible leather strands smartly against her breasts, her stomach, and, occasionally between her open legs. In between, he would spend some time teasing the bound girl, running his tongue over her nipples, sliding his fingers into her wetness, before applying the lash to the places he’d just touched.

I would have been content to just watch, but Dev held out the flogger. “Give it a try?” he said, grinning. “She loves gettin’ fucked and whipped…” Quickly he showed me how to wield the little implement so as not to leave any marks: “Not too hard—just enough to sting,” he said.

After a few practice swings against her stomach and ass, Dev deemed me ready to join in. He uncuffed Cerise’s ankles, hoisted her legs up over his elbows, and unceremoniously shoved his dick into her sopping cunt. She gasped as he filled her, her head lolling back, but he gave no quarter, pounding into her with hard strokes. “Whenever you’re ready…” he grunted.

Crack! I snapped the flogger against her ass several times in quick succession, enjoying the shrieks that came from her lips. Methodically I worked my way up and down her spine while Dev continued with merciless hammer strokes. “Fuck,” he groaned, slowing and pulling out of her. “You feel comfortable doing her front? ‘Cause I really wanna fuck that ass.” Spinning her so that her back was to him, he lifted her legs again and began pressing his shaft into her backdoor. “Jesus, she’s fantastic,” Dev said. “Ungh…fuck!…give her a couple lashes…”

I did as he asked, somewhat reluctantly—I was new at this, and didn’t want to accidentally strike one of them in an inopportune spot. But when I heard Cerise herself moan sweetly, “Harder, sir…please,” I swung the flogger with more vigor. Her whimpers and gasps told me we were giving her exactly what she wanted, so when Dev adjusted his grip on her so that her still-wet pussy was more fully exposed, I didn’t hesitate in applying the lash between her legs, landing each stroke on her clit.

Her cries filled the air, drowning out the moans of Oksana and Svetsi (tangled up Escort Küçükyalı on the padded leather table, fucking each other silly with a pair of black vibrators). I dropped the flogger and grabbed Cerise’s buttocks, slamming my cock into her with brutal force. Together, Dev and I pummeled her holes ferociously, stopping only when she hung limply between us, sweaty and trembling from several orgasms.

I don’t know how we’d managed it, but neither of us had cum. After we unhooked Cerise and gently stretched her out on an unoccupied table to recover a bit, we returned to where Svetsi and Oksana were still occupying themselves with the vibrators. Oksana was enthusiastic about having both of us at the same time, Svetsi less so.

While we licked and fingered Oksana’s holes, warming her up for our cocks, Svetsi tended to Cerise. When she could stand on her own, Svetsi led her over to the Sybian. Making sure she was settled with both of the attachments comfortably seated inside her, Svetsi cuffed Cerise’s hands behind her, then added a pair of ankle cuffs that she attached to rings set into the platform. A series of anguished moans signaled that Svetsi had flipped the Sybian’s power switch, starting the vibrations that would send the exhausted beauty into another orgasmic frenzy.

Dev and I had achieved a satisfying rhythm between us—I would thrust into Oksana’s ass while he pulled out of her pussy, and then vice-versa. I almost wished we had a third to fill her throat while we fucked her, but then Svetsi rejoined us, kneeling over Dev’s mouth. At my urging, Oksana bent forward slightly so she could flick her tongue around and in Svetsi’s little starfish while Dev licked and sucked at her clit.

In the corner, Cerise’s moans rose in pitch as the orgasms began rolling through her body.

“Now,” Oksana said after Svetsi had wriggled away. “Now you come fuck me again.” Dev had pulled her into his lap with his rod firmly planted in her sphincter. With a hasty Yes ma’am! I dropped to my knees between their thighs and began tongue-fucking her wet hole. “Mmm, yes,” she murmured, “you are good pussy eater, Michael.” She grabbed my hair and lifted my face from her cunt. “But now I want your cock.”

Obediently I stood and lined myself up with her slit. “No, no,” she said. “Not there…in my ass.”

“But Dev…” I started to say.

“Yes,” she moaned. “Both of you, fucking my ass.”

Inwardly, I quailed. Sure, she could take a lot, but Dev and I were both kind of…girthy, and I wasn’t sure she could stretch that much without us tearing something. “Are you sure?” I asked. “That’s a lot of…us…”

She reached out and grabbed my shaft. “Is fine,” she said. “Now fuck me, please.”

Forcing away visions of a blood-soaked trip to the emergency-room, I set the head of my cock against them and pushed, sliding in easily against Dev’s length. I had to admit, this was just what I needed, even if it was two of us currently packed in there; rubbing up against both Dev and the walls of Oksana’s rectum as we worked in tandem felt so much better—and less weird—than I expected.

Because of my position in our little group, I could watch Cerise, still beautifully suffering through climax after climax on the Sybian, and when her gleaming body arched stiffly and her eyes rolled back in her head, I knew another big one was about to hit. A visceral, guttural howl issued from her lips, and as I watched, fascinated, a fountain of clear liquid gushed from her, drenching her thighs and the carpet in front of her.

That was enough to send me over the edge, and there was only one place I wanted to finish. Desperate, I scrambled off Oksana, leaving Dev pistoning steadily into her, and ran to the Sybian, furiously pumping my cock so that I could release myself onto Cerise’s upturned face, painting her exquisite cheekbones and open lips with my cum.

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