Back Rub Ch. 02

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The next day after another round of basketball games, Sophie brought home the tall blonde, Roxanne, whom she had told me about. Later, Sophie told me that when they were in the locker room getting dressed after a game, the girl just came out and told her that she was so horny she could fuck a horse.

“Poor thing,” Sophie said. “She got stuck staying with an elderly couple and all they do is try to read the Bible to her and convert her to their church. So I told her about my arrangement with you and asked her if she’d like to come and join us. Her eyes are green like yours, and when I told her about your body, and your cock, those green eyes of hers glowed like electric emeralds. She grabbed me and hugged me, and I thought she was going to take me right there in the locker room but some other girls walked in so she let me go.”

Sophie and her new friend arrived shortly after dinner. I was dressed in slacks and sports shirt. I had never met this Roxanne and did not want to rush things too much until we got to know each other a little bit. Well, Roxanne was everything Sophie had said, and then some. The girl just oozed sex out of every pore. Sophie and Roxanne were both dressed in T-shirt minis that left little to the imagination. They were both bra-less and had pumps on their feet. When Roxanne stepped into the room, her boobs were almost face high to me and God how they bounced with each step. They were huge, round and firm looking, and her nipples were already starting to poke through the thin material.

Sophie also has great big beautiful puffy nipples, sitting on top of her pert 34-c tits) and they too were poking through her T-shirt. It made me wonder if the girls had not actually started doing things before they arrived. I gave Sophie a big kiss then led both girls to the couch.

“You’ve got too many clothes on,” Sophie said before I had a chance to sit down. “I didn’t bring Roxanne all the way out here to see you in slacks and sport shirt. She wants to see your body. Start taking stuff off or you’ll make me look like a fool.”

“Yeah,” Roxanne said with a giggle, “show us some skin. We’re showing some skin, so you gotta too.” To emphasize her point she lifted one of her gorgeous, long gams and crossed it over the other. And I caught a glimpse of white panty for a second. God, how I love white panties! Sophie must have told her about that. Bless her.

I put on some rock music and started dancing for the girls, while undoing my shirt. As I stripped the girls, sitting side-by-side on the couch kept crossing and uncrossing their legs. And I started getting hard catching those oh-so brief glimpses of white panties on both girls.

When I got down to my underwear I started dancing real close to them and they began fondling my butt and balls through my jockey shorts. My legs rubbing against theirs felt soooo erotic-and their fondling hands had my cock just throbbing and straining against my jockey shorts.

“And now for the main show,” Sophie said running her fingers along the waist band of my shorts. Then in one motion she yanked them down to my knees and my cock sprang free so hard you could hear it go “sprong!” Once free, it continued to wriggle and bob not an inch in front of Sophie’s face.

“You’re right, Sophie, he really does have a beautiful cock,” Roxanne said placing a hand on Sophie’s thigh and moving her face closer to my cock.

I could feel both of their breaths on my dick, hot and damp, and it just drove me crazy with lust and need.

Sophie put one hand on my butt cheek and the other hand between my legs to cup my balls, then she began flicking her tongue at my erection, making it bob and bounce all the more.

“Oh God!” Roxanne said, sliding her hand a little further up Sophie’s thigh. She put her other hand on my other butt cheek. “This is making me so fucking horny, watching his cock bounce like that.”

Sophie then sucked my cock into her mouth. She moved her head up and down a few times, sucking hard to increase the pressure. Then she let it go with a “pop!” and it bobbed and pulsed spastically.

Roxanne then tried to flick her tongue at it while it was bobbing up and down banging her on the nose and mouth. And all of this was just driving me crazy so I climbed up on the couch forcing my knees between their thighs. While both girls fondled my cock and balls, I grabbed Roxanne’s face between my hands and gave her a nice, long, deep kiss. I gave her lots of tongue, then I turned to Sophie and started Frenching her out as well. Then I pulled Roxanne’s face up to ours and we did a three-way kiss, all of our tongues teasing each other.

Sophie and Roxanne continued to French each other while I began to work myself down their bodies. First I fondled their gorgeous boobs and played with their hard-on nipples through their dresses. Then I took turns sucking each of their nipples through their dresses, before continuing my way down their bodies.

Sophie and Roxanne played with each others’ titties as they continued to make out. escort izmit I got down on the floor and kissed and caressed their feet. I took off their shoes and resumed kissing and caressing their sexy feet-all the while looking up their skirts and drooling over their sexy, white panties. As the two girls continued to make out, I began kissing and licking my way up their legs-working my way ever closer to their sexy panties.

