Barbarian in Paradise

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Any suspicions I had about my favorite bartender, Babs, wanting me to get laid were confirmed after this trip.

I had just checked into my favorite hotel and as if part of a script, showered and hit the bar. Babs was working, “I’ve been expecting you.”

“Oh yeah. How did you know I would be in?”

“I helped myself to the reservation list at the front desk. Boy do I have a treat for you.”

“What is that? Did you and your boyfriend break up and I get to take you in your car like Ive been dreaming of? Did I just say that out loud?”

“No silly, and I may take you up on that one day. Your surprise should be here soon.”

As I settle in with my freshly poured glass of whiskey three (not one, not two, THREE) cheerleaders come loudly and drunkenly stumbling over to Babs.

“We are ready for our chaperone.” Says the dark haired girl. All three are built almost identically, 5’3″, 115, B cup tits. The only way to tell a difference between them is their hair color. One has almost jet black hair, one is blonde and the third is a light haired brunette.

“Here he is.” Babs says as she points to me, much to my surprise. “He just got home from the middle east and since you three are celebrating a win (It was another shitty season for the home team and the Boise State football team beat them on home turf) I figured you four could become friends.”

Babs takes my drink for me and tells me she will put it on my room tab. The three asked if Babs could arrange a security escort to their room after a night of drinks int he bar, “Now go, walk these ladies to their room.”

The three saunter over, the blonde put her arm around me. The dark hair girl is the alpha and least intoxicated. The light haired girl is almost sleeping standing up.

“Well, let’s go.” As I stand up and put my arms around the ladies. “What rooms are you in?’

The dark haired girl grabs my drink from the bar and proceeds to tell me that her and the blonde are sharing a room. The light headed girl is in another room but her roommate is fucking her boyfriend right now so she is staying in their room tonight.

The blonde is helping the light haired girl stand as the dark haired girl and I are fast, best friends.

As we walk to the room I wonder if attitudes like theirs are an age thing. I never thought such cocky little stuck up hookers could Escort Bahçeşehir come from Idaho. We get into the room and the blonde and light haired girl fall onto the first of the two beds in the room. They giggle but soon are close to unconscious.

I grab the dark haired girl and kiss her. She kisses me back She is strugling to place the glass on the end table without breaking our kiss and using just peripheral vision. Soon she finds it and her hands go to my face and beard.

My hands go to her strong hips. Her tongue is in my mouth and she knows how to work it. “Put me in your mouth.”

“I kinda have this gag thing…”

I cut her off. Holding her ponytail tightly, “I didn’t ask, I told you, put me in your mouth.”

She nods, and starts to get on her knees. As she does she runs her hands down my chest. I open my shorts up and let my cock spring free. She grabs the shaft and while still looking me in the eye takes me in her mouth. I pull my shirt off my head and then get a startle.

“That’s hot. She knows how to suck a cock doesn’t she?”

My head shoots to the left and its the blonde laying on the bed. I thought she was passed out but she is watching intently.

“Yeah, she knows how to suck a cock.” As I stroke the hair of the dark haired girl. “She doesn’t give herself enough credit. Why don’t you touch yourself while a while and Ill be over there soon.”

“OK”, and as suggested she runs her hand under her blue bloomers and I can tell she is playing with her clit.

I switch glances between the dark haired girl on her knees sucking me dry and the blonde clicking her mouse.

“Do you like being watched?” I ask the girl with my cock in her mouth. She nods. “You touch yourself also…” And as if taking lessons from the blonde, the dark haired girl runs her hand that isn’t stroking my cock down her skirt and she starts rubbing her pussy lips.

“Are you nice and wet?” I ask the blonde.

“Mhmm…” All she can do is moan and nod. She is getting so worked up.

“Give me a minute. What about you?” I ask the dark haired girl. All she can do is nod with my cock in her mouth

In a half second I have bent the dark haired girl over the bed that the other two are sleeping on. I am behind her, I pull her bloomers aside and jam my cock into her pussy. Bahçeşehir Escort Bayan Her head is on the unconscious girls chest making eye contact with the blonde. They are looking deep into each others eyes as the stroke their clits. I was close to cumming moments earlier so soon as I hit her wall I blow a hot load into her. She shudders. Soon I finish pumping I stand up.

