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This happen a few months ago when I was working at the Exotic Car Express. We were short staff, Sergio and I agreed to stay late, work 2 shifts back to back. This is an expensive luxury car rental agency we carter to VIP. Everybody here is somebody. Celebrities, athletes, prime ministers and well I am not allowed to speak on that. Very high-end class of people come in and out thru here. They may rent or lease and even purchases our vehicles. We have all your expensive high-end vehicles and a few custom made ones for the rare occasion. We also have chuffer’s and “driving escorts” that will be at services if requested. The younger punk crowd often rent the vehicles for a few days and return it within the 3rd day. The older folks are the one that orders the services of our drivers. Usually, they stay longer and sometimes even reserve ahead of time.
We have highs and lows. Highs are hours of the day and night where we will have a full on rush of people coming in renting as well as returning the vehicles. is a high flow of vehicles coming in and out of the area and we must track which vehicle is coming in and dispatch them immediately for a check up and tune up if require a services call.
We have lows as what I am having now. we may get one or two cars here and there. Just as soon we go hours and hours with nothing. Usually known as “shop time” we take care of the shop clean organized whatever may need to be cleared out. We call it to shop upkeep is a certain type of appeal the shop wants to maintain for their very selected customers. This is what Sergio and I are doing. Well, Sergio is sitting up at the front desk taking down all the reserve vehicles and doing the request forms. I am going from car to car and taking them on a test drive making sure they are within perfect services as well as making sure they are prepped up for the next request.
I already serviced 2 vehicles and was on my way on the move to finish up my last vehicle inspection. when I see one of our second liners a GMC Suburban long extended, pull up or trying to pull up. Not sure what exactly the driver is trying to do. I stood over by the car, I was watching them. I see an arm with long red fingernails extend out of the dark black windows and wave me over. As I walk up to the vehicle I notice Is a very beautiful blond with green eyes devil red lipstick and in a black pastel tight dress, her cleavage of perfection are showing. Think of Charlize Throne in evil long black hair scenes.
Hey hun, can u help me, back this up? She asked handing me a tip (100 dollars, I am rich, I tell you lols).
“of course” I step off to the back and tell her to pull up and back up straight is the easier way to do.
She tries to back it up but for whatever reason or another, she wasn’t able to back it up the way it should have been. It is an easy maneuver to do but with a double extend long back vehicle sometimes it can become tricky. Especially when someone is not used to driving, that type of vehicle or is an unfamiliar vehicle. After a few times, she tries but got stuck and waved me back to the front of the car that now is at an odd angle. I walk up
“Ma’am would you like me to take care of this,” I say as I pack up my towels and place my notepad down off the side looking at her.
“Oh Gosh, guess I am not very good at backing up, oh would u be such a sweetheart.” She said as I open the door to let her out she suddenly slide off to the side right over the console
Oh Wow, she’s flexible. I thought she would just step off the vehicle and move off to the side or go off and pay her dues but she didn’t do that at all. As I step into the driver seat and adjust the seat and reach over the steering wheel I peeked at the ticket on the key ring its label “Ms.Jasmine”
I was like no worries Ms.Jasmine, I will back it up for you and get it parked no worries” I couldn’t help but noticed that as I was trying to park the car she starts rubbing her hands over on my shoulders and starts to somewhat caress me. She is a fucking beautiful white chick, is not like I am going to stop her in any way, the hell if she wanted to r…. me she be very welcome to. (cant r… the willing )
“you’re cute’ you like women don’t you,” she said coming up close to me barely brushing her tongue over my neck and lightly kissing me as if she’s teasing me
“HELL YES” I do I quickly reply.
She laughs and pulls off to the side (no no no no bitch get your tongue back on my neck and put that hand between my) suddenly she pulls a bag from under the side of the seat.
So you know how to work this don’t you?” she ask pulling out a strapless dildo strap-on with a 9inch long dildo on the outside and the top part about a nice 4 inches perfect to “lock” into position.
YES!!! I respond as I park the vehicle perfectly aligned and half the time I wasn’t even paying attention to the parking. Since she somewhat distracted me. Yet I manage to do a pretty good job, muscles memory I guess, repetition is the mother of learning. I have done this so much, at times I do it without even thinking about it
She laughs flirting, flipping her long hair over her shoulders, “my girlfriend soon to be my ex, has no clue and well I want someone that has more than a clue. So you wanna go back there and show me” she said caressing my face with her left hand while pointing to the back of the vehicle that’s about 3 row extended more than enough space for two people back there for sure. Before I could even answer shes slides back there and pulls down her sexy black dress and spread up in a wade V her legs touching each corner of the back cad. I look back at amazement
WOW, SHE IS FLEXIBLE !!!! I quickly follow her sliding up to her taking off my top and undoing my uniform shorts and kicking off my shoes somewhere over the passenger’s seat.
