Barbarian Fucks Rival Cheerleader

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I continued my sexual escapades with Becky through the fall and well into winter. Every time she would try to end things between us she found herself in my pick up and my balls deep inside of her emptying another load. It was after one of these particular encounters that I told her of the proposition her arch rival, Tiffany, had approached me with.

Becky was tying her cute little white tennis shoes as I told her, “Tiffany wants me to knock you up.”

I could see the blood drain from her face, “What???”

“How is your sister doing by the way?”

Becky and Tiffany were arch rivals from the first day of kindergarten, all the way to to their senior years of high school. They shared a birthday but that’s all they shared. Half the school went to Tiffany’s 18th birthday party, and the other half went to Becky’s. Becky, had thick, mid-western hips and thighs. C cup tits, dark hair and dark skin. Tiffany was 5’2″, a blonde, B cup tits and petite, but still had the thick child baring hips I longed for. Looking back, I realize she looked JUST LIKE that Hayden cheerleader character from the Heroes TV show.

If Becky won the lead in a school play, Tiffany was the understudy, and vice versa. Depending on who was taking what course in school depended on who was leading the GPA average to be the valedictorian. Last year Tiffany was the captain of the cheer squad. Now it was Becky. The two had pretty close to identical resumes for college. They both eyed a coveted spot at a major university so they could land a sugar daddy and be trophy wives. The final line item on their resumes would be the queen of the winter carnival.

The winter carnival was pretty much homecoming and the prom wrapped up in a dance towards the end of winter. A way to break up the cold, bleak monotony of a mid-west winter and celebrate a spring just around the corner.

With that said, I was walking through the halls when Tiffany approached me about 6 weeks from winter carnival, “We need to talk. Give me a ride me a ride home?” She said through puppy dog eyes.

Without skipping a beat I agreed. After school she sauntered out to my pick up and claimed the seat that was usually reserved for Becky. She was also a proud virgin but looked slutty as hell. Knee high fuck me boots, denim mini skirt, some old rock band t-shirt and a winter parka two sizes too big. Soon as the heater is full boar she slips off the parka. I had trouble watching the road, not her tits. We drove to my spot and no sooner than I throw the truck in park, “I want you to knock up Becky.”

“Huh?” I was too dumbfounded to have to play dumb. How did this broad know we have been fucking?

“Don’t play coy with me. I know you have been fucking her since her and Brad broke up. In fact, you may have been the reason they broke up. I know you bring her out here and fuck her 8 ways from Saturday. “

“How did you figure it out?”

“I just figured it out. Those are her panties on the rear view aren’t they?”

“Yes…So what’s in it for you if I knock her up?”

“If you knock her up, she will be out of the running for the Queen of the Winter carnival AND I’ll finally be the HBIC.”


“Head Bitch In Charge. Plus it’s a line item for my resume for the university we are BOTH vying for. Not to mention, she won’t be at that university with me.”

This is one crazy bitch… “So what’s in it for me?”

“Well, other than the fuck trophy of Becky. I’ll let you fuck me. Rumor has it you know how to use what nature gave you.”

“Wait, İstanbul Escort I thought you were saving yourself. You and Becky are the ice queens of school.”

“I am saving myself, but if it gets that bitch out of my way. I’ll give it up to you.”

“So you will give me your cherry for what? What kind of proof?”

“Well, you won’t get my cherry. I lost that in a drunken grope fest to Ricky Calhoun’s fingers. But yes, you can be my first. And a pregnancy test. Proof positive.”

“How do I know you will keep your word?”

“Trust me.”

About this time she leans over, opens up my fly and takes my steadily hardening cock out of my pants. I lean back and prepare myself for one of Tiffany’s rare blow jobs. She must have taken hints from her college aged sister who learned at frat parties because this was AMAZING.

First she kisses the tip, then licks the pre-cum slowly dripping from the top. I run my hands through her hair as her mouth opens up and slowly takes me in. Usually I lean my head back and close my eyes, but this time I ran my hands through her hair and watched the show as this angel faced virgin stares up at me. She never lost eye contact and I watched those pretty blue eyes as she bobbed up and down. She wrapped her tiny fingers around my shaft.

