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I just lay in bed looking at the cielling. Over and over I see myself getting in more trouble if I keep sleeping with my brothers. In my mind I feel it’s rape. But my heart knows I want it and I let them. I don’t know how they feel, they don’t care I guess. Boys just like getting thier dicks wet thats all. I knew Don would tell Kevin and then he would come calling for a round I’m sure. Sandy was terrified and I knew she would never talk to me again. That bothered me because I really loved touching her and feeling her against me.
After a few weeks, I tried calling Sandy. I was surprised that she would talk to me. She asked me over and I was happy to go. We didn’t talk at all about the boys, but she did ask if I enjoyed being with her. I told her yes and she kissed me. Her mother was in the garden just outside so I was shocked she would be so foward. We kissed deep and it was wonderful. I felt her hand slide up my tank top and rub my breasts. My nipples got hard and sensetive. She rolled them in her fingers and my twat turned on full tilt. She pushed me back on the bed and pulled down my shorts. She pushed my legs up at my knees and started kissing my stomach. She worked her way slowly down past my belly button and down to my panties. She took them off real slow. She tossed them and began to kiss my thighs and pubic mound. My pussy was on fire and I was going insane. I could feel her breath lightly flow over my lips as her tongue neared its target. She let a drop of saliva drip onto my lips to let me know she was hungry. She slid her tongue up and down my slit very slowly. It felt so intense. I was so close to cumming. She worked her tongue in and out of my pussy for a long time. The whole time I was just on the edge of cumming. Then she slid a finger deep into my soaking wet hole. Working it in and out, she slid in another and another. She worked her three fingers in and out my pussy as she licked my clit faster and faster. I felt her trying to get her pinkie in my hole and she did. She was stretching me beyond belief. But it felt incredible. I moaned loudly and told her to give me more. She slid most of her hand except her thumb deep inside me. I kept moaning and twisting as she licked my clit and started to press her thumb up inside me. I wanted her whole body inside me if I could get it. She twisted her hand around and around till finally she had all her fingers inside me. Fully stretching my pussy to the limit, she lapped away at my wet pussy and started to push into me. Little by little she pushed more and more of her hand up inside me. She stopped licking me and sat up a little to hold my stomach down. She was trying hard to fist my little pussy. Everytime she pushed in it felt poker oyna wonderfully agonizing. The pain and pleasure mixed together perfectly. She pushed hard and I felt my whole pussy fill up with such intensity, that I came instantly. I shuddered hard as my body was flooded with feeling and emotion I was not preparred to handle. I cried a little as the wave of pleasure took me away somewhere I have never been. Sandy fucked me hard with her fist and my body went overboard. I felt like I was being electricuted from my pussy. I could feel my pussy walls stretch incredibly as I watched her wrist go half way up inside me. She leaned down and started to suck hard on my clit. I was going out of my mind. The feeling was so intense and deep. I felt another orgasm build quickly and push me over the edge. I came hard and let out a scream I’m sure her mother heard. As fast as she could she was pummping her fist in and out of my pussy slit as she sucked my clit. Releasing me from my tremmbling, as my body tensed and came as hard as I ever have. Sandy finally got up and withdrew her fist from my love hole and kissed me hard. She threw me my clothes and asked me to leave, for she had to go out with her mother. I asked when we would see eachother again, and she didnt answer. I walked home totally freaked out. Not to mention I could hardly stand.
When I got home, Don and Kevin were in my room. My panties were all out on the floor. I asked what they were doing. Kevin said he needed to see what I had to wear, because he was taking me to a party at his friends house tonite. I told him no way and Don just looked at me. I knew his response so I just said OK. Kevin instructed me to wear my red ruffled thong with no bra. He picked out a skirt and top too. He told me not to mention to anyone that I was his sister since no one would know me there. Kevin was now 19 and in college at the local community college. He told me I would have a really good time and he would not let anything happen to me. He said he told his friends he was bringing a 16 year old friend.
After he left I thought about that. Do I really look like a 16 year old. I was almost 13, and had a great body. But I wondered if my face looked older. My breasts were getting bigger, but I was still a B cup. My nipples were really big and it was a real turn on for the boys.
