Baxter Family Roadtrip Ch. 04

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Chapter 4: Pitstop

Half an hour later, Luke’s head jolted awake as the SUV stopped at a red light. He yawned slowly, and blearily opened his eyes. He was still naked from the waist down, his discarded jeans crumpled on the floor, and he looked down to see his cock oozing thin strands of pre-cum. In his sleep, his penis had grown harder, until it reached a familiar morning-wood firmness. He reached out to gently feel it, enjoying the thickness and warmth.

He’d cum four times that day, but it didn’t feel worn out or sore. Instead, a slow itch grew in his groin, and he began to slowly pull up and down on his cock to loosen and prepare it to cum again. Luke knew he could easily orgasm a few more times today – his record was seven – but as he began to lazily work his dick, thoughts began to bubble up in his head. With his Mom and sisters here, eager and willing, and without any stupid distractions like having to sneak around his father, who knows if he could do eight? Fuck, why not go higher? Luke grinned, and began squeezing his cock as he masturbated. A slow trickle of translucent pre-cum seeped out, sliding down his penis.

The light clicked green and his Mother accelerated the SUV, pushing the engine a little. She listened to her daughters chatter with each other, mostly about boys.

“…and so like he’s all ‘What’s the matter Caitlin, you never seen a guy shotgun a beer?'” Caitlin dropped her voice low in a bad imitation of a guy’s voice.

“Oh God” Ana groaned in mock outrage. “He sounds like such a idiot. He’s like Sasha’s boyfriend, right? Is that still happening?” she asked, rolling a long, brown strand of hair through her fingers.

Caitlin giggled, “Yeah silly, why do you think we’d even hang out otherwise…” She trailed off as she noticed Luke had woken up. “Hey, sleepy!” she smiled at him. “Did we wake you up? We tried to keep quiet, but you know Ana is so loud-“

“Shut up! I am not!” Ana laughed.

Luke’s mouth felt dry, and he moistened his tongue before he could speak. “You remember my bedroom last month, Ana? I remembered you shouting pretty loudly for more-“

“Oh that was not shouting, that was- I just enthusiastic that’s all.”

“Yeah, you were enthusiastic alright. ‘Fuck me harder, bro?’ Does that ring a bell?” Luke teased. He smacked his lips a little, wetting them in the humid air of the car. He could still smell the sweat and dried semen from the family’s earlier fuck session, and as he looked across at Caitlin, he could see the seat between them was speckled with dried cum stains. She was snorting with laughter, and Ana’s voice began to rise in embarrassment.

“Aww, you’re so mean to bring that up!”

Caitlin watched her brother as he slowly pulled back and forth on his cock. Instinctively, she reached a hand over, grasping his penis at the base. Luke let go of his dick. His sister rubbed his shaft to coat her fingers in pre-cum, and began pumping up and down, faster than Luke had been.

Looking away from his cock, she addressed Ana again.

“Plus last week, he totally made a pass at Mrs Henderson in Math.”

“The old woman with the glasses? She still teaches college Math? And Sasha’s boyfriend made a pass at her? Wow…” Ana said in disbelief, dropping the strand of hair.

“Oh my god, Ana, she is like *so* ancient.” Caitlin said, paused for a second, and lifted her hand from Luke’s dick, before spitting saliva onto it with a loud, wet splat. She leaned over to resume jacking him off.

“Caitlin!” Her Mother’s irritated voice called out from the driver’s seat. “What have I told you about spitting?”

“‘It’s unladylike.'” Caitlin quoted, and sighed, pulling up and down on his penis. Luke didn’t think she really needed the lubrication, but he found the gesture hot nonetheless.

“Right. I didn’t raise you to behave like that” Tracey said. She stopped speaking, and the car was quiet for a moment. The only sound was the slow wet squelching of Caitlin’s hand on her brother’s cock. “Besides,” Tracey continued from the front seat, her voice notably softer, “your brother… he sounds like he’s wet enough as it is.”

Caitlin rolled her eyes at Luke, feeling a rising sense of irritation that she’d been told off twice in an hour. Luke leaned back into his seat, eyes gently raised to the roof of the car as he enjoyed his sister idly masturbating him. After a long pause, Caitlin resumed talking.

“…and so yeah, I was thinking about talking to Sasha about it.”

