Beautiful Days Ch. 01

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Towards the end of fall last year, my wife and I started a tradition with our neighbors. Every Friday evening, we would gather at one of our houses for a meal, drinks, and a board game.

On this Friday, in late-April, we teamed up to empty two bottles of wine, and my wife successfully identified the murderer was in Clue. Because we were neighbors, there was never any concern about drinking too much to drive because you were either home or could be home within thirty seconds!

We hosted on this day and after putting away the game, the four of us gathered in the foyer. My wife hugged our neighbor, Tori, while I shook hands and completed the shoulder-tap hug with Vince. We then separated to hug each other’s spouse.

Tori thanked me for hosting and pulled me in tight. Her hands started rubbing my back while I squeezed her, which caused an instant erection, one that soon started poking Tori’s thigh.

Maybe it was the wine, but I felt no urgent need to end this hug to hide my erection. I certainly wasn’t embarrassed that a hug with Tori caused me to get hard. She was attractive, a shapely body with strong thighs and shoulder-length blonde curls. My boner pressed into these same thighs, which I believe took shape when she used to play volleyball. To most people’s standards, she was tall, about two inches taller than me, who was 5’8”.

She smiled and winked at me, “Thank you for everything,” emphasizing the last word, as she followed her husband out our front door, which my wife held open.

As my wife shut the door, she turned to talk to me, but instead I lifted her int the air. She wrapped her legs around my body, as I started kissing her lips. Jen was a petite and had been as long as I knew her.

We’ve been married for close to five years, and there was not a single day I regretted that decision. I easily carried her into our living room, continuing to kiss her along the way. Jen’s kisses grew stronger, which reinforced my dick’s hardness. I laid her down on the couch and started thrusting my clothed package between her legs.

“My, someone has gotten himself all worked up!” Jen smiled up at me. “What’s the occasion?”

I needed a release. Like a caveman, I grunted “Talk later, sex now!” In one motion, I pulled off her skirt and panties and threw them to the floor. Then, I unbuttoned my cargo shorts and exposed my dick.

Jen reached up and firmly grabbed my dick, giving it a few jerks. “You are rock hard!”

I took off my shirt and placed it under her ass, so we wouldn’t risk a stain to our couch. As soon as I lined my dick with her opening, it was not a marathon but a sprint for my orgasm.

I pinned her to the couch, my hands overpowering her tiny shoulders. I shook her a little as I took deep thrusts into her. I grunted, and she moaned each time I bottomed out in her tight pussy.

Our sex life is good by any standards. We probably have sex at least three times a week, sometimes more. However, impromptu sofa sex happened rarely. Even Jen’s t-shirt was still on; although, it was rolled up quite a bit, exposing her flat stomach.

I loved her breasts, which I would guess are between the size of a plum and an orange. When we had long foreplay sessions, I would spend several minutes just focusing on them, squeezing them, lightly nibbling on her nipples, and placing small kisses on and around them.

For now, my hands shifted to her tits. This was a sure sign I was about to come. I thrusted for about 30 more seconds until my orgasm hit. I spurted a few times and slumped down on her, kissing sweetly and with less urgency than a few minutes before.

My breathing was still accelerated. My deflated member slowly squeezed our of Jen’s cream pie pussy. My cock was wet with my wife’s lovely juices.

I slumped to the floor looking up at my wonderful wife of nearly five years. “That was quick but lovely”. She asked, “What got into you?”

Part of me wanted to give a half-truth and tell her how great she looked that night, but I decided the truth was always the best option. “A funny thing happened tonight with Tori.”

Jen raised her eyebrows at me.

I continued, “When we hugged goodbye, she started gently rubbing my back.” I gestured with my hands. “It had the strangest effect on me, an instant erection”

Jen laughed, “Do you think she noticed?”

“Yeah, we were pretty close together, and she winked at me before leaving!”

“What a tease! Well, I will have to thank her later this week for this,” she said, pointing down at her leaking pussy. The excess was starting to make a little puddle on my shirt.

Jen and Tori worked office jobs in Collegeville, a town about 45 minutes from Philadelphia. They usually ate lunch together once a week as a change of pace from their normal surroundings.

“I hope this doesn’t make it awkward the next time we see the Peminos” I realized, now having blood flow back in my brain.

