Bathhouse Heaven Ch. 16

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Big Cock

Writing stories actually takes more time than the already hours long original visits, in part because of how hard writing makes me. Also in part because being in the middle of a story tends to lead me to returning to the baths on a free afternoon, instead of writing. This too is part of a feedback loop which deepens the attraction of spending hours having sex with strangers.

Today was no different, leaving the bathhouse after spending 3 hours there. At least one hour did not involve sex, meaning that the other two did. Though not as quite as prompt as a few previous occasions, the results of smoking a bowl, then 20 minutes later finishing a pint of beer, followed soon afterwards having my cock slide into a man’s mouth remain thoroughly entrancing. With the difference that this time, after a bit, I played with my slick cock while watching two men pleasure each other. Enjoyable on its own, it is not really notable these days to mention spending a while getting off like this.

Leaving after they did, I went to the darkroom, finding another willing mouth and doing my first hit of poppers. However, that blow job just ended after a couple of minutes, without apparent reason. Leading me to the porn room, getting to the top row, settling in to watch two men turn each other on – dressed at the start, something that is never the case at the baths. Foreplay here is very direct, making such porn seem almost exotic, since the two men were clearly enjoying each other getting hornier.

A man entered, and after a short interval, came up next to me, putting his towel down just a few seconds before bending down to give me head. While sucking, he positioned himself perfectly. As he started teabagging me, it was easy to start to rim him until I felt his tongue begin to probe my ass. When that started, I took his cock into my mouth, hearing him unzipper something before doing a hit of rush.

Knowing exactly what was happening, Eryaman Escort I took his cock as deep as possible, finger sliding down to his still slippery hole, circling it. We continued to enjoy our mutual fun, including my sharing the next hit of rush before taking him all the way, my lips at the base of his moving cock, deep throating him without any problem, a true rarity.

As we kept playing, two men entered, sitting down on the lowest row against the far side wall, soon jerking each other off. I watched the taller of the two kneel on the floor then go down on the other, being sucked myself. My attention drifted from the gay sex on the screen to the real sex going on below, with the sitting man turning his head upwards. We gazed at each other, his expression totally turned on, both of us getting oral sex from a man’s mouth, sharing how good it felt to do it in public like this.

While sucking the other man, I heard then saw how the lower couple moved up, the sucked man moving next to me, promptly taking my cock into his mouth. This is the sort of thing that happens at the baths, easily reaching over to play with his slippery hard cock, horny men enjoying each other’s company in glorious fashion. The baths have been a tradition for thousands of years, and likely will remain so far into the future, as men meet other men to have uninhibited sex with each other.

A pair of hands began massaging my foot with exquisite skill. Feet and toes, like hands and fingers, have their erotic charge, realizing that this might turn into one of the relatively rare visits where foot play would be included. I both given and received such pleasure, and still remember sitting in the whirlpool, leg outstretched, having my foot and toes kissed and sucked while playing with two cocks, hands playing with my nipples and cock, kissing one man, surrendering to the variety of pleasures Sincan Escort and strangers around me, sinking ever further into bliss as he took each of toe into his mouth in turn, reversing after reaching an end.

Now, I felt his fingers begin to manipulate my toes while still getting sucked. Sitting up to do a hit, I saw the fourth man kneeling in position to fondle my feet, much as he had been kneeling before. Likely for a similar reason occurred to me while opening the bottle, deciding to hold my breath as long as possible, or until he started kissing my feet, a delightfully naughty thought.

Closing the bottle quickly, I reached out to play with hard cock on each side, watching a man begin to lower his face to my toes, my cock feeling immense as it was sucked. He held my big toe in place before sliding his lips over it, making his desire explicit, my head going back as I exhaled, an unbelievable merging of cocks and mouths, and especially my toe, getting sucked so sexy good, making me moan about how good it felt.

Words were not really possible, but as my toes began to be licked and kissed, I sank into a luxuriously pampered haze, letting a man make love to my foot. As he continued, it felt like each toe was somehow lost in a soft wetness even more deliciously intoxicating than a cock in a mouth or pussy. His focus on my feet was intense, and I could not help falling totally under his spell, moaning and laying back, hands barely able to retain a grip on a cock.

At some point, the man to my right moved to my other side, as I surrendered myself fully, stroking my cock while in heaven. His tongue and lips were heavenly, losing all awareness as he continued. When he rubbed my sole over his hard length, it was unsurprising, as the glorious intensity of his techniques had already revealed just how turned on he was to have feet and toes to orally enjoy.

When Etlik Escort he went down on my, the wetness was wonderful, especially as he soon returned to my feet as I played with my now spit covered shaft, pushing right up to the limit of orgasmic release, quivering on the edge as his mouth continued its spell. He had done both feet a couple of times, and gone down on me one more time when I felt him hold my leg, his tongue sliding along my big toe, then continuing down my leg, along my thigh, him holding the other leg open as the journey continued to my other toe, an unbelievable experience, Which he repeated shortly after.

I continued to be overwhelmed by the exquisite sensations, aware that the rare combination of talent and desire was reducing me to nothing but a slut slave. Letting him do whatever he wanted to me, lost in pure lust, knowing he was excited to find such a willing partner. For all of my moaning and jacking off, it was a surprisingly refined experience, at least on his part, as he played me like a finely tuned instrument.

That the sensations remained so liquid was delightful, feeding him cock whenever opportunity arose, jacking off even as his mouth slid over my cockhead. My mind was gone, barely noticing when one man, then the other, left. Some pleasures seem eternal while occurring, something now happening in a way that kept me utterly under his entrancing spell.

Apart from my stroking hand on a rigid rod, my body had gone completely limp while experiencing his unbelievably erotic talents. Moaning about foot fucking and loving sex with men, I just kept riding the waves of pleasure as he sucked each toe repeatedly, spreading them with slippery fingers, kissing and licking tender soles. Enjoying the rare magic of being reminded just how good it feels to have feet treated like a sexual zone.

Time began to return as things slowed, even if my body remained essentially immovable, brain still completely overwhelmed. As he ended, he mentioned that I had really nice feet, prompting me to moan thanks, and say he was utterly fantastic, seeing him leave as I lay there.

The next hour of the visit was nice, but nothing extraordinary at this point, unlike the half hour spent getting a truly wonderful foot job.

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