Beachside Rendezvous

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Just outside the bathroom door, he could hear the shower running. Donnie knew he felt young again. Maybe he wasn’t eighteen or twenty again as when he and Mary Ann had first met, but he sure enough felt younger than he had felt in a long time. He had always known his lovely wife had had a big affect on him since they first met.

This week at the beach had shown that she still did.

He hadn’t noticed the shower had since stopped running, but he did see the bathroom door open.

He looked up and gazed upon a sexy vision. His lovely wife appeared in the doorway, towel wrapped about her, her hair still dripping.

Mary Ann strode the few steps between them and smiled at him mischievously. Then without breaking their mutual gaze, she reached out and clasped his hands in hers. One she brought to her mouth. She kissed it, as she took the other and she placed it on her cleavage, which was accentuated by how tight she had wrapped the bath towel around her body.

Donnie felt the smooth moistness of Mary Ann’s bare skin.

“Had a ‘hard’ day today haven’t you?” she asked.

He remembered the feelings from the morning and the afternoon and the growing feeling in his boxers right then. He smiled. “You could say that.”

“Well what are our plans for this evening? Are we going out or are we staying right here, ordering a pizza and making love all night?”

Donnie wrapped his arms around her and pulled her to him. He looked down into her smiling face and said, “I love you.”

“I know you do.” She said, as she stepped back out of his embrace and over to the dresser. She picked up her hairbrush and started stroking it through her wet locks.

“How would you like to have company tonight?” Donnie asked as he watched her from the backside as well as her reflection in the mirror.

“What?” Mary Ann’s startled response was nearly a shout as she stopped suddenly, pulling back her hair and looking up at him.

“I said. How would you like to have some company tonight?” Donnie reiterated.

“As in whom?” she asked, wondering just what he meant. His face was unreadable as if the question was rather common place.

“Lisa.” He answered. “I have to admit, our new young friend has been interesting getting to know this week to say the least.”

“And by joining us, just what do you have in mind?” Mary Ann leaned back against the dresser with her arms crossed tightly across her chest, pushing up her bosom even more. She looked directly at him with a very stern expression on her face.

Donnie stared at her cleavage and so knew he wanted to be there at that very moment, but then he looked up into a very burning, inquisitive glare. Then it hit him.

“Huh? Oh, no, I just meant…I mean, whoa. No, nothing like that!” Donnie swallowed hard. “Did you really think I was suggesting, well, what I think you obviously were just thinking?”

“Well, actually, nothing would surprise me,” Mary Ann blushed, “not after the way you’ve been looking at that young woman the last couple of days. I’m not sure what you are thinking.”

“What!” Donnie responded, and then blushed himself. “I have not.”

“You have so. You practically drooled down your chin a couple of times over that tight bodied beach bunny.”

Donnie just shook his head, his face almost pure crimson.

“Of course, I probably couldn’t blame you for noticing. She has a lot to flaunt and she does it so naturally well.”

“Oh, yes, and then some.” Her husband drawled lazily, his blushing grin became a smile. “But you know I wouldn’t even think of something like that.”

“I know. You are my man of values and integrity, even though you are a little perverted in some slightly cute ways.”

“Anyway, Lisa has a date tonight and she asked if we wanted to join them at Wally’s. She wanted to know if we could all have dinner together and maybe a drink later. It was her invite.”

“That sounds like a plan.” Mary Ann turned and brushed her hair some more.

“But wait; now you have me curious. I think I’d like to hear a few more details about this ‘cute perverseness’ of mine you seem to admire.”

Mary Ann turned and smiled, then walked on by him. She let her towel drop to the floor as she walked away from him. She swayed her bare hips in that same suggestive manner he had seen earlier that morning walking down the beach.

“You just lost your turn in the bathroom.” She stuck out her tongue and shut the bathroom door behind her.

Donnie stood and stared now at the bare, closed door. All he could focus on was the thought of her naked body on the other side. She knew she still had the power over his weak mind and body.

He smiled broader still and went on into the bathroom after her…


Lisa sat perched on a barstool sipping her glass of wine.

She wore a short, black mini skirt under a royal blue velour top. As Donnie and Mary Ann walked into the lounge, they both took notice, Donnie of the attire right down to the black high heels defining her strong legs quite almanbahis giriş well, while Mary Ann grinned at seeing several other men watching Lisa from all over the room. That included the one on the barstool next to her.

Her date she assumed.

They walked up to the young couple.

