Becoming Marc’s Sissy

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This is a story with themes some may not like. If that is you, read it, don’t read it, your call. But if you are going to comment, keep in mind that no one required you to read it, and no one requires you to like the themes. Writing nasty comments only makes you look foolish.

For others, I would love to hear your comments. And I hope you enjoy the story.


It has been a year. An amazing, terrifying, exhilarating, humiliating, crazy year. I began Sissy School mostly because I was bored. I like to try new things, to rethink my view of life, to shuffle the cards and try a new hand. And here I am. I am not the same person, physically or emotionally. I was a man, a pretty standard, boring man. Now, as I wait for my owner I am a full blown sissy gurl.

Training started out as a way to have an exciting few moments in my day. I discovered a few years ago that sex with men was deeply desirable to me. I went from zero to sixty in less than a week when a young man I knew seduced me. The moment I knelt in the shower and took his cock in my mouth was the moment this journey began because it was an amazing experience. He spent the next few weeks allowing me to fall in love with cock. Yes, his cock was central, but I found it was really cock in general.

A cock is an amazing thing. When it grows and demands attention it has a life of its own. It carries heft, and creates an aura of which I cannot ignore. A soft cock is simply a hard cock waiting for attention, and a hard cock is a master who must be served. I love the feel of a cock in my hand; from the weight of the ball sack to the proud head my hands caress it all. But it is my mouth that most craves the cock. To lick it from underneath as I obediently kneel in front of it is the start of raw joy for me. As the head slides into my waiting mouth and I get to feel the perfectness of the cock slide across my lips I no longer care about the world around me. I focus on being a source of pleasure for the cock, like it is a source of joy for me. When a strong man then holds my head and pushes the head deep down my throat I am in obedient bliss. The rawness of my submission as I am used for cock pleasure is perfect. And then when the cock cums and offers me the perfect nectar I have hit my peak. I love every drop of cum and I love every cock it comes from. The journey to cum is often different, but always satisfying. My devotion to the cock is complete.

The more I found ways to express my love of cock the happier I became. The funny part was I never thought of myself as gay. When a couple walked by I always noticed her. A great female body was still a thing of great arousal to me. But I also knew if the three of us got naked, my first point of attention would be his cock. I lusted over her, until the cock appeared and then my lust found its true home and I was its submissive slut.

I slowly started to see the man behind the cock. But while my cock lust was almost universal, my lust for men began slowly and was definitely focused on real men. I started to feel the power of the man who wielded his cock as a tool of domination. A man who was comfortable being the Alpha and fully expected my obedience and submission. I spent a few months serving altyazılı porno such a man and came to appreciate his total body and total self. His chest became a place I wanted to rest my head, his strong arms felt best when stroking my head as I knelt in front of him, his strong legs were where my hands found happiness when my mouth was busy. I started to not just crave the cock, but crave the alpha man behind the cock. I felt secure, and wanted, and safe, and incredibly aroused to be under this man’s control. His casual confidence, never questioning his place above me made my place feel right.

Unfortunately this man moved on. I gave him all of me but he tired of it and found other people. I was was left behind. I didn’t realize it at the time but if I were to keep such a man I needed to be more then the source of a good blow job. I needed to be the type of gurl that he would find sexy and desirable all the time. I needed to become the perfect sissy. And that is what happened, although at the time I did not see that path ahead of me.

I started Sissy School. But I was not fully in. It was one thing to be a devoted cocksucker, it was another to fully make the move to being a girl. I played with the Sissy School assignments. I was a bad student. My lust and my fears were at a standstill. Then one day I started the next assignment and I made a breakthrough. I was instructed to search for sissy night wear and a photo I found made something click inside of me. It was the physical demeanor of the model that said, here I am, soft, humble, and completely yours. I literally stared at this photo for hours. I imagined being her, waiting at the bedroom door for my man to come and take me.

The follow-up to this assignment was to listen to a recording called sissy pride. I did. Then I did again, and then again. I changed. I understood my sissy desires were my real self asking to be let out. I came to peace with it. The idea of being a submissive sissy was still sexy and arousing, but it was also more; it was authentic. I started reconsidering my approach and re-started the journey with renewed vigor and focus. I wasn’t going to shamefully become a sissy, I was going to proudly do it. And like most things in my life that I committed to, I was going to do it right.

I went back and redid assignments and finished others. I didn’t do them to have a few erotic minutes in my day, but because I was going to make the journey and I was putting my trust in my mistress to get me thru the journey. I became a devoted pupil. The mental transformation was deepened and I started the physical transformation. My body hair disappeared, I lost 30 pounds to achieve a better figure. I worked out carefully to be toned but not build bulk, My wardrobe went from mostly male to entirely female. I wore panties every day. Walked in heels at home until I didn’t like not wearing them.

Six months later I was ready. I had breast surgery. Beautiful, perfect breasts that I would proudly show and give to men. I loved that now I was the one who got the looks, who got the touches. I already had a great ass, and now I was becoming the ideal body for men to play with. I now lived as a girl full time and continued amatör porno my training.

