Banged at Bike Week Ch. 01

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Unlike most of our stories, this one is NOT true. I wrote it in response to a fantasy dream that my girlfriend told me about. A version of which we MIGHT try to make come true someday…

My girlfriend Karrie and I had ridden to Daytona on my Harley. This is our first long distance trip together on the bike, and as we pull into the campground where we’d be staying, I can’t help but look at some of the beautiful, barely dressed “biker chics” that seem to be everywhere. Leather short shorts, denim mini skirts, assless chaps, and leather halter tops are the outfits of the day. But as I look around I know my girl, with her long blonde hair pulled back in a pony tail, and her lean and tan body, is more than a match for any of these women. But Karrie has no idea that stored away in my saddlebag is a similar outfit just for her, and included with her outfit is her favorite leather collar and leash…

I go to the bike and fetch the bag containing the outfit. Tossing it to Karrie, I tell her to put it on. She asks me where she’s supposed to change, and deciding to set the tone for the week, I look her right in the eye and tell her, “Change right here. Once the outfit’s on they’re going to see most of you anyway…”

After deciding I’m serious, Karrie gets that half defiant, half mischievous “I’ll show you” look in her eye and begins stripping off her riding clothes. Down to her tiny bra and thong, she finally looks in the bag to see what she’s going to be wearing. Reaching in, she pulls out a VERY short plaid pleated school girl mini skirt, a black leather bra, thigh high fish nets, and a pair of black low top Chuck Taylor’s. Feeling that there’s still some weight in the bag, she looks down in and removes the collar and leash.

By the way she looks up at me after seeing the contents of the bag, I can tell she approves of my choices and is on board with whatever I have planned. Dropping the now empty bag to the ground, she shimmies her way into the barely there skirt, then unsnaps her bra, letting it fall to the ground, exposing her hardening nipples to the open air and the occasional stares of passersby. With no tan lines to worry about, she fastens the leather shelf bra around her chest, the cups barely covering the tops of her aerolas, then slowly slides the fishnets up over her sexy tanned legs and her feet into the sneakers, completing the outfit… almost.

With her eyes downcast, Karrie holds up the collar, letting me know she’s ready for me to put it on her and take on my role as “master”. So I buckle the collar around her neck and carrying the leash in my hand, we walk toward the campground.

After walking for a little while, we notice the crowds getting louder, the girls getting closer to naked, and the men looking rougher, until we find ourselves at the back of the grounds in the last row of spaces. It’s sparsely populated with just a few tents here and there in small groups.

We hear some catcalls and whistles directed toward Karrie, encouraging her to come over and have a beer, so we decide to stop at a campfire and start talking to this group of mostly guys.

The conversation goes on for awhile, and a few beers get consumed. Somehow I start telling these guys how much Karrie likes giving head and how good she is at it. There’s a lot of laughter and various comments from the small group about how lucky I am, and how they bet she is, etc. Then finally I hear, “You should make her prove it.”

I laugh and reply, “Ok, but it’ll cost you”, thinking that they’re probably joking.

The group of about seven or eight guys and a couple girls laughs even louder and starts throwing money at me, mostly $50’s and even some $100’s.

Taking another look around the crowd, I decide to go for it and start our week off right. Calling poker oyna Karrie over to me, I whisper in her ear. She begins walking around picking up the thrown cash, causing the small crowd to quiet down as they wonder if what they think is about to happen is actually going to happen.

When the last bill is picked up, Karrie comes back to me and hands over the stack of cash. Thumbing through it, I count up the money. The total is almost a surprise, nearly a thousand dollars.

I stuff the money in my pocket and turn back to Karrie. Unraveling the leash I hook it to her collar and look her in the eye, giving her a last chance to tell me she doesn’t want to go through with this. She catches my look and winks at me, flashing the faintest glimpse of that mischievous smile I saw before.

Offering the loop of the leash to the crowd I say, “Well? Who’s first?”

Everyone in the group looks to the same guy, a short burly man with a small beer belly, thick muscular arms and a full black beard. He’s dressed in jeans, a black t shirt and a denim vest with the name Mick embroidered over the top left pocket. He looks to be in his early 30’s and it’s obvious he the leader of this little group.

Mick steps up to me and without Karrie seeing, gives me a wink to let me know he knows this is a game for us. Then, after making sure Karrie will see, he hands me a wad of wrinkled bills and says, “Whatever I want?”

I pocket the bills without counting and give Mick a nod.

