Bastille Day Ch. 13

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“Hm-hmm! I don’t speak French, but I can imagine what he could have said.”


We snickered and kissed again. I retrieved my tongue and said:

“Now it’s my turn. Sorry, my tongue isn’t long enough to do anything like that.”

“But your cock is, will be, … better want to be, then.”

“Um-hmm, then, but now I want to taste you.”

She chuckled again, as she crawled up over my face. Her pussy was already moist, and not from her having washed it. Oh, and she must have shaved it that morning – with Sans’ watching?

“Tastes good already,” I murmured.

“Um-hmm,” she agreed cheerfully.

I was in no mood to prolong my pleasure, and hers too, of course. When my tongue began to twitch over her clitoris, I recalled my thoughts when twitching Marge’s nipples. I reached up to find Anna’s, but first grasping her sides to raise her enough so that I could remark:

“Don’t know if you’ll get both of them sucked.”

She snorted and grabbed my wrists, pulling my hands to her breasts and then encouraging my fingers to play with her nipples. Maybe nipples and clitorises aren’t so similar. The latter are more fun to lick and taste better. Not really, but my tongue could find where she did taste better and enjoy tasting it on her clitoris, until I had to refresh the taste.

“Tastes good,” she murmured with a chuckle.

“Uhn-hnnn!” I agreed, appreciating that she understood why I was doing it, then recognizing that she must do the same when she was licking Marge’s pussy. If Sans and I did it to each other like they did to us, it was only logical that they did it to each other like I was doing. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander. Have to tell her – all of them – that later.

Taste her again and then make her moan. She did, her hands encouraging my fingers to roll and squeeze her nipples. Then one of them disappeared. It brushed up my chest, touched my chin; only one place it could be heading. Should I have thought to rub her asshole? Maybe I eventually would have, but if she wanted to … Oh yes, she had the day she arrived, when Marge had left us alone. Help yourself, help me. You know what feels good.

“Uhn-hnnn!” she responded, surely not to my thoughts, but to what her fingers were doing.

She began to moan each time she exhaled, and her pelvis began to twitch, her pussy contracting.

I love it when a woman comes in my mouth! But most of her pussy juice flooded my chin, running down warm on my neck, and another spurt! But so good to know that it was being good for her; I was doing it for her, not for me, like she had done it for me. And how good!

She groaned and dropped down towards the head of the bed, turning her pussy from my mouth, as she supported herself on her arms. She moaned. I took a deep breath and sighed, pleased with my success. It couldn’t have been as good for her as what she had done, but we weren’t finished yet!

Another moan and sigh. My hand found my cock; yes, aroused. Another softer sighing moan from her, and then a snort, and she asked – more a demand:

“Where is it? Fuck.” She didn’t like that word.

She was moving back down over me. It was very easy to find her wet opening with my cock. We both more growled than moaned as it slipped into her; her pussy had been wanting a cock in it, and my cock had just been waiting to be there. She rocked her hips down, and in went in up to the hilt, well, like that, our pubic hairs pressing together. She dropped down with an impassioned expression, that apparently didn’t allow the smile or grin I was expecting, and gave another growling moan. But then the corners of her lips twitched, and she murmured:

“God, that was good, but this is better, will be.”

As I nodded, she planted a kiss on my lips, her tongue seeking mine. It didn’t have to go far to find it; mine wanting to caress hers. Moans, her pussy making my cock surge. She chuckled and retrieved her tongue and murmured:

“Even if you can suck only one at time.”

As she started to move to let me, I urged her to let us sit up. She did. It helped that her hips pressed on my thighs to let me follow her, feeling my cock press even a little deeper in her tight pussy. She leaned back in my arms, and I lowered my head and found one of her nipples. Not as good as her clitoris, but still very good, and she moaned appreciatively, and her pussy squeezed my cock. Suck the other one, too, since she couldn’t have them both sucked at once.

Nice, feeling her pussy tighten around my cock, and nice, because I knew I could enjoy the anticipation until we wanted to really fuck – sitting like this? Any way, however she wanted; it would be the best way. Till then, however, I could tickle her asshole. She gave a chuckling moan, and I felt her nod. Not just her asshole contracted.