I walk over to the blonde, my hard, wet with another girls saliva and juices, still dripping cum, cock bobbing in front of me. The blonde is laying with her head on the exposed stomach of the light haired girl. I climb between her legs, pull her bloomers aside nestle the head inside her as respond to her request for a condom by shoving inside of her. Three hard shoves and I am balls deep inside of her.

“HEY! What about me?” The dark haired girl, who now feels left out and wanting attention pipes up.

I keep stroking in and out blonde. She locks her legs around me and places her hands above her head looking for something to hold during the ride. As she does, she inadvertently grabs the cheer top of the light haired girl. I see this so I tell her, “You play with her tits.”

I tell the dark haired girl, “You play with HER tits” pointing to the blonde who I am now jack hammering out of. She obeys and joins us up on the bed.

The blonde is whining and making high pitched noises but as the tiny, manicured hands of another girl hit her tits she starts moaning louder.

As if to shut her up, the dark haired girl leans down and kisses the blonde deeply and hard. I can tell it surprises the blonde and after a second or two opens up to the idea and is kissing the dark haired girl deeply. I can also tell she can probably taste my cum through the girls kiss.

I’m still holding her hips and pushing into her womb as I watch the dark haired girl slip her hands under the blondes cheer top and is playing with her tits, skin on skin. As if to return the favor, the blonde slips her hands under the light haired girls cheer top and starts playing with her tits, skin on skin.

I’m fucking her so hard her tiny body is like a rag doll underneath my massive frame. The live sex show unfolding before my eyes have my balls getting ready to erupt so I push one last thrust into the blondes womb and explode.

She lets Bahçeşehir Escort out a scream into the dark haired girls mouth. I can tell the attack on all of her senses has pushed her over the edge. My cum drowning her womb made her cum harder than ever. She finally breaks the kiss, “You should have pulled out.” as her hips subconsciously rise to meet my still thrusting hips.

Only when I’m sure she has milked me dry, do I pull out. I survey the room as the two girls looks at me with lust filled eyes. “So, what is her story?” As I eye the unconscious girl.

“She is a tease. Also a virgin so we shouldn’t wake her.” One of the two girls responds. Only then do I notice they have taken their tops and bras off. They are still nuzzling up to each other, stroking, teasing each others tits. They almost don’t notice when my cock hardens up again and I have scooted over on the bed to the last of the three girls.

“No, don’t wake her. She is a good girl.

“Don’t worry, I wont wake her.”

“No really, leave her alone.”

“See, she wants it.” I raise her skirt and point out her pussy is so wet it is soaking through her bloomers. I move her bloomers to the side and slide my cock, covered in two girls cunt fluids and my own cum, up and down her slit. “You! Kiss her. You! play with her tits. When you get tired, switch jobs.” As I direct the girls to start having more fun.

Both, nod their head. One kisses her, the other pulls her cheer top of her and starts assaulting her tits. I start slow stroking in and out of her, building her fluids. Soon I reach her virgin barrier. I was shocked. I figured she would have lost it to a frat guys finger or physically active lifestyle.

About the time I reach the much protected virgin state she stirs but doesn’t wake. Slowly but as she does, I thrust through her barrier. She screams into one of her friends mouths but is still asleep. She is painfully tight and as soon as I reach her womb my balls tighten. If I fucked the last one like a rag doll, I’m fucking this one like a limp rag doll. I wish I could say I stretched her in new ways but I didn’t last long at all. I pushed against cervix wall and exploded my hot load in her.

She never woke up and I pulled out. The other two girls laid and watched the unceremonious deflowering in awe. Soon their endorphines and sexual high drops and they doze off. I let myself out.

No idea if they ever discussed the that nights fuck fest or not. No idea if the first two girls ended up becoming lesbians or not. No idea if the light haired girl figured out she was a virgin no more. I wonder if she got knocked up and was surprised since she still had her V-card. All I can do is ponder.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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