Be Careful What You Ask For

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Not in my wildest dreams could I have hatched the scheme on my own. Not without Zelda. She was my brother’s girlfriend, you see. She turned me onto it. But not directly, more in a motivational sense.

I went to visit my brother at school. He was studying psychology or something like that. He just moved into an over sized apartment complex with a funny numbering system and I had a hell of a hard time finding his place for the first time.

I walked around the apartments until dark, knocking and asking whoever would answer where I could find my brother. No one knew him. He wouldn’t answer his cell.

Out of nowhere this beautiful girl comes up behind me and hugs me. She looks at me and says in my ear,

“I need to fuck right now, baby. I’m so fucking horny.”

God she was a good looking girl. If she hadn’t been so good looking I would have stopped it right there. But what the hell. How often does this happen?

I went into her dark apartment. She starts making out and grabbing my cock. She unzips me and is sucking me like a pro. Like she knows me already. Whatever apprehension I had faded right into the walls of that dark apartment.

Within minutes we are on an unfamiliar bed fucking like porn stars. I don’t have a clue who she is and in the dark I found that I couldn’t even remember her face as we fucked.

She was a faceless pussy in the dark. I went down on her and ate her until she begged for more of my cock.

It’s like a fantasy guys have. Just seeing a woman and being able to fuck her without any preliminary conversation. But that really is nothing but a jerk off fantasy. Women aren’t like that. At least not any that I have met.

They don’t fuck strangers. That’s more of a guy thing but I don’t want to sound sexist. I won’t begrudge them the opportunity to prove me wrong. Like Zelda did.

It took a while for the facts of the situation to all come together after we both came. She just laid there after, stretching her body over mine and hugging me lovingly.

The longer this embrace went on, the more confused I became. I needed to know where I was, who she was and sort of take it all in. Before I had a chance to ask any questions she asks me to get her a beer from the kitchen. This is when it came into focus for me.

I fumbled with light switches and with illumination, everything looked wrong somehow. Oddly familiar, like I should know it. I felt like an amnesia victim coming back to reality.

Pictures on the wall of people who looked like my relatives. Yes, my uncle, my father, my mother…Hell, I was in my brother’s apartment!

Here’s the crux of the problem; we are ringers. Identical twins. What had just happened hit like a freight train. My brother’ s girlfriend thought I was him. That was the whole reason for it. I panicked. Pacing around with my head in my hands saying,

“Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck,” or something like that.

She heard me and came out of the bedroom.

“Baby? Scott? What’s the matter honey?” she asked, throwing her arms around me.

“I’m not Scott!” I declared. Pushing her away.

“That’s what’s the matter!”

I looked at the pictures on the bureau in the living room. There I was. There I was with Scott 4 years ago at our high school graduation. I pointed at the picture. She knew he had a twin.

“I’m Alex! Not Scott!” I emphasized.

She looked at the picture and then at me. Damn. Scott didn’t even mention that he had a girl. I was beside myself with guilt.

She considered me skeptically for a moment, maybe pretending to be offended.

“So you didn’t know Scott had a girlfriend?” She asked. I shook my head.

“I couldn’t even find his apartment,” I added.

“Well, I’m Zelda,” she said. She smiled at me and giggled.

She got us both a beer from the kitchen and brought my clothes from the bedroom, dressing herself in the meanwhile.

We sat in the living room and talked for quite a while. I Really liked Zelda. But then Scott and I always liked the same things anyway, including women, so it was not surprising. She was a tall thin brunette with near black hair and eyes. Maybe she was Spanish. I didn’t ask her.

Zelda thought it might be better to keep our adventitious romp in the sack a secret. She was ok with that. There was no need to upset Scott. We both felt neither of us had done anything wrong. I was a horny guy and did what any guy would be expected to do.

She thought I was her lover. End of story. We drank several more beers and laughed about it. Then Zelda asks me point blank if I liked the sex. I didn’t really know how to answer her.

“I loved it,” I said.

That wasn’t entirely true. It was the best sex I had ever had. It wasn’t like I fell in love with Zelda at first sight. Sure she was beautiful and sexy, but I didn’t know anything about her when it happened. That’s what I think I loved. That was over the top erotic. We just saw each other for the first time and started savagely fucking.

