Back To The “Grind”

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The Magna Group’s Executive Task Force had their meetings with the CEO every Friday morning. Most of them, the CEO included, would leave at noon to beat the weekend highway traffic and head for their favorite get-away spots at the Lake of the Ozarks.

Lola Vinnicelli was the Senior Executive Administrator to Gerald Von Rohr, the CEO of the Company. He was a 56 year old strikingly handsome man 6’1” tall with salt & pepper gray hair with a neatly trimmed mustache to match, and a clef in the middle of his chin. He presided over these meetings, and unfortunately his monotone voice did not meet up to his pleasing visual features.

Lola could pass for an Italian version of Jane Russell. She kept herself in great condition and looked ten years younger than her chronological age of 49. Her olive-brown skin, curvy 38DD boobs with protruding acorn-shaped brown nipples, a 26-inch waist, 38-inch hips and a plump but very firm ass made her look more like a model than an executive. Just as Jane Russell, she had deep brown, sultry bedroom eyes and kept her equally deep dark brown hair in a very flattering tapered cut-style, much like the popular ladies’ Italian short-cut styles made popular in the 50’s.

Lola had been divorced since 1990. She had several dates with very eligible men since her divorce, but would have occasional rendezvous with some of her lusciously beautiful female business counterparts.

Her recent-hired Administrative Assistant, Kyla Townsend fit the bill perfectly. She was a gorgeous, hazel-eyed, light-brown haired gal out of the heartland of Nashville, TN. She relocated to Brentwood from Magna’s Mid-South Office in Nashville to get away from the painful, sudden loss of her young husband, Everett due to a freak accident on the construction site he worked for. Burying herself in her work was a solace, and her exceptional skills would insure she would quickly advance on the corporate ladder.

Kyla was 27 years old and had flawless-looking peaches and cream skin, supple 36D breasts and light brown nipples that stayed erect even when not sexually aroused, and a tight, slightly rounded ass with an inviting puckering asshole. Her sweet clitty would obtrude and had a glowing, rosy peachy-complexion, as did the rest of her stunning pussy of which Kyla always kept clean-shaven. Her late husband always told her she looked good enough to eat, and he ate her out during most all of their fucking sessions.

She isolated herself in her career, and had only a couple of casual dates since his demise two years ago. She missed her husband very much, and to calm herself on those lonely nights she longed for his lapping tongue, would use her Lady’s trabzon escort Joy Clitty Toy. It had realistic, full soft lips and a tongue. The “mouth” could suck, and the “tongue” did almost anything a natural tongue could do from soft, fluttering butterfly-like lapping, stiff tongued probing, to full intense strong licking motions, complete with audible sound effects for each choice. It also had great suction and could be mounted and worn discreetly.

Lola warned Kyla about the very boring routine meetings and sure enough, Kyla found herself almost dozing off in several meetings. This week, Kyla decided to find a sensuous way to keep herself alert. She rigged her Lady’s Joy to her peachy pussy and the hand-operative device was in her skirt pocket. The Company required Executives to dress professionally, even on Fridays, so she wore her tomato red executive suit, red pumps, an off-white blouse and matching off-white thigh-high stockings with lacy tops—and no panties.

As Mr. Von Rohr was giving the agenda of this week’s meeting, Lola was taking the minutes. She would scan the faces of all 16 execs seated at the large glass-topped boardroom table as she typed on her company laptop. She noticed her capable assistant did not have her usual look of boredom. In fact, she would sit and suddenly close her eyes in silent ecstasy. She also thought she could hear faint breathy gasps as Kyla sat in the chair across from her. She listened closer and heard something that sounded like a soft slurping or sucking. She noticed the sounds were coming from beneath the big exec table, so she reached down for her purse as if to get a facial tissue. She bent over and could see Kyla’s legs spread wide open, her skirt resting high on her firm thighs, and this device mounted to her bare cunt. Kyla still had her eyes closed, so she did not see her boss viewing her hidden voyeurism.

Right after the meeting, Lola called for Kyla to stay in the large board meeting room to get her portion of the notes to finish on Monday. Everyone else left the room to hurry to their weekend destinations.

“Kyla, please close the door.” Lola requested as she stood up from finishing the notes. Kyla closed the door and walked to the chair next to Lola to sit down.

“Pull up your skirt.” Lola commanded.

“Excuse me?” Kyla answered, now totally embarrassed. She knew her boss figured out why she was not a zombie walking after the weekly meeting.

“Oh, Lola, I am SO sorry! I didn’t mean for anyone to hear anything!” Kyla apologized, now feeling her stomach knotting up from being found out.

I SAID pull up your damn skirt!” Lola repeated with much more trabzon escort bayan forcefulness. Lola sounded angry, but actually HER pussy was flooding with sweet juices after finding out what the sounds were under the exec table.