“About her boyfriend flirting with this woman?” Tracey cut in before Ana could speak.

“Uh, yeah…” said Caitlin, now a little nervous she was discussing her tokat escort friends love-life with her Mom. She began pulling harder on Luke’s cock and he groaned loudly in response. The loud, wet jerking sounds increased in intensity, and she spoke a little louder to compensate. “‘Cause like, we’re all in college now, and she’s been dating him forever, like from high school, and she doesn’t know half the stuff he does.”

“You should tell her” said Tracey, firmly but encouragingly. She propped up her sunglasses and glanced in the rear-view mirror to make eye contact with Caitlin. “Wouldn’t you want to know if you were in her position?”

Her eyes fixed on the mirror, watching the lewd sight of her son’s pre-cum covered cock being jerked rapidly. After pulling on his shaft, Caitlin’s hand slipped lower and groped his balls.

“Yeah, but the thing is she gets so mad when she gets into a fight with him.” Caitlin continued. “Then he gets all moody too, and it takes them like a week to make up. The last time, Emma told her and they didn’t speak for *two weeks*.” She drew out the words for emphasis. “How messed up is that? Her boyfriend goes off flirting and he gets a week of silent treatment, but her friend gets two just for telling her?”

“Sasha is one of those girls.” Ana spoke slowly, stretching out her long legs onto the dash. “She’s totally insecure.”

“Yeah. I’m so lucky we don’t have to deal with that.” Caitlin shared a look with Luke, and squeezed his dick. “Not everyone gets to have we have, right?”

“Ri-ight.” he mumbled, his voice stumbling as he felt an orgasm building inside him. His sister was smiling at him, and he tried to give a casual smile back, but the warm rush in his dick was distracting him. He took short, sharp breaths to steady himself.

“Exactly, honey, and you shouldn’t forget that.” Tracey said, gently slowing the SUV. A truck began turning in front of them. She began to reminisce, her voice becoming wistful. “Do you remember that time at the lake, when we had that lodge to ourselves for the weekend?” Ana gave a casual “yeah”, and Caitlin nodded as she toyed with her brother’s dick. “There was that gorgeous wood deck, and we swam in the water by the pier, and Luke, remember those tiny blue swim trunks you had?”

“Yuh-” Luke opened his mouth to speak and shuddered. A long rope of cum spurted out of his dick and splattered into the back of the car seat in front of him. As it began to drip down, Caitlin dropped his dick, and his penis jerked by itself to send another spurt of cum into the seat. He moaned in relief as the itch inside his groin dissipated. Caitlin leaned back into her own seat, licking her fingers, sucking his cum into her mouth and swallowing. He watched her tongue move as another stream of cum ejected from his dick, slower this time, and fell mostly on the floor.

“I remember he didn’t get wear them much, Mom! You were always pulling them down and sucking on his dick!” Ana laughed. She leaned over to slap her Mother’s thigh lightly. Tracey pushed her daughter’s hand away, and straightened her back to sit firmly upright in the drivers seat.

“Language, Ana!” her mother chided, but her voice was still happy and cheerful – she didn’t really mind. “I did have them off a few times, I suppose. But can’t a Mother give her strapping son a quick blowjob now and again?”

Ana snorted and her laughter deepened. “Most Mothers wouldn’t agree with that!” she said, surprised her Mother would say something so open.

“No,” Tracey sighed, “I don’t suppose they would. And they don’t get to experience all the fun we’ve had. Like at the lake – I mean, wasn’t that the first time you and Caitlin…” she drifted off, trying to find something more polite than ‘had sex with each other for the first time, and then couldn’t stop fucking all night long.’

“Uh, yeah Mom.” Caitlin piped up from the back. She popped a finger from her mouth and swallowed a helping of cum. “That was, uh, *definitely* the first time we had sex.” She smiled at her Mother’s naivety.

“Right” her Mother said firmly, and made a note in her brain to follow up on this later.

“Wasn’t that in like, May last year? After the pandemic started?” said Ana.

“Oh gosh” said Tracey, pausing, flicking through memories. “I think you’re right. Wow, that must have been nearly a year ago then. Time sure does fly, huh?”