Mick takes the leash from my hand and begins walking toward his tent. I stop him and say, “She’ll do it right here… in front of everyone.”

He laughs and says, “She IS a little slut, huh?” Then he turns back to Karrie, unzips his dirty jeans and pulls out a big half hard cock. Yanking firmly on the chain he lets Karrie know he wants her on her knees.

Karrie hesitates for just a second and looks at me for confirmation, I just nod and she drops to her knees.

Mick pulls her face to his crotch with the leash and grabs a handful of her hair in his big, bike-grease stained hand. Karrie can see me out of the corner of her eye watching, just like everyone else around the fire. With a handful of Karrie’s hair, Mick pulls her mouth to his balls. They’re hairy, salty, and big, and they taste like he hasn’t showered today. This guy is rough and he’s going to USE her to get off. He shoves his now hard cock into her mouth and starts fucking it in and out.

Mick’s cock is long, probably about 8 inches, and thick, stretching Karrie’s mouth to it’s limits. Karrie can feel his cock gliding back and forth in her mouth as he pulls her hair, calling her his slut and telling her, “I paid good money slut, you’d better suck that cock and LIKE it!”

The other guys in the group encourage him, yelling, “Fuck her face Mick. Use that little cunt!”

Another one says, “The little whore likes it!”

I look around the circle and tell the rest of them they don’t have to wait. Two of the men stand up and head toward the pair. Karrie feels a hand pulling off her top and pinching her nipples, while another hand spreads her legs and pushes up her skirt. One of the men jams a short fat finger into Karrie’s wet cunt, quickly followed by another. But just as they start to move inside her, Mick uses the leash and jerks her to her feet.

Pulling her along by the hair, he clears a space on the big log by the fire where people had been sitting and throws her face down across it. Mick then turns to the fat fingered guy and says, “Back the fuck off. This is my little bitch and nothing goes in her cunt unless I put it there!”

Karrie is on her belly across the log, facing the fire and looking right into my eyes. Mick is standing behind her. She can’t see him, but she can feel canlı poker oyna his presence. Suddenly something invades her pussy. It’s big; bigger than the fingers, and much much colder. Karrie has no idea what’s in her cunt, but the rest of us saw Mick take the bottle of Jack Daniels from the icy water in the cooler, take a long swig for himself, replace the cap, and shove the bottle neck first inside her.

Mick begins jamming the object roughly in and out of Karrie’s cunt. The icy coldness, and the ferocity of the fucking make her whimper out loud. She’s loving the sensation, but even more she loves knowing everyone is watching.

I stand up and walk toward them. I’m not looking at Karrie, but instead I’m looking to Mick, making sure he knows that whatever he thinks, I’M really in charge here.

That done, I grab Karrie by the hair and pull her face up to look at me and tell her, “Take that bottle in your cunt, you little slut. I know you like it. You like being used. You like being watched. You love ME watching. Here, suck my cock while he fucks you!”

Karrie takes my raging hard dick into her mouth until my heavy balls rest on her chin. My cock is longer than Mick’s by an inch or two, and almost as thick but Karrie doesn’t even have to move. Mick’s savage pounding of the bottle in and out of her pussy, moves Karrie’s head to and fro over my erection.

Looking to me for approval, Mick tells the gathered group, “Let’s see what this little bitch is REALLY made of!”

Then, over the smell of campfire, Karrie catches a familiar smell, one that really turns her on. It’s cigar smoke. She looks up to see me lighting a stogie that Mick tossed me. Behind her, Mick is lighting an identical one.

Suddenly Karrie whines. Her pussy is empty. The bottle is gone, but not for long. She feels it again a second later, but this time it’s pushing into her ass. I feel her grunt and moan around my cock. It must have been loud because Mick heard it too and mistaking her anxious whine for reluctance, he smacks her ass hard and says, “Shut up cunt. Take this bottle in your ass and get it ready for my stiff prick!”

With that, Mick shoves the entire neck of the Jack Daniels bottle, clear to the wide part, into Karrie’s wet and ready asshole. The entire crowd, which is growing now as people hear the noise and stop to see what’s going on, cheers, moans, and claps in appreciation. Some of the women are staring in envy.

Mick begins fucking Karrie’s ass with long firm strokes, moving the bottle in and out of her stretched brown pucker. I look down at her face and see the look of complete lust and pleasure on her face. Karrie’s orgasm start to build and her body begins to shake uncontrollably. It won’t be long now, it’s going to be earthshaking, possibly the biggest cum of her life… SMACK!!! A hand comes down HARD on her ass, instantly raising a red palm-shaped welt.