Only twice she took her mouth off me. The first was when I tried running my hands up her smooth thigh, “Not yet, big boy.” Clamping them tight. The second was to say, “This monster is huge. It may hurt my tiny body when you put it in me.” That was about it. She pushed me over the edge and I blew my load into her throat. No forcing her head down on it, she voluntarily swallowed.

“I don’t usually swallow, but for you and this mission. I decided to change that policy.” She informs me as she is looking up, licking her lips.

“Ok, deal.” I said, without a second thought.

A couple nights later I was telling this to Becky as she tied her shoes. Well, not the details of the blowjob but we were formulating a plan.

Two weeks later I was approaching Tiffany telling her we need to talk. So after the pep rally and before the big basketball game we climb into my truck. White cheerleading uniform with the school initials in purple letters across the front. We drive to my spot and park.

“Look in the glove box.” I tell her.

She opens it and finds a Ziploc baggy with a used pregnancy test. Obvious as fuck to be positive and a note from Becky. “What the fuck?!?! We need to talk!!”

I can see Tiffany’s mind is wrapping around the meaning of everything. “Well, a deal is a deal.” For being a virgin, she was a total slut. She leans in and we start kissing passionately. My hand instinctively goes to her tits. I start mauling the small, innocent mounds through the top. My rough hands are almost getting caught on the smooth fabric.

Suddenly she stops, “Wait, lets see the condom.”

I pull my wallet out of my jeans and pull the condom out of that. I sit it on the dash board and she says, “OK” and we start kissing again. My motions on her tits are mirrored by her motions on my cock through my jeans. I released her tits and start running my hands up her smooth, prefect thigh. Much to my delight and surprise she is slowly opening her thighs. Soon my hand is reaching her bloomers. I can feel the her heat and moisture starting to build. I start rubbing her valley through her bloomers.

When I can tell she is lost in the hormones and lust I slide them to the side and my fingers Kadıköy Escort go where only one other set of fingers have gone. She is wet but tight, I only get one finger in her before I start rubbing her G spot through the “come hither motion”. She is moaning and sighing into my mouth as her kisses become more passionate.

An “OH FUCK” escape her lips and she takes my cock out of my jeans and grabs the condom off the dash. I watch her open it and roll the rubber over my dick. She is new to this so it takes her some doing. As she starts to roll it down my cock I take over and she leans back.

She raises her hips, slightly flips her skirt up, hooks her thumbs into the waist band of her bloomers and panties and pulls them off. As she does so she smiles and winks and as if part of a ritual or cerimony she hangs the nondescript grey panties on the rear view mirror with Becky’s.

Thankfully she doesn’t see the hole in the tip of the condom. I roll it down so my cock is peaking through the hole like a turtleneck sweater. I have plans of my own tonight.

She climbs onto me and nestles my cock against her virgin pussy and slowly sits down on it. I hold her hips with a strong grip. Slowly, inch by inch her pussy is invaded by my massive cock. She is feeling fuller and is stretching in ways a set of fingers could NEVER replicate.

After a blissful eternity of her slowly sliding down on my cock I am seated against her cervix. My cock head is literally knocking on heaven’s door. Her ass is sitting on my lap. Pelvic bone to pelvic bone and she struggles to breath. My massive member invading her tiny body. Her head is resting on my shoulders. I can feel my rough, full balls resting against her pure ass.

The entire time she was sliding down on me I’m holding her hips. Through my grip I can feel her tone, athletic body, under the polyester of her skirt. I watch as she slowly leans her head back and her mouth opens in ecstasy and discomfort as her tight, virgin pussy becomes the possession of my member. I relish watching the doppelgänger of Hayden lose her V-card to me. Even at that age I knew fucks like don’t come around that often so I savored every second.

Gingerly she raises up, then slides down again. Slowly she raises up and drops a third time. Soon she is getting acquainted with the new feeling and electricity races through her body as she begins riding me. My 8 inch cock is plunging to new depths inside of her with each push. Deeper inside of her than each previous push and certainly deeper than anyone’s fingers before me. She has never felt this full. Any “innocence” she had is being erased by my monster pushing into her womb. Her inner cock whore is being revealed.

