Back Seat Driver

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Hello and welcome to my readers. Thank you for your feedback and votes on my first story. I hope you enjoy this one. Please let me know if you like it. Comments, feedback and votes are welcomed. Once again, I extend my thanks to Alex the Cat for her continued advice and encouragement.


“Oh, please car, just another block, pleeeease.”

Shelby Foster gripped the large steering wheel as her car surged and sputtered down the busy street. “I can’t believe I’m talking to this dinosaur,” she muttered, looking frantically for Dave’s Garage.

“Oh yeah, Dave fixes these older models,” the man at the gas station had said, “Just two blocks down on the right, can’t miss it.”

“I better not miss it,” muttered Shelby, “This excuse for a car won’t go much farther.” Said excuse for a car was, in fact, a royal blue 1959 Chevrolet Impala convertible. Her Uncle Leo had kept it in mint condition, leaving it to her in his will. His ‘baby’, he called it. Now her ‘baby’ was having a bad case of hiccups and Shelby was close to tears.

I sure seem to be hitting rough patches in my life lately, she thought. First it was her supervisor at the accounting firm pestering her for a date. She had told him that she wasn’t interested in men, but he was annoyingly persistent. Upper management was no help, so she finally quit. Then Sheryl, her lover of two years, decided that they should see other people. They had a huge fight and she left one morning without as much as a goodbye. The final straw was an accounting mix-up in depositing her final paycheck and her apartment manager threatening her with eviction if she didn’t pay her rent immediately. Finally, Shelby decided to strike out for some place different, hoping her luck would change along with her address.

Shelby found a new job and an apartment in Clear Lake City through on-line services. She packed her car, said goodbye to her family and friends and headed out to the great unknown. Six months later and a thousand miles away, she was building a new life for herself. Then last Saturday the ‘dinosaur’ had arrived on a flatbed truck, much to Shelby’s amazement. It was huge and dwarfed her Volkswagen Golf. A week later, she decided to take it for a drive. She felt as if she was piloting a boat rather than a car and now here she was, frantically looking for some one to repair it.

There it was, Dave’s Garage, hooray! She turned into the open bay door and turned off the ignition. ‘Baby’ gave a final shake and was still. Shelby opened the door and climbed out, glad to be on solid ground. “Hello,” she called into the garages cavernous interior, “Is anyone here that can help me?”

“Okay, okay, I’m comin’, I’m comin,” a gruff voice replied. Walking towards her was a tall, heavy set man wearing grease stained coveralls. Shelby immediately noticed his deep green eyes, framed by gray bushy eyebrows. He had a full gray beard and shoulder length gray hair. He looked like Santa Claus, without the red suit. Shelby stared at the man, fascinated. “What’s wrong, little lady?” asked ‘Santa’. Shelby continued to stare. “Is this your car, miss?” The man said, walking toward the convertible, “what’s the problem?”

Shelby snapped out of it, “I, I don’t know, I was driving back to my apartment, when it began to jerk and shake, can you fix it, please?”

The man looked at the car appraisingly, “Hmmm, a ’59, looks in good shape, can’t be too much wrong.” He turned and called into the garage, “Hey, Matt, come look at this beauty.”

“Right there,” was the reply. Was that a woman’s voice? Shelby wondered. Matt emerged from a doorway and strode towards them. “Oh wow,” she said under her breath, “that’s a woman all right.” Shelby’s heart began to pound. The woman was tall, at least six foot, almost as tall as ‘Santa’. She looked to be in her late twenties, about Shelby’s age. Brick red hair hung to her shoulders, long bangs brushing red eyebrows. Her deep green eyes were set in a heart shaped face, her skin rosy pink with a dusting of freckles on her nose and cheeks. Although her baggy coveralls concealed her figure, her long limbs and broad shoulders were quite apparent. “Nice ’59, Pop,” said Matt, “who belongs to this one?”

“This little lady,” ‘Santa’ replied. The red haired beauty turned and looked at Shelby, who was still staring at her. Oh my goddess she’s so cute, Shelby thought, I think I’m in love.

Now the redhead was staring back. The woman before her was almost her height, with long chestnut hair, a softly rounded face and hazel eyes that sparkled. Her hip hugger skirt and tight fitting cropped top emphasized a willowy figure with slim hips and perky breasts. Her tanned skin glowed, her legs were toned and she had the cutest little upturned nose. Their eyes locked and the world receded rapidly into the background.

“Hey, ladies,” said ‘Santa’, “when you’re done checking each other out, maybe we can determine what’s wrong with this car.”