I obeyed my mistress. I gained experience giving myself to men. I flirted, I relished the attention I received. When a strange hand caressed my ass, I paused to allow that man to enjoy. When a stranger stared at my breasts, I offered no offense. My assignments pushed me to new levels of submission. I went on dates where I was treated as a sex object, and I embraced my role. I learned to say yes, to accept the advances, to communicate with my body and my eyes that I was theirs to have.

I struggled with deep throating and my Mistress sent me to a trainer. A MAN whose cock was magnificent. I learned to control my gag reflex and to have my mental state overcome my physical. I learned to truly appreciate the pleasure I provided by deep throating and with that focus and appreciation I became successful. My physical body still sometimes objected, but my submissive, please focused mental state always won out. He graduated me by having me serve his friends and then spend a full 30 minutes of taking his monster cock deep down my throat. His explosion of cum down my throat was the best graduation present a sissy could have ever asked for.

I finished my training and my Mistress asked me a simple question: are you ready? I had my doubts, but I answered yes. She told me she had picked out a special owner for me. She showed me a 2 year sissy contract and asked me to sign. I wanted to object, to learn more about this man, to go slowly, but when I looked at my Mistress I remembered that I must trust her. I signed. I was both terrified and aroused.

“I will pick you up at 7pm tonight and bring you to him. You are not truly his until he consummates the contract with his cum. Tonight you fully volunteer to be a man’s property for two full years. Pick out the outfit you want him to first see you in. You will wait at his bedroom door while I finalize the other contract mechanics. You are ready, and you will be a perfect sissy to him. His name is Marc.”

My Mistress said all of this calmly and matter of factly and I could not argue. I simply said “Yes Mistress.”

For two hours I debated my outfit. And then it hit me. I will certainly be his slut, and hopefully even his princess, but tonight should be about being his property. I put away the sluttier outfits and repacked the poofy princess wear and got out the white, simple nighty from that photo that hit me so hard 9 months earlier. I was going to be her. I was going to present myself in a way that made him appreciate that my submission and devotion to his were not a role I was going to play, but were authentic and real.

I did my make-up to be pretty, but not slutty (although I have gotten good at the slutty look!). I put the nighty on and I never felt more desirable or more ready to be taken. I smiled as I realized my Mistress had always knew this was where I would be, but it took a bumpy journey to get me there. I couldn’t imagine being anywhere else.

Mistress came and put a blindfold over my eyes. She said little, just led me to the car and drove me to my new home. She led me in and put my hand on a doorframe.

“You will wait anal porno for him here at the entrance to his room. I have about five minutes of business to conduct. I know you will be a perfect sissy pet for your owner. I have sold you for a great profit, and I will enjoy that profit but I will also enjoy knowing you have found your true self. While I will always be your Mistress you will now belong to Marc. Be the perfect sissy I have trained you to be and never doubt that being that perfect sissy is what you were meant to be. Make me proud and never waver in your sissy submission. I have known Marc for a long while and he only buys my best. He will test your limits and push you to levels you have yet to experience. Embrace that experience and never forget who trained you and that you are one of my perfect sissies. You are about to start the longest, hardest and most satisfying two years of your life. Be perfect!”

With that she kissed my cheek and I felt her leave. I stood there and tried to embrace her words. I knew from a long time ago that I was a business investment for her. She makes money helping sissies like me find their true selves. I was proud I was a financial win for her. I owed her more than the fee Marc paid for me. I swelled with conviction to be the perfect sissy.

I was lost in the thoughts when suddenly I felt a presence behind me.

“I am Marc your owner. Don’t speak, just listen.”

His hand came forward and onto my ass. He started to touch his new property. It relaxed me to feel his touch and I instinctively pushed my ass back against his hand to clearly accept his possession of me.

“Again, don’t answer, but are you ready to be my pet. To always put my wants and desires ahead of your own. To accept my voice as commands, without me ever having to issue commands. I won’t yell at you, I won’t get angry at you. I will simply tell you what you will do and you will do it. That is real submission. If I am unpleased with you I will correct that situation as I see fit. Past sissies have struggled understanding the weight of my words, some to the point that I sold them into much less desirable situations. Don’t make that mistake.”

His hand moved as he spoke and came across my front and up my stomach to my breasts. I could feel his strength. It was immediately intoxicating. He started to gently, but firmly explore my breasts.

“This time I want an answer, a simple yes or no. Are you my pet?”


“Are my words your commands?”


“Will you be the perfect little sissy your Mistress claims you are?”


With that I felt him move in front of me and his hands came up and removed my blindfold. He looked down at me and said, “I am Marc, you are my sissy pet.”

He was gorgeous. One word describes him: strength. His face was strong, his body was strong, his demeanor was strong. His ran his hand down the side of my face and said,

“I am going to move into my bedroom, a place you will visit often, but only when invited, and I want you to stay here a moment, gather all of your resolve and then follow me. Take the lead and show me that you will be a satisfying pet.”

With that he walked about 10 feet away and stood in his large bedroom. I was so excited I could barely think. But I recalled my training, took deep breathes and focused. I was going to please my Man better than any sissy ever.

I raised my head like the proud sissy I am and I stepped forward into my destiny as Marc’s perfect sissy.

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