“Derek, sweetie, it is very difficult to embarrass Tori. Don’t you remember güvenilir bahis the last time she did karaoke?”

I chuckled, remembering. The four of us took a day trip to Hersheypark and went to get dinner and drinks near the park. Tori’s face lit up when she found out it was karaoke night. At the time, I thought it might have been the combination of too much sun and alcohol, but I learned later she was a part of the musical in high school and loved to perform.

And perform she did! She swaggered up to the stage and selected “I Touch Myself” by Divinyls. She knew the words and didn’t get giggly like some of the other singers that night. She was on key, but I think more people concentrated on her sensuously swaying to the music and then, when appropriate, touching herself where it was not always appropriate in a public setting.

Getting into the spirit of the song, she fells to her knees and looked directly in the eyes of a man near the makeshift stage when saying “I’d do anything for you”.

Our table was further away from where she sang, but we led the applause for her. On our 1.5 hour ride home, Tori entertained us by describing the man’s reaction, along with a woman sitting next to him, who was likely his not-so-pleased girlfriend.

Looking back, it’s a little surprising that I didn’t get an erection on that night too!

I agreed with Jen, and we gathered up our clothing to get ready for bed. We slept naked that night.

After a nice weekend and a few work days, I had forgotten the events of Friday evening. This changed at dinnertime on Tuesday night.

“So, I had lunch with Tori today,” she remarked, smiling.

“She’s doing well?” I asked, more excited to start dinner than chat.

“You could say that,” she responded. “You were one of the main topics of conversation.” She messed around with her brown hair, currently in a ponytail.

I looked up, finally giving her my full attention. “It seems both Vince and I both were rewarded by your hug with Tori.”

“She was horny too?”

Jen nodded. “Very much so. As soon as they made it home, she stripped him down and led him by the dick to their bedroom.”

My eyes widened at the thought. I may not want to admit it publicly, but I loved hearing about other people’s sex lives.

Jen continued, “Tori said it was the best sex they had in months, the spontaneity mixed with your naughty touch really did it for her”.

I chuckled, “Who knew saying goodbye could lead to so much fun?”

“Tori would have been just fine if we weren’t apart, though. She asked us what we did afterwards, and I told her, and,” she hesitated, as if she didn’t want to confide a secret.

“And?” I pressed on.

Jen started to blush. “She texted me later that afternoon to tell me she fingered herself in the bathroom to the thought of our fucking!”

My dick had expanded during the sex talk, but it was now a full hard-on.

“And there’s something more,” Jen lowered her voice even though we were in the privacy of our house. “After that text, I felt so horny that I went to the ladies room and orgasmed to the thought of them fucking!”

I thought I was in a bizarro fantasy world. “What do you want to do about this?”

With no hesitation, she said, “I want to finish dinner and go straight to the bedroom!”

I stood up, “We can eat later. Let’s get naked1” We stripped down in the kitchen, darted towards our bedroom, and made sweet love.

Following the sex, we laid there on the bed, Jen’s hair let loose from its ponytail and lightly tickling my chest, feeling fantastic. We had scored, but Vince and Tori would definitely get credit for an assist.

Three days later, we walked our casserole over to our neighbors. They both met us at the door, and I was surprised when Vince greeted Jen with a hug and a kiss on each cheek. Tori did the same thing to me with another nice back rub.

As we separated, she blatantly looked down at my crouch and complained, “I thought I could wake up your friend again!”

The four of us laughed, and I relaxed. Jen added, “He’s been very busy this week, and he needs his rest for tonight!”

Our sex lives were rarely a point of discussion with the neighbors or anyone really, but innuendos occasionally came up when playing an adult-oriented game.

We walked towards the kitchen, and Tori mentioned that Vince had also been very active this week.

He nodded, “It’s been a fun week” Looking to Vince, I imagined that both couples would have had similar weeks if his dick poked into my wife. The only difference being his dick would have poked her stomach, rather than her thigh.

Vince was probably 6’2”, at least tall enough to be taller than Tori when she wore heels. I am strongly heterosexual, but I knew enough about attraction to know he was a good-looking guy. In addition to his height, he was muscular and trim and had a decent fashion sense.

