Becoming Ashley’s Foot Slave – Ch. 01

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Big Tits

I laid on the floor at the foot of the couch, my hands wrapped around Ashley’s left foot. Her right foot was on my forehead, pushing gently. Her gym sneakers were sitting next to my head. She was watching her second movie in a row, but I was really only paying attention to her feet. I looked at the clock under the TV – 10:51pm. Ok that means I’m on hour four. My hands would have simply broken down if I tried this months ago when we first met. I felt pride in my improvement, as I swapped feet and started enthusiastically massaging her other bare foot. She placed the one I was previously holding over my mouth, her sole a little sweaty and very pungent. I felt like I could keep going forever for her, like I never wanted to stop. I knew how good this felt for her, and I knew this was my duty. My mouth sock for today was not a particularly dirty one, I think she had only worn this one two days in a row. It was still amazing to suck and chew on, but it wasn’t as incredible as some of the two or three week old socks she had sometimes had me stuff into my mouth. I have gotten used to breathing through my nose mostly since usually her socks are in my mouth, and since she likes to cover my mouth with her foot whenever we’re together. My dick was rock hard and pulsating with energy. Of course, I wouldn’t get to masturbate or anything – I knew she wouldn’t let me today. I was hoping she’d let me massage for at least an hour more before she wanted to go to bed. I was also hoping tonight she’d give me a new sock for my mouth because I’ve had this one in for two days now, and it was losing a bit of its flavor. The more it tasted like her feet and sweat, the better.

It wasn’t always like this. It started off more slowly. I was looking to split costs for an apartment in the new city I moved to, and this place looked perfect. A great bedroom with enough space for a home office for me to do all of my software engineering work at a pretty low price – I make a lot of money but I like to save a lot as well. The poster of the ad was named Ashley, she seemed like a nice 28 year old woman and was looking for a replacement roommate since another girl had moved out. I jumped on it right away and moved in 2 days later. I figured it didn’t really matter who the roommate was, we would probably both keep to ourselves except for the kitchen stuff. Right from the get-go she must have sensed something about my true nature.

I brought all my bags into my bedroom when I got there, as nobody was home. However, I did notice there was a giant pile of dishes in the sink and a total mess in the kitchen. Ashley’s bedroom door was open and I was a little surprised to see a giant pile of clothes on the floor. My eyes definitely darted right for the socks, but I kept moving. I have had a pretty severe foot fetish for as long as I can remember – but I knew I couldn’t linger on staring at her laundry. I didn’t even know this woman, and I knew I couldn’t even entertain the idea of being interested in her – she’s just going to be my roommate, and it wouldn’t be a good idea to combine my sex life with my home life. Besides, who knows what she even looks like? I started unpacking, but a few minutes later I heard keys jangling in the front door and heard it open. I stopped what I was doing and went out into the kitchen.

I was pretty astounded at what I saw. She was absolutely stunning – and had apparently just gotten back from the gym. Gym clothes are probably my favorite type of outfit on a woman. She was a slender redhead with incredible legs, and she had the kind of ass where you could tell how beautiful and big it was even from the front. Seriously, I could tell it was a 12/10 ass without even seeing it just from the appearance of her thighs. There was a little space between the top of black leggings and the bottom of her tank top, and the sight of her sweat-laden stomach was also a treat. I also took note of her sneakers, but tried my best not to let my gaze linger down there.

“So, you must be my new roommate, Ben, right?”

I heard her say this, but I couldn’t get my eyes off of her legs, thighs, and shoes.

“Hello?! I’m talking to you, dude!”

I looked up abruptly and felt my face flushing. There was a look of indignation on her face since I hadn’t responded to her at first.

“Oh, yeah,” I stammered. “I’m Ben, nice to meet you! This place is great. You must be Ashley I assume.”

“Umm, yeah that’s me. Captain obvious.” She put one hand on her hip and leaned her weight to one side – I couldn’t help but notice how sexy she looked with her ass poking out to one side. She looked me up and down for a minute, and then sighed.

“Welcome, then. Glad to finally have someone moved in, I was worried there for a second. I couldn’t afford to cover rent for the place much longer. Anyway, I’m really sweaty right now, I’m gonna go freshen up and shower. Nice to meet you, Ben.” She turned and walked to her room. I literally could not believe the ass that I saw walking away from me – it had such definition and was almost too big for her frame. Her leggings could barely contain it. On her way over, which caused my heart to literally jump in my chest, she popped her sneakers off and and threw sinop seks hikayeleri them lazily into the middle of the kitchen floor. Then she went into her room and closed the door. So far, besides her being absolutely stunning a little short with me, this was a pretty normal roommate interaction, I thought to myself.