While Sophie and Roxanne faced-fucked each other and tugged on each other’s nipples, I stuck my head all the way up Roxanne’s skirt and nuzzled my face into that nice wet spot in the crotch of her white panties. After nuzzling my face into her damp crotch, relishing the sexy feel of her panties against my cheeks, I clamped my mouth right on her cunt and started sucking her off through her panties.

“Nuggghhhh,” Roxanne let out a gasp of hot air into Sophie’s face. Roxanne then began to work her hand down between Sophie’s thighs. Sophie facilitated her by spreading her legs apart and putting one foot on my back. Then I heard that nasty “squish! Squish! Squish!” sound of fingers sliding in and out of a sloppy wet cunt and I knew that Roxanne had worked her way inside Sophie’s panties to frig her while they face-fucked each other, and I sucked Roxanne’s soaked, panty-covered cunt.

After both girls had a bit of a cum, I withdrew my self from between Roxanne’s thighs and sat on the floor in front of them to catch my breath.

Sophie stood up practically right on top of me and said, “Now I need some of that too, lover boy.” And, she stuck my face between her legs.

I kissed and licked the insides of her thighs, then stuck my head up her skirt to nuzzle my face into her sopping wet panties. While I munched and sucked on Sophie’s panty-covered cunt, she played with her own nipples.

“Uuummmmmm, so fucking sexy, you guys,” Roxanne said. She too played with her own tits while watching my head bob up and down inside Sophie’s skirt. She teased my ass, cock, and balls with her feet

“Nnnnnggggggghh!” Sophie grunted as she humped her cunt into my face.

Roxanne slipped off the couch onto her knees, and then suddenly I felt her lips around the head of my cock. Then she sucked me into her mouth so hard I thought she was going to pull my cock out by the roots. With one hand on my ass, and one hand on my balls she drew me in and out of her mouth. She sucked me in all the way until her lips were buried into my pubic hairs, then pulled her head back sucking so hard I thought my balls were turning inside out. Up and down she sucked while playing with my ass and balls.

“Ngggggghhhhh!” Sophie moaned as she came in her panties and all over my face.

I shot my wad at the same time into Roxanne’s hard-sucking mouth. Then I pulled my head out from under Sophie’s skirt to catch my breath.

Roxanne stood up and grabbing Sophie’s face between her hands, drew her into a torrid face-fuck kiss, making Sophie lick out all my hot cum from her mouth.

While the two girls made out, passing my cum back and forth between their mouths, I stood up, pressed my body against Sophie’s and began fondling her.

Roxanne and I then slipped Sophie’s T-shirt dress up over her head leaving her in nothing but her panties. Roxanne and I sat down side-by-side on the couch, and I said. “Ok, Sophie, dear, now it’s your turn to model. Show us some camel toe.”

Sophie giggled, and turned around to wriggle her ass at us. While Roxanne fondled Sophie’s wriggling ass, I slipped my hand between her thighs to feel her cunt. “Come on Sophie, turn around so we can see,” I said.

Giggling, Sophie turned around, her legs brushing up against ours. The front of Sophie’s panties were so sopping wet they were transparent. Where I’d fingered her, she had a gorgeous big camel toe with some of the material stuck up in her puffy pussy lips. And, of course, everything was so sloppy wet that almost every detail of her cunt stood out.

“Wow, Roxanne, just look at that! Isn’t that a cute camel toe?” I said, rubbing Sophie’s pussy.

“Oh, it sure is,” Roxanne said reaching out to join me in rubbing Sophie’s cunt. “I just love the way her puffy lips stick out like that. And, oh my God, how wet she is!”

With that Roxanne nuzzled her face into Sophie’s crotch. While rubbing her face into Sophie’s sloppy wet panty-covered cunt, she slid her hands around to fondle Sophie’s ass. “Poor dear, maybe we’d better get these wet panties off of her before she catches cold, or something.” Roxanne slipped Sophie’s panties down to her knees without removing her face from her crotch. Now she used her long tongue to lick and tease Sophie’s shaved cunt while Sophie played with her own very erect puffy nipples.

I started getting very hard again, watching Roxanne’s tongue dance and flitter across Sophie’s pussy. I slid Sophie’s soaked panties the rest of the way off and rubbed them all over my face while watching Roxanne lick her slit.

“Your turn,” I said to Roxanne, pulling her to her izmit escort feet.

Roxanne and Sophie fell into an embrace again, wildly kissing each other. I could tell Sophie was really getting high from tasting herself on Roxanne’s mouth. The two girls played with each other’s tits while face-fucking each other.