“Un-hnn!” I responded and sucked harder on her nipple, catching it with my teeth. She liked that too, responding with a sharp “oooh!” but then moaning. Her asshole relaxed and drew in again, inviting my fingertip to follow. Foça Escort Of course, I knew that felt arousing. It and her pussy tightened again. My cock couldn’t go any deeper, but when they relaxed, my finger could. She moaned with another chuckle, nodding again. That happened again. Why does that feel arousing? But it does, and not just for her asshole.

I was about to suck her other nipple again, when she gave a deeper moan and pushed me back. We dropped down on the bed, forcing my mouth to leave her breast, but then her tongue was in it, firm and wagging, finding mine, and mine hers. Fucking with our tongues, in my mouth and then in hers, and then with our hips – and my finger.

Maybe her throat was not tighter than her pussy! It couldn’t squeeze the length of my cock the way her pussy did, when our hips slapped together and held still for a moment to let us both feel it. But we only did that a couple of times, both with chuckling moans, and then they were slapping together again, as hard and fast as they could, my finger trying to keep up with them.

We came! All wet and spurting. my cock in her pussy; her pussy flooding warm pussy juice on the base of my cock and running down between my thighs, as I grunted, and she gasped and groaned. Her head dropped down next to mine, and she collapsed on me, our stomachs pressing together as we recovered with deep breaths and sighing moans.

As she managed to extend her legs without losing my cock, I suddenly regretted that sex with my wife had never been so good, but then assuaged myself with the thought that I hadn’t known it could be, that I was very luck to now know, that Anna was even much luckier to know already.

When our breathing returned to normal, she nodded silently. Then she must have recognized that my wilted cock was still in her pussy. It wasn’t, after she tried to squeeze it. We both snorted, our stomachs moving on each other. She raised her head and kissed me, just a little better than a friendly kiss, and then moved off me, lying with her thigh over mine and her arm around me. I was glad that she didn’t say anything, just rubbing my side, since I didn’t know what to say. I rubbed her back in response. “Um-hmm,” she responded. I agreed, and we just lay there.

We dozed off, at least, I did. She must have too; since I was awakened when she murmured:

“Oh, here.”

Her hand rubbed my side again. For sure, I didn’t want to know where else she could have been thinking she was. With Sans? Her father? Anyone else? I replied softly, hoping my voice would confirm what she was thinking:

“Um-hmm, here, as good as it could have been.”

“Mmmm! Oh yes!”

Her hand rubbed again, and mine did. Then she murmured:

“Shouldn’t have said that.”

“I wondered.”

“You’re both so good. Oh, really shouldn’t have said that!”

“That’s all right. After last night, why not? I don’t mind.”

She rubbed me again and murmured:

“That’s good. Thanks.”

I rubbed her back, holding her a little closer, thinking: damned, if I were thirty years younger …? But I wasn’t.

“Covers, sleep?” she murmured.


She sat up and drew the covers up from the foot of the bed, and rolled over with her back to me. I curled up behind her and held her breast. She put her hand on mine, and we said good night and fell asleep.

Like the night before with Marge, we separated and slept without disturbing each other until the morning. I was awakened by the feeling of her moving closer behind me and her arm then sliding around me. I found her hand, showing that I was awake, then wondering about my cock. I didn’t want to move to check, but usually when I thought about it in the morning, I then felt whether I had to go or not. I didn’t. Her fingers moved on me, and she murmured:


“Um-hmm. Nice being awakened like this.”

“Sorry, if I did.”

“Couldn’t have been nicer.”

“And nice to wake up and not be alone.”

“Um-hmm, we’ll have to get accustomed to that.”

“Uhnng! I’m not looking forward to it.”

“Me neither, but we didn’t mind sleeping all night without being stirred.”

“True, but then we won’t wake up with someone.”



Our hands both moved in confirmation. Then hers slipped from under mine, down my stomach. Before it found my cock and balls, she murmured:

“I don’t want to do anything, just like to hold them; you know me.”

“Um-hmm, me neither,” I agreed, not able to suppress the thought: and how we know each other!

My cock was all soft, her thumb slipping past it as her fingers gathered in my balls. They massaged them gently and then were still.

We didn’t do anything. If I had thought about all we had done the night before, I would have wanted to, but I made a point of thinking about other things: nothing to do with nude resorts, naked women, especially Anna or Marge, and not about naked men – Sans. Whatever she was thinking about, she just held my balls loosely Foça Escort Bayan in her hand. How can a woman think about something else, when she’s doing that? Her fingers moved a little, and she remarked:

“It’s just so nice to be able to hold you like this; can only do it with you and him and my father.”