I raise her sweater up and it reveals a pink designers sports bra. I love my reward. Two of the most coveted tits in school, solely for my pleasure. I don’t waste anytime before I start mauling her tits with my mouth and hands. I pull the cups down and expose her tits and all their glory. I get each nipple hard as little rocks with my thumb and fore fingers. First by rubbing, then pinching them before putting them in my mouth, Licking, sucking then finally biting them. She is switching between kissing me and leaning her head back in ecstasy.

Soon she abandons kissing me and is caught in the emotions pouring through her and I bounce her up and down my cock. A virgin only moments earlier, lots of practice dry humping in drunken grope sessions and millions of years of evolution has unleashed her body’s inner Ataşehir Escort knowledge of how to fuck. More specifically, fucking to breed. I grab her ass and use it for leverage. She is my fuck toy. Like a rag doll for my pleasure. The constant pounding her cervix has taken has opened it up and let me into her womb.

The song on the radio is being drowned out by her high pitched “oh. OH. YES! YES! YES”!” Just like she is cheering on a team in a few hours.

I release her tits from my strong, almost angry grip. I focus that grip on her ass. I grip it through her skirt which is bunched in my hands. My fingers sneak to the crack of her ass. I pull at her ass trying to pull her further down on my cock. I run an end game and slip my ring finger into her ass.

That pushes her over the edge and I hear a final “GOD DAMN!!” I can feel her pussy spasm and flood my cock and she cums. She is still on a high and doesn’t notice when I slam her on my cock in one final effort to be as deep as possible before I explode what feels like a gallon of molten seed into her fertile womb.

She collapses on me as my cock continues to throb inside of her. She is a total cock whore now but still too inexperienced to realize I’m flooding her virgin womb with my hot seed. She then leans back against the steering wheel. When she becomes embarrassed that her tits are still on display she puts her head in her hands, giggles and then rolls off as she tries to regain her composure.

She looks over at me through freshly fucked hair and lust glazed eyes, “That was fucking fantastic. I can see why Becky is your cock whore now. God damn. If I wasn’t trying to maintain a reputation…fuck… You do know how to fuck.”

I step out of the truck, discard the condom and pee before she realizes my deception with the condom. I doubt she will notice my fluids are mixing with hers due to her lack of sexual experience.

Afterwords I drop her off and she cheers in the game. I imagine it was around the third quarter that my seed hit its mark.

The night of the Winter Carnival I was in my truck with Becky.

“Your idea of having my pregnant older sister pee on a pregnancy test was genius.”

“Thank you She opened the condom but never noticed I has opened it with a razor knife earlier and prepped it.” As I hand her a Ziploc baggy with a pregnancy test and a note from Tiffany that read “YOU WORE A CONDOM!! WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS?!?! WE NEED TO TALK!!”

“Yeah, she might still win the Queen award but she won’t be going to the university with me in the fall. Well, thanks again.”

As she starts to step out of the truck and walk back to her car (She followed me in her car to the spot we parked at) I grab her by the wrist. “Wait…”

First she said “No”, then she said “Not doggy style” then finally, “Don’t mess up my hair.”

We ended up fucking on last time. Her date had no idea I had dumped another load in her an hour before. She was probably leaking my seed all over the dance floor. Looking at the pictures before the dance you can’t tell she was fucked 8 ways from Saturday an hour earlier.

Tiffany was showing at spring break so she couldn’t hid it in a swim suit and didn’t go to the beach with all the other rich, spoiled kids. Becky was throwing up every morning the week before spring break and thought it was flu. She didn’t go either, but she was showing not too long after.

I got word that the state was moving me to another foster home right before all of this came to light. I said fuck it and ran away. I joined the French Foreign Legion and never went back since. I was overseas before rumor reached me that I fathered two kids with the rivals. Rumor has it the rivals work at the same Hooters and are single moms. Certainly not the trophy wives they wanted to be.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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