Back to School for a Spanking

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There are two types of catholic school girls. The first is the type you see in videos who have “gone wild.” They have boyfriends when they are young, experiment sexually, like to flirt and have lots of fun. The other type is the type who behaves themselves and follows the directions of their parents and teachers. This story is about the second type. I was always a good girl in school. I had good grades, participated in debate club, and happily spent my evenings and weekends at the church youth group. I went to university and remained a good girl. I didn’t go out partying but rather came home most weekends and studied. I had a few boyfriends but nothing too serious. After university I found a great job but it moved me to the other side of the country away from my family. I’ve been at this job for nearly five years and although I’m not quite as much of a home body as I had been, I’ve still been pretty good. That was until you came into my life and I wanted to become one of the other types of catholic school girls.

I felt I shouldn’t date you from the time you asked me out. You are many years older than me and not the type of man I would take home to my parents. You however treat me wonderfully, bringing me out of myself, and pushing me to want things I never knew I wanted. For example, when we first went to a movie together I should have been insulted that your hand moved up my skirt but instead I found myself spreading my legs and letting you explore. When you asked me to go down on you while parked in a church parking lot I should have got out of the car but instead I went down and happily swallowed all your cum. And when you asked me what I’ve always fantasized about, I should have told you it was none of your business but instead I told you how I had secretly kept my school girl outfit because I had always wanted to be called into the teacher’s office and spanked while wearing it. You were only too happy to agree. You told me you would arrange something special.

One evening I arrived home from work to find a large official looking envelope slid under my door. Inside it was a letter:

“Dear Miss, It has come to our attention that you are missing a high school credit in adult studies. We feel it is necessary to rectify this as soon as possible. You are requested to attend a personal seminar course which starts tonight at 7:30 pm in room 1414 of the Hilton Hotel on Main. Please be sure to attend in school uniform, which as you remember includes black ballet flat shoes, white knee socks, your tartan skirt, white lace panties, white lace bra (no padding allowed), white blouse, and blue neck tie. You are also expected to ensure all body hair has been removed, including pubic, and your hair is in the standard high ponytail. You will refer to your teacher as Sir. Sir look forwards to seeing you this evening.”

It look me a moment to process what I was reading and then I remembered telling you about my fantasy. I couldn’t help but get excited and nervous. It took me nearly two hours to get ready as I had to iron my uniform, find the right undergarments, do my hair, and I had to fully shave my pussy – something I had never fully done before. Being so naked and hairless made me feel very vulnerable and young. I had wondered if is what you were trying to get me to feel.

At 7:30 I knocked on the hotel room. I felt silly, a grown woman dressed like a girl, but couldn’t wait for you to see me. As you let me in the room I notice you have done some rearranging. The desk has been moved away from the wall to a position on prominence in the room. The blankets had all been stripped off the bed and all that was on the bed was a brief case. A white rug was placed in the entrance of the room and you told me to stand on it.

“Well Miss, its been a long time since you were a student but tonight you will have a lot to learn. I expect you to try your hardest and I will see if we can’t get you Gaziantep Elden Para Alan Escort that credit you are missing. Before we get started we will go over some basics. As mentioned in the letter, in this lesson you are to call me Sir. Is that understood?”

“Yes Sir.” I respond, trying to take everything in. I’m amazed at the lengths you’ve gone. I feel that this experience will not just be for my the sake of fulfilling my fantasy but also for your own pleasure.

“Very well. Let’s review the curriculum we need to cover for this adult studies course. There are three lessons we need to complete. They are as follows your body to please, your body as object, and your body is mine. Additionally, your behaviour will be monitored and responded to accordingly. Good behaviour will be rewarded and bad behaviour will be punished.”

“The first lesson will be where you please me. I want to have all my focus on you so it is important that I am not distracted by my personal bodily needs. Adult studies teaches that women must serve their men as needed. I expect you to be very attentive to my needs as a demonstration that you are serious about your studies and want to earn a good grade. Please kneel down.”

I now see the purpose of the rug you have placed on the floor. It is soft under my knees and will not leave marks on my knees like the hard carpet would. You unzip your pants and walk towards me, taking out your already half hard cock which is now at face level.

