Beautiful Twin Sluts for Rita

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Hot Babe

Characters: Rita, the author, twin sisters Latta and Geeta, plus Ronda and Shanty.

Author Note: Sometimes we fail to learn from mistakes, or we should not receive benefits from others we use from time to time.

Re-edited by and thanks to Jack Mayne with love (being a friend) and kiss, he is really a good and trustworthy man who cares about me even though I sometimes get a bit testy.


My maid answered the door and a deliveryman gave her a package from overseas, from my American friend Ronda. I smiled because she had told me in her last e-mail that she had purchased something for me and would send it as soon as she could. This must be it.

Inside the big box were two smaller ones and I was thrilled with the contents.

The larger items was a fantastic strap-on dildo, but one that would mount between the breasts of a woman, so the penetrating shaft would protrude from the chest harness, which would be held tightly with straps over the shoulders and mid-chest to the back. The O ring in the front allowed different sizes of dildos to be used. The bright pink dildo — my favorite color — Ronda sent was two-inches thick and 8 inches long, just right for most of the girls I lured to my bed. The dildo shaft had soft ridges to stroke the soft and clinging sex hole of the girls I would fuck with this sexy beauty.

The other package from Ronda was a long, double ended dildo so that two girls could fuck together on the same shaft, one girl driving it into the pussy of the other, then the other girls returning the fucking action. Two girls could fuck there ways to fantastic orgasms together on this 18-inch long silicone cock, with soft ridges to drive the girls over the edge. It was a also deep pink, a flexible dildo with amazing internal spines that allows it to be bent into many different positions. I knew that a girl could have a variety of wonderful sensations with this my pussy or whomever the slut of the moment was. It was an amazing 18 inches long with large round mushroom-shaped heads at each end. It was a great sex toy especially with Astroglide.

Both of Ronda’s presents would be put to deep carnal use soon on the hot and sexy twins I would soon make my next sluts. My pussy began to drool down inside my silk thong at the thought of the fun I would have with these fantastic toys.

I kissed in air to Ronda who is sweet, and one my best friends. It is nearly impossible to safely get such fantastic toys in India because of the fact lesbians are shunned here.

I asked Shanty put the new toys in my room. Shanty, who is about 49 years old, married with kids, has been our family maid since she was 14, and now her daughter is my maid at my personal apartment where I entertain my sexy friends. Shanty knows I am a lesbian and what I do with my friends, but I have never touched Shanty even though she has a gorgeous figure, despite her age.

She had provided my some wonderful cums, though, magic fingers while massaging me to glorious orgasms.

I went shopping for a present for Ronda the next day. I bought a Sari for her because I knew she loved Indian saris. This time I picked out some with new designs.

At the first shop, I did not find the colors I wanted, so I went to where I do most of my shopping, but still did not find what I wanted. The manager said they had a second store in Mumbai and gave me a card so I could find it.

I went there and asked for directions to the manager’s office. When I introduced myself to the manager he told me the manager of the other shop had called to alert them of my needs. He offered tea or coffee but I said no. Then he called one of her salesgirls who specialized in saris and he directed me to her corner of the shop.

As I got close to the shop girl, I noticed her wearing a short and tight, knee-length blue skirt and, like all the other girls in the two shops, wore a white, sleeveless, buttoned shirt. The girl had long, black silky hair, her large double C tits were in a bra, but a thin one so you could see the nipples pressing against her shirt. This picture of sexy beauty had big, dark eyes, a perfect complexion that made her look 18, but I was sure she was older.

When she starts showing me saris and colors and so forth, I was noticed her tight, heart-shaped butt, with just a hint of her ass crack. She had me panting with desire to get my hands on her naked body.

“She will become my slut,” I thought to myself. Then I slowed my lust down, for it is dangerous in Mumbai for a woman to outwardly lust after another woman.

Her name badge just above her perfectly shaped right tit (with the nipple pressing outwardly) said she was Geeta. I was swallowing to keep from drooling over this vision of beauty.

I came back from my dreams when she asked me in a warm, musical voice if I wanted saris for myself or someone else. I told her they were for a friend in the United States and that I had bought saris for her before and that she really likes them. I told her I regularly shopped in their other store, but this is my first izmit escort time here.