It was a weird turn of events, even thinking about another man touching türkçe bahis my wife like that. I guess we were relatively lucky, as jealousy and exes can really make relationships difficult. When we met in our mid-20s, Jen had just amicably ended an eight-month relationship. Her boyfriend wanted a new start out west, and Jen liked where she was. He moved outside of Las Vegas, and I met her as a rare online dating successes.

After a tasty meal, it was time to decide what to play. We had played and replayed every four-player game they had. Tori suggested a game normally for two players that we could play as two teams instead. Vince noticed Battleship in their closet and pulled it out. “What do you guys think?”

I responded, “I don’t think I’ve played that game since indoor recess in elementary school!”

Jen nodded, “Me neither, but sounds fun!”

“I didn’t know we even had this game,” Vince remarked.

Tori responded, “It’s mine from college. We used to play a game called Battlestrip!”

“Such clever college friends you must have had,” Jen teased.

“Is it played exactly how it sounds?” I asked.

Tori nodded. “Yep. For each ship that sinks, you take off some clothes.” She looked dreamily, as if remembering her college days.

Vince asked, “You guys want to play?”

“Wait, ship or strip?” I asked for clarification.

Jen enthusiastically answered, “Strip! Come on, honey! They’ve seen me in a bikini before, and I don’t plan on losing so they won’t be seeing any more!”

“Ooh, I love a little trash talk,” Tori replied, hands on her hip. “There’s one more addition to the game. The winning team gets to choose one punishment for the losing team, along with one reward for themselves, so be creative!

Let’s tally up clothes. Everyone needs five articles.”

Vince was allowed to count each sock as a different article of clothing (I wore a thin white shirt under my polo, so I would have had six if each sock counted).

We took our sides, couple against couple. I forgot how slow-moving and tedious some of the game could be. It wasn’t all bad of course. I drank a beer and figured I had a chance to see Tori’s boobs. We were missing their ships early and often.

Not only was it a little tedious, but we were getting crushed! Before we hit any of their ships, they had already destroyed our largest ship and one of our three-space ships. I had my undershirt and shorts on, feeling pretty normal. Jen had a black bra, which I liked, along with her jean skirt. Nothing too scandalous, but in a game to five, you don’t want to lose the first two.

Then they made contact with our battleship, and Vince and Tori started to sound confident. “Let us know if you guys get too cold,” Vince teased.

Tori added, “We’re feeling very comfortable. You must not want to see our bare feet!”

When you’re losing like that, there isn’t a really good comeback. We were spacing out our shots, aiming for the middle of any large gaps on the board, but it hadn’t paid off. They had our battleship halfway sunk before we made our first hit of the game.

I looked over to Jen after we lost our third ship. She seemed in good spirits. I decided to go shirtless, while she took off her skirt, showing off blue panties.

“Cute!” Tori exclaimed. “Where did you get them?” They were from Boscov’s, a local department store.

We took out one of their three-space ships, which freed a sock from Vince and removed the flannel shirt Tori wore over her halter top. This top showed off significant cleavage. A bulge was starting to grow. If we lost, at least our neighbors would see me in an excited state.

Again, we simultaneously made contact with ships. It was concerning for us because part of my strategy was to put our smallest ship perpendicular to this ship. I hoped they would just sink our ship and move elsewhere. Our tiny destroyer was at C and D 6, and I suppressed my panic, when they missed on E6. They took us out with E8 and E9, and now it was time for us to really show what we had.

Jen unhooked her bra, as I unzipped my shorts and exposed my boxers which were now tenting. Neither of us moved to cover our body parts, and to their credit, Tori and Vince whistled for our bodies.

Jen’s nipples stood at attention, indicating to me she didn’t have an issue showing off either.

We sunk their largest ship, and Vince now had two bare feet. Tori looked very good in her baby blue bra and tight jeans.

Just by process of elimination, it appears that they might have also put two of their ships together. As they kept missing, we knocked out their destroyer, evening the playing field a bit.

Tori made a little show of stripping off her jeans, facing away from us while wiggling out of them to reveal a matching baby blue thong. Vince must shave his chest because he was nearly hairless.

“That’s more like it,” Jen remarked.

Tori teased me, “Poor Derek! I think his thing to going to rip a hole through those boxers!” güvenilir bahis siteleri

Jen amused us all and turned me on, by grabbing by dick through the fabric, and saying, “Down boy!”