“Lisa, introduce us to your friend.” Mary Ann asked coming up from behind the young woman they had met down at the beach a couple of days ago.

Lisa turned on the stool with a start causing a small drop of wine to slip down over her lip and run down her chin. Before she could put the glass back on the counter and retrieve her napkin, the drop turned into a rivulet that ran down her neck and into the prominent cleavage clearly evident above her top.

“Oh, wow, I’m such a mess maker.” Lisa dabbed her neck and then her cleavage.

Mary Ann caught both Donnie and Lisa’s date watching each move of that napkin as it slipped between the tops of the young woman’s breasts. All she could do was smile inside at the both of them. Men!

Lisa balled up the napkin and threw it on the counter, then looked up at the older couple. “Mary Ann. Donnie. I’d like you to meet Steve.”

“It’s nice to meet you, Steve.” Mary Ann said taking a step closer and extending her hand to the handsome young man.

He stood and took it in his and feigned a kiss to the back of it.

“Oh, and a gentleman, too. Donnie could take some lessons.” Mary Ann commented as she looked the young man over. He was tall, thin, sandy-haired, and had bright blue eyes behind gold wire-rimmed glasses. Cute smile, too, she thought, even a little sign of a dimple. Lisa had found a very good looking boy, or rather man in Steve.

“Oh, no, I just figured since you put your hand out…well,” Steve tried to explain, a bit of a blush formed on his cheeks.

Donnie took the young man’s hand and shook it as he watched him trying to figure out if he had committed a faux pas. “Don’t worry about it, Steve. She gets me all the time. Good to meet you.”

Mary Ann took the stool next to Lisa. “Did you get all of it?”

“What?” Lisa looked back at Mary Ann.

“The wine. Did you get it before it ruined your top?” Mary Ann said, nodding her head toward Lisa’s chest.

“Oh, yes. I think so.” She looked down and pulled the neck out a couple of inches, then let go and brushed at the blue material. “It is a bit embarrassing.”

Mary Ann was not sure what Steve was going to do first, choke on his drink or let his eyeballs pop and skitter out onto her chest. She looked back at Donnie and realized he hadn’t noticed the exhibition. Poor man, what a shame he did not get to see.

“Have you asked for a table yet?” Mary Ann asked.

“No,” said Lisa, “and I’ve already had two glasses of wine. I better eat something soon or no telling what I may do.”

“Okay. I’ll order us drinks,” Mary Ann said, and then glanced back at her husband. “Dear, you go see if we can get a table.”

Donnie took his cue and got up to head toward the hostess podium. “Got it covered.”

Mary Ann remained, knowing it was better Donnie wasn’t there when she started what he always called her ‘meddling’. She just called it getting to know the situation. Lisa was a friend, albeit a very recent addition to their circle of friends, but one she was already ready to watch out for. She needed to get to know this boy, this man, this striking figure sitting next to her Lisa, in a motherly way of course.

“Well, Steve, you look as though you work out a lot.” Mary Ann noted how his shirt stretched to accommodate his broad shoulders.

“Some,” he replied with a modest shrug. “It’s a good way to beat stress as much as anything else.”

“Judging by those shoulders, you must have a lot of stress.” Mary Ann said twisting more in his direction on her bar stool.

“Yes isn’t he delicious?” Lisa patted his thigh.

“So tell me about yourself.” Mary Ann said to Steve. “All Lisa told me is that you two met during lunch the other day and you’ve been down to the beach together.”

Mary Ann saw Lisa’s scrunched, smiling face focused on her. Steve caught the exchange.

“I’m a military brat, so I’ve lived from one point of this globe to the other.”

“Oh, Donnie is a brat too. His dad was in the Air Force and so was he.”

“My dad was an Army Sergeant Major.” Steve said, eyeing his date as she continued to run her hand up and down his thick thigh.

Mary Ann was almost giddy inside watching two young people flirt; their hands comfortably, but nonchalantly touching one another.

“So, tell us more, give us the vital statistics.” Mary Ann said, looking back in the Steve’s direction.

Lisa’s eyes got real big at where this questioning was going all of a sudden.

“I, uh, go to State University.” Steve added.

“Oh, what a coincidence, Lisa goes there!” Mary Ann exclaimed. “To think you two had to come all the way out to the Outer Banks to meet. How funny.”

“Yes, it is isn’t it? Uh, well…” Lisa almanbahis looked at Steve with pause.

Donnie walked up at that moment.

“Ladies, gentleman, your table is ready.” He said and waved his arm back to the dining room.