As I started turning to go back to my room, her door opened and I whirled around instantly. For some reason I felt butterflies in my stomach.

“Oh yeah, Ben? Sorry about the kitchen being a mess when you first got here.” She smirked a little bit sadistically and my heart nearly stopped after what she said next.

“Clean it up for me. I’d really appreciate it. Also, the floors need to be washed and I’ve got all sorts of old leftovers in the fridge. Can you throw those out for me? Thanks!”

I tried to reply, starting to say “Well, I’ve got my own stuff to -” but her door closed and she didn’t respond. I kind of couldn’t believe what I’d just heard. That mess had nothing to do with me, and I clearly had stuff to do to unpack. How could she ask me…no tell me…to do her chores for her? But right as I had this thought, I noticed that my dick was almost standing up straight in my pants. I wasn’t that surprised, because I know I have submissive tendencies, but this was all so sudden and unexpected. Although it didn’t seem fair, I dropped what I was doing and starting cleaning the kitchen.

It took about 30 minutes to get most of it done. I heard her showering and doing stuff in her room. Honestly, it went by super quickly because I found myself daydreaming about her ass the whole team. Even though I was just cleaning the kitchen, I had a raging hard on almost the entire team just from the tone she used to instruct me to do it – it was so confident and sexy. It rang in my ears. *Clean it up for me* It echoed in my head, the way she said it. I found myself wondering about what else she might tell me to do. I felt my dick almost shivering with electricity just thinking about her in that gym outfit, bossing me around my new apartment. If she kept this up I knew I’d have a tough time saying no.

The door to her room opened and I spun around and stammered, “Hi! Almost done.” I pointed to my work. I saw she had changed into a sexy pair of tight jeans and a different tank top, and was wearing ugg slippers.

“Wow, you’re still working on that? I guess you at least started when I asked, so that’s good.” She smiled and I felt my whole body start to melt away. I noticed I couldn’t meet her gaze right in the eyes, and was looking down slightly.

“After you’re done with that, I need some help in here,” she said sternly. She made a beckoning gesture with her right hand and I put down the pan I was holding and briskly walked over to her. She pointed to a pile of clothes in her room. “I’m a little messy, I know”, she laughed. Her laughing face suddenly turned to stone. “Bring that all to the laundry room, and handle it for me, ok? Oh, and straight things up in my bedroom, that would be great.” She gazed at me intensely, and once I again I found myself looking at the floor.

“Sure,” I replied. “I’ll do it just after I’m done with this.”

She was looking me up and down again. I realized she could definitely see that my dick was basically trying to escape my pants. Her eyes fixated there for a second, then back to my face. “Excited for you to be my new roomie, it’s gonna be fun. We’re gonna have some fun I mean. I’m headed out for a few hours. That stuff will be done by the time I get back right?”

“Oh yeah, shouldn’t take me too long. I’ll help you out with that and unfinish my unpacking.”

“Okay, see you later Ben! Looking forward to getting to know you.” With that she shot me a smile I’ll never forget, then walked past me and headed out.

I felt that I had started sweating a bit. What was it with this woman? I could barely think straight. How did she get me to just handle her chores, within my first hour of moving in? It wasn’t even a discussion, it just happened naturally. She could tell I would do them, and of course I did.

I finished up on the kitchen and did the floors too, making sure everything was clean. I didn’t want her to be disappointed in me. Then I went to do her laundry. It smelled amazing but at this point I didn’t feel it was within my rights to mess with, take, or sniff her socks, definitely not without permission. I also straightened up a couple other things in her room. I saw she had a low-ish water bottle so I filled it with ice and a water and put it back there for her later. She was definitely a bit of a slob and not super organized. I wondered what she did for work – she mentioned she couldn’t afford the place on her own. I thought about her the whole rest of the evening as I unpacked and finished her laundry.

Later that night she came back. When I heard the keys in the door, I found myself compelled to immediately drop what I was doing and run to the kitchen, standing up straight about 8 feet from the door. When she saw me as she walked in, I swear she cracked a sadistic little smile.

