Bank Holiday Office Cover

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“That urgent parcels has just been picked up so it should be delivered tomorrow for you Lee” said Shirley as she came back into the office. Her button down cardigan was fastened to the top but closely fitting enough to outline her tits underneath it in a very pleasant way, as she moved the gap between buttons opened a little to give tantalising glimpses of her bra and tits, a tight pencil skirt finishing just below her knees stopped her from moving freely, high heels hindering her a little further.

“Oh great, thanks Shirl, I’d kiss you if I didn’t have dry lips,” said Lee.

“No not with dry lips eh,” she replied.

“I’ll get Kevin to give you one instead.” he said. Kevin looked up from his desk, not quite catching Lee’s eye, but checking for any intended innuendo.

“Erm, I don’t think that will be necessary thanks,” said Shirley.

“So it’s only my dry lips that are a problem?” – He produced a lip salve from his desk draw, “now they’re smooth and taste of peach” he said puckering up.

Shirley got up and walked over to Lee sitting sideways at his desk, she leant forward on the arms of his chair and kissed him full on the lips, her top pulling against the buttons, gaping between each long enough for him to take in and enjoy the view . Lingering as if tasting the lip salve, she said “yes definitely peach” and holding the arm rests attempted to push herself up, Lee held both her arms gently but firmly and kissed her back a little harder, longer and let his tongue flick against her lips.

Her tight skirt outlined the cheeks of her ass and Kevin dropped his head sideways a little to look “definitely peaches” he said, “a couple of nice ones by the look of things”

Shirley pulled away from Lee as much as she could, him still holding her arms on his chair, “cheeky” she said, a tad flustered but without struggling.

“Yep definitely cheeky” said Kevin.

Shirley coloured up a little, they didn’t have this kind of conversation in the office usually. Often a bit flirty but no more. Today was a bank holiday Monday, the office had to be manned and the three of them had drawn the short straw so the atmosphere was, quieter, more intimate and there was virtually no work to cover.

“Sure you wouldn’t like me to arrange for Kevin to give you one” he asked. Kevin knew this was innuendo, “I’m pretty sure he would like to” Lee went on. She imagined she felt Kevin, now directly behind her, brush his hand over her ass. “A kiss I mean” he said making the innuendo obvious in case it had escaped her.

Lee pulled her back towards him and she bent over a little further, tits peeping out from her cardigan, he raised his face to hers and they kissed again, she more seriously now and they stayed lip to lip for several seconds, She felt Kevin moving behind her and felt his hands on each of her hips, she tried to pull back from Lee, instinctively, to object , but Lee held her firmly and nibbled at her wet lips. She liked being kissed and despite her reservations kissed back equally enthusiastically. Kevin was running his hands up and down her thighs through her tight skirt as Lee held her bent toward him.

“I do think you should let Kevin give you one Shirl” said Lee and he released his grip on her arms and nodded at Kevin who, still holding her, pushed one hip and pulled the other so she teetered around in her high heels to face him.

“See what you mean about peaches Kevin,” said Lee who was now at eye level with her ass. He too ran his hands up and down her hips, onto her thighs and across her bottom, he opened his hands and fondled both cheeks. She murmured a little and before she could make comment Kevin chimed in.

“Lee is right, I’d really like to give you one.” he looked her directly in the eye to emphasise the point. He slipped his hands to her waist and moved forward to kiss her. She was shorter than he and had to tip her head backward to accommodate his mouth on hers. She was hearing the innuendo from both the guys , but never having heard this kind of talk from them previously, never having been in this intimate position with either of them before, wasn’t sure if she was misreading the signs. But she need not have been concerned, the guys made it clear that innuendo can turn into certainty pretty quickly.

Lee stopped touching her ass and his hands ran up the side of her hips again and inside the waist of her cardigan, displacing Kevin’s hands who lifted his till they were under her arms, she was now standing reaching up to be kissed and had moved her arms to the back of Kevin’s head and neck. Kevin stepped back a half step, enough to allow him to get to her cardigan buttons, he undid one in the middle and it opened to show her black lace bra beneath, he moved to the next and the next going upwards. As he did, Lee’s hands came into sight under her cardigan working their way towards her tits. He undid the last button in time to see Lee cup both her tits from behind and squeeze the soft 34 c mounds. He pushed the cardigan back off her shoulders and down where it hung onto Lee’s arms.