“Very nice. With young men, they can’t just let you?”

“Um-hmm, not with Ron and Willy last year. Oh, there haven’t been any others since then, but not before. Hm-hmm! Of course, I didn’t mind. With the first couple, I was too shy to touch them. Oh, after we had a couple of times – I guess I was only shy with the first one – then I did, of course; want to hold his cock. Yeah, after that, of course, I touched them, wanted to let him know that I didn’t mind if he wanted to do something.”

“Hm-hmm! Of course, he did.”

“Um-hmm, but then afterwards, doing this,” – her fingers moved again – “he thought I wanted to again.”

“Didn’t you?”

“It was never as good as last night, so yes, of course, but I really just wanted to hold them, these.”

Her fingers massaged my balls gently. She snorted and added:

“Well, when I started, I did, but then I certainly didn’t mind, when, … that he assumed I wanted to.”

“Hm-hmm! Interesting. I missed out on that.”

Her fingers seemed to think I was inviting them to continue. Did she also feel my cock stir? I snorted and murmured:

“Nice, but if you just want to hold them … Otherwise, I might begin to feel like a young man.”

“Oh, that would be nice, I mean, just that you liked to feel younger.”

“Of course, who wouldn’t, with you, but if you only just want to hold them …?”

“I could change my mind.”

I didn’t reply immediately. She added:

“It’s too early for breakfast.”

If she hadn’t felt that my cock had stirred before, when her thumb slid up and touched it, she must have felt that it was fuller, and felt that it stirred again.

“Nice young man,” she murmured, her thumb moving the skin on it.

“Wish I were,” I mumbled.

“Young enough.”

“Hmmm, if you think so.”

Her fingers slid up under my stiffening cock, thumb and fingers sliding the skin near the base of my cock. In a serious tone, she murmured:

“I do. You know what I like to do.”

“And what I like to do.”


She began to turn around on the bed. I rolled over towards her, and our thighs drew up under the other’s head. My cock was in her mouth before mine could find her pussy. But then!

We both knew what and how much we liked to do it. Oh yes! I felt like a young man, one enjoying himself better than I ever had when I had been one. When she started to swallow my cock again, I forgot about licking her pussy. When my plum was back – out – where she could lick and suck it, her hips twitched, reminding me that she also wanted her orgasm. Both of us wanted to feel and taste each other spurt, and did!

All it takes to feel much younger is to have one’s cock in the mouth or pussy of an eager young woman!

Shower, going together in the shower, joking about her never getting both nipples sucked, while I was fondling them with soapy hands. She didn’t need to wash my cock and balls that well, but I sure enjoyed that she did, just hoping that she wasn’t disappointed that my cock didn’t respond. I shaved, remarking that she must have. She nodded with a grin, remarking:

“Maybe should have the night before, but he enjoyed watching me – me too – snickering as he saw how I did it. Hm-hmm! Almost wanted to lick it again: ‘just to see that you didn’t miss anywhere’.”

“You didn’t!” I replied, returning her grin.

We laughed, drying ourselves. Still chuckling, we went to breakfast, holding hands until we neared the restaurant.

Marge and Sans joined us, all of us smirking. Marge said:

“We thought we would be here earlier,” earning a nod and smile from Sans.

“We did too,” I replied. Anna nodded with a grin and added:

“But then we were talking about how I like to hold you both, …”

Sans shushed her softly, glancing around at the other people and murmuring:


Anna nodded with a smirk, and we went to the breakfast buffet, finding a table where we could talk without being overheard. Before Anna could continue, Marge said:

“I think we can imagine.”

“Probably,” Anna agreed, adding softly: “that I couldn’t do that with younger men, and then, well, he said that he might feel like one if I didn’t stop.”

“I did,” I interjected with a grin.

We all nodded with restrained smirks. Sans gave her a smile and remarked:

“Like I forgot to speak English.”

Anna nodded, returning his smile and giving me a glance. I snorted and asked:

“How could you? Oh, of course, like you told us on the way to Avignon.”

“Hmm? I guess I’ll notice that my daughter has had two children after this.

