Banging my stepdaughter more- A hotter Cocksucker * Chapter 2 * Frank and Leslie

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Big Tits

As I’d described earlier (“Banging My Stepdaughter: The Importance of Blowjobs for Thick Girls…”), my college-aged step-daughter Leslie wasn’t enjoying the sexual attention her big-titted, smooth and thick body was getting in her infrequent fuck sessions with the local college boys.

Previously, in a wine-soaked training session with me, her concerned stepfather, I explained and trained her on the importance of being an enthusiastic and skilled cocksucker, like her mother. She got some practice on me as well as a good mouth, pussy and ass fucking.

After she returned to school and sucked some young dicks and had some unsatisfying sex, she came home for the Summer and the first night my wife had to work out of town, she crawled into my bed while I was asleep and grabbed my soft cock and began jerking me off and licking and sucking on my nipples. I stroked her long black hair and asked her, “What are you doing?” as my dick grew. She turned back, rimming the head of my member, smiling and said, “I’ve wanted a man for a long time, I haven’t had any good sex with boys since our ‘training session.’ You don’t mind do you?” I replied, “No, but your mother can’t find out.” Thinking about how things had only started getting better after my wife had caught me fucking my dear cousin in the parking lot at a family wedding in the back of her car. I had blamed it on the booze and happy occasion and she was over it like many of our mutual dalliances, but it took time and some expensive gifts and not wanting to get buried again for fucking her daughter.

Leslie went back to sucking on my now-hard cock, licking and swallowing my balls and running her hands over my body. Her blow job was good and lusty and it was apparent that she didn’t need alcohol to loosen up. She licked me to my asshole and rimmed me and then shoved a finger up my tight ass, thrilling me with this surprising technique (from her) and pulling a deep moan from my throat. She was a fine cocksucker, in many ways, better than her mom. She certainly had been practicing on someone. I hoped she would tell me all the details so I could beat-off later to the mind picture of her experiences.

Leslie got up on her hands and hoisted her wide hips and ass over my midsection. She leaned down and planted her sweet, soft lips over my mouth and shoved her warm, wet tongue down my throat as we shared several deep kisses. I could faintly taste my cock on her breath and in her saliva. Grabbing the headboard of the bed she pulled herself up on her knees and put her thick black bush in my face. I positioned my mouth deep in her pubes and my tongue hungrily hunted though her long thick pussy lips for her large clit. She was big in the hips, thighs and ass and white and smooth, with some freckles, Ankara escort but not fat. She had the broadest, most beautiful “spread” I’d ever seen. Her pussy was already pretty wet so I located her love nub easily and sucked it between my tongue and my top teeth. Leslie yelped and tried to pull back as I squeezed her big ass cheeks hard and she came, leaning back, squeezing the nipples of her 42 D tits. I pulled her back, grabbing one of the nipples in my mouth and sucked it gently as she relaxed and moaned, rocking on my body as I rubbed her pussy with the back of my hand.

Soon my sweet daughter rose up and lined up her now soaking pussy over my rock hard seven inch cock and lowered herself on top of my pulsing dick head and in a second, plunged herself down and swallowed my thick rod whole. Her pussy no longer felt very tight and in fact it felt a bit like I was fucking Leslie’s mother, a woman who had lost her cherry decades before, given birth twice and had fucked a dozen men before she met me. Oh no, my baby wasn’t as bored as she let on at school, but her deep moan was her signal to me that I was going to fuck her like a woman—a woman who crawled into my bed and got my cock hard looking for a fuck.

I grabbed her ass cheeks hard and started to lift her up and down on my sword. She got into the rhythm quickly and soon we were rocking as the bed began to squeak and groan as we fucked, our bodies slapping flesh loudly, Leslie came again as I pulled her nipples hard and she collapsed on me sweating. I kissed her and licked the sweat off of her young, smooth neck. She was beautiful, panting, her heart beating through the thick flesh of her tits.

I rolled her over on her back, stopping halfway to kiss and lick her beautiful ass cheeks and asshole. When I got her on her back, I bent her legs in half at the knee and plunged my face into her cunt, separating the long folds of her pussy with my fingers and licking them in long passes with my tongue, ringing her clit, making my daughter/slut gasp, panting faster and begin playing with her tits and grinding her hips as I continued to lick and suck her steaming love pot. Leslie came twice and in an almost begging voice said, “Come and fuck me Dad, please, right away, I need a dick in my pussy now…OHHHhhh…”

Her moan trailed off and I got up on my knees, stroked my semi-hard cock for good measure and looked down at my beautiful, thick step-daughter. I leaned over and rolled her nipples in my fingers, pulling her tits hard, seeing in her face the pain creep in. I’d relax my hands and do it again and again until Leslie grabbed my cock and growled, “Fuck me!”