“How did you get one so fast?” Mary Ann asked, feeling cheated with such a short time to get to know Lisa’s date.

“I just told them we had four very starving people and they felt sorry for me.” Donnie bellowed as he grabbed their drinks and held out his elbow for Mary Ann. “Naw, they aren’t as busy as they look. Plenty of people waiting for later times and just hanging out drinking for now. Come on, let’s go, the young lady over there is ready for us.” He pointed to the hostess holding the menus to her chest.


Dinner was fabulous, and the conversation was interesting. Of course, Mary Ann and Lisa found endless things to chatter about. Here they had been talking the last couple of days down on the beach and they still found more to talk about.

The women had talked about everything from shopping to how they met their first serious boyfriends. It was like Steve and Donnie just came along for the ride. They even got to talking about fairly personal things. Donnie swore that if he let them go much longer they would describe how they each lost their virginity. He knew at least one of them had. He reasonably assumed the other had also. Of course, that was not fair, just because she looked the way she did, Lisa was a natural ‘good-looker’, it didn’t mean anything. Didn’t mean any more than men had fantasies about her, which he mentally scolded himself right then for even thinking such a thing.

In actuality, Donnie had been enjoying every minute of talking to Lisa’s date. It turned out Steve was a college volleyball player, too. He was also a swimmer. They talked for nearly an hour, comparing their jock days.

Finally, he realized dessert had long been over and the black portfolio with the dinner check had been sitting on the table for sometime now. Their waiter had just stopped by for the third time to check on it.

“Oh Jack, here you go.” Donnie said pulling out his wallet and then credit card. He laid the plastic card on the portfolio.

“Thank you, sir. I’ll be back in a moment.” Jack, their waiter appreciatively replied and walked away.

Lisa came out of her extended and animated conversation with Mary Ann. “Hey wait! I think I was the one to invite you guys, should be my place to pay.”

“I appreciate the thought, but I’ve got it.” Donnie said and then gulped the last of his tea.

“That just doesn’t seem right,” Lisa embattled.

Steve sat up in his chair. “I agree, sir. I should be paying since it was I that originally asked Lisa out tonight.” He said reaching into his back pocket for his wallet.

“And again, I truly appreciate the gesture. But let this be our treat tonight. Besides we saved a night on eating out since we didn’t make it out last night.” Donnie winked across the table at Mary Ann.

Mary Ann winked back and rubbed her foot across his leg under the table.

“Oh!” Lisa uttered, seeing and quickly interpreting the quiet signals being exchanged.

“Hush, young lady.” Mary Ann playfully scolded as she patted the girl’s hand on the table. “We are two consenting adults. And if I do say so myself, my Donnie ‘consented’ very well last night.”

With that the older couple shared broad grins again.

Lisa smiled at them both in turn, and winked at Mary Ann.

Jack came back with the credit card slip and Donnie took it, added a healthy tip as he always did and signed it.

“Okay, Ladies and Gent, I think its time we vacated the table so others can enjoy this place. It’s gotten much busier since when we first arrived.” Donnie said as he rose and reached out for Mary Ann’s hand. “How about we retreat back to the lounge for a drink?”

“Sounds wonderful!” Mary Ann replied, rising and pecking her husband on the cheek. Her left hand reached around and pinched him through his khaki shorts.

Donnie looked down at her and smiled.

Lisa smiled and shook her head. “I think you two need to get a room. Or at least get back to your love cottage before you embarrass the young innocent ones amongst you.”

“So should I laugh at the room comment or the ‘innocent’ reference the most Lisa?” Mary Ann countered.

The two women just grabbed hands and laughed out loud, like they had some long standing connection between them. Donnie noticed their eyes connecting so well, that he knew they indeed had some secret understanding.

Before Donnie could say a word…

“Sir, I do appreciate it.” Steve stuck his hand out to Donnie.

Donnie looked at the tall young man and grabbed his offered hand. “I should make you pay for the meal after all,” he said yanking Steve closer, whispering now, “making me feel so old calling me ‘Sir’ not once but twice in the span of two minutes.”

“I’m sorry, sir, I mean uh, Don.” Steve appeared to blush as he almanbahis giriş stumbled.

“That’s okay, I’m joking. But on the notion of the bill, if I remember my days in college, having a lot of money to burn wasn’t an option. Save it, Steve. Let’s make it a down payment on a new friendship, the four of us being new friends.”

“I like that idea,” Mary Ann heard the last statement and chimed in, “let’s us four new friends go get a drink.”

