Bathroom Frolics

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Click, click, click went the button on the mouse, as Renee scrolled through the letter. She moved closer to the screen, fidgeting in her seat. The words written by her lover in the email made her hot. Actually the words were so hot, they made her horny. Renee knew she wasn’t supposed to receive personal email at work, but she couldn’t get through her day without some sort of word from him. He had been away on business for over a month, making reading this kind of letter even more difficult.

Click, Click, Click….”He thrust so hard into her, she fought to keep from falling off the bed, and her…..” The words she was now reading were describing in explicit detail their last encounter. He took her to the Hamptons for a long weekend, where they made love, no they fucked like two wild dogs for two days.

Renee finished reading his letter and didn’t think she could move off the chair. She felt her pulse racing, and knew her panties were damp. Did she dare? She had to if she wanted to concentrate her work again. Who would know?

Moving in the direction of the ladies room, her eyes moved over the room, noting the emptiness of most of the chairs. It was lunch time, and just about everyone was gone. Pushing open the ladies room door, she couldn’t wait to get into a stall.

Renee was glad she wore a simple skirt, and was even happier it was summer, so she did not have to wear cumbersome pantyhose. Closing the stall door, she moved quietly and raised her skirt and lowered her damp panties. She could smell her own sexual heat. Lowering herself to the john, she opened her legs to pee. If only she could drain her never ending desire to cum so often out of her system too.

She leaned back against the cool tiles, and moved her hand to her pussy. Her clit was still slightly engorged from this mornings self pleasuring. Her fingers pushed through her slit and into her pussy, where she felt the warm and sticky fluid that had already built up from just reading his email. God he could get to her, she thought.

She pulled some of the sticky wet from her pussy and moved it to her clit, adding the needed lubrication she enjoyed while she massaged it. Her clit seemed to swell almost instantaneously as she moved over it in a circular motion. She began thinking about the email, remembering his words, remembering what he said he had done to her in the Hamptons, and what he was going to do to her upon his return. He was such an intense lover. He was able to get to her through email, as well as over the phone.

Renee leaned back as far as she could, pushing her pelvis forward, and opening her legs even further. She moved her fingers slowly up and down her slit, thinking at the same time how she loved the feel of his tongue doing the same. Using several fingers, she pushed deep into her pussy and could feel the juices roll out of her as her fingers backed out. Oh God, I am so wet, she thought. Her movements began to accelerate and Renee made every attempt to remain as quiet as possible. She could feel her pulse pounding in her temples and knew she was so close to cumming.

Her pace now faster, she rubbed her clit harder and harder, thinking güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri about the time he fucked her only with his tongue until she climaxed in repetitive waves. As Renee neared the final explosion, she heard the door open, but she could not turn back. She tried to stifle each breath, each moan, but as she made the final sweep into a mind-blowing climax, the door to the next stall was opened, and Renee let out the longest moan, followed by shallow panting.

“You ok in there?” the voice asked.

Renee panicked. Did whomever it was, hear her? She moved quickly and quietly towards sitting more on the john, peeling herself off the tiled wall.

“I’m fine, thanks.” Her words were mumbled, almost inaudible.

“Ok, just checking.” The voice said.

Renee sat quietly, not moving, almost frozen. When she was sure the person was finally gone, she stood, and pulled her moist panties back up. Fixing her skirt, she headed to the sink, and freshened up, before heading back to her desk.

As she left the bathroom, she again roamed the room for any suspicious eyes. There were known. She let out a sigh of relief and returned to her desk. Her afternoon was spent writing her lover, telling him of her bathroom adventures. Her hopes were to turn him on, as much as she got turned on.

A few minutes before it was time to go, Renee got a call from her supervisor, Alexis, asking her to see her before she left for the day. Renee had very little contact with Alexis, but wished at times that she had more. She was such a gorgeous woman, and Renee had been overheard several times in the bathroom telling some of her closest friends she would love to bury her face between Alexis’ long luscious legs. She, like everyone in the office, knew Alexis had a thing for the ladies, and did not care for men at all. She was also a power hungry businesswoman who was consumed with making it to the top.

Now standing in the front of the Alexis’ door, she knocked, hoping whatever she wanted would be over and done with fast, only because she wanted to get home, and soon. Surely there would be an email waiting for her from him. Hearing a muffled “come in”, Renee pushed open the door, and let herself in.

Alexis was sitting at her desk and motioned for Renee to sit in the chair in front of her desk. Renee had been to this office only a few times, and each time she was called here, she hoped there would be something more comfortable to sit in. Over stuffed chairs were over rated. And they were leather, which drove Renee mad, especially in the heat. And today she was hot.

As Renee sat and waited for Alexis to finish her paperwork she watched her moving papers around the desk and thought to herself how much she would like to make love to her. God, she was so breath taking. Her hair was long, curly, and blonde. She almost looked angelic sitting there with the sun from the end of the day shining softly on her hair.

“Renee, I understand you have been staying here through lunch time?” She asked, almost startling Renee.

“I have been trying to stay ahead of the work, Alexis.” Renee said sheepishly, feeling a güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri bit nervous. How did she know I worked through lunch? Was she watching me?

“Yes, well, it’s good to stay on top of things.” Alexis replied, praising Renee’s work efforts. “However, I called you in here this afternoon, because I am concerned about your bathroom habits.”

