Becky’s Date

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Becky’s Date

Becky was a gorgeous woman. She stood 5’9” tall, and weighed in at 150. She was full figured with a set of 38 D’s. Yes implants had been a big help getting there, and her tits were just as perky and firm as any teenagers ever were. Her tummy was nicely rounded, and when viewed from behind, her waist was well defined so that her hips were perfectly aligned to go with her great bubble butt. She had sweet brunette locks that went to the middle of her shoulders, and hazel eyes that were deep and telling, if, that is, one took the time to read them. Becky was a trans woman who had something extra though between her legs. If a man did not know where to look and how to tell, he never would have known that she was trans. In public she passed 100%. No one would have known looking at her that she had been born in the wrong gender body for her true female soul.

When Becky graduated college, she concentrated on her career for the next 10 years. She was satisfied with how she had transitioned, and other than having typical girl fun learning new makeup techniques, and buying clothes that she loved, she pretty much kept to herself. She was active in the trans community where she lived so she had plenty of friends and social activities. What she did not have was a man in her life. She had grown tired of trying to date over the years when all she could find were straight non accepting men.

Then one day, Tina invited her to a party and said there was someone there she wanted Becky to meet. Becky figured what the hell, it would be a great afternoon and evening with Tina anyway. The two of them would go back to Tina’s after the party and fuck around some with her toys and strapons when the guy turned out to be a jerk. Tina was trans too.

Tina was going to introduce Becky to Mike. Mike had recently taken a position where Tina worked. Tina wanted to jump Mike’s bones in the worst way, but both observed the same golden rule, that was that you do not play around where you work.

Mike had Tina figured out as MtF trans right away, and that opened a great discussion about the subject for them. Turned out Mike was progressive, accepting and understanding. He accepted Tina for who she was, not what was in her panties. If they had not worked at the same company, Tina would have been all over this one, but since she could not do that, she decided to introduce Mike to Becky. The rest would be up to them.

Becky was told to dress casually for the party. She had on a nice pair of skinny girly jeans, and nice top that showed off her figure just right. When Tina and Becky arrived at the party, Mike was already there.

Becky was stunned when Tina pointed Mike out to her. He was so handsome and sexy. He was dressed nicely for the event, but not over dressed. He stood about 6’ tall, weighed in around 170, had nice broad shoulders, and narrower hips. His hair was short and dirty blonde that went perfectly with his blue eyes. Becky was interested for sure.

Mike greeted Tina with a friend hug for a coworker, and then turned to Becky, “It is so nice to meet you Becky. Tina has told me so much about you; I feel I already know you.” Mike said as he shook Becky’s hand and then kissed her hand in a more informal greeting. Their eyes met as he kissed her hand, and the sparks were clear for all to see. “May I get you ladies something to drink?” he asked.

“That would be great Mike. Whatever you are having looks good,” Tina said, and Mike went off to the bar.

Becky grabbed Tina’s arm as soon as Mike had turned around. “You did not tell me he was so handsome. You have been holding back on me girl.”

“I did not want to over sell him hon. You needed to meet him for yourself. The rest is up to you now Becky, my part is done,” Tina said.

“Oh you just leave him to me honey, I like the looks of that man,” Becky smiled.

“I thought you would,” Tina said. “Now here he comes, stop slobbering all over him, it is not becoming of a lady.”

Becky smiled at Mike as he returned with the drinks. They all hung around the food table and grabbed a few things to bite on, and then found a table in the corner down at the far end of the pool. It was a little more private down there. Becky wanted to get to know Mike much better.

They sat and they all talked for about a half an hour, then Tina excused herself to go talk to other friends and left Mike and Becky alone. It was very clear that there were sparks flying between these two. Mike moved over closer to Becky so they could talk. This time though he placed his hand on her thigh and looked her in the face as they talked. She put her hand on his shoulder as they chatted.

It was your typical party get to know you talk as they did the dance. No need to bore you with the details, but they were getting hot for each other. Becky was getting more and more into this guy, and was hoping he was getting into her. He was, and when he offered to go get more drinks, she said that would be nice. He kissed her right before he left, and she thought she was going to cum right there and then. As he walked away, she watched intently and started to let herself dream. She had not had a real man since college, and here was a nice guy, good looking and sexy as fuck. She was getting hornier and hornier as she watched him walk away, and then return.

When he came back, he set the drinks down, and sat down next to here looking in her eyes. She looked back, and she knew something good was up. There was a connection developing. She could feel he was into her already, but would he turn out to be like all the rest and leave when she dropped her panties for him. Becky already knew this guy was going to get lucky with her tonight if he played things right.