Minutes rolled by as Tracey, Ana and Caitlin chatted amongst each other, remembering past holidays. Luke sat barely upright in his seat, feeling the drops of sweat and cum on his warm body. He gingerly fetched some tissues and began wiping himself tokat escort bayan off. Easing his dick back and forth, he drained the last of his cum and dropped the tissues onto the seat next to him. Yawning, his eyes drifted to look out the window. The Texas landscape rolled by, an endless blur of short grass, dried and baking in the heat. In the distance, he could see a line of trees, planted at intervals, and behind them some fields, with a few grazing horses.

The clicking of a turn signal caught his attention. Tracey nudged the SUV into an off ramp, and they passed a series of signs for food and fuel. All of the roads they’d driven through in Texas had been straight and wide, and Luke could see immediately where they were headed – a string of boxy, colorful buildings, strung with lines of flags that fluttered in the breeze.

“We’re stopping for gas.” Tracey said, and took a right, towards the closest building, a low slung gas station. A couple of trucks were parked up by the pumps, and Luke pushed his cock back into his underwear, and collected his jeans from the floor of the SUV.

“Oooh, Mom, can you get me a diet coke? And please get me some Reeses?” Ana asked, with a pleading note in her voice.

“Honey, we’ll eat in a few hours. You shouldn’t spoil your appetite.” Tracey stopped the SUV, and looked out to check the gas price, and sighed. “They always charge so much by the freeway” she complained.

“Yo Mom, can you get a coke for me though? My lips are dry. And, like, I’m pretty hungry too, so like a Twix? And some M&Ms too.” Luke’s tone was gentle but firm.

“Aww, sweetheart!” His Mother seemed slightly upset. “You never said you were thirsty. ‘Course I’ll get you a coke. Give Mommy a kiss.” She turned around to lean towards him in the backseat, showing off a large eyeful of cleavage. Luke moved to meet her, kissing her on the lips. They paused for a second, mouths opening to tongue each other. Ana sighed loudly, and they broke off.

“What’s your problem?” asked Tracey, settling back in her seat and smoothing her hair in the mirror. She wanted to look presentable before she went inside.

“You give Luke anything, any time he asks for it. It’s so unfair” Ana said.

“Oh, I do not. He’s thirsty that’s all, it’s just a coke.”

“And a Twix. And some M&Ms. Oh! And can you get me one of those bags of cherry sweets, with the bear on them?” Luke interjected.

“Of course, honey” Tracey said warmly.

Ana made a spluttering sound, which her Mother ignored. Tracey opened the door and stepped out, hair blowing in the dry wind. “Relax, Ana. You’re all adults, and if you want a drink, you can go buy one.” she said, leaving the door open while she grabbed the gas nozzle and started filling. There was a long moment while Ana stewed in the front seat.

“You gonna go inside?” her Mother asked, as she replaced the nozzle.

“Nah, forget it, I don’t want it anyway” Ana muttered.

“Well, alright” Tracey said, shut the door, and after checking for cars, walked to the gas station.

Another truck pulled in beside them and began refueling. Caitlin scrolled on her phone, checking Instagram. Ana jotted her foot up and down, looking at the dust on the car windscreen. Through the windows, she thought she could just about see her Mother walking through the store.

“I can’t believe she’s actually getting you a coke.”

“Can’t you?” said Luke, genuinely confused.

“You are so spoiled, you know that? Mom gives you literally everything you’ve ever asked for.” Ana said, becoming irritated.

Luke considered this for a moment.

“Nah” he said casually and sniffed dismissively.

“Uhh, yes you are” said Ana. “You got a racing bike last Christmas, that you never used. You got a car – *a car* – from Mom for your birthday. And that was two weeks after you got the worst grades in college you’ve ever had. Plus Mom gives you handjobs and blowjobs any time Dad’s back is turned. And now, she’s getting you a coke, two seconds after saying I can’t have one.”

“It’s just a coke, Ana, chill out” he said, staring out the window. The only thing around them was freeway traffic and some dead grass.

“Caitlin, back me up” Ana twisted in her seat to look at her sister, who didn’t look up from her phone.

“She does spoil you sometimes, y’know” Caitlin mumbled. She didn’t really want to get involved, but her Mom’s behavior was blatant.

Luke sighed, and looked away from the window to roll his eyes at Ana. “So what, maybe once or twice she’s given me some stuff.” He paused, but didn’t take it in. “Maybe if you had a dick she’d escort tokat give you something too.” He started laughing, and cupped his groin, feeling his dick beneath his jeans. Both of his sisters groaned loudly, and Caitlin gave him a shove in his ribs.

