Backstage Bliss

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You come to the theatre I’ve been working at to meet me after rehearsal. I’ve been directing. I’m in the dressing room inventorying costumes before I meet with the designers about what else we need. You walk in all brisk and chilly from outside. I take your face in my hands to warm you up then kiss you passionately. You take off your coat. I love the way you look in your suit for work. I’m sitting on the make up counter with my feet in a chair while I shuffle through paper work and script notes. You stand in front of me, taking the papers form my hands and setting them aside.

You gently stroke my face and neck with your soft gloved hand. I look up at you – god you look good and it’s been such a long day. I move the chair, pull you toward me, wrapping my legs around yours and unbuttoning your suit jacket. God you look good. You take off your gloves and stoke my hair with your hands, you know what I’m about to do and you sigh with anticipation. You’ve been looking forward to this all day. The mere prospect is a relief. I know you’re hard. Slowly, I unzip your pants to see – there it is. That gorgeous cock of yours that I love so much greeting my lips with the tip of the head like and anxious old friend. Mmm. I stick my tongue out to taste you. Mmm. You inhale and lean back, I have you by your butt cheeks, I kneed them a little as I slowly breathe in your luscious cock.

I have you in my soft warm mouth, sucking your dick like crucial sustenance. Mmm. Running my tongue along the shaft as it goes deeper down my thought. Mmm. Up and down my head goes on your thick pulsing shaft. You exhale, resting your pelvis toward my face. Your mouth is open and you relax just feeing my mouth around you and my flickering tongue. I reach under you and tease your balls, you Escort Esenyurt start to shake, then pull away to stop yourself from cumming to soon. I look up at you quizzically, confused. You stroke my face again and bend to kiss me. Your exposed cock finds its way down my shirt and into my cleavage. You adjust it there, moving it in and out, pressing my breasts around it, teasing my nipples as you go. Mmm. Yes, baby. You unbutton my blouse and peal it away, unhook my bra, lift it off, push my free tits around your warm busy cock, pinching my nipples in the process. They’re hard in the cold room you’re turning me on so much, baby.

You kiss me again. I stand and you hold me shirtless against your rough suited torso. We hold each other close and kiss like it’s the end of the world. You look around the room, there really is no good place to get comfortable – busy…you ask to see the stage. I grab a sheer silk robe from a hook to cover myself and hand you a terrycloth one. you take off your suit jacket and put on the robe – my robe leaves little to the imagination – you can see everything and I’m now completely naked beneath it. You rum you hands over the thin silk covering me, you like it, sliding your hands all over. “Come to the stage,” I say softly, taking you by the hand . We get onstage and there is a lovely Victorian couch stage center. You lie me down on it and allow my wrap to fall away. You wish you had a camera. You like the way the whole tableau looks so much.

My legs fall open, one on the couch, one on the floor and you drop to your knees to spread my labia and lick me – oh! that’s so good! You lick my smooth, freshly brazillian waxed pussy from top to bottom like you’re cleaning it – oh my! – You flatten Esenyurt Escort Bayan your tongue to cover the while area, making the tip all pointy to flick my clit around, vibrating my whole system – oh yes! See how wet you’ve made me? How turned on I am? My hand has slid down to touch my pussy and help you out. You trace my fingers with yours on my clit while we stimulate it together – oh god! – You bring you head up to suck a nipple while we rub my clit and I touch under you balls – so good! oh! oh my! so good! You some how manage to get your oh so big cock inside my starving, wet pussy. You feel me tight around you getting tighter oh! oh! you’re so so so! ooh! And you’re moving in circles inside me grinding deeper like my pussy juice is oil and I’m an endless well. Yesss baby Yes, like THthat. You’re slow at first. My legs wrapped around you to hold you closer – oh god!

You sit back on the couch, forcing me to sit up so I’m sitting in your lap legs around you grinding away – oh god you’re good. you reach down and rub my clit some more. You know this drives me wild and my pussy gets wetter, and tighter, and I grind you harder. You take one of my legs and put it around your neck – ooh! that’s deep, so deep! oh! and I start to scream – you feel so good! And then you get the other leg around your neck and you stand up bouncing me from your hips – too hot! – I can barely maintain but I don’t want it to stop it’s too good – oh yeah! jesus! wooh! Then, some how, you manage to turn me around while you’re still inside me and fuck me doggie style deep hard thrusts that make me beg you to keep going. I reach behind me and hold your cock between my fingers so I can feel you – oh yes! – then you sit down on the couch and I bounce Esenyurt Escort on your lap, my back to you, I twist my hips to get you deeper and deeper – oh how I love your cock! – You catch my tits and pinch my nipples as I go. oooh! you feel me tighter and wetter on you giant member and you pinch harder twisting a bit, I scream and fuck you more, reaching below us to touch under your balls – this is too much you shake and tremble and sweat gasp and holler I cry out for more and feel you getting thicker and harder and longer inside me – oooh mmmph oh! We’re both grunting and screaming and fucking so hard – oh ohohohohohohohohohoh!

Finally, you shudder and yell, spurting cum inside me hot and virile. I cum so very hard all over your receding dick. You hold my breasts while I buck and writhe and scream and buck some more. My hair is flying everywhere. My body, shaking like Los Angeles on a fault line as you hold my waist and I hold your cock with my tight pussy muscles – you’re getting hard again so soon – oh ohoho god! I feel you growing while I cum – Jesus! oh oh yes baby! And you feel how wet and juicy I am, still riding you. You turn me around so you can watch my face as I cum all over you again and again, your sperm sliding out of me you dick growing inside of me neither of us have ever felt anything like this. My tits are flying as I writhe and you catch one in your mouth and suck – oh shit! I can’t take it – it’s too much! I push you away and dismount so that I can finish cumming, unstimuated on the couch. But you reach over and rub my throbbing clit fast and hard.

I’m so high on sex by now I have no idea of anything but sensation. You’re enjoying the show. I’m flailing and bucking like a woman possessed so good so good so good so good so Gooooooooooood! finally I make a sound like a manic teapot, knock away your hand, flail one more time, and then, I lay flat, expired. You have literally fucked my brains out. You slide in beside me, holding me, spooning and we sleep like a peaceful love sculpture center stage. You burry your nose in my hair I snuggle closer. Mmm. Bliss.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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