Mick says, “No you don’t bitch! No WAY you’re cumming before I get into that sweet ass of yours!”

Immediately after, Mick pulls the bottle from Karrie’s ass with a pop, leaving her feeling stretched, empty, and wanting. I slap her face lightly, reminding her that she still has my cock in her mouth and that I will NOT put up with a 2nd rate blowjob.

As she gets back to work on my cock, the bottle returns, this time back in her cunt. Once it’s in place, Mick grabs her left arm, and twists it almost roughly behind her. He places Karrie’s hand around the bottle and says, “Fuck your OWN cunt! I’ve got other things in mind.”

Karrie begins moving the bottle back and forth, loving the feeling and wondering what’s coming next. She doesn’t have to wait long and soon feels something nudging at her still tingling asshole. It takes only a second before she realizes it’s internet casino the mushroom head of Mick’s massive cock. He leans in and whispers, “Ever had one THIS big in your tight fuckin’ ass, Bitch?”

Karrie doesn’t answer but just keeps working my dick in her mouth and the bottle in her pussy.

Mick grabs her hair, pulling her head back until my cock flops from her mouth. He slaps her face and says, “When I ask a question, you BETTER answer me CUNT! Have you. Ever. Had a cock. This big. In. your ass!?” He punctuates each sentence, by shoving another inch or so of his fat cock into Karrie’s already worked ass.

With me in her mouth, the bottle in her pussy, and Mick in her ass, she’s never felt so full. And with the crowd watching, surrounded by the smell of cigars, campfire, dirty jeans, and motorcycle exhaust, she’s never been so excited and stimulated.

She’s living out a fantasy here where nobody knows us. She’s a whore; bought and paid for. She’s a slut. She’s MY slut, totally and completely. She knows it now, and she LOVES it!

Karrie keeps pushing the bottle in and out of her overflowing cunt, her juices coating the neck and making it hard to grip. She’s timing her strokes with the strokes of Mick’s cock in her ass. Her orgasm is returning and starting to build. She knows it’s only a matter of minutes. But she wants to make me proud and give the people their money’s worth. She doesn’t want to stop working until Mick and I splash our cum all over her face and ass.

Mick calls out to someone around the fire but Karrie can’t see who because I’m blocking her view. But after a few seconds she feels a small feminine finger touching her clit, rubbing in a circular motion and occasionally tugging gently on the ring that runs through the hood.

Karrie looks back over her shoulder and sees a tall curvy redhead, covered in tattoos and little else. She’s on her knees with her right hand alternating between Karrie’s clit and the thick shaft of Mick’s cock as it glides in and out of Karrie’s asshole. With her other hand the redhead takes over fucking Karrie’s pussy with the bottle. Because of her position this girl’s able to put a lot more force behind her strokes, and soon she’s pounding Karrie’s cunt, pushing more and more of the bottle inside her.

Karrie starts to shiver and shake uncontrollably. Her back arches and falls as she convulses at the beginning of a huge orgasm. Then it HITS her! Full force, blackout, white lights! Her pussy spasms, and warm wet cum starts shooting from around the bottle as her cunt begins squirting in orgasm! She’s moaning and groaning around my cock. Screaming louder than ever before at the cum she’s having from this triple invasion.

Just as she starts to come back to Earth, we all hear Mick grunt then roar, and Karrie feels his cockhead swell deep inside her ass as his white hot cum begins pumping into her bowels. With the bottle still lodged in her cunt, she can feel every jet of his jizz leaving his balls and filling her ass until it’s running out and down over her pussy and the redhead’s hand, mixing with the juices from her orgasm.

As Mick begins flooding her ass, Karrie feels my cock begin to pulse with the orgasm I’m trying to hold back. But finally I pull out of her mouth, grab a handful of her hair, and begin painting her face and tits with rope after rope of my thick, white, heavy cum. Looking up at me and taking hold of my still shooting cock, Karrie stuffs the head back into her mouth until the last shot coats her tongue. Taking some of my load, she turns to the redhead and kisses her hard, using her tongue to shovel some of my cum into the girl’s mouth.

The bottle falls from Karrie’s pussy and Mick pulls his cock from her ass. Stepping over the log, he stuffs his dick, fresh from her ass and coated with their mixed juices, into her mouth saying, “Here, clean this off whore.” Satisfied, Mick pulls up his grungy jeans, turns his back, and walks into his tent, but not before hollering out, “NEXT!”


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