I moved in behind Roxanne and joined them in a three-way embrace, Sophie and I making a sandwich out of the big, sexy, blonde. I fondled my way down Roxanne’s body until I was squatting on my haunches. I buried my face in her ample, but round and firm ass, while fondling her long athletic legs up and down. Still nuzzling my face into her ass cheeks I slid a hand up under her skirt to play with her dribbling pussy.

Then Sophie and I slid her dress up her body and helped her out of it. Sophie and I sat down on the couch leaving Roxanne standing before us in nothing but her wet panties. Roxanne’s nipples were so turned-on they were bright red and as huge as spark plugs. She grinned at us as she played with her hard-on nips, and moved in close to rub her legs against ours.

“Oh, and you guys thought I had wet panties!” Sophie said. “Just look at this!” She started rubbing Roxanne’s pussy.

“Let me see her camel toe,” I said, pulling Sophie’s hand away. “Ummmmmm, that’s so nice.” I traced my finger along all the contours of her camel toe-especially that sexy indentation at the bottom of her panties.

“Ummmmmmm, sexy, sexy, sexy,” Sophie said, nuzzling her face into Roxanne’s wet panties.

I quickly joined her so both of us were competing with each other in rubbing our faces into Roxanne’s soaked panty-covered pussy while fondling her ass.

“Y-y-y-s-s-s-s-s-s!” Roxanne hissed, tugging furiously at her cock-like nipples.

Sophie then pulled the blonde’s panties down to her knees and started licking her slit like Roxanne had done her. While watching Sophie give Roxanne head, I slipped her panties the rest of the way off and rubbed the totally drenched things all over my throbbing cock.

Sophie and I then licked and kissed our ways up Roxanne’s torso until we were both sucking on her huge nipples. We teased them, flicked at them with our tongues, we sucked them, and all the while our hands fondled her ass and her pussy.

Roxanne then pushed Sophie back down onto the couch and bent down to lift her legs up. Scooting Sophie to the edge of the couch so only her upper back and head were resting on the couch to support her weight, she flung Sophie’s legs and up over her shoulders and back. She cupped Sophie’s ass in her hands to help support the weight. Sophie was almost upside down, her head and back on the couch, and her legs and feet over Roxanne’s shoulders and back—and her cunt, open and exposed to Roxanne’s hungry mouth.

Firmly clasping Sophie’s butt, Roxanne bent the rest of the way over to bury her face into Sophie’s steamy snatch. All bent over licking and sucking on Sophie’s shaved cunt like that left Roxanne’s magnificent ass sticking way up in the air on top of those gorgeous long legs of hers.

Roxanne sucked Sophie’s horny cunt so hard it sounded like a wart hog rutting around in the brush. Sophie played with her aching puffy nipples while the blonde ate her out.

I stood behind Roxanne to fondle her gorgeous, big ass and rub my aching, throbbing cock against the backs of her thighs. Without taking her snout out of Sophie’s creamy honey pot, Roxanne spread her feet wide to lower her butt and give me better access. I stuck my cock up under her butt to slide it back and forth across the length of her gapping, dribbling slit.

In and out I fucked my tool, probing, probing, until I found her clit.

“Uggggghhh!” Roxanne let out a gasp of hot air into Sophie’s cunt when my cock found her clit.

Now that I had the mark I pounded away, fucking the huge lips of her slit like crazy to ram the head of my cock against her inch-long, hard-on clit with each stroke. I curled my body around hers so I could play with her huge tits while fucking her. With each stroke my stomach muscles slapped into her round ass cheeks with a loud “Slap!”

With each slap of my flat stomach against Roxanne’s ass, and each ramming of her clit by my cock, Roxanne’s face was shoved all the harder into Sophie’s quivering cunt. And, with each jamming of Roxanne’s face into Sophie’s cunt, Sophie’s eyes rolled back in her head from pleasure.

“Slap! Slap! Slap!” I fucked.

“Snort! Snort! Snort!” Roxanne sucked cunt

“Nnnnggggggghhhhhhaaaaaah!” Sophie moaned, her eyes rolling back into her head.

I saw Sophie quiver and shake all over and knew she was starting to come.

Roxanne felt Sophie’s orgasm building in her face and she gobbled cunt all the harder, urging her on. And, I fucked my cock against Roxanne’s clit all the harder-until we all came at once.

Roxanne gave Sophie a few more tender licks to help her down off her high. I gave Roxanne’s back a few tender kisses, withdrew my spent cock from between izmit kendi evi olan escort her legs, and we all sat down to catch our breaths for a moment.