We all nodded and began to eat, changing the subject to how we wanted Escort foça to spend the morning of our last day together, agreeing that we should stay with the flash mob group, those from Literotica and try to say goodbye to the French, German and English resort guests who had participated.

That was a nice multi-lingual exercise. We quickly found the Americans, most of them together and looking like they had enjoyed themselves, and looking like they knew about how we had. We didn’t find a few, but between us, we remembered who they were, snickering as we agreed that they were probably not so interested in saying goodbye – maybe to each other. Sans sought out the French people he could recall, and Anna and Marge found the Germans. It wasn’t so difficult, since people generally stayed together and in the same areas.

With all the sharing of impressions – not just about the flash mob – we spent a nice final day, including lunch with Ron and Willy and their girlfriends in a corner of the restaurant, where we could share some impressions that we couldn’t with the others.

Late in the afternoon, Sans said that he should check the most recent emails on his website, and excused himself. We three agreed to just have a glass of wine till dinnertime, sitting together somewhere on three chairs. When Marge noticed that my eyes had followed a young girl, she smirked, but then frowned, trying to look very upset, and said:

“Stop that! Just because she’s blond.”

I had only seen her in passing, then obviously from behind – really blond? Nice ass.

“Not really,” Anna replied, who had seen her approaching.

“But you were still looking.”

“Not the first one. Haven’t you? Not just at girls?”

Marge nodded with a grin, chuckling, admitting:

“Of course, but just when you weren’t around.”

“I doubt it, and not just girls; most of the men look better than me.”

“But I – we – ” she glanced over at Anna, who nodded with a grin.

Marge gave a quick glance to each side and said:

“Can’t say it here.”

Anna nodded again with another grin. I grinned, also nodding, and said:

“I shouldn’t have; try not to, … if you don’t.”

After that, we all looked at whoever passed, smiling at the ones who approached us, and usually getting their smiles in response. That continued until Sans founded us, the perfect gentleman. It was time for dinner and we three stood up. He looked at them and remarked:

“I never told you that you both are very attractive.”

They smiled. Marge replied:

“You make us feel like we are.”

“You are!” I rejoined, wanting to show my agreement and excuse my girl watching.

Anna feigned embarrassment and held her hands in front of her breasts and pussy. That only made her nudity seem more attractive. Sans probably also smiled, but my eyes weren’t going leave the view of Anna. He remarked:

“The Capitoline Venus, just much better as a live model.”

Anna then looked like she was really embarrassed, just too tanned to show a blush, but her hands moved closer, hiding her breast and pussy, but her forearm didn’t hide that her other nipple had popped out. Marge also looked at her, nodding with a smile, and agreed:

“Or any other Venus.”

Sans and I nodded. I liked that Marge had agreed with us, but felt that it was a little unfair that Anna had inspired his and her comments. If she hadn’t done that, she would have been a just as attractive Venus – almost.

Sans again rescued the situation, remarking:

“Well, we certainly aren’t any Hercules or Adonises.”

Marge snorted, nodding, and replied:

“It’s not the muscles … or waistlines that count.”

Did Sans also draw in his stomach? Anna and Marge smirked. Anna had lowered her hands, again just looking like the young twenty-year-old we had seen so often. That didn’t keep me from appreciating that I could see the start of the slit of her pussy – something classical sculptors never showed. Better, the live model, as Sans had said.

We went to dinner, joining all the others from our group. Someone had had tables pushed together so that we could all sit together. We were probably too loud, especially after the third or fourth man called for a round of wine.

When I wanted to, both Marge and Anna kept me from doing so. Were they thinking about how our evening would end and worried that Sans and I couldn’t? Maybe justified consideration, what did they want to do? What would we do for our final evening together?

Someone else ordered another round. When we all left the restaurant, not just Sans and I fondled the nearest woman’s bottom, and those behind us chuckled, and we heard light slaps. We weren’t the only ones looking forward to our final night at the nude resort.

Back in our room, we all smirked at each other – after we had all been to the bathroom – not bothering to wash. It was so obvious that we were all going to do something together, and/or we were all so high that we had no compunctions about saying whatever was on our mind. Anna first – maybe feeling the wine more than the rest of us:

“One of you has to like the taste of my muschi.

“Mine too!” Marge rejoined.

I could have expected her agreement, but didn’t expect that she would have spoken so loud – the wine?

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