Now she stood facing Kevin with her top Bornova Escort opened wide, Lee’s hands grasping both of her tits through her bra. Kevin went to her straps and they too were quickly pushed down her arms, he moved his attention directly to her tits and she looked down on her own chest to see four hands trying to fondle her. Kevin pulled the cups down off each breast and a hard dark nipple sprang into view, he bent forward and while Lee held and squeezed each tit Kevin sucked her nipples. Her head rolled back now and both guys spent a minute or so enjoying her.

Lee dropped his hands leaving Kevin full access to both tits which he fondled and squeezed while licking and gently biting her nipples, she moaned again and put her hands on the back of Kevin’s head pulling him hard against her tits. Lee undid the bra and she allowed them both to manoeuvre her till it was off and lying at her feet with her cardigan. She was naked from the waist up and her tits were in full view. Lee, still sitting behind her, turned his attention to her skirt and searched around for the zipper, Kevin returned his attention to her tits and she ruffled the hair on the back of his head as he sucked on a nipple.

The zipper slid down and Shirley wiggled her hips a little to help Lee get her out of her skirt, as it hit the floor she kicked it sideways and stepped out of it leaving her with her legs slightly apart. Both guys stopped what they were doing pleasantly surprised to find that Shirley wore stockings to work.

“Fuck me stockings.” said Lee.

Shirley said “correct.” Lee ran his hands over her stocking tops, onto her little panties sitting on her hips and over her pert ass. “Can I sit down?” she asked .

“Good idea” said Kevin and moved out of the way so that she could turn sideways to sit on the edge of Lee’s desk. Lee also stood up and Shirley was now between them both, they each ran a hand over a tit and down her body to her stockinged legs, Lee stopping to run the palm of his hand across the flat of her stomach and the top of her black panties. Kevin moved to the other side of the desk behind her and Lee moved to stand in front of her. Shirley looked from one and back to the other. Grasping her waist Lee lifted her and she took her weight on both hands at the edge of the desk to lift herself till she was perched on the desk, he moved forward to stand between her legs and she leaned back a little. Kevin’s arms were under her shoulders around her and feeling both tits and pulling each nipple.

Shirley was wet in her panties and the black material went slightly see through at the crotch, Lee had a hand on the inside of each thigh and was pushing her legs apart, she didn’t resist but suddenly she said, “I’m not sure.”

Lee carried on, “Well we both told you we would like to give you one.”

“I know,” she said, “but I thought you meant…” her voice trailed off as Lee’s fingers found the damp sticky front of her panties, “I thought you just meant,” again her voice trailed off, this time due to Lee’s finger finding the edge of her pussy under her panties and running along the damp slit. “Oooh!” she said and Lee slipped a finger into her. She exhaled loudly.

“This doesn’t seem to be confused,” he said, as he joined his first finger with a second in her slit. “No misunderstanding here is there?” and she moaned as he slipped his fingers in and out of her. “No I didn’t think so.” he said looking at Kevin.

Shirley sat with her legs wide apart naked apart from her tight wet black panties and stockings, her head flung back, moaning quietly each time lee’s fingers slid into her . “Lean back.” said Kevin and as she did he took her weight, so she slowly sank down till she was lying over the desk with her legs hanging one side, Lee fingering her pussy, and her head lolling over the other side with Kevin again fondling both her tits. He moved closer and Shirley saw, upside down, his jeans were undone and his cock, stiff and hard , was pointing at her face .

She was sure what she was supposed to do now, and she stretched her head up a little so Kevin could get his cock into her mouth, her hand waved around a bit as she felt his balls and held his cock so she could suck and lick his knob more easily. He let out a loud gasp and Shirley gulped as at the other side of the desk Lee pulled her panties to one side and slipped his hard cock into her warm wet, sticky pussy.

Lee eased his cock in and out of her as she took Kevin into her mouth, Lee driving hard, but slowly, making each penetration as deep as he could. Both guys looked down to see their own cock sliding into Shirley and then across at each other to watch as they fucked her from both ends. She moaned as Lee thrust into her and arched her back each time to ensure he was getting all he could up her now very wet , slick slit.

Kevin fondled both tits taking her nipples between his thumb and finger and then smoothing over her whole breast with his hand. Her nipples stood erect pointing at the ceiling and he bent forward to suck one. His cock moved away from her mouth a little Bornova Escort Bayan and she made a cry, objecting, and put one hand around his leg to pull him back into her mouth more fully. “OK if I cum in your mouth?” he asked but she made no sound just pulled harder at his leg which he took as a yes. He could feel his cock beginning to twitch and was getting ready to shoot his load into her when he heard Lee .