After setting the drinks down, he looked her in the eyes. His eyes said he wanted to kiss her. Her eyes said yes. He leaned in as they sat side by side and gently kissed her. It was a lips only kiss that made her tingle down to her toes, her ass clinch up and her cock jump. He was feeling the same way as she looked down for a moment and saw a nice bulge starting down his leg. As he broke the kiss, she reached a hand up and pulled him back in for another one. They kissed for another minute before she let him go.

“I hope I was not too forward Becky, but I like you and want to get to know you better,” Mike said.

Becky leaned into Mike’s ear and whispered, “No you were not to forward at all if you are looking to fuck me tonight.” She then leaned back in her chair smiling ear to ear waiting to see his reaction.

“Are you reading my mind girl? Let’s say we blow this place and go somewhere private,” Mike said happily.

“Oh I want to blow something in this place right here,” she uttered as she reached a hand down on top of the hard dick in his pants.

“We can arrange that love. I will need to go talk to the Ankara bayan escort host for a minute and say something has come up that needs taken care of. I just won’t tell him it is my dick and you are the one taking care of it. We can leave after that hon. But right now I need a few minutes to let this go down.” Mike said.

“Would you like some help with that Mike?” she asked.

“What did you have in mind babe?” he said.

“Can we get to your car from here hon?” she asked.

“Yeah we can, follow me Becky”, and they headed around the back way to his car.

When they got there, he jumped behind the wheel and leaned the seat back. She got in the other side. They started kissing like a couple of kids on a date trying to steam up the windows. While they kissed, she was rubbing his dick through his pants, and he was undoing his pants to let her have better access to his swollen hard cock. He finally had to break the kiss to undo his pants and get them down to let his cock out. When he did, his 6.5 inches of hard cut cock was staring her right in the face. She looked him in the eye for a moment with her devilish slutty look, and then dove down and swallowed his cock. He leaned his head back, and just loved the feeling of her warm wet mouth wrapped around his cock. She started bobbing and licking to get him off, and it was working. He reached a hand down to cup her ass through her jeans, but then he pulled her top up and stuck his hand down her pants and under her panties to cup her bare ass cheek. Feeling that warm round ass in his hand, and her mouth on his cock did it. He busted a nice load right in her mouth. She hummed her pleasure, and swallowed every drop.

“Is that better now babe? Will you survive?” she asked.

“My gawd girl, that was fucking amazing. Do you ever know how to suck a dick. Where have you been all my life.” Mike said.

“Let’s just say you are not the first, and I have a unique perspective on how it feels for a man to have his cock sucked, so I know just what works perfectlty. You think that was good, wait till you fuck me baby. That will really blow your mind,” she said as she smiled.

“I am going to go say good bye to the hosts and Tina, do you care to join me?” he asked.

“Sure thing babe, I want to say good bye to Tina anyway, and thank her for introducing us,” she said.

“Okay hon, let me get my pants back on, and we will head in,” he said. “

“Wait hon, you have a nice blob of cum on the head of your dick, let me clean that up first. Don’t want to stain your pants,” she said as she bent down and kissed the cum off of the head of his dick.

Back at the party, Mike said good bye to the hosts, and Becky found Tina.

Tina asked, “Where you been girl? You sure disappeared quickly. I came back and you two were gone.”

“Would you believe me if I told you I gave Mike a blow job in his car, and we are going back to my place?” Becky asked.

“Believe that out of you girl? Fucking ah right I would, way to go girl. Now take that man back to your place and fuck him good girl. He has not had any pussy in months he said. I think your pussy is just what he needs tonight. You two can end each other’s dry spells,” Tina said with a smirk.

“Baby, I already ended his, now it is time for him to end mine. I just hope he likes what I have in my panties girl friend.”

“Becky, I get a good feeling about him. After talking with him for the last couple months, I think you will be just fine. Otherwise I never would have introduced you two. Did you flush out like I told you too for our play date?” Tina said.

“You know I did Tina, my ass is 100% ready for that man’s cock. He is hung too sweetheart, good 6 plus on that man, and he cums nicely,” Becky said as she whispered in Tina’s ear before leaving.

As they drove off, Mike asked, “Becky, would you like to go back to my place, your place, or get a hotel? It’s all good with me.”

“My place is close and really comfy,” Becky said.

“Your place it is then babe,” he said as he reached over and squeezed her thigh, and then left his hand there.