“Move. Go sit in the front, I wanna sit next to Ana now” Caitlin said, and poked her brother again. Ana smiled. In a second she was at Luke’s door, pulling his sleeve to get him out of the SUV. As the girls sat down together in the back seat, Caitlin tilted her phone to show her sister something and they both giggled. Luke sat in front, pulled the door shut behind him, and tried to ignore the sounds from the back seat.

“Mom’s back” he grunted, as she got back inside carrying a shopping bag. She had an odd expression on her face, Luke thought.

“Here you go sweetheart” she said, and handed him a coke. As he took the can, his Mother leaned in and kissed him on the cheek. He grinned.

“You going to sit up front with me, now? That’s nice” Tracey said cheerfully. He cracked the can open. It hissed, and foam started to bubble out.

“You want some coke, Ana?” he said loudly and tauntingly over his shoulder.

“No” she said, a little too quickly. Her eyes were down on Caitlin’s phone, which they kept passing back and forth, while whispering to each other.

Luke gulped a mouthful of coke and swallowed. He could taste the gas, and blew on the coke to stop it from frothing. His Mother searched through a brown paper bag, handing him the confectionery he’d asked for.

“-your M&Ms, your sweets- oh, and honey.” she paused for a moment, and met his eyes. “I got you something a little naughty.”

He raised an eyebrow.

“I was over by the magazines, checking if they had the new People. And I know how much you like ladies with large breasts – after that video you made me watch-“

Luke rolled his eyes. He didn’t make his mother watch anything, she just always wanted to know what he was watching. When it was porn, her reactions are usually incredibly curious or disgusted. Sometimes in equal measure.

“-with the lady with the enormous chest.” She mimed a pair of breasts, with her hands in front of her own chest. “I mean those were absolutely massive! Gosh. So-” she pulled a couple of glossy magazines from the bag, and Luke’s eyes widened. The top magazine featured a woman stood in only green bikini bottoms, posing provocatively with arms covering her nipples. She had a pair of massive breasts, which spilled out either side of her arms. A shock of red hair covered one of her eyes, while the other stared straight at Luke.

“Woah!” Luke breathed, and grabbed the magazine. His sisters craned their necks, before leaning over into the front of the vehicle to see what was going on. Tracey sat, smiling warmly as her son flipped through the articles of the magazine (‘Ass, Grass and Cash: Meet America’s new Cannabis Hotties!’), before resting on the centerfold photos.

Caitlin was stunned. “You bought him porn?” she said, surprised.

“Well, I wouldn’t normally do something like this” Tracey said, her voice clearly a little reflective. “But it’s a special occasion, isn’t it? I mean, we’re all together, and Luke gets so excited when he looks at these ladies.” She reached out to fondle his arm. He looked up at her and grinned, before looking back at the porn.

The woman was on all fours, showing off her massive breasts to the camera. She was biting a thumb, with a wide open smile towards the reader, proudly showing off her large, erect nipples. “Plus, there was a woman at the cash register, so it wasn’t awkward.” Tracey stopped for a second, before thinking out loud. “I thought that would be OK, since it was a woman, and, you know, Luke would like it, and she bagged it right up without saying anything. Besides, Luke’s been such a good son recently.”

“Isn’t he failing a class?” Ana said, snorting.

“No” Tracey said quickly, and then paused for a moment. “Well yes, he is” she admitted. “But that professor, he’s got a grudge against him, I think.”

“Maybe it would help if he did the assignments” Caitlin muttered and the girls laughed quietly.

“Girls!” Tracey said, and sorted through the bag. “I got you this, I thought you might enjoy it.”

It was a magazine with a vivid white cover, and the bright red title “MEN FOR YOU”, in massive letters. There was a shirtless man on the cover, with a six-pack. Caitlin started laughing immediately and grabbed it out of her Mother’s hands. The girls retreated to the back seat to go through the magazine and giggle at the images of barely dressed men.

“Thanks Mom” Caitlin said. “This is so, so funny.”

“Oh, and Ana?” Tracey said. Ana looked up at her mother, who handed her a can.

“Diet Coke, like you asked for.”

Ana smiled despite herself.

“Thanks Mom” she said quietly, before Caitlin turned a page and they both started laughing again.

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