“Let’s swop ends Kevin.” Shirley stopped sucking for a second but kept her grip on Kevin’s leg, holding his cock in her mouth. He was a might flustered, very near to coming so was a little irritated. Lee spoke again. “let’s not rush things, we are here all day.” Kevin pressed his leg against Shirley’s hand and she released her grip, his cock slid out of her mouth and brushed over her cheeks as she lay on her back. She followed his cock as it moved over her face licking it whenever it came close enough to her tongue, a trail of precum and saliva stuck to her chin and neck. He squeezed her tits a little harder and she moaned again.

Lee was still deep in her, she moving towards him with each thrust he made, he had one hand on her inner thigh, keeping her spread wide while his other played over her pussy, his thumb running around her clit. He started to pull out of her but before he did he made a final rougher thrust which caught her by surprise and made her sigh a little “Ooooohh, mmmmmmm.”

He pulled out of her his cock was sticky and wet with her juices, a trail on the top of his desk between her spread legs. He replaced his cock with his hand and again slid two fingers back into her. “Better keep you on the boil.” he said as he fingered her slit. Her panties moved back to cover her pussy a little and she moved her hand to pull them to one side for him, Lee misread and thought she was trying to finger herself, he quickly pulled her panties aside and withdrew his fingers. There was a moment of silence when the penny dropped for Shirley and she slid two fingers into herself.

She lay on her back, legs spread wide fingering her pussy while the two guys watched, her eyes were closed and her knees moved to close a little each time she thrust her fingers into her own slit. They moved to change places and Kevin wanked his cock as he stood between her legs, she opened her eyes as she felt him against the thighs. She stretched her legs apart as he moved forward, her fingers came out of her pussy and she pulled her panties out of the way. Kevin lent forward and he eased his cock up her making her moan and breath heavily as he forced into her.

She was gripping the edge of the desk now with both hands holding herself hard against his thrusting cock, getting his knob into her deeply, her legs bumping against the front of the desk, his hands pushing her legs wide for his cock. Lee watched for a moment as she took Kevin’s cock, then pulled her hair a little to remind her he was there, she opened her mouth and he slipped into it. Both guys pumped into her making her gag a little when Lee got too deep down her throat but she kept taking it without complaint, making little moaning noises from time to time.

Suddenly the phone on the desk rang and they all froze for a second, it was a working day so it needed to be answered, Lee lifted it, his cock slipping deeper into Shirley’s mouth as he leaned forward for it. She gagged a little. “Hello,” said Lee, “yes she is in today, but she is between a couple of things at the moment” they all stifled a laugh. Shirley full of cock at both ends. Lee continued on the phone, “yes there’s a couple of us here, I think we will be in and out all day.”

Shirley withdrew her mouth from Lee’s cock “I do hope so.” she whispered.

The phone had rather broken the magic and Shirley flopped on her back on Lee’s desk, Kevin had slid his knob back out of her while Lee was on the phone. Shirley was sweating a bit, her hair stuck in wisps on her sticky face. She was now without cock in any hole. Her hands at the side of her head palms up, breathing heavily. Kevin moved back and flopped into Lee’s desk chair, he swivelled from side to side holding his hard on and looking at face level at Shirley’s crotch, still spread wide but covered with her wet panties, her pussy showing through where the wet material stuck to her slit.

Lee moved the moment on, he raised Shirley’s head with one hand beneath it, she opened her eyes expecting to see his cock coming back towards her mouth for her to continue sucking, but Lee was moving her forward and she struggled to get her arms at her side to lift herself. Her tits bobbed forward and Kevin looked up to see the redness and small bite marks on each tit. She was soon sitting back on the edge of the desk and Kevin stretched a hand out to feel a tit, Shirley ran her own hand down the front of her panties.

Lee moved to the front of the desk with her, he kissed her and Kevin saw both tongues in and out of mouths. Lee pulled her forward and got behind her so now he was sitting on the edge of the desk, his hands around her fondling her tits. She could feel his Escort Bornova hard cock against her ass and expected to find him trying to get it up her but instead he put his hand around her waist and pressed her forward, she bent over a little and Kevin took a handful of her hair and pulled her toward his cock again. She moved her mouth onto Kevin’s cock, steadying herself on his chair arms while Lee stood and pulled her panties down a little. He moved a hand between her legs and pushed two fingers up her. The three of them stayed like this for a couple of minutes till the guys were fully hard again and Shirley’s pussy was wet and lubricated ready for more cock. Lee judged the moment.

