Becca Takes A Large Deposit Ch.12

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Abella Danger

As Victoria heard the high-heeled clip of shoes down the vault steps, she steeled herself for what she knew must come. She tried desperately to close her legs so at the very least she could maintain some modicum of dignity, but secured as she was this was just not possible. She had the idea of explaining this away as rape, rape by a masked intruder, but knew that would be weak when nothing was found to be stolen and besides the other cameras in the building would not bear that story out. As it turned out when Becca V turned the corner, she almost felt relief. “Oh Rebecca, thank God, you will not believe what Connor has done to m…”

“Stop right there Victoria. I know exactly what he has done, as he had the foresight to video the whole thing! So don’t go telling me that this is some sort of rape or assault! How could you do it? How could you blackmail him into screwing you on threat of losing his job? His job and mine for goodness sake!” She took a few steps towards Victoria, her hands on her hips. “Oh how the mighty have fallen eh? Look at the state of you, Connor’s come all over you; you look like some cheap prostitute!”

Victoria looked down at herself before responding, an almost pleased facade returned to her face as she replied. “Rebecca, I know what I did was wrong, I know that you would not understand it in a million years. You are young and pretty, probably with men queuing around the block to go out with you. I have not been able to get a date in a long time; I will not go into what I have considered to satisfy my needs! Besides,” she looked down at herself, ” to be honest, I have to say that I enjoyed every minute and given the way that I feel at the moment, my body will remember this for quite a few months to come. That man is quite the stud, but then you know that don’t you?”

“So resorting to blackmail to get your way is right is it? You could have just asked him to have sex with you, did you think of that?” Becca V took another few steps closer. Her eyes roaming over Victoria’s exposed breasts, wide open thighs and still dribbling pussy. She was getting hungry again. Hungry for the taste of Connor’s come. Her insides churned the urge to be filled by Connor’s big cock instantly returned. Involuntarily she clasped her thighs together again.

“Oh come on!” Victoria retorted. “Like that would ever happen, particularly when he’s got someone like you as a girl friend!” Victoria was beginning to take on some of her old imperiousness. “Now come and untie me before he returns, mecidiyeköy escort and let me get out of here with some of my dignity intact, please?” Becca V closed the gap and stood in between Victoria’s legs she slowly, casually placed a hand on each of her knees and leaned in so that her face was close to Victoria’s. Becca V could smell Connor on her, his come was on her face and chin, her breasts, neck and bustier. She felt her insides burning and a dribble of her juices ran down her leg; she was fast losing control of her body and she knew there was nothing she could do about it. “Let me make one thing perfectly clear, it is Connor that has been put through an ordeal here, not you. You deserved what you got. And what you still might get; all will be decided by him.”

Connor rounded the corner of the steps at that point, “no-one here yet,” he said. “Are we still comfortable then Victoria?” She looked at him, there was genuine anger in her eyes, but also a hint of remorse; perhaps? “When are you going to let me go Connor?”

“Any time soon,” he said, “but first I need the password to your computer so I can remove the evidence, so to speak. What is it?”

Victoria hesitated. “What is it?” Repeated Becca V, “no password, no freedom.” Victoria looked into Becca’s eyes and then to Connor’s. She began to blush, “it is…Connor’sthe1. Capital C and numeric 1.” She looked down at herself again.

“Oh my God,” said Becca V, “you are a genuine stalker aren’t you?” Connor turned quickly to hide his feelings on the matter and leapt back up the stairs shouting back, “I’ll get to it.”

“Can you at least let me keep a copy,” Victoria wailed, “just something for me to be able to…” her words tailed off. “What?” said Becca, “masturbate to? Or show to your girl friends to prove that you caught two people in the safes screwing? Or wait, you are still filming this aren’t you?” She looked deep into Victoria’s eyes. “You are! You are you dirty bitch! You wanted to show all your friends that you managed to fuck a great looking guy, if only for a few minutes?”

Becca V looked down at the expensive stockings Victoria was wearing. She had to admit that she had a good pair of legs. Rather than making her look a mess, Connor’s come splashed upon them seemed to make them even more attractive. In spite of her anger at the woman, she found that she had to give in to her urge; it had been inevitable since stepping into the room having been aroused nişantaşı escort from the point of sitting in Connor’s car. Becca V dipped a finger into a big gob of come mid thigh; drawing a circle upon the expensive silk stocking before capturing as much semen as she could and raising it to her mouth. “Wh… what are you…what are you doing?” Victoria stuttered.