Then Geeta starts showing me different colors and fabrics when I brushed her soft hands. She looked confused, but didn’t seem to mind the touch, and smiled.

I selected one sari that had beautiful flowers on it. Is design was awesome, Geeta told me it’s only in one piece so I selected one to be ordered and asked her to call me when it arrived. I gave her my business card with my name and cell phone number on it.

I selected three other saris and paid for them while thanking Geeta for all of her help.

My mind kept thinking of this slender girl with the beautiful face, the sleek body and the soft, sexy voice. I began to think this was silly because I had only seen this vision of loveliness for a few minutes and did not know anything about her. Would she even be interested in another girl? She could be very heterosexual and could spurn any advances I might make.

Still, I kept dreaming of this young girl, imagining her naked on my bed, her hair fanned out on my pillows, her legs wide apart and be wearing one of my long, thick strap-ons as its tip nudged aside her soft, wet pussy lips to push into the tight hole beyond. I was nearly shaking with lust at the memory of this Geeta.

I went directly to my large bathroom, stripped naked and peed. While my piss splashed into the bowl, I say my beautiful glass dildo on the window ledge. The expensive tool had a realistic rounded tip and a 7-inch, vein-like ribbed shaft. I was a half-inch thick but the veins made it another eighth of an inch thicker. The veins stroked the soft, wet walls of the pussy hole creating ecstasy inside.

I wiped my pussy, then took the dildo and pressed in against my hairless pussy lips, giving me a jolt of what seems like electricity into my cunt. I stared at the glass with wide, lust-filled eyes. My dress was up around my waist, the pantyhose and silk panties were around my knees, my slit was already beginning to get wet. I the end of the dildo into my mouth started sucking and licking it gently, with I rubbed my pussy slit until it was dripping wet. At the same time, still sucking my glass cock, I drove two fingers inside me my hot slit and started fucking myself. Finally, I pushed my slim, toned legs wide apart and after rubbing the huge dong from the top of my slit to the bottom, I pushed it six inches into my hot, tight pussy, and began fucking myself faster and faster, panting and gasping as the ribbed thing made my pussy quiver and tighten.

The bathroom came to smell of my sex scent, and my body began to tighten, but tits were swelling in my bra as I rushed to my panting gasping cum.

I finally came with a whining scream that could probably be heard by Shanty, but she was used to hearing me loudly orgasming.

Next evening I e-mailed Ronda and told her I received her wonderful gifts and really liked them. I also told her I had sent some gifts for her and to let me know when she got them. “With lots of kisses, Rita,” I signed the note.

Four days later she said she got the package and that she really likes colors and the saris.

A week later I received call from the shop manager that the sari I had ordered was in.

I drive to the shop and noticed Geeta was busy with customers, so after quick hello to the manager, I went over to Geeta.

“Hello miss,” she said, with a smile.

“Hi, Geeta, how are you?”

“I am good and you miss …?” she asked.

“I am Rita,” I smiled — she had apparently not read my business card I left earlier.

She asked me to sit near her on a stool as we chatted between her other customers. She was very professional the customers and I suddenly thought hitting on her was a bad idea.

Until very recently in India, being a lesbian was illegal under laws brought in by the British during the reign of Queen Victoria. Having sex with a person of the same sex was considered the same as a human having sex with animals. Penalties were often harsher than those for murder.

Still, a lesbian is considered a pariah, can be fired or dishonored in so-called “civil society,” so we must stay “in the closet” and not let anyone but those closest to us know who we are.

I had to consider Geeta’s feelings carefully. Is she really interested in a liaison with me? I had to consider the damage I could do to her because if her employer or her family found out about her having a sexual interest in another woman, she could be fired from her job and shunned, her life ruined. Unlike in the United States or Great Britain where an approach could simply be rejected, here in present-day India, her life could be ruined forever.

I had to be careful to protect Geeta — and myself.

At last she was finished and wanted to know if I still had time, or if I was late for another appointment.

I said I wanted to see the sari and she brought it out.

It looked different from the one I had seen and ordered at the shop a few days ago.

She asked if the changes were acceptable izmit kendi evi olan escort to me.

