Backstage Romance Ch. 03

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* Daniel *

Fortunately, Jeff’s home wasn’t very far away, or I don’t think we would have ever made it. He couldn’t seem to keep his eyes away from me and on the road. If he had been pulled over for any of his numerous traffic violations—the list included driving fifteen miles per hour over the posted limit, running multiple stop signs, and nearly sideswiping a row of parked cars—I wouldn’t have known whether to hail the officer as my savior or kill him for cockblocking. The sheer terror of that drive at least helped cool my hormones down enough that I could put one foot in front of the other when we finally pulled into the driveway. Jeff opened the car door for me, and held my hand tightly as he escorted me—hurriedly—to the door.

His house was beautiful, masculine and understated, tasteful and unpretentious in muted wood tones, grays, and blues. Not that I really was able to take in much more than a quick impression at the time, given I was actually standing there facing Jeff Williams. We were both breathing heavily. I was trembling again.

“Here we are. Home sweet home.” He kissed the back of my hand. “Welcome.”

“It’s awesome,” I answered. I wasn’t looking at anything but him, and he knew it. But then, I don’t think he had taken his eyes off me, either.

“Can I get you anything? A drink, a snack? I could give you a tour of the house, or…”

I stopped his mouth with a kiss. I had committed to this, whatever this was, and I wasn’t going to leave any doubt about what I truly wanted. His other hand lightly cupped the back of my neck.

“Well, in that case,” he said to my lips, with an amused smile. “The bedroom’s this way.”

I followed Jeff to the bedroom, heart pounding, and watched hungrily as he crossed to the closet on the far wall. I gasped as he unbuttoned his shirt and slipped it off to reveal a chest just as sculpted and mesmerizing as it had been in the movie I had now watched repeatedly on DVD. The rest of his torso showed the changes of the intervening years: his stomach was still trim, but it no longer boasted washboard abs, and instead of being shaved smooth for the camera, he was covered with a light coating of golden hair. I still thought he was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. The fur and the softness of those few extra pounds just made him seem more real, more masculine, and infinitely more desirable.

He hung the shirt up in the closet, turned to see me still lurking in the doorway, closed the distance between us, and wrapped me in his arms for another hungry kiss. My hands stroked up and down his muscular back, while he ran his own hands up under my shirt and along my sides. I squirmed a little when it started to tickle, and he stilled, his palms resting against my waist. He broke free of my mouth to whisper, “Can I see you?”

I had no voice left, and I’m sure I was blushing fiery red, but I nodded. Gently he peeled my shirt off me, then stepped back to view what he had uncovered. I had seen myself in the mirror plenty of times, and found little to admire, but he seemed to drink me in with his eyes. I’d wanted him badly before, but I think when I saw him look at me like that was the moment I fell in love irrevocably.

“You’re so beautiful,” he husked. “I can’t take my eyes off you. Why do you hide yourself under that baggy shirt and that adorable hair?” He likes my hair? I’ll never cut it again.

“The baggy shirt’s just to hide how turned on I am whenever I’m around you,” I answered. I wanted Büyükesat Escort to go hide somewhere the moment the words left my mouth, but the look on his face was so endearing—surprised, moved and lustful all at once—I held still to watch him. He walked toward me as if he were stalking his prey, all taut, coiled energy and graceful movement. I think I had time to swallow once, then he was on me, kissing my hair, my neck, my chest. He tweaked a nipple with his teeth and I moaned. He stilled, then attacked the nub ferociously, pushing me back onto the bed as I writhed and gasped beneath him. He had found my weakness, and was gleefully exploiting it, the gorgeous, glorious bastard.

He finally pulled back and propped himself on one elbow, face flushed and triumphant, and grinned at me. “I’ve been dreaming of doing that for too long.”

I lunged, catching him by surprise, rolling him onto his back and pinning him down.

“And I’ve been dreaming of doing this for even longer,” I answered.