Roxanne and I got up on the couch to sit side-by-side. Sophie climbed up on my lap to give me tender love kisses on my face while Roxanne tenderly caressed Sophie’s back. Roxanne then started kissing the side of Sophie’s face. And then, before I knew it, we were all giving each other some tongue. Everybody started getting horny again and we started face fucking each other, and flicking our extended tongues at each other’s lips. My cock quivered, stirred out of its temporary slumber, then roared back to life rocketing towards Sophie’s sweet shaved cunt only inches away on my lap.

By now we were all three pawing each other. Roxanne and I teased Sophie’s big puffy nipples with our tongues, pushing them this way and that, then we sucked’em off, trying to draw them out between our lips as far as they would go.

Sophie rubbed her clit against to the tip of my throbbing cock while Roxanne and I fondled her butt. Then Sophie buried her face into Roxanne’s bosom, fondling and kissing. She reached a hand down between Roxanne’s legs to play with her pussy as her lips latched on to one of Roxanne’s big, horny nipples.

As soon as Sophie started sucking on Roxanne’s nipple, I dove into the other one. I fondled her huge, firm tit as I sucked her hard-on nipple to even bigger lengths. While Sophie and I nursed and played at Roxanne’s sexy tits, the two girls played with each other’s cunts.

When we all got too horny to take it any more, we tossed some pillows down on the floor and I got down on my back, my cock, sticking up in the air like a flagpole, throbbing, begging for hot cunt. Sophie sat on my stomach, the feel of her hot, sloppy-wet cunt on my abs made me even hornier. My throbbing, quivering cock bent backwards towards her, seeking her steamy crevice.

Sophie scooted herself forward, towards my cock-the feel of her shaved pussy sliding down my abs sent goose bumps all through me. Her sopping cunt left a scalding river of girl goo all over my stomach driving me horny-crazy. She inserted my toy into her sweet slit as far as it would go, and started fucking me nice and slow, raising her body up and down using her legs.

Roxanne came up and stood directly in front of Sophie-her horny clit-on looked like a bright red inflamed Brazil nut the way it stuck out from the folds at the top of her cunt and begged for some tongue and mouth action.

Sophie grabbed a hold of Roxanne’s big, round ass and mashed her face into the larger girl’s cunt. As Sophie fucked up and down on my cock, her head bobbed up and down against Roxanne’s pussy, her extended tongued licked up and down Roxanne’s puffy lips, her nose banged against Roxanne’s hard-on clit and scraped over the top of it, then she sucked her clit into her mouth before sliding back down my cock, and her face and tongue slid back down Roxanne’s cunt.

Up and down, Sophie fucked on my cock. Up and down she licked Roxanne’s cunt and clit.

“Nggggggggggghhhhhh!” Roxanne groaned, as her already wet cunt gushed her orgasm into Sophie’s face.

After licking Roxanne’s cunt clean, Sophie (with my dick still in her cunt) laid back down against my body. This forced my hard shaft to press against her G-spot while I fucked her.

I reached my arms around Sophie to fondle her sweet 34-C titties while pumping my cock in and out her sloppy wet cunt-and she let out little moans each time my thrustings found her G-spot.

Roxanne knelt down between my legs and began licking my balls, then she moved up a tad to lick Sophie’s slit and my sliding shaft as we fucked. Roxanne’s huge, hard-on nipples rubbed against my thighs as she licked at Sophie and I with big, swathing movements of her sexy, long tongue. Then Roxanne moved up a tad higher to swish her horny tongue all over Sophie’s little man-in-the-boat.

Sophie gasped from the heavenly feel of Roxanne’s velvet tongue on her clit, and I felt her tremors of pleasure ripple all through her body as I held her close to me, fondling, and fucking. Sophie was so frigin’ wet now that each stroke of my cock in her cunt made loud “squish! Squish! Squish!” sounds.

Roxanne pursed her lips to kiss Sophie’s throbbing, erect clit sending more shivers through Sophie’s body, and then mine as I felt every atom of pleasure Sophie felt. Roxanne sucked Sophie’s clit-on between her full-red lips making Sophie whimper. Roxanne sucked her clit hard, her huge tits fucking the tops of my thighs, while I pounded my cock deep into Sophie’s cunt stroking her G-spot.

Sophie went crazy, thrashing and bucking and humping. I held on to her tight as I fucked her, feeling her firm butt on my abs bounce and writh. I squeezed her tits tight, letting my index finger push her hard-on nipples this way and that. She clamped her thighs around Roxanne’s sucking face, holding the blonde prisoner against her hot cunt.

Roxanne responded by cramming her face all the harder into Sophie’s pussy, sucking, sucking, sucking, snort, snort, snorting like a wild beast. I felt Roxanne’s hands on my tummy as she grasped Sophie’s ass hard to help hold her hot cunt to her loving, sucking mouth.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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