Becky got a little nervous at that. She did not know how he would react when he found out she was trans. She wanted so much for it to go well with this guy. She had not been properly fucked by a real man in way way too long. At the same time though, there was what Tina had said about him being accepting and progressive. Maybe it would all be fine. At least she hoped it would be, and she would know soon enough.

They pulled into her driveway behind her car. She reached over and pulled him in for a nice make out kiss, and slipped him just a little tongue. Mike pulled her in closer and returned the tongue as they kissed. She reached down to feel that his cock was getting chubby again.

“I think we should go inside so we can let your beautiful cock out of those confining old pants,” she said as she flashed him her hazel eyes.

They got out of the car, walked to the house, and she opened the door. He just admired the view following her dreaming of fucking that sweet ass of hers. He wondered if she would be into anal intercourse, little did he know yet just how much she was into it. They stepped through, and she closed and locked the door behind them. While she was facing the door and locking it, Mike stepped up behind her and grabbed her tits, and started kissing her neck. She moaned in pleasure and reached down behind her ass to grab the cock in his pants. He was much harder now, so she let him grind that cock into her ass right at the door.

He pulled her top off standing there at the door, and took her sexy black bra off too. Her perky tits were free, and he had one in each hand squeezing and pinching her nipples. She loved the way he was taking control and ravaging her in her own place. Becky turned around and kissed him some more, till he went down to kiss her nipples. He kissed and sucked as she leaned back against the door to be open for him.

Breaking the kiss, she grabbed his hand, and lead him to the bedroom.

“Get your clothes off Mike,” she ordered, and he was peeling them off leaving a trail to the bedroom. She backed him up to the bed. His shirt was off, his pants were undone and around his knees. She pushed him back on the bed, took off his shoes, pulled his pants off and then took his boxers off. There he was naked on her bed.

She looked at him as the passion paused for a moment. He was so sexy, mostly smooth other than a tuft of hair on his chest, and a nice happy trail leading to his cock. His cock and balls were shaved smooth, and his legs were appropriately fuzzy, but not hairy.

She spread his legs slightly and knelt in front of him. She held his cock up to her face to him to see, and then took the head in her mouth and sucked his dick again. Suddenly she stopped and stood up.

“What’s Escort bayan Ankara wrong Becky,” he asked.

Her eyes were starting to tear up just a little. “Well Mike, this is where most guys usually leave me,” She said.

“Why would a guy leave you when you are obviously about to fuck them?” he asked.

“Because of this babe,” and she proceeded to kick her shoes off, in a very sexy way and started to take her pants down, but then turned around to wiggle her tush in his face while she did.

“Why would any guy leave here, you are so sexy Becky, I just want to eat you all up, and then fuck you balls deep as we make love,” Mike said.

“Well because they cannot handle this,” she said. She had her back to him as she dropped her panties to the floor, stepped out of them, and turned around to stand naked in front of him with her 4 inch erection. “If you want to leave now, I will understand Mike.”

“Why the fuck would I want to leave now Becky?” he asked puzzled.

“Because you thought I was a woman, and here I stand before you with a boner instead of a pussy,” she said.

Showing his acceptance, he pulled her in closer, and immediately kissed her cock, and swallowed the entire thing. He started bobbing to make her feel good.

“MMMM, Well Mike it seems this is not a problem for you,” she said.

Stopping the blow job he was giving, he addressed her, “Look Becky, I like you, and I just know you are going to turn out to be a wild ride. I do not care if you have a pussy or a cock. I like you. I like the person you are, the whole package, just as you are. Honey I am the one you have been waiting to find, and you are the one I have been waiting for. I am bi, and I can put my hands down between anyone’s legs and be perfectly happy with what I find there, that is if they are the kind of person I am attracted to. I have dated women, and trans women, and I have had my share of guys as fuck buds. I am into the person and the chemistry like what we have so far. You drive me wild Becky. I do not get hard for just anyone. I have to be totally turned on to get hard like I have with you. Becky, I want to be here with you, and I want to be inside you. I will make love to you hon as I fuck your ass tonight. You decide if I stay around when we are done.”

Becky cried tears of joy at Mike’s response and pulled him to sit up and hold his head to her naked tummy. He knew she was happy and relieved so after she had held him for a while, he pulled her dick into his mouth again. He sucked her hard cock for a few moments, giving her the same kind of pleasure she had given him in the car, and to show how truly accepting he was of her. Then he stood up to kiss her.

Cupping his face as he stood up, she said, “I already decided you are a keeper babe.”