Scott almanbahisbahis came in a couple hours later and the three of us sat up until after midnight talking and drinking. Zelda could not believe how much we looked alike. Most twins have some distinguishing features which with a little familiarity you could learn to tell them apart. It was harder with us.

There was one thing. I had a small birthmark shaped like an arrowhead on my thigh. Zelda made us show her our legs. That seemed to give her a lot of satisfaction.

My brother and I are tall blondes born in America to 2nd generation Swedish immigrants. Neither of us have ever had difficulties finding dates and this I can say about having a twin; It makes you sexier. It is a fact. We go into a bar separately, we might get a few smiles. We go in together and women will not keep away from us.

Lying on the couch that night, as my eyelids grew heavy I dreamed an idea based on my experience with Zelda that day. It was not an entirely ethical idea, but it was one which I thought might bring me a great deal of erotic satisfaction. I just had to get Scott to go along with it. I knew he would. We were tight. Plus, I was older by 3 minutes.

It would play out in the following manner: Scott would go out for a night and meet a sexy girl; Spare me the trouble of buying drinks and making conversation;Spare me the trouble of games and foreplay;Spare me the trouble of knowing who she was. He might text me details if he had to, bring her home and exit out the back.

I dreamt all night of strange beautiful women whose faces and names I didn’t know. Women to whom I owed nothing, and they owed me nothing. I dreamt of wordless encounters, beginning with a brief glance and a passionate kiss and ending in the ecstasy of novel orgasm.

If it took more than 1 night of work, oh well. If it took a week of lunches, oh well. A week of dinners, oh well. That is how the game would play out. I fell asleep rock hard, thinking about it. And yes, I would reciprocate for him if he wanted. But then, he had Zelda.

The next morning after Zelda went to work, I broached the topic with Scott, hypothetically of course. I don’t think it had the same appeal to him as it did for me.

“Let me get this straight,” he said, trying to organize his thoughts coherently.

“You want me to pick up on a woman and let you fuck her?”

Scott didn’t see any sense in it. But he was amused. I couldn’t tell him that the idea and desire came from fucking his girlfriend.

“Ok. What the hell,” Scott chuckled.

I knew he would. I love my brother!

My apartment was across town. 2 miles from Scott. That Friday night I got a text from him. He was out with his buddies at a campus bar.

“Hot babe coming onto me,” it said.

My heart raced. We hadn’t talked any more about it since that morning. I hadn’t worked out any of the finer details at this point, like making sure we were wearing similar clothes or were both shaved or whatever subtle differences girls might see. Trial run.

About 2 hours went by and I got a text.

“Shelloy. There in 5. Stay in bathroom.”

I quickly pounded 3 shots of whiskey. I was nervous and excited as hell. I went into the bathroom and soon heard the front door open. I heard my brother’s voice.

“I’ll be right back babe. Can you get us a beer from the kitchen?”

Scott walked into the bathroom with a grin a mile wide. He was enjoying it. Fortunately we were both wearing jeans and a tee shirt. I had also dimmed the lights in the apartment. Scott gave me his jacket.

While My soon to be sex partner was fumbling around in the kitchen, Scott quickly tiptoed back out the front door. When he was outside he texted me.

“She’s ready bro!”

I listened to the footsteps in the kitchen as my heart palpitated. I heard a bottle cap pop open and then another. I didn’t have much time to plan. I went with it and waited in the dark living room.

“You got quiet all the sudden,” said an unfamiliar voice in the kitchen. She watched me sit on the couch and take off my jacket.

“I guess I’m too busy thinking about you,” I replied. Scott must’ve been prattling on about something or another.

She stepped around the corner holding the bottles. I couldn’t believe it. Black? I had never been with a black woman, ever! My blood raced with excitement. She was so unbelievably hot. She wore tight blue jeans and a form fitting top behind which her firm big nippled breasts sat like ripe plump mangoes waiting to be devoured.

She handed me a beer as I stood to meet her. I set down the bottle and kissed her mouth and neck, somehow expecting it to taste different than the mouth and neck of a white girl. It did not.

She kissed me back eagerly and soon we were on the couch. I could feel and smell her wet pussy through her soaked jeans as she rubbed my trapped cock. I was so into kissing her mouth and tasting her wet tongue I just sat there like a almanbahis giriş teenager, french kissing her.