“My what?” Renee stammered back at her. “Are you kidding? Isn’t that a bit personal?”

Alexis, moving to the front of the desk, and now looking Renee directly in the eyes said, “Not when I have to come in there and here you getting off.”

Renee swallowed hard, and could feel the heat rise up in her face. She had been caught, literally with her panties down, and there was no escaping. She couldn’t even face this gorgeous beauty. She put her face in her hands and began to cry softly. Alexis moved to her, and wrapped her arm around her shoulders.

“I didn’t mean to upset you Renee, but if I can figure out what is going on, others will. I am only trying to save you further embarrassment. Alexis handed Renee a tissue, and sat on the arm of the chair. “Is there something you want to share? Are you having problems? I mean other than the obvious,” Alexis questioned her.

Letting out a sigh, and holding her head up, Renee told Alexis that her lover had been gone for so long, and his emails and phone calls were they only thing she had to look forward to. She had gotten several emails at work, and got so worked up, she just had to release her sexual energy in the bathroom. She simply had no other explanation.

“I’m really sorry. It won’t happen again.”

Alexis moved in front of Renee on her knees, placed her hand on her chin, and tilted her face upwards. Putting her other hand on Renee’s thigh, Alexis said, “I understand how you feel, I really do. There have been times I have gotten off at work too. Only difference is I have my office.”

Renee looked at Alexis and could not believe what she was hearing. She then felt Alexis begin to massage her thigh, and knew if Alexis didn’t soon stop, her almost dry panties would become damp again.

“Why not let me help you get over missing your friend,” Alexis offered.

Before Renee could even answer, or think of an answer, Alexis moved her lips to Renee’s mouth and began kissing her. Just as Renee had fantasized, Alexis’ mouth was so soft, so inviting. She made no attempts to stop her, and Renee reached out to Alexis, holding her arms, a sign of approval to Alexis. Alexis moved into the chair next to Renee, and the two soon found their arms entwined, while their tongues sought out each other. Renee soon found herself thinking the chairs were not all that bad, and let out a giggle she could not suppress.

“What’s so amusing?” Alexis asked.

“I have never liked these chairs till now,” Renee said as she smiled.

Alexis smiled back, and began stroking Renee’s breast through her sweater. As she did, Renee arched herself towards Alexis, like an animal in heat.

“Let me help you,” Renee said as she slipped her sweater over her head. Alexis followed her lead, and stood güvenilir bahis şirketleri to remove her dress. Moving in front of Renee on her knees, Alexis began massaging her thighs. As she did, Renee leaned back in the chair, making herself more comfortable, and more receptive to Alexis’s advances.

Alexis touched Renee’s panties and let out a small moan as she felt the dampness under her fingertips. She moved her face into Renee’s sex and inhaled her scent. Alexis loved the smell of a woman’s hot pussy.

“You smell so hot, so inviting.” Alexis said as she moved her fingers under the elastic edges of her panties. Renee opened her legs and swung one leg over the arm of the chair, giving Alexis more room to explore. Alexis wasted no time, and soon pulled Renee’s panties down over her hips.

Renee had been with other woman before, but not one so eager to please. She let her mind wander, moving into a relaxed state of mind.

Alexis moved her tongue up and down Renee’s slit, feeling the soft fleshy lips beneath her tongue. In Alexis mind, no cock could ever do for her what a woman’s pussy did. She pushed her tongue into the wetness, and could feel the slippery and smooth walls seem to beckon to her touch. Her tongue circled the hard clit, while her lips longed to pull on it, to tease it. She loved the control of making a woman climax at her touch.

Renee could feel herself moving towards a climax, not attempting to slow it down. She wanted to cum, and cum hard with Alexis. There did not seem to be a difference between the way Alexis licked her and her lover. They both seemed in Renee’s mind as the perfect lovers. As Alexis pushed her tongue deeper and deeper into her, Renee’s breathing now came in short and shallow pants. Her hips were moving fast and hard into Alexis, as if her pussy were fucking Alexis’ tongue and not the other way around. As the climax washed over her, she let out a loud grunting noise that made Alexis grab her legs and pull her in even closer.

“Oh God Alexis, that feels so fucking good. Keep at it, don’t stop, please.”

Alexis did not stop, and she continued to lick and suck Renee’s pussy until several waves of pleasure moved over her. Alexis allowed Renee to catch her breath, and as she did, she reached down to feel her own wetness. She, too, was close, and wanted to feel the same wonderful sense of pleasure she had just given to Renee. Her efforts did not go on long, and in one long, almost uncontrollable spasm, Alexis enjoyed the powerful orgasm she brought to herself.

Renee leaned down to Alexis, with their lips meeting, and she enjoyed the taste of her own pleasure on Alexis’ mouth. Renee wanted to please Alexis, to taste her sweet juices as well, and offered, but Alexis would not let her.

“Next time. I have a meeting to get to now.” She smiled and touched Renee’s face, reassuring her that she was pleased and content.

Shortly after Renee was dressed and ready to leave, Alexis said, “If you get any emails tomorrow that trouble you, I have an open lunch schedule, so please come and talk to me. Just please stay out of the bathroom.” Then she chuckled. Renee smiled and knew this might be the beginning of something very good.

When Renee had gone, Alexis opened up her email. She had one last email to send out to an employee before heading to the next meeting. “Dear Renee,” the letter started. Alexis could already begin to imagine how she would fill her lunch hour for tomorrow.

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