Becky and Robbie Ch. 05

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Chapter 5: Beautiful Day

Right after my incredible night with Becky and Sharon, where Becky and I gave our virginity to each other, Sharon told us that she was going out with Terry a little later so she wanted to save her sexual needs for him. “I want to give it all to him, so I don’t need to get off just now, just in case you were thinking to help me get off.”

She hadn’t spoken much about Terry, but we knew he was the starting (and starring) quarterback for her college team and was a legend in a number of ways.

She had to be a very special sophomore to snag him, probably the most wanted man at that school. All we had heard were many stories, so we made a note to have a talk with her sometime about Terry to sort out the truth, maybe even do a double date, it could be fun we thought.

But first, Sharon was taking Becky to the doctor to get her on the pill. Sharon also told us that she really didn’t think that I would need her help anymore getting off, but if I did, and if it was alright with Becky, that she was available in any capacity to help.

“Yes, you can even fuck me, if you like, little brother. That prohibition was only until you and Becky lost your virginity to each other. I really didn’t want to take that from you, that was hers to take. It was totally awesome, my brother and my sister. You are both so awesome.”

“Ok, I will keep that in mind, but as you said,” looking deeply into Becky’s eyes, “I don’t really think that I will need any more help. I am more than güvenilir bahis satisfied with my own goddess of love, my dear sweet twin sister Rebecca, my soul mate.”

“And I want to say Sharon, how much we both appreciate what you did for us. We couldn’t have a better big sister watching out for us, ever. However, if Becky doesn’t mind, I would still like to fuck you sometimes, just because you are my sister and are so hot.”

“We both love you from the bottom of our hearts. Thank you so much.”

We were all famished after our night of ravishing sex, so after taking a hot shower together, Becky and I headed to the kitchen. The shower was short and sensual, since we knew it wouldn’t be long before we were fucking our brains out again. So, we only washed each other quickly and rinsed off.

Our mom, who is no prude, and a real looker herself, noticed right off our super effulgences and happy moods, as we floated into the kitchen, “What’s with you two, you look radiant, like you really are pleased about something?” “Aw mom, it was just so wonderful yesterday for Robbie and I. We had so much fun.”

Mom said, “Is that all?”

We both looked at the floor turning red with light-headedness and flushed faces. We choked and were speechless. Seeing this, our mom backed off and changed the subject, but we knew then that she might be on to the change in our lives.

Mom was really sharp, she knew the glow of sex and seeing her twins like this, well, she just was amazed to see this. türkçe bahis ‘I’ll ask Sharon.’ she thought, ‘she will know what’s really going on.’

Afterwards Becky and I talked about it and concluded that we were going to share our love no matter what and would do whatever we had to in order to make it work. Under no circumstances would we allow anything to come between our love for each other, even our parents, who we both loved very much also.

When Becky went to the doctor with Sharon, Becky told her of mom’s suspicions and Sharon told her not to worry, that mom was a lot cooler than most moms and that Sharon would talk with her.

Becky was worried that Sharon, being such a straight shooter, would just tell mom the truth, and she really didn’t want mom to know that she, Becky, was involved sexually with her twin. Sharon told her not to worry about it, she would not cause them any trouble.

After yesterday and this morning I was so in love with Becky that I couldn’t tolerate being separated from her for even an hour or two. It was so intense that it made it impossible to concentrate on anything.

But I spent the time, while they were at the doctor, cleaning up my (our) room and bathroom, trying to make it look more presentable, as I knew that I was going to be having a regular full time overnight guest from here on out.

I shivered as I thought of last night and this morning’s incredible sex and just had to lay down and meditate on my good karma, which would probably be güvenilir bahis siteleri repeated every single day for the rest of my life. This must be what married life was like, being with the one you love all the time and making love as much as you want.

Now, you have to realize I was young and idealistic and at this point jazzed up to the max about my good fortune. I was only experiencing the best side of it all, not realizing that there is a lot of shit you have to deal with to keep it working well, even though we were already having to deal with some of that. But at this stage Becky and I were just like newlyweds.

Soon Becky returned and we locked ourselves in a tight embrace for what seemed like eternity, reveling in our love.

We had a softball match with some of the guys later in the afternoon, so we locked our door and Becky and I made mad passionate love again and again, much to her delight.

I told her that I would really like it if she could dress up rather than down, so that I could always see her beauty and also so I could show off her beauty to the others. I emphasized to her that she was so very beautiful and, “I just get so happy seeing your beauty. I want to always see it.”

She told me that she had only covered her body because it was too distracting with all the guys always gawking at her and besides her boobs kind of got in the way of the sports if she let them stick out like the other girls did.

She had never cared what the guys thought of her body.

But since she really wanted to please me and now for the first time she had a reason to show off her body, she said, “I will dress to kill dear brother and I hope that I can please you.”

“No doubt you will dear sister, no doubt.”

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