He forced his fingers deep up her and she pushed her ass back to take them, he withdrew both of them and taking his cock aimed for her pussy, “You really like cock don’t you Shirley?” he asked not expecting any reply. She made an affirmative noise as best as she could with a mouthful of Kevin.

“I want to cum.” she said and Lee raised his game , forcefully pressing her onto Kevin’s cock, making her gag again, forcing deeper up her pussy. She lifted herself onto her tip toes to let Lee get deep and deeper. He quickened his thrusting, holding the cheeks of her ass apart as he entered and re-entered her, Kevin pulled her head down onto his cock with one hand and felt her swinging breasts with the other. “mmmmm.” she said, as best she could; again “mmmm.” a little more high pitched until she let Kevin’s cock out of her mouth lifted her head and cried “god,” pushing back hard against Lee she shuddered a little and Lee felt her cumming, “Oh fuck!” she said as he thrust harder into her and holding her ass against his cock shot his load deep as she came on the end of his cock.

Her head dropped forward, her hair covering kevin’s cock and got sticky with his pre-cum and her spit. She breathed heavily and Lee breathed heavily, Kevin was still hard. Lee fell back a little onto the edge of the desk and his cock slid noisily out of her and she groaned . Kevin moved his hands to her hips and turned her around, he eased forward on Lee’s chair. “No more.” she said, “I’ll be sore.” but Kevin wasn’t taking any notice and he pulled her back onto him “Please.” she said but Kevin’s hands were around her fondling her tits, nipples still hard and she felt his cock against her.

Again she said, “I’ll be sore.” but at the same time dropped her hand between her legs to find Kevin’s cock and after a moments searching found it and raised herself slightly to get it into her pussy. She guided Kevin into herself and settled back to fuck him. Kevin sat fondling her tits and she did all the work, aroused again , making sure his cock was getting into her. Lee was opposite, in front with his cock wet and sticky with his own cum and Shirley’s juice. Seeing her fucking Kevin had him stiffening again and she leaned forward to assist by licking his knob. Kevin was in her pussy and Lee in her mouth. She rode Kevin noisily until she again came with a little squeal, this took both the guys over the edge and they came , simultaneously into Shirley. Lee filling her throat with his warm cum and Kevin spurting up her pussy.

After a few moments of recovery Shirley stood up, a little unsteadily, she was naked apart from her little black panties, now thoroughly wet and sticky. And her stockings and high heels. The guys were both fully clothed except both their jeans being undone. The guys tidied themselves quickly and Shirley bent over in front of Lee to pick up her clothes and to her horror heard the office door open. She was flustered, bent double in front of a dishevelled Lee in just her panties and stockings. She didn’t know what to do.

“Er, sorry guys,” It was Tony from accounts, “I didn’t know you were busy, I mean I didn’t know you were coming today, that is I wasn’t expecting to find…” he was struggling to get out of this.

Kevin stepped in, “Not to worry Tony, we were more or less finished; for now” and he looked at a scarlet Shirley unsuccessfully trying to get her skirt up while standing in front of them with her tits on display in stockings and panties. “You know Shirley?” he asked. Making it awkward for Tony to leave, not that he was in any hurry, “come on in, what did you want?”

“I was just coming to look for some figures.” he said

“Looks like you were successful I’d say.” said Lee nodding at a semi naked Shirley still struggling to cover herself. He put his hands out and gripped Shirley’s arms, stopping her fiddling with her skirt, she looked at him and he raised his eyebrows and shrugged his shoulders. “A bit late now.” he said staring at her reddened tits. Shirley gave him a glare.

Tony, tried again, “I’ll be in and out as soon as I can, I just need to get my hands on, er , the figures.” he pointed at a side desk close to Lee’s. “er?” he questioned. Lee nodded and Tony came over to pick up his files, Shirley was still bright red, Tony now stood as close to her, naked, as Lee was. Kevin couldn’t help but grin. Tony tried to move past them both once he had the files but Lee had moved from behind his desk slightly and Tony had to try and squeeze past Shirley. Both now looking flustered. Lee pressed Shirley forward and she bumped against Tony, at least her tits did, she looked at Lee to see what he was doing, he kept his hand firmly on her back, pushing her forward into Tony.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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