He had me hot and ready; now it was my turn to return the favor. I unbuckled his belt, unbuttoned his pants, and had both them and his boxer briefs down around his ankles in a heartbeat. I heard him chuckle—damn, that sound made me melt inside—but he didn’t resist. One of his hands found one of mine, and caressed it softly as I paused to admire the treasure I had uncovered.

Jeff had the most perfect cock I’d ever seen: ample but not oversize, beautifully proportioned from the tapered head to the base, rising above a neatly trimmed bush and a generous pair of lightly furred balls, already drawn tight against his body with arousal. It twitched lightly in rhythm with his pulse, and a clear stream of pre-cum was already running down the shaft. I could have spent the next hour or so simply admiring it, but he was waiting for me to do something, so I got to work lavishing it with all the attention I could muster. I trailed kisses along the underside, ran my tongue around the sensitive corona, rubbed it against my cheek, nuzzled his balls, then finally took him in my mouth and plunged right down on him.

He shouted wordlessly and grabbed my shoulders. It was the first time I’d heard his voice not sound in control, and it turned me on even more. He was a perfect fit, nestling right at the back of my throat just short of triggering my gag reflex, and I exulted in his every gasp and moan as I moved up and down on him, making the most of every delicious stroke. I used one of my hands to caress his balls, lightly stimulating the sensitive spot behind them, while the other hand stroked his stomach and played with his nipples. They didn’t seem to be the power buttons for him that mine were for me, but he wasn’t making any objection, either. Finally, though, he pushed against my shoulders, coaxing me away from him. I moaned in protest. I was enjoying this as much as he was, and didn’t want to stop. Ever. He bent down and kissed me, deep and long, his hands cupping my head, tangled in my hair.

“I’m so close. I didn’t want to come yet. I want to taste you first.” I think I blushed from my collarbone to the roots of my hair, but he was already unbuttoning my jeans.


* Jeff *

I had never been brought to the verge of shooting my wad from a blowjob before. Oral sex for me had always been one of those things that was nice, but just a fun diversion on the way to the main event. I was definitely Elvankent Escort going to rethink that attitude after being with Daniel. His technique had me so close that I barely got him off my dick in time. Not that unloading down his throat wasn’t an incredibly appealing thought, but I was determined not to be that selfish lover that only cared about his own pleasure. Daniel had done me the honor of trusting me enough to agree to this; it was my job to repay that trust by making this just as good for him as he had already made it for me.

He kicked off his shoes as I slid his pants down. That seemed like a good idea, so I paused to remove my own shoes and socks, and get rid of the pants and underwear that were still bunched around my ankles. Then, naked at last, I eased the hip-skimming black briefs—nice!—off his legs and laid him down on the bed.

If my heart had stopped seeing Daniel shirtless, it soared seeing him lying there nude. He was slim, lithe and nicely defined, with very little body hair except a little brown patch around each of his nipples, a light dusting on his legs and forearms, and a luxurious bunch of reddish curls at his groin. His penis wasn’t exceptional, pretty much average in length and thickness, but that was perfect for what I had in mind. After so many years, I doubted I would still have the technique to take an oversize cock without choking.

What drew my attention, though, were his balls, churning in an unexpectedly low-hanging sac. When I first stripped him, I had intended to go right down on him as he had on me. Instead, without another thought, I went for those sensitive orbs, laving each of them in turn with all the loving attention I could muster. I heard him give a strangled cry above my own heavy breathing and the sucking noises my tongue was making against the delicate skin of his scrotum.

From there, my attention was distracted again by the irresistible temptation to explore further down. I let Daniel’s balls rest against my forehead as I bathed his perineum with my spit, sucking, probing and nibbling as I raised his legs, rolling his hips up and off the bed. His frantic gasps and exclamations told me he was appreciating the attention. I was strongly tempted to continue the trip even further south, but decided I wasn’t ready to go for the gold just yet. Too soon, Jeff, too soon. Go there and you may lose all self-control. Instead I opted for my original plan to return the favor he had already given me. I slowly ran my tongue in a line back up across his soaked balls and up the length of his cock, where I teased the slit a few times before taking him to the root.