She finally got my cock out of my pants and ran her fingers up and down its sensitive underbelly until I started to drip. Fuck she was making me hot. I unbuttoned her jeans and ripped her pants down, so anxious to eat her pussy.

I kissed and ran my tongue all over her breasts as I began to finger her wet shaved pussy. Feeling it made me want to taste it even more.

I pulled her jeans from around her ankles as she sat reclined on the couch. I kissed up her strong, hard inner thighs coming close to but never touching her pussy with my tongue for several minutes.

“If you’re trying to make me crazy, it’s working,” said Shelloy. She took the back of my head and forced, or perhaps strongly encouraged my mouth to suck her clit.

“Don’t make me crazy. I’m crazy enough without that tease shit,” she said.

God she moaned and sighed and told me how much she loved it. I licked her clit until her thick hips began to quiver a bit. Then she pushed my head head away, wanting more before she came.

I sat beside her on the couch again and kissed her.

“I have a bed, believe it or not,” I mentioned casually, fully prepared to break it satisfying her.

I feel I have always been a good judge of a woman’s physical strength. Some are delicate and breakable, some are strong and fiery and will put up an admirable fight with a man and some are just plain strong and will kick a man’s ass. Shelloy was just plain strong.

This is of course just perception. But perception is powerful. I felt I could fuck her recklessly. And I wanted to do just that and I did just that.

I laid her on my bed and licked her clit some more while I fingered her wet, syrupy vagina. I sucked and bit her nipples until they must have hurt, until they were swollen up like champagne grapes ready to burst. Then I put my cock in her.

She raised her hips from the bed to take me in. I kissed her as I pushed my hips against hers.

I started to fuck her harder, slapping and grinding on her pelvis, smothering and straining her clit. She pulled her thighs tight against my hips and I just fucked her harder in response. She loved it. She could take all I could give her, all of my 6 foot 3 inch, 200 pound body slamming against her as hard as it could. She dug her nails into my back hard until it bled.

“Fuck that shit baby!” She said. Demanding emphatically. ” Oh yeah, fuck that pussy!”

After we both came, we slept in a strong comfortable embrace all night and through the morning. I forgot her name and her face, both of which I could barely recall to begin with, and the color of her skin and the taste of her lips, and the strength of her hips. I forgot it all. All but the eroticism of fucking a strange new lover.

My brother brought them to me every week. All genres of women. Small, tall, big, curvy, busty, white, Asian, black, young, mature. It became pathological for me I think. I was addicted to anonymous, strange love.

I fed him all of the details after. Our mutual friends loved to hear about it. Some envied me, some couldn’t understand why I did it but were amused anyway. I think because it was surreal. Only a twin could pull it off. There was no other way to do what I was doing.

And as surreal as it might have been, there came a twist. One that caught me by complete surprise and one that some might have viewed as justice, though I felt otherwise.

It was late in September and the day had been unseasonably warm and sunny.

I sat outside on my balcony watching the rush hour traffic inch by and drinking an ice cold beer.

I got a text from Scott’s phone.

“Alex! You want something a little unusual tonight?” it said.

I thought about what he meant. Maybe he wasn’t talking about sex. The sex always seemed unusual.

“?”, I replied.

“Dominatrix”, he wrote back. I frowned to myself. I wasn’t so much into pain.

“Like with whips and shit?”, I inquired.

“No. She just likes to be on top. In charge, you know.”

I cracked another beer and thought about it, envisioning either a really mean girl or a female body builder. The imagery brought a smile to my face.

“Why not?”, I texted.

He texted me all of the details. He said he worked out this fantasy role play in advance and promised I’d like it. She would be by at 10 pm. Before I answered the door, I was supposed to put on a blindfold and then do what she said.

That was an odd twist, I thought. Blindfolded? It was more erotic than anything yet. I wouldn’t even see her face. I liked the idea of being unable to form a real tangible impression about a lover. A cross between a dream and a conscious fantasy.

I drank myself silly the rest of the evening, envisioning being tied down and ridden cowgirl by a woman with arms and legs bigger than mine. She would be telling me what a little bitch I was or whatever. I canlı bahis was totally stiff. Definitely something new.

It was different than I imagined. 10 pm. There was a soft knock on my door. I had forgotten about the blindfold. I quickly ran to my bedroom and found an old tee-shirt from which I tore a long strip. Standing in front of the door, I tied it around my head and let in the stranger.