“It is time you start giving blowjobs like an adult and not a timid school girl. Open your mouth.” You rub your cock around my open lips as it gets harder and then you slide it into my mouth. As you guide it in and out of my mouth I start to understand what you mean about me normally being timid. As I let you take control of the movement you are more aggressive than my normal licks and kisses. You provide me occasional instruction such as suck, breath through your nose, don’t stop and look into your eyes. As you get closer to cumming you replace the instructions with physical guidance. You hold onto my ponytail as you go deeper down my throat, quicker and harder. You guide my head, and do not slow down even though I feel like I might gag. Following your instructions however I am able to avoid gagging and start to enjoy the feeling of being used for your pleasure as you face fuck me. Instead of feeling degraded for being used, I feel empowered by bringing you so much pleasure. When you finally cum I happily swallow everything and lick you clean without even being asked.

You put yourself back together and tell me to stand back up. After a few moments you walk around me as though you are inspecting me in my school girl uniform. You pick up a notepad from the desk and start to make notes, speaking out load: “socks not pulled to same level, skirt disheveled, wrinkles in blouse, tie crocked, hair out of place…”

I protest at that. “My hair was fine until you started to use the ponytail as a handle.”

“I didn’t ask you to speak miss. Don’t disrespect me. You should have fixed yourself after you finished pleasing me. I can see by your appearance that you don’t respect my authority. We shall have to remedy that problem. Bend at the waist and touch your toes.”

I bend over. I’m excited. This is it. I’m going to get my spanking. You walk around me again, inspecting me in this position. My skirt is long enough that you don’t see my white panties even when I bend over. You spank my bottom a few times over the skirt. I am exhilarated but I can tell you are being gentle with the spanks so that I don’t lose my balance in this position. The skirt however adds extra padding due to its kilted pleats and so the spankings don’t make much sound or have much sting. I feel you lifting my skirt and exposing my bottom. The feeling of you moving the skirt up is just like I fantasized and I feel myself getting even more excited. You land another dozen or so spanks on my exposed bottom, again not that hard but enough to get me very excited. I want more but instead you tell me to stand back up. This time I know to fix myself, rearranging my skirt as I stand again for your inspection.

“Our next lesson is your body as object. I can see that your body is already responding to being an object for observation. Your nipples look beautiful pushing out on your blouse. I would like to see them closer. Please remove your blouse but leave on your tie.”

I undo the blouse and just as you said my nipples are hard and pushing out against my white lace bra. I hold my blouse unsure what to do with it. You take it from my hands and put it on a nearby chair. You then return and start rubbing on my nipples through the material making them even harder. I let out a little gasp. You lower the lace material so to allow my breasts to escape. You take a few moments to play with my now free nipples – pulling them, pinching them, rolling them between your fingers. You never look in my face, even when I moan a little. I start to understand what you mean about being an object – you aren’t playing with them for my pleasure but more like an object to be fiddled with.

Once you have satisfied your want to play with my breasts you step back and tell me to take off my skirt. Again, I take it off and hand it to you. You dispose of it on the chair and look with favour on my white lace panties. “Very nice.” You say. You put your hand onto my mound and slide it between my legs, feeling my wet panties. You slide the sides of my panties together and move them in between my pussy lips, exposing my newly shaved pussy. I can tell by the look on your face that this new look pleases you. You tug on the front on my panties to pull them up higher into my pussy. It is rough but feels good. You stand back to inspect the new look and smile. I definitely feel like an object for your viewing pleasure.

“I like you looking this way.” You say. “We should spend more time with you looking like this. But we don’t have time today to admire your body. I need to complete the inspection. Please remove your bra, panties and shoes. You can keep on your socks and tie.” I strip off the next layer and hand the items to you. I stand at attention on the rug, looking at you. You walk around me again slowly. You touch, pinch and let your hands explore as it pleases you.

“You look very nice shaved. I would like to get a closer look. Please lay on the desk and spread your legs so I can inspect your pussy.”