I smiled and said it was.

I asked if she could help me find the proper lingerie to go with the sari.

“Ah, OK, sure, I can help you,” she said.

“You are shy with other girls, aren’t you?” I thought to myself as we moved to another part of the shop. She did not know that I had a plan for her.

“What’s your size, Rita, 34C?” she asked nervously.

I smiled at her, and then asked what size she was and she told me 32A with a smile.

“Not bad,” I thought, my eyes sweeping quickly down her cute body.

She was asking all the usual questions about what I preferred.

Did I want see-through mesh or lace, G-string or thong lace up panties, or something special? What type of bra, strapless or full cups?

She said she liked lacy and strapless, so I told her what I wanted and selected two sets of scanty and sexy lingerie.

I thanked Geeta.

“It was my pleasure, Rita,” she said.

I thought maybe if I pretended to leave my cell phone behind, I could call her later. I quietly left it on the counter when I paid the bill.

It didn’t work because they were watchful in the shot, As I was about of get into my car, a security guard caught up with me and handed me the phone, saying I had obviously forgotten it.

I was really disappointed. I had hoped it would have been Geeta bringing it to me and then I would know that she was interested in me.

But, I thought she did answer all my questions about bras and panties, so that was a positive sign.

I waited for her outside the shop for almost hour for her, but when she came out she stopped by a tree and appeared to be waiting for someone.

Then I saw another young girl coming toward her. I was amazed, the other girls was an identical copy of Geeta.

They were twins!

I started my car, and pull up beside them, saying hello.

“Are you heading home?” I asked and Geeta said they were.

“Get in, I can drop you,” I said with a big smile.

“No, we are alright,” Geeta said.

I told her not to worry that it was fine with me to take them, so they got in.

“Two cute girls,” I thought with a rush.

Geeta introduced me to her twin, Latta, a typical Indian name

“You are really amazing,” said with a big smile. “How do your friends and family tell you apart?

Latta said there was a tiny black mole under her left eye, but she did not have that. That is how friends and family knew which girl was which.

We drove to their place and they insisted I come inside.

Geeta introduced me rest of their middle-class family, two younger sisters and their parents. She offered me a cup of tea, which I usually would have rejected, but I decided to accept if she would let me return the hospitality at my home later and she accepted.

But still I could see there was still caution in the family about me.

They invited me to stay for dinner, but I said I couldn’t. The beautiful and sexy twins walked me to my car and I gave them my address and asked them to come visit me the next day.

Geeta arrived alone the next evening, saying that had a job interview.

We sat in the main living room of the house I share with my father and my maid. The main room is large, with soft, comfortable chairs in a large U-shape in the center. The walls are a soft beige and arrayed with beautiful Indian art works.

The lovely girl asked about my family, as most Indian families always live together.

I said dad was not home yet, that my mother had died and my one brother studying in the United States. She asked if I had any sisters, and I told her I was the only daughter.

We sat apart, I wanted her to move close to me, but waited for a hint from her before I went further. Shanty brought tea and when we finished I offered to show her show her the rest of house.

In the snooker room, she asked if I played and I told her I did when I was bored.

Geeta said she was interested in snooker — an ancient version of the American game of pool and played mostly in former British Empire countries — but she said she never had had the chance to play.

Searching for a personal opening to her interest in my, I invited her to play on Sunday.

Then I showed her my room and asked her to dinner, but she refused and left.

I had to wait three days until Sunday.

After she had gone, I loudly called Shanty to my bedroom, feeling frustrated over the inconclusive way things came out.

Shanty came in and I told her I was tired and needed her magic fingers to work on my body to relax me. She took massage lotion from my drawer while I went to the bathroom to get naked, wrapping a around my sleek and fit young body. I laid on my stomach first. Shanty poured lotion on her hands and began massaging back and shoulders, using her fingers to softly pinch the muscles of the soft skin of my shoulders, making me relax.

Then she did my soft and firm ass cheeks, my legs and feel.

