Becky Needs a Ride

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I opened the door to my Freightliner, tossed the bag of clean clothes into the cab and climbed up after it. Settling into the driver’s seat I took stock of things. I was rested, had a decent meal, a clean shower, full fuel tanks and had done my laundry. Now it was time to roll.

Drawing the lines necessary to bring my logbook current there was a rap on the driver’s door. Glancing out the window and down a woman with blonde hair, western shirt tucked into tight blue jeans and clutching a small bag was standing there looking up at me.

Lot Lizard I thought to myself as I rolled the window down a bit.

Reaching the grab handle she pulled herself up onto the running board mounted on the side of the fuel tank.

“Sorry lady, “I’m leaving. I don’t have time or the money”.

Confusion clouded her face briefly until it dawned on her what I was thinking.

“I’m not a Hooker, I’m stranded. My car broke down and I need a ride if you are going through Centerville.”

Her destination, about six hours away, was on the way to my shipper. I figured what the Hell, I could use the company. I told her to go around and climb aboard.

The air seat adjusted to her weight as she nestled a small bag on the floor by her feet,

“I don’t have any money, but I know the rules, I can compensate you in other ways if I have to.”

Intrigued by her carnal admission, especially since I hadn’t even mentioned any form of payment. I scratching my lines tossing the book into an overhead cubby.

I asked how she ended up here at the truck stop. She said she had been to visit a long-distance boyfriend. They had not been long distance until her employer offered her a transfer to a different facility. Her previous location was downsized and if she wanted to keep her job she had to relocate.

She had gone to surprise him on a few days off. She got pissed the minute she got there. Catching him, as she put it, with his dick in some other broad’s throat.

Miserable and heartbroken she was headed back home. She almost made it to the truck stop when her car broke down. Desperate to get back before her next shift, losing her job was out of the question.

I told her to buckle up as I moved the shifter into gear and released the air brakes. Slipping the clutch, I rolled slowly out of the parking space turning to exit the parking lot.

“I don’t have do anything before we go,” she questioned as we made our way onto the ramp. Picking up speed I ran through the gears merging the big truck and fifty three foot trailer onto the Interstate.

I chuckled a bit as we came up to freeway speed, “Well if it makes you feel better you can make a down payment.”

Biting her lower lip, she tugged at the snaps on her shirt.

Turning toward me, she opened it pulling a well-worn white bra up and over her breasts. Springing forth they dropped down a bit. My loins stirred as the cool air teased some firmness into the brown nipples.

“How’s that”?

“Nice,” I replied as my right hand reached across cupping the left one. With a thumb gently rotating her nipple I caressed it fully erect. My fertile mind noted there were no tan lines.

When we hit the outskirts of the city, I took my hand back to the wheel setting the cruise control for 72 miles per hour.

“You can put bahis siteleri them away now,” I told her.

Adjusting the bra down over her tits she fastened her shirt and faced forward.

As the miles fell behind, she said her name was Becky. I told her mine asking her if she was hungry.

“Like I said,” She replied, “I ran out of money getting my car towed to the shop and haven’t eaten since I left Centerville yesterday”.

“Look over your shoulder,” indicating a white box behind my seat, “It is a refrigerator. I have plenty of food, drink and there are snacks and chips in the cubby right above it. Help yourself”.

Releasing the buckle on her seatbelt, Becky stood and moved into the sleeper area of my truck. After rustling up some food Becky asked if she get me anything before returning to her seat. I’m good I told her.

She must have been hungry. She had made two sandwiches stacked with meat and cheese, had a bag of Chips and a bottle of unsweet tea.

She frowned when I glanced at the plate, “I didn’t take too much did I”?

“Not even Becky,” I replied, “Have as much as you want”.

Cracking the cap on the tea Becky took a long swig of refreshment,

“It will just cost me extra”, she said, with the first bit of a smile I had seen so far.

Setting the bottle in a cup holder on the door Becky picked a sandwich from the plate and began eating in earnest.

As she ate she looked apprehensive.

“What’s on your mind,” I asked her as she swallowed the last of her first sandwich.

“I am grateful for the ride and the food,” She said, “I’m just a little concerned what I’m going to have to do for it”.

I told her not to worry, “I have a planned bathroom stop about half way there, how about we talk about it then”.

She nodded and as the miles rolled by, we went back to small talk. I could never believe she was in her early forties, been married once and had two grown children. Becky had experienced life, both good, bad, up, down and was willing, sometimes reluctantly, to do what she needed to get by.

Becky had the last of her chips and tea as I told her about myself.

An Owner Operator for nearly thirty years, divorced with three grown kids creeping up on fifty and this truck was my only home.

“Looks like you are still in pretty decent shape as well,” She added.

When we were not chatting, Becky had her head turned toward the passenger window watching at the houses, farms, fields and livestock roll past at 72 miles per hour. I could only imagine what she was thinking, sitting there in silence.

“How much longer before we stop Joe,” she asked with a little squirm, “I’m going to have to pee real soon”.

I told her it was about twenty miles up the road and not be disappointed too much when we got there. Becky’s expression was priceless.

“It is not a truck stop Becky, or even a real rest area,” I said, “It is that large parking area, off the interstate, for drivers to park and sleep, if they need to. We’ll have to pee outside”.

“Oh, I know the place,” She said and broke into a laugh, “I don’t mind, I have done it outside many times when we used to go camping”.

A few minutes later I was gearing down and signaling my intention to pull into the parking area. I parked as close as I could to the far side canlı bahis siteleri parallel with a barbed wire fence that bordered the pullout. Maximum privacy for a female passenger I thought.