I was determined to drive Daniel as crazy as he had done me, but I had misjudged how close to the edge he was. I had only massaged his shaft a couple times with my tongue and throat when he stiffened and wailed my name. I nearly choked on his thick, salty semen as it poured down my unsuspecting throat.

When his twitching had stilled, I cautiously withdrew from Daniel’s still-leaking cock to check on him. He was staring vacantly at the ceiling. Concerned, I drew him into my arms. He shuddered and turned to me, burying his face in my shoulder. I rocked him gently, overwhelmed by the sensation of holding my sweet Daniel’s naked body against my own for the first time. I felt almost as shaken as he seemed to be. Finally, he spoke, his voice muffled against my chest.

“No one’s ever done Beşevler Escort that to me before. I feel bad that I didn’t get you off first.”

I smiled, brushed a kiss across the top of his head. “It’s not a race, babe. That was amazing for me, too. I wouldn’t trade it for anything. Besides, we still have plenty of time to even the balance. You agreed to spend the night, remember?”

Daniel pulled back so that he could look me in the face. My arms resisted; my body already liked holding him too much to let go of him easily. I tried not to think about what that implied.

“I did,” he said, sounding surprised. “How did you get me to do that?”

Is he having second thoughts? I forced a chuckle, trying to ignore the surprising stab of pain his words had caused. “Easy. I forced my tongue down your throat until you couldn’t think straight for lack of oxygen.”

Daniel let out one short guffaw at that, then sobered. “I’m not asking to leave,” he assured me seriously. One of his hands met one of mine, our fingers interlacing. I kissed his forehead to hide the tears of relief that sprang into my eyes.

“So,” he continued, “I hope you’ve got condoms and lube stashed somewhere, ’cause I sure as hell didn’t come to work this morning expecting this to happen.”

My face fell. Lube I had, but there hadn’t been any need to stock condoms in years. Why hadn’t I thought of that during the trip home? Daniel read the truth on my face and frowned slightly.

“I’m clean…” he offered, tentatively.

“I am, too,” I answered, “but I haven’t been tested in ages, and I doubt I could even find the paperwork from the last time I was. I wouldn’t ever ask you—no, I wouldn’t let you take my word for it. I’ll just have to get dressed and make a run for some rubbers.” Leaving that bed was the last thing in the world I wanted to do, and he could see it in my eyes.

“Or,” he suggested, “we could take a rain check on that and… improvise.”

I raised an eyebrow. What was he implying? Daniel sighed at my inability to take a hint and pulled me over on top of him, so that our dicks (mine still hard and leaking, his showing definite signs of returning to action mode) nestled happily next to one another against his flat stomach. Then he ground his pelvis up into mine, in case I hadn’t yet caught his drift. I reflexively returned the favor, and was treated to a lazy grin that just begged for more kissing. I could kiss this man for the rest of my life.

Before long we were both grinding against one another with abandon, our cocks lubricated by our combined sweat and pre-cum in the tight space between our bodies. His legs were wrapped around my waist, and his soft panting was the most erotic thing I had ever heard. I felt myself getting close, and wrapped his body in my arms, burying my face in his neck as my thrusts became faster and more erratic. Just before I reached the point of no return, Daniel moaned, and I felt his hot load spray across my abs. I followed suit barely a couple of strokes later, panting against his flushed skin as my cock fired shot after shot of semen to join Daniel’s.

I don’t know how long I lay there gasping for breath, with Daniel still held tight in my embrace. When I finally came back to earth and peeled my eyelids open, he was looking at me with the most incredible expression of wonder and trust in his hazel eyes. It felt like coming home.

We didn’t even have the energy to leave the bed. I cleaned us off as best I could with my discarded boxer briefs and rolled us to the far side of the bed to avoid the wet spot where our combined loads had slid down Daniel’s flank onto the sheets. He nestled against my shoulder with a contented sigh and closed his eyes. I brushed a kiss across his forehead and breathed a happy sigh of my own before drifting off to a peaceful, dreamless sleep.

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