As I leaned up on top of her as she lean back up on the side of the vehicle spreading her legs wide open as she leaned forward placing her hand with the dildo under me and spreading me the head opening inside me as she pushes it up inside me rotating the top of the head over inside my lips spreading me open as she slides it up inside me pushing it inside me teasing me with it. As I lean over her reaching into her nice white creamy pussy that is already dripping and wet as I touch it. Caressing it rubbing my finger inside it as she slides the dildo inside me inserting it inside me and pushing it giving me a few a strokes as she looks up at me smiling. I lean down to her kissing her as we passionately kiss each other her hands rolling the dildo inside me while flicking me. I was rubbing my fingers inside her and fingering her in a few seconds I had my 3 frist left figners deep inside her rubbing her inside. I literally had her pussy wrapped around my hand locked in tight. I was feeling her pussy muscles tightening up around my hand as she started to build up from excitement. She finally lean back and guided me up to her as I lean up on top of her with a nice long 9in rubbing the tip of the head over on the lips slowly teasing it. I slide it up and down letting the head rub up and down her nice perfectly oversized clit that grew more and more as I kept teasing it. Every time I slide the head of the dildo ( ok so if ya been reading my stories u know what I am about to do right?) as I tease her with my dick in her pussy I slide it inside it spreading her open. She pushes back her legs straighten out as she leans back pulling in my body towards her pulling me as draws me closer to her. scratching my back and biting my neck as she presses me up on top her forcing me to drop my bodyweight on top of her. Her tits pressed up undermines as our nipple press up against each other. I thrust in and out inside her making her left leg shake and her body tremble with each and every one of my stroking. I was thrusting and she was swaying her hips up and down we both were shaking so hard and causing such a deep impact that the whole vehicle was shaking and rocking back and forth. She was burning and only getting hotter by the minute with each of the stroking and thrusting motion. Finally just as I was thrusting it inside her she locks her legs wrapped around me and holds me
“bab my ass needs some attention,” she said sliding up and unlocking her legs from my hips and flips them over and under me as she turns around into a low doggy style position arching her back.
WOW! That is a first I have never seen anyone do that. She went from one position straight to doggy style not once adjusting or pulling me out. I felt the head of my dick flip and twist around a deep tighten that I fell run thru inside me. Like my pussy was being twisted and turn around by the weight of her body. I felt that, deep inside me!
Soon, I was kneeling behind her as she was on a low doggy style position and I was sliding the dick in and out of her. I smack her ass a few times making her cheeks bright red making them shake and bounce uncontrollably her whole body shaking and trembling as I push in and out of her nice tight a. that is carving yarning for my dick to drill inside her and spread her open. Her as smacking up against mines and as the dd goes in and out her body is pushing back. When I push in her body pulls away in a rocking forward motion as I pull back out her body backs up rolling back into me not once letting the head of the dick out and with the overlong elongated motion that seems to remain inside. I feel her body when she rolls back on to me her body and mines press up one against another. We spend countless minutes in an all-out hardcore and spanking motion that forces our bodies to connect one against the other.
Her once tight as is no longer tight instead it is fully open and accessing me taking me inside her. I am pounding her hard causing the car shaking side to side as I push forward she backs it up all the way up to me pinning me against the side wall of the cad of the car. Even though it’s a long extend SUV type from the positions we are in our bodies are all cramp up together as I am 9 inches deep inside her ass and she is backing that ass up all on me pushing me back. A very awkward position she put me in but the hell IT FEELS SO FUCKING GOOD my pussy is feeling every single motion from her body as she rolling back and forward with every one of my thrustings. We kept this up like I didn’t want to stop and she definitely didn’t want to stop every time I thought I was getting a lit control on that ass of her she would back it up on me pushing me and slamming me against that side wall that I just had to hold it there and take it a few times I would spank her smacking her ass into it was red and she would lead up a little so I could push forward and take control once again. FUCK for a white girl this bitch can back that ass up and DAMN WHAT AN ASS. As we are both building up and climaxing as we both shoot up a heavy load of pussy juice all over the back dripping all over our legs as both our bodies collapse from exhausting breaking in sweat and all other body fluids.
Suddenly we are both taken back, slightly as my partner Sergio opens the back of the car exposing us, she lying straight down on the floor mat. While I am drained over on her still stuck inside her. We both get up slightly I pass her, her dress as I put on my shirt, that on me at times is oversize and covers me like an overlong shirt dress (I always wear clothing a few sizes bigger for this reason)
VANESSA OMG THAT IS Ms.JASMINE!!!!! the owner’s daughter!!!! Sergio screams at me, informing me….
WHAT????? I look at him and look at her, she just there smiling and laughing
“OH FUCK ME!!!!!” I yelled out, putting my head on my hands nodding as I was afraid what this may mean,
Suddenly, she reaches over, taking the strap out of me and suddenly without a care in the world she said’

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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