Bad Girl

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Amber was young; eighteen years old with perky and firm tits, a slender build, dark brown hair and dark brown eyes. She and her boyfriend had recently broken up due to her cheating on him. She regretted it dearly as her boyfriend, James, was the hottest guy in school. To Amber, it was all about popularity and looks so she knew she had to get him back.

James had told her to come over that night to his apartment to talk. Amber agreed and headed over in her black high heels, a short and loose white skirt, and a tight white tank top. Her brown hair was straight and ran past her shoulders.

James answered looking handsome as ever. He wore a black wife beater and dark baggie jeans. His dirty blonde hair a slight mess and with scruff. He was twenty-three and well built with stunning green eyes.

“I’ll make this simple. I’ll take you back in one condition.” He got right to the point.

“Anything, James, anything!” Amber blurted out. She watched him shut and lock the door.

“You fuck me and my friends. We’ll never tell anyone, I swear. But I’ve always wanted to do this and well, it seems fair that you owe me anything I want to take you back.” He was firm when he spoke, his arms over his chest.

“Uh.. I.. I don’t know.” Amber stuttered.

“Then get the fuck out!” James yelled, glaring and pointing at the door.

Amber shook. She wanted James back so she gulped, tucking hair behind her ear and frowning as she replied, “okay. When?”

“Now. Lets go.” James said with a satisfied smirk. He began to walk into his bedroom, knowing Amber would follow like a good girl.

And she did. She trailed in behind him.

“Undress illegal bahis and lay on the bed.” He instructed her.

Amber did as she was told as she noticed straps on the bed posts. She gulped. She had been tied up a few times but not when having sex with two men at once. The thought made her shake as she got naked. James admired his shaven pussy, pink and tight. Her 36C tits looked plump on her slender body.

Once she was on the bed, James quickly tied her arms and legs to opposite bed posts. She was spread out, the ties loose because he had intentions of turning her around. She had to move freely but still be held down.

James eight inch and thick cock became hard and bumped against the inside of his jeans. He looked her up and down, almost laughing as she looked so nervous. Putting his fingers to his lips he whistled and in came not one but two of his friends. They must of been in the kitchen, waiting for the signal. Eager.

Tony was pure Italian with olive skin, dark hair and dark eyes. He was more built than the James or his other friend Jordan. Jordan was thinner but still had muscle, black hair and green eyes. His skin was pale. Almost an emo or scene look without being a scene kid.

James undressed and the other two followed.

“Please, wait, James. This is too much!” Amber begged, staring at three large cocks all decently hard. James was not the biggest! Jordan, the slender man had a thick nine inch cock and Tony a decent seven inches.

“Shut up hoe!” James yelled, reaching over and yanking a gag ball from his drawer. He quickly fastened it. Amber twisted side to side, scared of illegal bahis siteleri what was about to happen. She couldn’t resist though as Tony climbed onto the bed. His head ducked between her legs and his tongue did not hesitate to lick quickly at her clit, forcing her legs to twitch in pleasure. James and Jordan stroked their dicks, watching their friend devour Amber’s tight pussy.

“Amber, I will untie you and take out the ball if you do as your told. If not we’ll tie you up and shove all of our dicks into your ass at once. Got it?” James sneered.

Amber nodded, knowing he was serious. As James undid the ball and ties, Tony ceased licking her swollen clit. Her pussy was soaked and eager even if she was afraid.

“Get on all fours on the floor.” Jordan instructed and they all watched her obey. The shaking young girl was on all fours, looking around at each of them.

Tony approached first, waving his cock in front of her lips. Amber closed her eyes tight and opened her mouth, allowing his cock to slide in. She sucked like a good girl as he rubbed his balls, his eyes closed in pleasure.

“Your bitch can suck dick.” He said to James who laughed.

James went behind her, putting the head of his dick to her drenched pussy lips. He moved slowly, forcing his way in as Amber clenched her eyes shut tight. She moan over Tony’s dick as she sucked and as James dick slid in. He rubbed some of her juices over her virgin asshole.

“This won’t work. Sit on me baby.” James said and pulled out. He yanked Amber’s ass towards him, sliding Tony’s dick from her mouth. James laid on his back and right before Amber sat canlı bahis siteleri down, he shoved her and forced her down onto his dick, but with her asshole. Amber screamed in pain as his cock stretched her once virgin back door wide open. Tears swelled in her eyes.

“Oh god no! James no!” Amber cried, the tears rolling down her face. “Oh god stop! Stop! Please!” She screamed.

“Shut her up!” He yelled to Tony, who ran over and held her jaw open, shoving his cock so far down her throat she gagged. He humped her face, forcing it down her throat.

James continued to move her up and down slowly, his hands gripping her hips hard. Her asshole was so tight it squeezed his thick eight inch cock. James’ mouth was open, gasping for air in pleasure as he forced her ass to ride his dick.

Jordan who had been patient enough ran over and knelt down, his massive dick’s head rubbing her clit, teasing her. Amber kept on crying, the tears rolling down her cheeks but she closed her eyes tight just as Jordan’s nine inches slid deep inside her tight pink pussy.

She screamed around Tony’s cock, gagging and choking more. She didn’t try to resist because it hurt too bad if she did so she accepted her fate. James’ thick cock stretching her ass hole wide open while Jordan rammed without mercy into her now red pussy. Meanwhile, Tony kept humping her face, rubbing his balls.

Tony was the first to cum, down her throat, making her cough as he pulled out. She screamed now. “Ah! Ahhhh! Goo…God, nooo!”

She was panting and crying and turning James on more. He couldn’t resist cumming. His dick tensed before shooting his warm load up inside her ass. He moaned, gasping for air. He laid there and waited until Jordan was done. Jordan took longer than the rest, slamming his cock inside of her, making her scream and twist in pain. He pulled out, cumming over her perfectly round tits.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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