So I took it all in stride and did what he asked. After I showered, I got dolled up and dressed as he said. I really felt hot. Kevin came and picked me up. He had 2 other friends with him. I met a lot of people that night and I only remember one boy they called bones. Anyway these two boys were real nice. They told me how pretty I was and asked me about what I liked to canlı poker oyna do and stuff. We got to this house about a half hour away. Kevin pulled me aside and told me that Don explained everything to him that He and I did. Just great I thought. When we got out back, everyone was there. I guess about 50 people both guys and girls. I was certainly the youngest by far. Most everyone looked about Kevins age. There were 4 black guys all by themselves in one corner of the yard. This guy Bones came up and gave me a drink. He said it was punch. It sure was. Punch with a lot of booze. I didn’t really care for booze at all. I drank it real slow. I met a few nice people, but Kevin kept me next to him the whole time. He took me down into the basement before long. It was very nice and finished. It was bright and it was loaded with guys. I was the only girl there. Someone gave me another drink, and it too tasted strong. I sat on a couch with two boys next to me. Kevin was talking to someone else and kept pointing to me. I sat for about twenty minutes and noticed the guys generally sitting or standing across from me. It took me a minute before I realized that my legs were open enough to get a good view of my hairless pink slit. I went to get up and my legs gave out. I felt very lightheaded and nearly fainted. The two boys next to me grabbed me and led me into a smaller room. There was a table in the middle, and they laid me on it. They told me to take it easy, but I hardly understood what they said. It was like I was in a daze. Soon the lights went out and it was very dark. I felt hands at my body but did not know who it was. My whole body felt numb and I couldnt focus on anything. I felt my blouse unbuttoned and removed. Next my skirt was slid off and my panties torn off. A small light came on, and I could just make out shapes. I heard a clipping sound and felt one leg then the other leg get pulled up and tied in place off to the side of my tits. My legs were bent in a way to give very easy access to my pussy and asshole. I realized now that I was just a fuck toy. I was pushed up a little on the table and my head now bent back a little. So now I could not see anything except the huge cock now coming towards my lips. I felt a stiff slap on my face and I went to yell. As soon as my mouth opened, the guy shoved his cock deep into my mouth. He pressed it in harder and harder. I had never seen a cock this size. I heard guys comming in all around me. Soon a cock was pressed up to my pussy and shoved home with no mercy. I felt my cunt walls burst outward as he buried his cock deep inside me. Soon my pussy responded and it started to feel very sensual. The cock in my mouth kept pushing harder going internet casino for my throat. I knew I had to relax or I would throw up. I tried to let him in but I kept gagging. Soon the cock in my pussy was going faster and I felt his dick explode inside me. It was awesome to feel his cum shooting up inside me. He pulled out and was quickly replaced by a longer dick. It hurt a lot when he pushed too deep. The blowjob I was giving worked out well. I proceeded to get a mouthful of cum. It tatsed aweful and I nearly gaged.. I felt the cock in my pussy pull out and move away. I heard him moan as if he had an orgasm, but he didnt cum on me. I got fucked in this fasion for about an hour. The guys were fucking me, but cumming elsewhere. After about 4 more suck jobs and 4 more loads of aweful tasting cum, I found out that the guys fucking me had all cum in a jar. They brought it over to me and held my mouth open. They poured the cum into my mouth. There had to be about a cupful of sperm. I felt it slde down my throat and it was gross. My whole mouth was full of cum and all I could do is swallow or choke. I chose to swallow and it was hard to do. As soon as I had downed all the sperm, I felt a cock press up to my asshole and easily slide in. The guys fucked my asshole for hours. It was no longer pleasurable for me. I had cum everywhere. All night one after another they came in me.In my mouth, my pussy and my asshole. My ass hurt badly, every time another guy pushed his meat into me, it was like total friction. They kept pouring drinks in my mouth all night. I felt sick and disgusting. They finally untied me and pulled me off the table. I saw a black guy come over and wrap his big hands around my waist. He picked me up and slammed me down onto the biggest cock I ever saw. It stretched my pussy to the hilt.It may have been bigger than Sandys’ hand. He couldn’t get the whole lenght inside me it was so long. I held onto his shoulders as he rammed his meat deep into me. As he pulled nearly all the way out, I felt another massive cock slide deep into my ass. When the guy shoved his cock back into my little pussy, I felt my flesh rip between my asshole and my pink slit. It burned badly and I begged for them to stop. The just pushed harder and faster, grunting as they rapped this little 12 year old girl into another realm. They brutally fucked me the rest of the night. Over and over they were fisting me and cumming all over me. They called me slut and whore, ans laughed at my shame and pain. Before it ended, 4 guys stood around me and jerked thier cocks off into my mouth. Gob after gob was shot into my mouth. They made me swallow it all. I was finally brought out into my brothers car and left there till it was light. He came out after a while and didn’t say much. He asked me how my night was and I told him to go to hell. He told me not to be upset, because everyone wanted my back again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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