I nervously move into your instructed position. I’m very shy about you seeking my pussy up close. I had always been brought up to believe it was dirty. You know this about me and let me lie there for a moment worrying. You stare at me, making me feel more and more self-conscious. You don’t speak but start to examine my pussy, looking first at the outer lips, then opening them and looking at my most private areas. You walk away for a moment and get something out of the briefcase on the bed. You return and I feel something cold and metallic against my pussy lips.

“I can see upon inspection that your shave job was not complete. I am going to cut the hairs you missed but will need to spank you for your inattention to detail.” I feel so embarrassed. You however act as though this is what you were expecting and are pleased by it. You take your time trimming the hairs – pulling them a bit so I feel where I missed and dragging the cold scissors across my skin – not to hurt me but just again so I feel where I needed to pay more attention. After what seems like an eternity you tell me to get off the desk and position myself on it so you can give me my spanking.

I roll off the desk and stand at the end, leaning my upper body on it and exposing my bottom to you. This time the spankings are not as gentle as you know the desk will support me. You start spanking my bottom at a steady rate. Each spank harder than the one before. At first I focus on the fact this is what I wanted and thinking how it measures up to the fantasy but after a bit I can’t think. I am so focused on the spanks that my mind is clear and focused only on my reddening bottom. Just when I don’t think I can take any more you stop and tell me to stand up and take my original position on the desk exposing my pussy.

I don’t even think what this means as I lay back down and expose my pussy to you. This time I am not as self-conscious as I am more focused on my sore bottom. You however quickly change my focus as you start to spank my pussy. Again each one seems a little harder than the one before. These however do not bring as much pain as they do rushing blood which makes my pussy eager to be touched and wanting the next spank to land. I feel myself getting wetter as I get redder. Without thinking open my legs wider and push myself to you like an animal in heat, wanting you to touch my pussy and fill it but when you notice me getting eager you stop and tell me to stand back on the run.

“I see you are ready for the last lesson, your body actually belongs to your man. Stand up.”

I returned to my spot on the rug. This time you came towards me and instead of touch my body as expected you take off my school uniform tie. You then gently take one of my hands and then the other and move them to behind me. Using my tie you tie my hands in front of me. You walk me over to the bed and lie me down and then gently take my tied hands to above my head and attach them to the head of the bed. I am now fully exposed for you on the bed.

You take a few minutes to just enjoy me lying there unable to move. You run your fingers up and down my body, playing with my breasts and nipples, moving my legs apart, running your fingers around my pussy. Sometimes you caress gently, other times you kiss, and other times you are rough and pinch.

After a while you reopen your briefcase. I can’t see what you take out but next thing I know you are pushing something into my pussy. I see you watching my face as you move what I assume is a small dildo in and out of me. With your free hand you return to my nipples and play with them as you move the dildo in and out of me.

You can tell I’ve become used to that dildo by the relaxation passing over my face so you put it back into your briefcase and take out a larger one. This one stretches me and you need to at first be slow about moving it in and out – always watching my reaction. You distract me by pinching my nipples and move it in deeper. You take your time with this one – moving in and out slowly until you build to a steady rhythm.

Again as I begin to get used to it you take something else out of your briefcase. This time I know what it is from the sound it makes – it is your little bullet vibrator that you’ve used on me before. You start to run it around my clit as you continue to use the large dildo on me, pulling away as you notice me becoming more excited. You are careful not to let me cum.

You put away the large dildo and rest the bullet on me for a moment, just buzzing close enough. From my tied down position I can see you taking off your pants. You climb onto the bed and start to use the vibrator again as you move your own cock into me and start fucking me while continuing to use the vibrator. You don’t take long to build up your rhythm and start going at me hard. As you move harder and harder into me you encourage my excitement with the vibrator and this time you let me cum while you continue to fuck me. A few minutes later you cum again in me and when done you roll onto the bed beside me and rest in silence for a few minutes.

“Well Miss. I think you passed today’s course. Of course if you want another lesson that can be arranged.” You say to me. You of course know, that like always, I am going to want more and will want to learn what ever lessons you want to teach. After all, I always have been a good student.

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