I got up on top and without fanfare I jammed my hard-on all the way in past her cunt lips and up hard into her gut. Leslie Ankara escort bayan grunted and gasped, pushing her gooey, steamy sex package back and I slammed her back hard and soon we were fucking like animals, grunting and moaning, I leaned down licking and biting Leslie’s tits and neck, wrapping my fingers through her thick hair. When I pulled her hair hard, as we fucked, she came, just like her mother, squealing sharply.

I let go of her hair and I stood up on my knees, my dick still all the way up her soaking pussy. I looked down at her and smiled as I softly massaged her big tits as they spilled over her sides, while still slowly fucking her.

My beauty dozed off for a few minutes, so I took some pictures of her sopping, stretched pussy to give to a buddy who I owed some money to and who likes Leslie and needs something to beat off to. I would be embarrassed to tell anyone how much those pictures were worth in trade. It’s magic knowing a young woman you can’t touch, but regularly see and talk to especially when you’ve seen her running around the back yard dressed scantily in shorts and t-shirt.

After finishing my mission, I woke my whore/beauty up by getting up on her and shoving my softening dick in her mouth and getting her back to her main job of being a cocksucker. She obliged and soon I was hard and mouth-fucking her against the headboard. She complied but soon maneuvered me into a sitting position and she spent a long time on her knees in front of me giving me a loving blow job. As I was about to cum in her mouth, I pushed her over on all fours on the floor and mounted her doggy style, holding her wide hips tightly.

My cock slipped in easily to Leslie’s gaping pussy as I surveyed her wide smooth, alabaster ass, running my hands over it as I alternately grabbed her fleshy hips and pulled her full body into mine as I fucked her sweet pussy. God, she was beautiful as she rode back on my cock. She was a fine lover too and she cooed in pleasure as I ran my hands over her soft, smooth body, I have had many women, but she was near the top of the list for fine fun. I wondered how my 20 year old geeky step-daughter had honed her skills into such a good lover while claiming to be bored.

I sucked my thumb and rimmed her asshole with it and then plunged it into her tight, puckered anus as I continued to fuck her hot cunt faster, thumb fucking her ass alternately. Leslie’s coos turned to deep, guttural moans as she pushed her ass cheeks hard against my thumb for minutes until I pulled out and plunged my tongue into her asshole and began rimming her sloppily and then fingering her with my index finger and then added my middle finger to her loosening asshole.

Her anus was now open for my throbbing cock and I Escort Ankara eased my purple head in. Leslie relaxed, this seemed familiar to her, so I pushed my dick steadily up her ass until it was halfway in and then I stroked it in and out of her a few times and then pushed it all the way up her to the hilt, she gave a low grunt and began grinding as we began a slow ass fucking. She eased down on her shoulders and her one hand began playing with her nipple and her other hand reached under and started playing with her clit. She was breathing heavy and steady, only stopping when I got in all the way and gave a push, to which she replied with a snort or a grunt. She was hot and lusty and not at all shy anymore.

When I finally dumped a hot load of semen in Leslie’s big ass, she immediately spun around and sucked my whole shrinking cock in her mouth, licking and sucking my cum and swallowing it down her throat, licking her lips, saying, “Mmmm, I love cum in my mouth and ass.”

“You are an amazing piece of ass girl,” I purred as I absentmindedly played with her tits as we lay next to each other. “I’m glad you had fun,” Leslie replied. “You have learned some tricks you didn’t get from me,” I said. Leslie nodded, “I have had some practice, she continued, “But I can never have fun with just one guy, so doing a little research, I’ve found that the boys I go to school with can only get me off if there are two or three of them attending to me, or an older girl directing and helping.”

I was stunned. My whore/stepdaughter really was a bit of a whore, but she was also very smart and knew what she wanted. When she would suck a boy’s dick and he would cum too fast, she had to improvise and offer to sleep with two guys to make sure one would have a hard cock nearby.

When she complained to her older friend about how men didn’t know how to eat her pussy, her girlfriend offered to do it to her and Leslie was pleased and this woman taught her much about her body.

When another boy heard she liked threesomes, she hosted some and as the only woman with anal experience she soon had a few dates as an anal cum bucket. Her love life wasn’t great, but her sex life was good and getting better. My cock had gotten hard listening to Leslie’s stories and I had started to beat off.

Leslie leaned down and began to blow me again, this time slower and with close attention to every inch of my cock and balls, my dick was hard and Leslie said, “No one makes love to me like you Dad. I hope you don’t mind my experimenting.” I said, “No baby, I’m having fun with you, you’re so beautiful and a fine lover and I want to fuck your sweet pussy again.”

She rolled over on her back and spread her thick thighs open, showing me her bush and long pussy lips, she held out her arms and said, “Come and fuck me more daddy. Hard.”

Frank Mills writes real stories for real people. He wants your comments. Thanks for reading.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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