She turned me over and began massaging my stomach, my firm breasts, with hard little nipples jutting a half-inch from my tits. Finally, she reach my pussy and first took a bit of the lotion, slowly and firmly rubbing he inside of my thighs, her thumbs alternating on my stuff clit, other slender fingers dipping into my wet and throbbing pussy hole, reaching around underneath me to squeeze and then lightly rub the soft, tight globes while pushing my pussy up so it was undulating almost as if it were fucking her nimble fingers that kept sliding along my slit and dipping into my deep folds.

I was squirming, a warm feeling of release in my muscles but my clit was getting harder and I was feeling a warm, wetness inside me as my butt kept squeezing and relaxing, driving me toward a very hard cum.

Suddenly I shouted out and squealed a long, soft wail as my body tensed then began to radiate the wonder feeling of orgasm. My hips went up and down as if to swallow the soft, sexy feelings of Shanty’s strong, sure fingers in my hot pussy.

It was a wonderful cum and left me totally relaxed and ready for sleep.

On Sunday, I was still in bed asleep when Shanty said Geeta was there with another woman and were waiting in the guest room.

I told her to send them into my room and get coffee for me and tea for them. I settled myself comfortably in my big bed.

I have not just a bedroom, but a bed suite. This room is my warm and safe cocoon where I can live my own life and be totally safe.

There is everything I need to make me happy and comfortable in luxury. The walls and ceiling is a beautiful combination of red and pink. The bed in all in white with big, soft down pillows over satin sheets.

Across from the bed, along with windows, is a long sectional couch with more comfortable pillows and a glass topped table in front.

The two girls came in a moment later and sat on the sofa near my bed. We had the coffee for me to help me wake up and tea for them. I said then I wanted to take a bath giving me time alone to figure my next move with these lovely and sexy young girls I wanted to have wild, lusty, naked sex with.

After my bath, I put on a filmy nightgown and came into the bedroom to dry my sleek, long hair.

Even though it was almost noon, I wanted breakfast but Geeta said it was almost lunchtime for them. I told Shanty to make lunch for them and breakfast for me. We ate and then went to the cool, softly lit and elegant snooker room in the basement downstairs.

I started the game after some general questions and answers about the rules.

Next, Geeta took the stick from me, and as she leaned over the table, I put my hands on her hands as my tits pressed into her back, with my pussy pressing into her hot, firm butt. She hit the ball, but it went the wrong way. I asked her try again and I again up behind her, taking a tight grasp of her hand and pressing my body against hers and she did better.

Then Latta asked for her turn, which was fine with so much the same and me since they were both so adorable, so sexy. My pussy was beginning to get wet, my outer lips were swelling and my pussy hole was itching.

Latta took the stick in her hand I pressed into her back the same way I had with Geeta, who was watching me closely when I moved close to her sister.

Latta’s shot was right on, so while looking directly into Geeta’s eyes, I smiled and pinched Latta’s butt.

Latta then missed and it was Geeta’s turn.

“Do you need my help,” I asked her quietly.

“Yes,” she said, softly with a shy smile.

That was the hint I was looking for.

I placed my hands on her sides, pressing my body against and my firm tits into her. Perhaps because she was getting turned on to me, she hit the ball short and missed. I asked Latta to let her play again as I stood right behind her.

I was getting so hot I nearly came. I pressed against her tight body again, and moaned quietly in her ear.

Then it was Latta’s turn, but she didn’t ask me for help so Geeta and I watched.

I whispered to Geeta to come with me, but she didn’t respond. I was getting definite signs of sexual interest from her.

I asked Latta if she needed to pee and showed her where to go. I said Geeta and I would be right back.

Geeta and I went to the stairs and I simply put my hands around her and started kissing her soft lips. She moaned and said someone might see us.

I told her not to worry, that no one would see here in my house, that she was safe here.

I unzipped her tight jeans and I took her hand and put it on my pussy. She rubbed me gently and I rubbed her. Then we held each other tightly and began squirming together, kissing and rubbing, panting and gasping. She was hot for me, I had no doubt left.

But, I wanted to get Latta hot, too, so I could have both of these beautiful girls squirming like sluts naked in my bed.

Geeta and I were in our own world, getting hotter, rubbing and kissing. I forced my tongue between her lips and started sucking hard. She stopped for a moment and I was able to moan to Geeta that I wanted her to suck on my whole naked body.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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