“Well, what do we have here? You were waiting for me there all night, roomie? Hope you got our chores done.” She laughed and I felt the melting sensation in my body again. I realized at that moment, I would do almost anything she asked me to. I felt a little humiliated by the thought, but I couldn’t resist what my body and subconscious were telling me. I was feeling so turned on thinking about how she immediately took control of me with just a few words.

“Oh, no”, I said. “I-I was just in the kitchen randomly. And yes, all the stuff you told me to do is done. I mean, asked me to do.”

She gave me a sexy inquisitive look after my stammering, eyebrows raised. “As I expected,” she answered curtly. She put her bag down and started walking over to the living room. I followed instinctively. “Wow, it looks great in here! Much improved, and I didn’t even tell you to do this room. It’s going to be so nice having you around. I was struggling a lot with the clutter and my laundry. And cooking.” She sat down on the couch, folder her arms sassily, and looked at me for about 30 seconds, studying me with cold-looking eyes. I could tell by her eye movements she was coming up with some sort of idea in her head. I stood in front of her, looking at her shoes. She was wearing a pair of cute sneakers with low white socks.

“Can you help me out with these?”, she asked with an malicious grin on her face. “I’m a little tired and they’re tied really tight.” She pointed to her shoes. Without hesitation I came over and reached my arm out, gesturing for her to lift her leg up toward me.

“I am not lifting my leg all the way up there, dude. Get down here and take them off.”

Instantly regretting my actions, I knelt down and started untying her left sneaker. I didn’t say anything as I took it off. I shuddered as her foot aroma washed over me – she must have been walking around a lot. It smelled really strong but of course I loved it, it was like pheromones to me. I was wondering if she’d notice that I basically inhaled her foot smell instead of recoiling. I felt my cock pulse in my pants. I untied the other one and took it off too.

“Go put those in the kitchen, will you?” – She gestured toward the entry way. I want you to make sure all of my shoes are in front of the front door, ok? Not yours though. Keep your stuff in your room.” I nodded. Next, she leaned forward and swiftly took off her socks with one hand. I wished she let me do it. “Oh, and you need to wash these for me too.” She threw them at me, but I only caught one. “Nice catch!” she laughed at me. Then she took her phone out and laid back on the couch, her bare feet slightly sticking off the bottom. I forced myself to turn away and put her shoes where she said to. I put her socks in the laundry bin in her room. It was kinda weird she let me go in there on day 1, but I was really enjoying myself, and I thought about how interesting it was that such small little things could turn me on so much. I found myself looking around her room, seeing if there was anything I missed earlier.

“Hey roomie! Get back in here,” she called from the living room. “Now!”

“Coming!” I called back shakily. I speedwalked back into the living room, trying to hide my throbbing bulge.

“Look, I know this is a lot to ask on your first night, but I really need a foot massage. My feet are killing me. Can you do just like, ten or fifteen minutes and make sure to really focus on the arch? I need you to really put some muscle into it though.”

“Yeah, I don’t have anything else going on,” I replied automatically. “How should we sit, can you turn sideways so I can sit on the couch too?” Thinking back on this question, I laugh at how stupid it was for me to make such a request.

“No, I’m tired. Come on, just sit there in the front of the couch and do it. I really need it. This is a great way to get acquainted with your new roommate.” She looked me right in the eyes again and I looked away, unable to meet her gaze. She let out a soft laugh in response.

“Is there a problem, Ben?”

I realized I had been just standing there frozen, so I sat down in the front of the couch and grabbed onto her left foot immediately. It was one of the most amazing feelings of my life touching her feet. I was about to start rubbing when she interrupted me.

“No, stupid! Not dry like that. Who wants a dry massage? Use the foot cream. It’s right there on the side table. I was trying to use it on myself because of the soreness but it wasn’t really working. I’m so glad you’re here now to test it out.” Again, that incapacitating smile.

“Okay, y-yeah sorry about that. That is definitely a better idea.” I went over, grabbed it, and sat back down. It was impossible to hide my erection, but she did not comment on it at this point. I put some on my hands and began massaging. I could barely believe this was really happening. With the extra lubrication from the cream, it was much easier to move up and down and I see why she requested it. I could see she had her phone out and was scrolling – I couldn’t see her beautiful face, just her amazing body and soles. They were a little dusty.