“Sorry, Pop,” Matt tore her eyes away from Shelby’s, Gaziantep Escort Reklamları “I’ll get right on it.” “That’s my girl,” said ‘Santa’. He extended his grease stained hand to Shelby, “I’m Dave Callahan and that’s my daughter Mattie, she prefers Matt. She can take this old Chevy apart and put it back together blindfolded.”

“Hi Dave,” Shelby replied, “Nice to meet you,” she paused, “and Matt. I’m Shelby, Shelby Foster.”

“Hi there Shelby Foster,” came the muffled voice from under the Chevy’s hood. Shelby walked to her car and peered under the hood feigning interest. She really wanted to look at Matt.

“We own this garage together,” Dave continued, “I taught her just about everything she knows about cars.”

Dave was fiercely proud of his only child. She was all he had left since his beloved wife Maggie had died three years ago. When Mattie was younger and displayed a natural aptitude for repairing all things mechanical, Dave had encouraged her at every turn. She was at the top of her class in technical school and Dave couldn’t have been more pleased. He knew Mattie’s choice to enter an essentially male dominated profession would not be easy, but he knew she had the determination to succeed. Mattie knew many men wouldn’t want to have a woman working on their car, especially if it was an expensive or a classic model. But she had persisted in her chosen field, her abilities quickly overcoming most male prejudices toward a ‘girl mechanic’. Now she had a following among the vintage car collectors and had become an accepted member of the car owners and mechanics ‘fraternity’.

Matt had been working quietly during her father’s introduction. “Found it,” she said, looking up from the engine at Shelby. “Spark plug wires came loose from the distributor. These old V-Eights could run on seven, maybe six cylinders for a while, but you could make a milkshake riding in it.” Her face broke into a broad smile, “All fixed and ready to go.”

Oh no, thought Shelby, so soon, I wanted to talk to her for a while. “Are you sure it’s fixed,” she asked, “I have a long drive back to my apartment.”

“Of course it’s fixed, Ms. Foster,” said Matt, closing the hood, “you think I don’t know what I’m doing?”

“Uh, uh, no,” Shelby stammered, blushing, “I thought you might want to check, um, some other things to, ah, make absolutely sure.” She smiled at Matt and tried to look concerned.

Matt caught on at last. “Oh, oh, yeah, lots of other things to check, may take a while.”

Dave was catching on too. “I’m gonna’ do some paper work in the office, ladies, see ya’ later.” *

“What do you think we need to check first”, Shelby asked, walking closer to Matt. She was twirling her hair in her fingers and smiling. Matt could smell her enticing perfume and her boxers were suddenly damp. Where did this beauty come from? She wondered; she’s so damn sexy.

“Uh, maybe we should take it out for a test run, you know, on the interstate, to, uh, sees how it drives,” Matt finally replied. “I’ll take off these coveralls, don’t wanna get grease on the upholstery, um, be right back.”

Shelby watched Matt walk away, becoming more intrigued by the minute. To hell with the car, she thought, I know what I want to take for a test run. After a few minutes, the redhead returned. Shelby felt a shiver run down her spine. Now Matt wore a black sleeveless gym shirt that barely contained her large breasts and gray athletic shorts cut high on her muscled thighs. She left her work boots on, which appeared very sexy to Shelby. The rosy skin on her bare arms and legs was lightly freckled, fueling Shelby’s sudden desire. Oh my goddess, she thought, she’s beautiful. I want her and I want her now. Her face was flushed and she was breathing heavily.

“Let’s ride,” said Matt, “do you want to…”

“Drive?” Shelby said, “Um, no, would you please.” She smiled prettily, “after all, you are the mechanic.”

Matt could tell she was turning Shelby on. Hell, this brown-haired beauty was turning her on. She wanted to take this sexy thing in the back room for a marathon of pussy eating, but decided that this wasn’t the place to do it. She would have her chance later, she was almost certain of that.

Before they drove away, Matt asked, “How about a little wind in our hair?” Shelby nodded and grinned, happy to be with this lovely woman. The Chevy’s top retracted smoothly and Matt snapped on the cover. “Back in a while, pop,” she hollered, “out for a test run.”

In his office, Dave heard the rumble of the V-Eight as they drove away. He grinned to himself. The way those two were looking at each other, that Chevy might not be the only thing that’s gets a test run. When Matt had told he and Maggie seven years ago that she was gay, they were both comfortable with her chosen lifestyle, only wanting her happiness. However Matt didn’t date much, spending most of her time in the garage. Maybe his ‘girl’ and this Foster woman would hit it off, Matt thought; she needs someone in her life besides me and her car collecting friends.*

As they drove to the interstate, Shelby asked, “How long have you been a mechanic?”