Kyla slowly lifted her skirt, revealing her lacey-topped stockings, bare ass, and the Lady’s Joy stilled firmly mounted on her pretty pussy.

“I thought those sounds were familiar. I watched Melba use one of those gadgets a few months ago before we…” Lola remembered how Melba mounted this sensuous clit tantalizer on her taunt olive-toned cunt first then on her pale pink pussy and the hot female sex that happened following. Melba was the Executive Marketing Director, and she and the 50-ish blonde had several erotic encounters during their travels to Task Force Seminars.

“Ooo, what a bad girl. Using girly toys while Von Rohr is boring us to tears with those boring details!” Lola told Kyla with a fiendish, but playful grin on her face. “I guess I’m going to have to show you what happens to bad little girls with pretty firm asses like yours when they act so unprofessionally!” Lola then grabbed Kyla, and bent her over the table, fully exposing her bare peachy delicious ass.

Lola took her plum nail-tipped hand and [WHACK-WHACK-WHACK!!] proceeded to spank Kyla’s sweet ass until it turned a rosy peach. Lola did not know that Kyla’s late husband would also give her ass love whacks as foreplay and how this would make her moist pussy even juicier.

“OW…OOOO…OW!!” Kyla uttered, enjoying the sound of Lola’s hand cracking on her ass, and the nectar that filled her pussy. She would tighten the muscles of her firm ass and release them. Lola snatched the clitty toy from Kyla’s soaking wet pussy so she could alternately rub her fingers across her slick pussy while continuing to smack that rosy ass.

Lola suddenly stopped, now smoldering between her own legs. She quickly removed Kyla’s blouse, bra and skirt, leaving her in her lacey thigh-topped stockings and red heals. She lifted her hunter green exec suit skirt to reveal her own very shapely legs donned in a pair of crotchless flesh-toned hosiery, and then unzipped it and stepped out of it, leaving on the carpet.

“Come here, you pretty little horny bitch and give me a live demonstration of some of that lady’s joy.” Lola commanded as she laid on top of the big exec table, spreading her legs to display her own clean-shaven cream-filled cunt and clitoris, now swollen to the size of a small olive.

Kyla lowered her lovely face between Lola’s legs and quickly obeyed her instructions. She started with soft fluttering lapping of Lola’s stiff clitty escort trabzon and the opening of her cunt. Lola had unbuttoned her blouse and unlatched her front closure bra to massage her erect nipples while Kyla did her oral assignments on her taunt vulva. She mimicked the infamous joy-toy and stiffened her tongue, placing her mouth fully on the opening of Lola’s cunt, and began sucking and plunging her tongue in and out of Lola’s overflowing cunt hole. She ended with her tongue licking Lola’s cunt and clitty like a kid would lick one of those big round lollypops, pressing her full tongue hard against both.

Lola grabbed Kyla by her poker-straight hair and brought her face to hers for some fiery tongued-laced kisses. She slightly lowered her head to suck Kyla’s nipples as Kyla’s French-manicured hands pinched and twisted Lola’s nipples in return.

“Lie on your side and open your legs!” Lola again giving commands to Kyla and she did what she was told. Lola shook her blazer and blouse off and now she was clad in her crotchless stockings and deep green heels. She matched Kyla’s position, but was more on top of her, inching closer until her drenched pussy was on top of Kyla’s equally wet honey hole.

“I’ve wanted to fuck the shit out of your peaches and cream ass since the first day I saw you.” Lola then began grinding her pussy into Kyla’s, and their sweet stiff clittys and flowing cunt lava blended together until both hot cunts squirted cum all over themselves and the glass of the exec table.

Lola turned and plowed her face into Kyla’s spent pussy to drink the lady lust mixture and have Kyla do the same, including some choice licks to Kyla’s irresistible asshole. As they were in their 69 positions, both heard a deep-voice grunt “UUUUUUUHHHHHHHH!!!”

They were so engrossed in their lady escapades, they did not notice Mr. Von Rohr had re-entered the executive board meeting room and was sitting at the head of the table, feverishly jacking off. He came in while Lola was spanking her Kyla’s peachy-toned ass. His charcoal gray suit trousers were unzipped and his 10-inch smooth-headed cock was standing at full attention, and he had just had one of the biggest ejaculate explosions since his younger days of non-stop fucking in college.

Lola and Kyla were startled, but Mr. Von Rohr quickly addressed this embarrassing, but very pleasurable post “meeting”.

“Do you ladies have any plans? I sure would appreciate it if you would bring your ‘work’ to the lake this weekend. My girlfriend and I love to watch girl-girl lovemaking, and it would be even better if it were ‘live.’ I’ll expense it as “mandatory executive overtime.” He winked and waited for their reply.

“Why the hell not?” Lola quickly answered. “I know I won’t mind telling my gorgeous assistant it’s time to get “back to the grind while we’re there…” All burst out in devious laughs as they dressed and left the exec board room for the Lake.

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