I had gone for about 30 seconds before she spoke. “Harder!” she ordered me. “This is supposed to be helping me with my sore feet, not just a little pleasant rubbing! I really need you to work out the kinks and knots in there.” She flexed her feet in my hands. “Especially the arch.” She pointed her feet toward me while I was still holding it. I saw her peering at me from to the left of her phone, with such an intense and dominant look on her face I felt compelled to look away again. Am I scared of her? From the corner of her eyes I saw she went back to looking at her phone, which I instinctively knew was my queue to keep going. I put a lot of focus and energy into it, pushing really hard. My thumbs and palms were getting really sore, but I didn’t want to complain or make her upset. I just want to make her happy and satisfied with me. I sort of zoned out while doing it, staring at her beautiful soles. Her nails were unpainted and I thought about which colors would look beautiful on them. Occasionally she let out a contented sigh. “That feels good”, she said once, without looking at me.

I looked at the clock and realized about twenty five minutes had passed. It was past midnight. More normal thoughts came to my head – I had work tomorrow, had unpacking to do, and wanted to maybe play some video games today. I thought, I can’t just be spending my whole night with my random new roommate, right? I already helped her out all day. I opened my mouth to talk and let out a sound but she interrupted me right away.

“Oh no, please don’t tell me you’re done. It feels so good, I really needed this. You’re not bad. Honestly I need this every day, it would make me so happy. Give me … ten more minutes.” She shot me an expectant but knowing look. The look on her face was so hot, I couldn’t possibly refuse.

“Okay, ten more,” I said back. Once again, she just looked back at her phone which was my cue to start. Ten minutes had passed and I was vigorously massaging, working on my technique. I was thinking of different ways to use my hands and palm to work the muscles. I was feeling a little sad that the coconut scent of the foot cream was masking her true foot odor. My eyes were locked to her feet the entire team.

“Does that feel right?” I asked. I wanted validation for my work.

“Just keep it up, don’t get ahead of yourself,” was all she gave me, and didn’t look away from her phone. I wanted to tell her my time was up, I had done much more than the original ten minutes, but I didn’t know how to say it. I just kept going, switching back and forth between her two feet. I even started doing both at once, pushing really hard with my thumbs even though all my joints and and muscles were straining to keep up. It was like a major arm and hand workout. I was afraid I’d go too softly and she’d complain though. I was making sure to relish my time in case this was a one time thing.

About ten more minutes passed and she suddenly pulled her feet away from up, balling up her knees onto the couch.

“Enough. That was really nice.” She smirked at me. “I could tell you were enjoying it too. Anyway, I’m going to bed, see you tomorrow roomie.”

“Good night Ashley,” I muttered, still sitting on my knees at the foot of the couch. I couldn’t believe how my first day turned out. I stared at her ass as she walked out of the room – she probably knew I was. Before she closed the door, she called out to me. “Oh, you’re going to make me breakfast tomorrow. I don’t have anything in the fridge so go shopping before I wake up, if you can. I don’t get up till around ten. Hope you had a fun first day here!” Then the door closed.

I thought about how crazy that was. I had work tomorrow, and she asked me to shop and cook before 10. I moved some meetings on my calendar so I could get it done. I went to bed but couldn’t fall asleep for a few hours, thinking about how nearby she was. Did I really just get lucky enough to move in with a domme?

The next week or two went about the same, but with an escalating level of chores for me. After she woke up and ate the breakfast I made her, she’d give me a list of stuff to do while we ate and then get ready to head out. She never offered to help clean up. Every day she went out and worked out and hung with friends. I found out she was a student – she studied a lot too. That’s why she was so low on cash. By the end of the second week she had me doing all the chores in the house without needing to be asked, even though I was working from home full time. I made it work. I cleaned the kitchen and living room, vacuumed, and did all her laundry for her, even hanging everything back in her closet since she had asked for that. She never said thanks after the first day but I didn’t need it, I was happy to help her out. Every night she came back and instructed me at some point to give her a foot massage, which I happily obliged to. I was hoping it might escalate beyond that every time, but I was generally ignored. The length also increased each night, until by the end of the second week I would give her a massage for about an hour and a half while she scrolled her phone, studied, or watched TV. She barely praised my work, but I didn’t mind. On the rare time she did say something like “Oh yeah, keep doing that spot!” my heart would stop for a moment. I also cooked meals for both of us twice a day, and shopped as well. I got most of my work done at night or in between chores.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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