“Since I could hold a wrench,” replied Matt, “I hung around the garage so much when I was a kid, Pop decided to put me to work. I did my first tune-up when I was fourteen and pulled my first engine when I was sixteen. Pop sent me to Tech School when I was eighteen. I love fixing cars. I like restoring them, too.”

“I don’t know much about cars.” said Shelby, “I just turn the key and it goes, except for today.” She laughed and began teasing Matt. She tossed her hair and arched her back, pressing her breasts against the tight top. As she stretched, her skirt raised high on her long legs.

Oh Jesus, thought Matt, she’s practically waving it in my face. She pressed down on the gas pedal, going faster. Her crotch was soaked. I’ve got to have this woman, she’s driving me nuts.

Shelby couldn’t take her eyes off Matt’s muscled arms. She wanted them wrapped around her. She wanted to bury her face between those beautiful breasts. Her panties were flooded. Where could they go to be alone? The roar of the powerful engine and the rush of air made conversation difficult, so they sat silently as their passions rose.

Matt saw they were approaching the Waterside Park exit and had an idea, “We need to see how your car handles on narrow roads,” she said, “I think the Park would be a good place.”

“Oh yes,” Shelby replied excitedly, “a long drive on a narrow road would be a good test.” She hoped they could find a secluded spot and make love. Soon, they were among the trees, driving on winding roads and the conversation resumed. Matt learned Shelby had moved to town six months ago, worked as an accountant, lived in an apartment on the east side and had inherited the car from an eccentric uncle. Neither woman was seeing anyone at the moment, much to the others delight.

Here we go, thought Matt, I’m almost positive she likes me, but I gotta be sure. “So, Shelby,” Matt said, “Do you like girls?”

“No,” said Shelby, she paused and Matt’s heart sank. “I like women, and I really like you.” Matt’s heart jumped in her throat. “In fact,” said Shelby, her voice suddenly dropping in pitch, “if we can find some private place, we can see just how much we like each other.” She slid across the vinyl seat, pressing her body against Matt, stroking her thigh and licking her ear. Matt was going wild with lust. Shelby’s fingers had left her thigh, slowly stroking her wet pussy through the thin fabric of her shorts. Seeing a service road and ignoring the ‘No Admittance Park Personnel Only’ sign, she drove until they reached a turnaround. They were deep in the forest and could not be seen from the main road. Perfect.

Shutting off the engine, she pushed the seat back and Shelby slid eagerly into her arms. Their lips met in a long, deep kiss, tongues probing and curling, saliva mingling. Their bodies were on fire as they rubbed against each other, devouring each others mouths. Matt unzipped Shelby’s skirt as she tugged at Matt’s shorts. Clothes flew in all directions as they began to explore each other. Matt moaned as Shelby’s hands cupped her breasts, rolling her nipples between finger and thumb. Matt slipped a probing finger into Shelby’s wet pussy, pushed her on her back and slid on top of her. Their legs entwined and their hips twisted together as they stretched out on the car seat.

Shelby ground her sopping pussy against Matt’s strong thigh, coating it with her flowing juices. Matt straddled Shelby’s thigh, squeezing and licking her firm breasts. Shelby gripped Matt’s firm ass they slid against each other, their gasps and moans becoming louder as they came close to orgasm. Frantically rubbing her throbbing clit against Matt’s slick hip, Shelby screamed and exploded, arching her back, her cum flowing like a fountain. Matt’s body pulsed as she felt her orgasm ripping through her. She ground her sopping pussy against Shelby’s velvet skin; her clit feeling as if it would burst. Erupting violently, she sobbed in her orgasm, flooding Shelby’s thigh with warm cum. The women lay stunned; holding each other tightly as their orgasms gradually subsided. “Oooohh, just damn,” Matt gasped, “that was amazing.” Shelby nodded, unable to speak at first. She felt warm and protected in Matt’s arms, wanting to stay there forever. Matt jerked away suddenly, “Oww, a cramp, damn it.” She threw open the car door and began to rub her thigh. “It hurts like hell, I gotta walk it off.” She began to limp around the car, muttering.

Getting out of the car, Shelby decided to look for their clothes. They littered the ground and she bent to pick them up. Matt’s eyes were glued to Shelby’s spreading ass cheeks and dripping pussy as she repeatedly leaned over. The cramp was lessening and Matt was once again aroused.

Shelby squealed as strong arms lifted her by her shoulders and legs. “You drive me crazy,” Matt growled in her ear, “I want to eat your pussy, NOW.”

“Does the big, strong woman want to eat my little pussy?” Shelby asked in a childlike voice.