The passion in that accepting kiss he gave, set her heart to fluttering. She had finally met a man who accepted her as who she was. He did not care what her plumbing was, he was into her. Mike knew just how to use the plumbing they both had to express his feelings for her. He was into Becky, and she was going to know just how much he was into her when his hard dick slid into her sweet ass tonight. She was happy and horny. This night was going to go well, and she was going to get fucked.

She slinked away from the standing kiss, and crawled onto her bed, and held her arms out for him to come to her. He crawled onto the bed and went to lay on top of Becky. She wrapped her arms and legs around him, and held him as close on top of she could. His hard cock was on top of her’s as they kissed.

He began to kiss her neck, and she turned her head to give him full access. She was open to him in every way. He kissed her neck with the passion only a lover can give. Sliding down a little further, he started to suck her nipples. They were standing completely hard awaiting his mouth. Right at this position, the head of his hard dick was just poking her sweet hole. Her legs were wrapped around him, and his cock was teasing her.

He slid down her tummy kissing and licking her till he got to her cock. He looked up and her to see her looking down. He was looking for permission as not all trans women will allow their cocks to be sucked.

“Go ahead babe, suck my little girly cock. You accept me as me, and this is part of me. Enjoy me baby,” she said, and he opened his mouth to take the head of her cock in. “See what you do to me babe, my cock does not ever get this hard. You really got to me babe, enjoy.”

Enjoy he did as he took her cock in his mouth. At first it was just the head, but then he slid his mouth down till the whole thing was in his mouth. He worked his tongue on the bottom side of her dick, and she wriggled and moaned in pleasure. “Damn babe, you are a pretty good cock sucker too. You may just get me to cum.”

“Wait babe, I want to see you cum when I fuck you,” Mike said.

“Then go get that wedge pillow over there hon, and put it in the middle of the bed,” she ordered. He saw the special pillow and brought it back. While he got that, she had gotten out the lube so it was in reach. Becky got on her back on the pillow and curled her legs up again so her ass was in the air for the perfect fuck me position. “I am all yours tonight babe. Take me how ever you want me.”

Mike stopped for a moment to look at his lovely lady ready to give herself over to him. On his knees, between her legs, he reached in and cupped her face. “Are you sure you want to do this hon? Are you sure you want me to fuck you?” he asked to be completely clear.

“Yes Mike, I want you inside of me. I want you to breed me, and make me yours,” was her response.

He bent her legs up to get full access to that sweet ass. He held her in that position to look at this sexy lady and just admire how pretty she was naked in front of him. “You are so beautiful babe. Look what you do to me,” and he pointed to his hard cock.

“I have just the place for you to put that hon, anytime you are ready,” she said.

He back up a bit and leaned in to kiss her cock, then her balls, and then he started kissing her ass cheeks.

“Oh fuck yes babe, eat me,” she cried.

He centered right in on her hole, and started running his tongue around the rim. She loved it when a talented man ate her ass. She would tingle so as his tongue darted around. As much as she was enjoying this, he started tongue fucking her hole, and she liked it even more.

“I will give you till forever to stop, oh that is so good baby, you make me want you even more,” she said.

She handed him the coconut oil. He took some to lube his dick, and then some to lube her ass, and slid a piece up her ass with his finger. It would melt inside rather quickly.

“Mike, please do not finger fuck me, I want your dick in me, and I want it now,” she said.

Looking her in the Bayan escort Ankara eyes, Mike moved forward on his knees and put his cock head at her rose bud. He stated to push in harder and harder, and when it was enough, she relaxed and pushed back. His dick popped right in and he let it stop right there so she could adjust.

“Ahhh fuck yes Mike, let me have it,” she said. How she loved the sensation of the pressure from his cock opening her up, sliding inside her body. It had been a long time since she had real cock in her ass. She had toys in there several times a day so she was always stretched out and ready. Nothing beats the feel of a real cock. Feeling his skin on her skin inside her ass, she was alive again. She was going to have his seed deep in her guts, deep in her pussy.

Their eyes were locked together as his cock slid inside her ass. This was how they both wanted it to be, intense and passionate. As she opened up more, he started to thrust. He was pulling out a little and going back in more. In just a few thrusts he was balls deep in Becky.

Becky loved having her ass full of his hard cock. She had a great man in her now. He was gentle but firm the way he had just entered her. Had he been reading her mind to know what she wanted? He had started fucking her perfectly. Her cock was still so hard and excited even with him balls deep in her ass.

Looking her in the eyes still, he started to thrust in and out, in and out. They were starting to get a rhythm to their fucking love making. He was still slow, but it was steady now as her ass opened up from his nice cock. He started to long stroke her, and it was obvious she was loving that feeling of the cock leaving and then instantly filling her back up again.