“Okay, Ma’am…uh, I mean Mary Ann, but the first round will be on me.” Steve said as he pulled the chair out for Lisa to stand.

“Can’t argue with a gentleman can we Mary Ann?” Donnie acquiesced as he nodded to Steve’s special gesture of respect for Lisa.

Mary Ann punched Donnie in the arm. “So why aren’t you still gentlemanly like that, you old clod?”

“What?” Donnie rubbed his arm. “I still open doors for you don’t I? Besides, the last time I tried to pull your chair out for you, if I remember right, you ended up on that pretty bottom of yours, legs a flailing.”

“No way!” Lisa put her hand to mouth and squealed with giggles.

“That you did do my studly husband. Wasn’t that a sight at the church dinner? Still not sure if Mrs. Grandle losing her teeth at laughing so hard or Reverend Newcomb’s eyes bulging out of his head seeing my skimpy undies was the funniest thing that night. I thought sure the man was going to have a heart attack.”

That set of visuals made Lisa bust out in a bellowing round of laughter.

Mary Ann and Donnie both watched as her whole upper body shook. Needless to say the restaurant patrons, the men in particular, were treated to a better exhibition now than when she had spilled wine down her front. Lisa’s bra and top did little to contain the motion of her generous bosom as it bounced first up and down and then side to side as she laughed and bent forward deeper in laughter.

Donnie and Mary Ann looked back at each other then back at Lisa and started laughing out loud themselves. It was then Mary Ann noticed Steve wasn’t laughing, but he was smiling and still blushing. His gaze was fixated on her bouncing chest.

Donnie led them all to a table up near the dance floor in the lounge. He held the chair out for Mary Ann and she took a seat. “I must excuse myself for a moment. A bit too much to drink tonight I think. Be right back.” Donnie yelled over the loud music already beginning to fill the lounge. He bent down and pecked Mary Ann on the check and turned back toward the hallway the restrooms.

Steve held out Lisa’s chair. Mary Ann noticed once again and gave the younger lady a knowing wink.

Lisa smiled back at her.

Once Steve had seated his date he asked, “Okay, as busy as this place is, I’ll have to go up to the bar to get the first round. So, same as we all had when we got here tonight?”

“Sure.” Lisa responded simply, looking up at her tall date. He looked back down into her eyes, Mary Ann saw.

“Uh, I’ll just have a white wine this time. Donnie will have the same as before.” Mary Ann answered watching the two lovebirds.

“Okay, sure,” Steve replied without taking his eyes off Lisa. “Be right back.”

Mary Ann saw the near imperceptible touch of their hands lingering in midair right before he turned and walked toward the bar. She grinned once again. ‘Young love was still alive and well’, she thought to herself.

By the time Donnie returned, Mary Ann was sitting alone at their table.

“I see the drinks are here. Where’d the kids go?”

Mary Ann pointed. “Didn’t take them long to get in the mood.” She pointed out toward the dance floor

Donnie spotted the two young ones making their way around amongst the jumble of other couples.

The song ended and both Mary Ann and Donnie were silently sipping their drinks as Lisa and Steve came back to the small table with a keen bounce in their steps.

“Wow! That was so cool.” Lisa said across the table to the married couple. “You two have to get out there.”

“I haven’t danced to fast numbers in a very long time.” Mary Ann admitted. “And my ‘boyfriend’ here,” she nudged Donnie’s elbow, “doesn’t like to dance anyway.”

Another song started as if on cue.

Now Lisa nudged Steve under the table. He looked at his date first and saw her nod toward Mary Ann. He understood.

“In that case, Mary Ann, would you like to dance with me?” Steve asked.

“Oh, no, it’s really been too long. I was never really that much of a dancer, anyway.” Mary Ann continued to defer the thought.

“Come on Mary Ann. You have to.” Lisa stood up and grabbed for Mary Ann’s arm, pulling her elder to her feet. “Come on give it a try. Steve is a really good dancer and leads well, too.”

Lisa tugged at Mary Ann and moved her around the table toward Steve.

Mary Ann looked up at Steve and met his smiling eyes. The handsome sight lit up her eyes. She blinked, and then looked back over at Donnie.

He was smiling, too.

She gave him that silent questioning look. Should I? He nodded his approval.

“Okay you two get out there and have fun.” Lisa said as she practically pushed them both.

“Go for it, dear.” Donnie said as he sat up and reached for his drink. “May as well dance with someone that knows what he’s doing.”

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