“Damn right,” Matt replied, sitting Shelby on the car’s hood, spreading her legs apart and gripping her sweet ass. Shelby leaned back on her elbows, a cool breeze growing a crop of goose bumps on her bare skin. Nuzzling Shelby’s neatly trimmed bush, Matt licked the engorged pussy lips spread before her, up and down, over and over.

Shelby twitched and moaned, “Ohhhh, Matt, please, eat my pussy, lick my clit, make me cum.” Matt continued to tease, darting her stiff tongue among the fleshy folds, licking and nibbling, sucking the sweet pussy juices into her mouth. Shelby began to squeeze her breasts and pull on the stiff nipples. She had to cum so badly it almost hurt, but Matt continued to tease her. Then she had an idea.

Bending her leg, she found Matt’s crotch with her slim foot and pushed upwards, shoving all five toes into Matt’s juicy pussy. Matt screamed as Shelby’s foot entered her. She felt wiggling toes stroking her soft inner lips, the big toe finding her clit and rubbing it. Matt stopped teasing. Engulfing Shelby’s creaming pussy with her mouth, she sucked and gobbled the sweet flesh, probing deeply with stiffened tongue, eating as if she was starving and this was the only food. Shelby gasped and moaned as her pussy was consumed. She frantically wiggled her foot in Matt’s gushing pussy, rubbing the soft walls; wanting to bring her off as she felt herself beginning to cum.

The sensation of being foot fucked by this sexy woman drove Matt wild. Scrubbing her clit against Shelby’s big toe, she began to tug on Shelby’s pulsing clit with her teeth, driving three fingers again and again deep into her creaming pussy. Shelby’s back arched as her orgasm hit, spraying Matt’s face with cum. Howling like a banshee, her leg jerked upward, driving her foot further into Matt. Her pussy gushing on Shelby’s foot, Matt’s body locked up under the force of her orgasm. She tried to scream, but her mouth was full of Shelby’s sopping cunt. The blood pounded in her ears and Shelby’s sobbing wails seemed to come from far away. She felt herself blacking out. Grabbing her lover for support, she succeeded only in dragging them to the ground.

Moaning softly, Shelby slowly regained her senses. Realizing they were lying on the forest floor, she began to shake her lover gently. “Matt, Matt, sweetie, wake up, please wake up.” Matt’s eyes fluttered open and she groaned. Cradling Matt in her arms, Shelby began to cry with relief that her lover was awake. “Oh my sweetheart, you’re okay, I was so scared.”

Matt stroked Shelby’s face, brushing away the tears, “Don’t cry, babe, it’ll take more than a dynamite orgasm to knock me out for long. Where the hell did you learn that little trick with the foot? I thought my head was ready to blow off.”

Shelby giggled, her fright forgotten, “I saw it in a porn flick once in college. I’ve never tried it before. You liked it, huh?”

“Yeah,” said Matt, “I liked it a lot, but my puss is gonna be sore for a while.”

“Poor baby,” Shelby replied, “want me to kiss it and make it all better?” She began to lick Matt’s ear.

“Good God, woman,” Matt stumbled to her feet, “You’re insatiable.”

“I’m insatiable where you’re concerned, sweetie,” Shelby replied, accepting Matt’s hand pulling her up.

Matt pulled on her shorts, “We better get a move on, Pop’s gonna think we ran off together.”

“And that would be bad, how?” Shelby asked, buttoning her skirt. “Now that you’ve had your way with me, you’re stuck with me.” Matt held the door open for Shelby, kissed her hard and vaulted over the seat, landing behind the wheel. Shelby’s eyes widened at the stunt.

“Saw that one in an old movie about hot rods,” laughed Matt, as the engine roared to life and they headed home. The new lovers could not keep their hands away from each other as they rode along, tickling and teasing until a State Trooper pulled alongside and gave them a stern look. They both giggled and waved as Matt took the off ramp back to the garage.


I’m gonna give ’em ten more minutes,” muttered Dave, “then I’m closing the doors. Where in the hell are they, anyway?” he chuckled, “as if I didn’t know.” Right on cue, the big Chevy rolled into the garage. Dave smiled as he saw Shelby snuggled up to Matt, her head on his daughter’s broad shoulder. They were both grinning like kids on Christmas morning. At least someone’s happy, he thought. “Well ladies,” Dave hollered, “how did the test run go?”

“Fine,” both women replied. They looked at each other and began to laugh. Dave noticed the spots and smears on the Chevy’s highly polished hood, but decided not to say anything.

“Look,” he said, “I’m closing in about ten minutes, what are you ladies gonna do? I’m going home, I’m tired.” He turned and walked back in the office.

“Poor Pop,” said Matt, her face somber, “He’s never been the same since Mom died three years ago. I think he keeps this place open just so he’ll have something to do.”

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