Mike had not fucked anyone in a long time, and knew he was not going to last very long. He did not want to last long. He wanted to give her his load deep and soon to show just how excited he really was. He also knew this would only be the first fuck for the night. He picked up his pace slightly as he watched her cock bounce from his fuck. He could tell he was hitting just the right spot inside her and she was getting close very quickly too.

“Go ahead babe, stroke your cock for me. Cum with my dick in your ass girl,” Mike encouraged.

She grabbed her dick and started fucking stroking for all she was worth while she tweaked one nipple. “Oh fuck babe, I am gonna cum with your dick in my ass.” With that, she went over the edge and pumped her load all over her tummy. Her ass tightened, and she squeezed him just right too. He went over the edge right after she did, and filled her ass with his cum. He collapsed on top of her and kissed her with his dick still in her. They were both covered in her cum.

“That was fucking amazing Mike. I have never cum before with a man in my ass. You are such good lover,” she said.

“Babe that was just round one. If you want me to stay, you will get fucked several more times tonight. I can usually cum 3 maybe 4 times in an overnight, that is if you want me to stay,” Mike asked.

“Hell yes I want you to stay sweet man. I want you to wear my ass out tonight,” Becky responded.

“Sweet my dear, I will stay with you tonight and fuck the hell out of you and make love to you,” he said.

“Make all the love you want to me babe, but make sure you fuck the hell out of me while you are doing it,” she said.

“You want round two, then role your butt over of this wedge pillow and I will give you round two right now baby. I am still hard and I think I can go again,” he said.

He pulled off of her. He was so excited his dick was still hard, but he felt good like he could maybe even cum again. She rolled over on the wedge pillow so her ass was in the air and just right for him. He slid in between her legs, and lined his cock to her sweet ass, and then drove in with a single thrust so her ass that was full of his first load of cum. Well actually it was his second, she had swallowed the first in the car.

This time he pounded the fuck out of her. He let her have it hard and fast making the bed moan from the strain. It was just what she needed as she pulled inside her own head to enjoy his fuck.

“Fuck yes baby, that’s it pound me,” she said. That was exactly what he did for 10 minutes till he told her that he was ready, he was going to cum again.

As he went over he stopped pounding her and drove his cock deep for her to feel his dick ejaculate inside her, and ad to the cum in her ass. He laid down on top of her and covered her, slowly thrusting again with his dick as it softened.

“Was that what you needed Becky,” he asked.

“Exactly what I needed stud. How about you lover?” she asked.

“It was for now, but the night is still young. Give me some time to recover, and I will give you a nice slow cuddle fuck as we lay her together,” he said.

They got rid of the pillow and spooned in together. Her ass felt so good cuddled into him. Neither of them had any intimacy like this in a long time. He was still kind of stiff, so he slid back in her as they cuddled.

They cuddled and talked for the next couple hours till he got hard again. He lubed up and gave her the cuddle fuck he had promised her earlier. They were both on their sides, and he was spooned in behind her. His slick cock popped right into her open ass, and he gently rocked his cock inside her. She felt every movement of his dick inside her. She knew she would not cum again, but she was enjoying having her man inside her. She wanted to keep him around for a while. Gently he cuddle fucked her for half an hour. As his orgasm built, he picked up the pace, and when he finally came as he was pounding her like a porn star.

“Oh fuck yes, that was good Mike, thank you,” she said.

“No, thank you sweet lady, I like you, and I want to see a lot more of you if you will have me hon,” he said.

“I think you have a good shot at that Mike,” she said.

Cuddled up together, they fell off to sleep.

Mike woke up in the morning to feeling her mouth on his cock. She was sucking his morning wood. “Ah, I see you are awake my dear, now lay on your back,” she ordered.

He obeyed, and she mounted up to ride him. It was a great way for them to start the day after their first date together as she came all over his belly, and he took his fifth load of cum for the night. It was the fourth in her sweet ass.

She was pretty sure she had a keeper this time. She was going to keep him around for a while to find out.

Tina texted around noon while they were in the kitchen enjoying breakfast. “Well girl how was he.”

“Hey Mike, It’s Tina, watch this,” and she responded to the text. “I did not get fucked onetime”

“Wait what girl, what went wrong. I thought he was going to be a good fuck for you.” Tina responded.

“Nope, not one time. It was 4 times and he came all 4 times. Thanks girl, he is going to be mine now for a while. I may never let him go.” Becky texted.

“That’s my Becky,” Tina said to herself.

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