From the start it was different than my fantasy. When the door swung open I stepped back and waited. There was no sound but the wind rushing through the maples in front of my apartment. I stood blankly for the the longest time. Then there was the sound of heels, walking slowly, pausing. Then a whisper in my ear.

“Close the door,” it said.

I pushed it shut and soon felt a soft hand on my face, warm breath in my ear and a woman’s body pressing up against me.

She kissed my neck and face while unbuttoning my shirt. As her tongue slid into my mouth, she brought her hands to my bare chest and pinched my nipples so hard I winced.

She took me by the hand and led me into the bedroom.

“No safe word, right?” She whispered. “Isn’t that what you wanted?”

I wasn’t entirely sure what a safe word was. I thought it had to do with role play. I guess I had to go along with it.

“No safe word.” I said.

I was facing the foot of my bed. She was behind me kissing my neck and fondling my stiff cock. She undressed me and sucked me until I nearly came in her mouth. She stopped and I soon felt her wrapping something around my wrists. Then my legs.

She had me tied to the footboard. Soon I felt her naked body behind me, her breasts against my back, her pussy hair against my ass. Then came the part that made me uncomfortable.

She put something in my mouth and cinched it in tight around the back of my neck. I could only breathe through my nose. I started to pull at my hand restraints and tried to object but no words came out of my mouth.

She sensed my uneasiness and whispered in my ear.

“Shhhhh baby. I’ll be gentle.”

Gentle about what? I thought. I could hear her behind me shuffling around and fiddling with something. Buckles snapping or plastic caps flipping open. I couldn’t tell. And I sure as hell couldn’t ask.

My cock went limp. My fucking brother, this was not as he had insinuated. He failed to mention the restraints and gag.

Again I felt her nipples against my back and her mouth on my neck. She rubbed my cock and balls with oil or lotion making me stiff again. Then I noticed something wet and hard against my ass. I didn’t want to imagine what it was. But I knew.

I struggled against my restraints frantically and she grabbed my balls so hard I would have screamed if I could.

“Just relax!” She demanded. “Relax and take it.”

It was the first time she had spoken above a whisper and there was something familiar about her voice. I couldn’t place it.

“You’re not a little pussy are you?” She said, sliding her lubed up strap on in between my ass cheeks.

She pressed it up against my ass while she stroked my cock gently. I couldn’t believe I was still hard. And that voice. I knew it.

Then came the pressure and mild pain of being penetrated. I struggled again and she squeezed my balls until I stopped. Then she giggled gleefully.

“I don’t want you to use my boyfriend to pick up dates for you anymore. Got it?” she insisted.

Zelda. Are you kidding me?

She started to fuck my ass slowly as she pushed up underneath my balls with her fingertips, compressing my prostate while the ribs on the strap on tickled it from underneath.

As much as it hurt, I loved what it was doing to me. I quit struggling and let her fuck me.

Zelda undid the Velcro on my mouth gag and it fell to the bed. I gasped for breath. She laughed.

“Are you my little ass virgin Alex?”

Fuck! The bitch was going to make me cum. I was so pissed at her. I had no words to say to her and god I could feel a strong deep orgasm coming on. Then she stopped.

“Are you? Tell me!” she demanded, squeezing my balls again. I moaned and shook my head.

“Yes.” I said. She squeezed my balls harder.

“Yes, what?”

“I’m your fucking ass virgin!” I said.

She laughed and jerked on my oiled cock while she tickled my prostate with her strap on. It felt so good. I shot my load over my bed.

Zelda pulled out and removed my blindfold but left me tied to the bed. I watched her dress and put her toys away.

“Was my brother in on this?” I asked. She smiled, kissed me on the cheek and left.

“Nope. All me,” she said. Zelda had texted me from my brothers phone.

Scott needed to keep better tabs on his shit, I thought. She had probably read every text we sent.

It didn’t take long to get out of the restraints. My ass hurt and I just flopped into my bed.

I heard my phone buzz from my jeans pocket on the floor. I thought of Zelda with both anger and desire. She had played me with ease, but I could see how she wouldn’t want my brother picking up girls.

Scott was on the prowl for me tonight.

“Any interest in a hot blonde 40 something?” said his text. I shook my head and smiled.

“Rain check,” I replied.

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