“Becky,” I said handing her a roll of toilet paper, “If you drop down and step toward the back of the cab you can get between the back of the fuel tank and the front of the rear tires. It’s not much but it will be reasonably private.”

When she slipped down, I opened my door. Stepping onto the running board I pulled my zipper, freed my member and relieved myself. I was tucked in, zipped up and back in my seat by the time Becky climbed back in the truck, looking as relieved as I felt.

“Thanks,” She said handing me the paper roll, “What about you”?

“Took care of that while you were out. Off the top step here”.

“Must be nice,” was the reply.

She turned in the seat pulling her shirt open Becky shouldered her way out of it. I watched, curious to see where she was taking this. Reaching behind her Becky unhooked her bra let her tits fall free once more.

“Now what,” she invited hesitantly, “I’m ready for whatever you want”

I studied her breasts longingly. Not much sag for a woman her age and the nipples stood out nicely.

“Becky,” I told her, “You have done more than enough already. I am not going to take advantage of you for a ride. You are down on your luck and that would not be fair. I am enjoying your company and I’m going your direction anyway.”

“Yes,” I continued honestly, “I’d like nothing better than a good blowjob, but you do not owe me a thing.”

Tears welled up as she continued to look at me through eyes blinking. A thousand thoughts must have passed through her mind in those moments.

At length she spoke, “Take your pants off Joe. You have been good to me. I truly want to do something for you. It’ll serve that bastard right when I tell him we are through and I celebrated by taking someone else’s dick in my mouth”.

Who could I resist that? Who am I not to help a damsel in distress get even with a wayward boyfriend?

Locking the doors I stepped into the sleeper, shook off my boots and pants.

I sat on the edge of the double bunk. She was gazing at my manhood as I laid back and turned the length of the bed.

Becky moved into the sleeper taking a seat next to me. Reaching over I took hold of one of her breasts massaging it. Paying particular attention to her nipple I coaxed a moan of pleasure from her lips as it stiffened to my touch.

Tentatively she moved a hand to the hardness that swelled between my legs. Circling it with her fingers and thumb Becky began a slow stroke, as if introducing herself to a new friend. Several times she slid the foreskin over the head and stretched it back down my length.

I didn’t think it was possible to get any harder when she looked up at me with a sultry grin. Leaning forward, her tongue swirled around the tip testing the pre-cum that she had squeezed out. I gasped at the touch.

Taking a few seconds to pick away a couple of errant pubic hairs, Becky bent her head down engulfing at least half of my length in her wet mouth.

With tight lips she wiped her tongue around me as her head slowly rose. When she got to the top her mouth again slid back down my cock. Her canlı bahis hand moved in unison with her mouth as she accepted it deeper each time.

It wasn’t long before her hand let go her nose pressing into the pubic hair at the base of my shaft.

I felt like she was taking me clear into the back of her throat every time she went down. No one had ever taken me that deep before and I told her so.

A muffled “hmmmph’ vibrated my shaft as she acknowledged my compliment.

Becky wasn’t just sucking my cock, she making love to me with her mouth.

“Becky,” I managed to groan, “This the absolute best head I have ever had.”

After a few minutes of her sensual mouth on my cock Becky raised up replacing it with her hand. Didn’t blame her for wanting to take a break as she stroked me firmly with her hand. It allowed me time to keep from cumming so soon.

Slowly sliding her hand up and down Becky looked at me eyes gleaming,

“Joe I’m glad you like it. Believe me, after your kindness I really wanted to do this for you.”

Taking a few more swirls around the head with her tongue still looking up at me Becky whispered,

“When you are ready Joe, you can cum in my mouth. I want you to shoot your cum in my mouth. Just let it go Joe, I want to swallow all of it.

With that she took my balls in her other hand and put me back in her mouth. Massaging my sack with one hand, stroking my shaft with the other Becky worked her mouth over, around, up and down my erection.

Her boyfriend is a fool I thought as I neared ejaculation. How the Hell could a man cheat on a blowjob this good.

Then I felt a rush from deep in my loins. I was barely able to groan I’m cumming, before streams of semen erupted from my pulsating cock.

Becky took my full length as I continued to ejaculate in her mouth. She stayed with it until I finished emptying myself. It had been a long time since I had felt this good.

The sensations were unbelievable. She continued working her tongue and mouth, milking me until I went limp. Letting it slide from her mouth Becky sat licking her lips.

“Joe, would you think bad of me if I said I wanted to have that cock between my legs”?

“Not a chance.” I replied, “As good as that was it will have to wait a while, I’m afraid.”

“Oh, I didn’t mean now, I hope I could see you again, soon.”

Sitting up I put my arms around her and kissed her.

“I come through here every few weeks or so Becky, maybe we can get together.”

“I’d like that a lot,” she said as she reached for her bra and shirt.

We dressed and sat back up front. When I pulled back onto the highway, Becky seemed like a different person. We joked, laughed and kidded the last three hours of our trip together.

I pulled off the Interstate and into a truck stop at the edge of her town.

Before she climbed out Becky handed me a piece of paper with her phone number on it.

Beaming she leaned over hugged me, turned and dropped to the ground. As she walked to the terminal, I eased out of the parking lot and back onto the big road.

A few miles on I looked over and saw her bag.

I dialed her number on my cell phone. When she answered I told her what she had forgotten her bag.

“Oh, I know Joe, I left it there on purpose so you’d have to see me again. It’s just some of my underwear for you to enjoy and a toothbrush. Call me when you want to come again.”

Hanging up, I made plan to get my dispatcher to run me back through Centerville as soon as possible.

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