The mood was light, and we made contact with another one of their ships. “Don’t call it a comeback,” I happily exclaimed.

We sank their battleship and were even in remaining ships and clothes. Jen unconsciously licked her lips, as Vince revealed a tent in his pants. Tori’s breasts were exquisitely round and still very firm. They fit in well with the proportions on her body, being much larger than my wife’s.

“So, it comes to this,’ Tori announced.

“It sure does,” I replied. For the first time all game, I pondered what type of reward I would like if we won. Until now, it seemed impossible. My dick throbbed, as I imagined Tori’s strong legs wrapping around me ready to lower her pussy onto my yearning cock. A horny man can dream, even if there was no way I’d ever ask.

We played long enough and missed enough times that there were only a few spots left for their ship. In my head, I played “Eeeny, meeny, miny, moe” to randomize where to attack next. It worked! Jen and I rejoiced as we saw our friends remove their last piece of clothing.

We clapped for them. Both couples kissed each other, and then to show there were no hard feelings, we shared a near-naked hug, my erection pressing into Tori’s bare thigh this time.

“Okay, what’s the damage?” Tori asked.

Jen and I briefly conferred and came up with a suitable punishment and reward. I orated, “We are gracious winners, so for your punishment, you will actually need to put your underwear back on.”

Tori cupped her breasts, “Already tired of these?”

Jen replied, “Based on this,” she grabbed my hard dick again, “I would say no”.

I continued, “In your underwear, you will walk to your mailbox and back.”

We lived at the end of a suburban street that turned into a cul-de-sac. Our house was actually not a part of the cul-de-sac, but was so close, you might think it was. Along with Vince and Tori, there was an older couple (early to mid-forties) who had a son in college and another house that was owned by an older man but almost always rented out. We had never spoken more than a few words with the older couple, but both seemed pleasant and friendly.

During the last four years, three different sets of occupants had lived there, the latest being two women, who were just a few years out of college. They had lived there for at least two years and seemed very nice. When they first moved in, they came over to introduce themselves, and we exchanged phone numbers in case of an emergency.

“Showing mercy, I see?” Tori smiled.

“Don’t give them any ideas,” Vince warned his wife.

They walked out together and came back in under 30 seconds. “Breeze felt pretty nice, so thank you, neighbors,” Vince mentioned, as they both reentered the house.

While they were out, Jen and I took seats in their kitchen. Jen started, “As for our reward, Vince will give me five kisses, and Tori will do the same to Derek. Feel free to kiss us anywhere that is exposed,” she added, emphasizing anywhere.

Since this was Jen’s idea, I had no reason to feel guilty. Tori confidently walked over to me, a little wiggle in her step, and placed a hard kiss on the left side of my neck. She did the same thing on the right side of my neck.

I groaned when she stepped away from me, hoping the last three kisses wouldn’t be on my feet. I peaked over, and it looked like Vince had chosen to spend his kisses on my wife’s breasts, to which Jen appreciated.

Tori then started a progression of three kisses, each one a little hotter. She placed her hands on my shoulder and leaned in for a nice kiss on the lips, more than a peck. Then she sat on top of me and kissed me harder on the lips. Finally, she started grinding her pussy down on my crotch, and French kissed me for a good ten seconds. She dismounted me, while we watched our spouses share their first lip lock.

A short silence came about us, which Vince broke by saying, “I think we all won today!” The rest of us expressed our agreement. We found our clothes, met our hosts at the door and thanked them for a great night with more sensuous kisses.

just like last Friday, except more expected this time, I took Jen into my arms and fucked her on the couch. This was another Friday tradition I could get used to!

With the weather continuing to warm up and our increased sex life, I was feeling pretty good. Jen and Tori chatted during a lunch again, and Tori mentioned how she felt like she had just come off a great first date. Jen agreed with her and told her how this was a fantastic development in our friendship.

We hosted on Friday, and Vince and Tori came over with brownies and Battleship. “I figured we might want to play again,” Vince explained. Tori came over right to me, and we picked up where we left off, French kissing in our foyer. Vince had Jen against our door, kissing while Jen placed his hands on her breasts.

Everyone seemed to rush through dinner, knowing what was to come. “Battlestrip again?” I asked, grabbing the game and heading to our living room.

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