Becca V sucked slowly upon the fluid in her mouth, savouring the taste, unaware of just how much of an aphrodisiac it was to her. She ran her tongue between her fingers to catch a stray srand of his come before she replied. “Quite simply, not letting any of this precious fluid go to waste!” She scraped some more and sucked that from her fingers into her mouth also. “Uuummm this is delicious. Do you want some?” Becca V had a hunger in her eyes the other woman had not seen before; without waiting for comment Becca V pushed a come-laden finger towards Victoria wiping Connor’s come all around her lips before slipping the tip into Victoria’s mouth.

The older woman did not want to suck on the finger, but she didn’t want to waste the glutinous liquid either, and sucked upon Becca V’s finger like a suckling baby. Becca V put her hand back on Victoria’s knee and bent down, running her tongue along the smooth material on Victoria’s thigh, picking up Connor’s come as she went. From time to time she would stop over a large splattering and touching her lips softly to the silk-clad thigh, would suck upon the nectar until that patch had gone. Her hand snaked urgently between her now open thighs, her fingers reaching out to touch the hot dripping-wet flesh that waited imploringly between them.

“No, no don’t do that. Rebecca! I…I don’t know that I like what you are doing. Stop licking me please.” Victoria’s pleas were ignored as the sound of dripping wet genitals being played with began to reach her ears.

Connor quickly logged on to the PC upstairs in Victoria’s office, he searched for the video files and found the one dated yesterday. Before deleting it, he couldn’t stop himself making a couple of copies. In the disc drive he found a recently burned DVD and on checking it could see that Victoria had already made her own copy. “You naughty woman,” he said to himself almost smiling. Having made the copies he deleted the file. He then decided to make a quick check of her other video files. He whistled softly to himself, Becca V wasn’t far wrong when she called Victoria a stalker. şişli escort What Connor found was images and footage of himself entering and leaving the vaults at various times? He noted that the camera had also been zoomed in to capture more detail. This woman really did have a thing for him!

He looked forwards on the logs and stopped on one dated roughly the time that he was down stairs fucking Victoria. “What,” he said to himself, “that crafty mare was still recording, she hadn’t turned the camera off!” He looked at his image as for the second time he shafted a beautiful woman across one of the tables in the vaults. He made a couple of copies of that too, before deleting that file and clearing the deleted items. He switched the camera onto its current stream and could see Becca V with hands on hips giving Victoria a good old talking to by the looks of it. He left the camera recording and headed back. Pocketing the DVD’s as he ran back down the steps checking the time as he went.

Still twenty minutes before anyone arrived.

As he took the stairs he could hear the protests from Victoria, but was still not prepared for what he saw when he rounded the corner? Becca V’s long black-clad legs were fully on display, her high-heeled shoes shaping her calves beautifully. They were slightly apart and her so short skirt made no attempt at covering her modesty. She was bent over with her head near Victoria’s crotch and Connor’s first thought was she was licking Victoria’s pussy. Her beautiful arse was being presented to him as it swayed from side to side, the tights looked like stockings, with the darkened areas simulating the suspender belt and stocking top. He could see that Becca V’s fingers were already feverously working away at her succulent vaginal lips through the crotchless opening.

Nothing was left to Connor’s imagination, and consequently his cock sprang immediatley to life. He stepped to one side and saw that Becca V was actually licking his come off of Victoria’s thighs, and this is what Vitoria was protesting at. He looked back at Becca’s lovely behind and as he watched her roaming fingers, they slipped in and out of her wet cunt; which slurped noisily in its enjoyment. His cock pulsed in the tight confines of his trousers and pants wanting to join those fingers in their pursuit of pleasure. He stepped again to one side to watch her suck on his hour old come and looked into Victoria’s eyes; her piercing blue eyes reflecting the verbal protestations as she turned her pleading to him. Connor however slowly disrobed under that unerring gaze and as his chest, then legs and finally the prize that was his manhood was revealed to Victoria there seemed to be less and less conviction each time she opened her mouth, in fact she finally stopped speaking and her mouth just opened and closed silently as those eyes began to fill with hunger.

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