Bachelor Party Ch. 04

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You lift my weak body by the arms and lead me over to the futon, which has already been pulled out. You lay me down on my back and I notice that there are already ties attached to the ends.

I feel as both of my arms and legs are pulled wide and attached to the corners of the bed. I feel very vulnerable, a feeling that is only increased when I feel the blindfold slip over my eyes, and darkness overtakes me.

I feel nothing for quite a while, and wonder if you and all of your friends plan to leave me tied up like this all evening. I begin to whimper softly and hear laughter in return.

I realize you are all still in the room, just watching me lay there, naked and bound. “Glad you are enjoying my torment,” I think.

Torment, I think? Has this really been torment for me? Despite the pain and humiliation, I have enjoyed the evening at the hands of you and your groomsmen. How is that possible?

My thoughts are interrupted suddenly as I feel hands on my body. I try to count how many, but I cannot, and I just assume it is all of you. The unknown hands glide all over my body, sending waves of pleasure over me.

I feel hands on my breasts, stomach, thighs, ass, arms, even my wet pussy. I cannot tell who is touching me where, and somehow that turns me on even more.

I feel whatever hands were on my pussy leave, and a rather large vibrator enter me a second later. I do not know where this vibrator came from, because it is not mine or yours. Someone is fucking me, slowly and gently, with this intruder, while the rest of beylikdüzü escort the hands continue their dance on my body. I moan in pure pleasure.

The speed of the fucking increases, and suddenly the vibrator is turned on. I begin to make unintelligible noises as it is shoved in and out of me with increasing roughness.

Just then I feel something cold and hard at my asshole, and realize that someone else is inserting a vibrator there, likely our new one. I moan even more, loving the feeling of both of my holes being full.

I feel a mouth suddenly on my right nipple, and then my left also. Two mouths begin to work their magic on my hard little nipples as I moan uncontrollably. The mouths continue their assault, licking me, sucking me, biting me, when all of a sudden I feel a tongue at my clit.

“Oh God no, it’s too much!” I manage to get out. But the toys and tongues continue to torture me with pleasure, completely ignoring my pleas. I let myself relax and enjoy the sensations taking over my body.

I can feel my legs starting to shake against my control, and my head rolls back on the pillow. I am sure my moans are quite loud by this point, often changing into screams.

I feel the vibrator in my pussy removed and I whimper, wanting it back. I am soon rewarded as three fingers are inserted quickly inside of me. As the tongues continue on my tits and clit, and the vibrator continues to fuck my ass, the fingers inside of me search for my G-spot. Finally finding what they were looking for, the fingers move around escort beylikdüzü on that spot, sending even more pleasure through my body.

An odd sensation takes over me. I feel like I am in another place, completely quiet and peaceful and happy, only vaguely looking down on my body being ravished. I feel nothing and everything all at once, and it is amazing. I am brought back to reality as a fourth finger is inserted inside of me. The sucking on my nipples has gradually turned into mostly biting, but the pain is exquisite.

Then the final finger, the thumb, is inserted into me, and the fingers continue to fuck me. The vibrator is pulled out of my ass, and I feel the medium butt plug being inserted there. The hands, now freed from the toy, begin to fondle my ass.

All of a sudden I am taken by an orgasm that rocks over my body like nothing I have felt before. Everyone continues to abuse my body as my quivering slowly dwindles and I regain composure.

Then I feel the fingers inside of me stop fucking me, and start to push slowly at my hole, seeking entrance. I realize that whoever is down there is going to try to get his fist inside of me. You and I have as of yet never accomplished this, and I am slightly worried.

The hand is relentless, and continues to push gently, letting up whenever I make a pained noise. And then it happens. The widest part of the hand has made it inside of me, and someone’s entire fist is resting in my most private place.

The feeling is unbelievable. There is pain, yes, but it is beylikduzu escort a beautiful pain that is accompanied by a most blissful pleasure. The far off feeling returns as the hand begins, slowly and carefully, to fuck me. I do not know how far it goes inside of me, but I suspect at least the wrist is inside of me.

A steady stream of profanities and screams are flooding from my mouth. The teeth on my nipples continue to bite me, moving occasionally down to bite my breasts, then back to my nipples. The tongue at my clit is also relentless, and the pleasure is great. The hands on my ass are harsh and rough, but it feels amazing.

I am suddenly hit by another orgasm, even more intense than the first. My entire body shakes as the hand inside of me attempts not to hurt me. Eventually the shaking subsides and I feel the mouths leave my nipples and clit and the hands leave my ass.

The butt plug is pulled out. The hand inside of me slowly begins its careful retreat, making a wet popping sound as it exits my body. I feel fingers come to my mouth, and I lick them, realizing they are the fingers so recently inside of me. I clean them off, then clean off the rest of the hand.

I feel my arms and legs being untied, and am able to relax, though my blindfold is still on. Not even thinking to take it off, I curl up into a little ball, no longer ashamed and humiliated, only relaxed and pleasured.

“All right boys, it’s time that you all headed home,” I hear you tell your groomsmen. “Thanks for the enjoyable time.”

As I hear them all start to head out of the room, I mutter a quiet “thank you” and hear them laugh at me. I move to take off the blindfold, but your hands stop me. “Not that, not quite yet,” you tell me, and I wonder just what you have planned now that everyone has left…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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