Bedroom Window

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The day after I moved into my first house I met my next door neighbors. Dan Morris and his gorgeous twenty year old daughter Ashley. Dan was young for a father, thirty-six years old, and he looked it. Slender, strong facial features, firm skin, and dark brown hair. He was friendly, inviting me to sample his county famous pork rib barbecue that weekend.

His daughter was far more intriguing to me. She was as slender as her father, her hair long and blonde. That day she wore it curly, but now when I see her it’s usually in pigtails. That’s how he likes her to wear it. When they came to meet me, Ashley was wearing a short skirt and a tank top with cherries on the chest. Her tits, I couldn’t help but notice, were awesome… perfect, if you will. A man sized handful each.

They helped me set up my living room that day, and when Ashley asked to use my bathroom, she came back with the observation that my guest room window looked straight into her bedroom.

“Right were I sleep, too. Isn’t that funny, daddy?”

Dan laughed, and made a joke about me spying on his daughter. “Keep it in your pants, young man.” He laughed, giving Ashley a squeeze around the shoulders. I swear I saw Dan’s fingers pause on the top of her breast. I just pretended not to notice.


One night, when I was getting ready for bed, I walked past my spare room, which housed only an old recliner. I caught a glimpse of light, and looked over through the window. There I saw Ashley sitting on her bed. She was looking straight ahead and talking to someone. I almost moved on, but then Ashley slipped one of her hands under her skirt, giving me a great view of her inner thigh. I was glued.

I walked into the room and position the reclining chair to face the window. And I sat, watching Ashley play with her panties, teasing whoever was lucky enough to be with her in that room. I stared as she used her fingers to push aside her pink satin panties, unveiling a fat pink pussy.

Ashley leaned back on one hand, her hair slipping of her shoulders to dangle over the bed. A large figure bursa otele gelen escort moved toward her, and upon entering the light, I saw the lucky devil was Dan.

“What?” I mouthed, sitting forward in my chair. Ashley’s father knelt on the ground between her luscious young legs, his hands grabbing her at the knees and moving on up to spread her more. My cock was getting hard watching, I wasn’t even sure if it was Ashley’s hotness, or the taboo of the situation that was making my dick swell, but either way, it was intense.

Dan’s head pressed into his daughter’s pussy, and from Ashley’s face, I could tell he was giving her a great amount of pleasure. Her delicate lips formed O’s of ecstasy, ever so often she wetted those amazing lips with her pink tongue. After a few minutes, Dan sat up and removed his daughters panties.

Ashley reached her hands out to touch her fathers belt, undoing the buckle and loosing his pants. Dan grabbed her hands and pushed her away from him. He said something to her, and she stood up. She stripped slowly, turning toward the window. I swear she could’ve seen me, but if she did, she certainly didn’t show it.

Dan got behind her, standing pressed to her back, his hands running up her waist to cup her bare breasts. She closed her eyes and leaned into him, letting her father caress her gorgeous naked body. My cock was throbbing, this woman was beautiful. Clothed, she was amazing, naked, a goddess.

Her skin was milky white, her arms and neck slender. Her thighs were full and curvy, leading the eyes to a small, rounded stomach and full, pink nippled breasts. Dan was kissing his daughters creamy neck, he started to finger her delicious plump pussy. Ashley reached back and threaded her fingers through Dan’s hair, licking her lips as her body started grind back against him.

Dan fingered his daughter’s pussy until she began to cum, her body lighting in a sheen of sweat as her mouth opened wide in a scream I could almost hear. Dan turned Ashley around mid-orgasm and pushed her over the bed. He picked his belt bursa eve gelen eskort up off the ground and folded it, pulling it tight with a snap. Ashley stopped shaking and looked over her should at her father just as he brought the belt down hard across her buttocks.

Her ponytail whipped in the air when she turned her face back down to the bed sheets. She reached her arms up and braced herself against the wall. Dan brought the belt down across her shoulders, leaving a streak of red on the silky white skin.

Another lash took the belt across her thick thighs, and another on her lower back. He whipped her feet, her calves, and her inner knees before returning to place several lashes across the red cheeks of her luscious ass.

Ashley’s head bucked back with every fall of the belt, and I swear her face was contorted with great pleasure. Dan stopped whipping his sexy daughter just long enough to reach forward and grab hold of her blonde ponytail. He pulled his daughter’s hair, whipping her head back. Her eyes were closed, but she moved her hands from the wall to grab her ass.

She pulled her ass cheeks apart, and her father smiled at her, letting go of her ponytail to lift the belt above her. He let the belt fall, landing hard across the split of her cheeks, and leaving welts on her fingers. I could tell she cried out, but this obviously made Dan whip harder. He whipped his daughter’s swelling ass over and over, until it was glowing red.

Ashley looked behind her, moving to lift herself, but her father shook his head, grinning. She released her ass, and slid down a little, so that her butt was up in the air. Dan removed his pants, letting his cock spring out, long and hard. He licked a finger and put it to her ass, moistening her puckered hole. Then he bent over her, easing his dick into her asshole.

I watched her fingers dig into the sheets as Dan pushed himself deep inside her hole. He pulled back, leaving only the head of his cock in her, then thrusting back in. I had to turn attention to my own throbbing cock. I released it’s bayan escort bursa length from my sweats, rubbing it slowly, then gripping it firmly to pump it harder than I remember ever doing.

I watched as Dan began to pump faster and harder in and out of his daughters asshole. She was holding herself up by pushing back against the wall, her hot body moving back and forth with every delicious thrust. Finally Dan paused, his cock buried deep inside her, it was obvious he was coming.

Ashley’s father pulled himself out of her, a string of cum shimmered between them, a warning of the thick white goo that was about to seep from her tightening hole. She stood, and her dad’s semen dripped down to the floor, some of it running down her leg.

Dan’s naked daughter walked toward the window, where she placed her hands on the cool glass and looked back at her father. He was wiping off his cock with a kleenex, and I watched as it grew hard again. This man was a machine. I was ready to explode, and I knew once that was over I’d probably pass out.

When his cock was restored to it’s previous glory, Dan rolled a condom over himself. Then he walked up behind his daughter and lifted her leg. She stared straight at the window, almost looking right at me, as her father rammed his dick in her dripping vagina. She cried out, I heard it this time, she was close enough to me.

With one hand Dan kept Ashley’s leg in the air, the other wandered freely over her. He grabbed her breast, massaging it like I only wished I could do. He was fucking her steadily, his long cock pumping in and out of her plump pussy. She was talking to him, words I couldn’t quite make out, but it caused him to pump harder.

Soon Ashley’s face was contorted with pleasure, and her gorgeous body was shaking. She was cumming again, and Dan followed soon after, ramming himself one final time into Ashley’s cunt and grunting so loud I could hear him as if he was in my house. I pumped myself hard until my mind shut down as I cried out my own amazing orgasm.

When I finally opened my eyes, I saw Ashley standing alone in her window, still naked and looking straight at me. She licked her finger and put it in her pussy, grabbing her tit with the other hand. She tilted her head back and after several agonizing minutes worked herself to yet another orgasm. When she finished, she looked back at me, leaned forward and kissed the window. Then she walked away. A minute later the light went off, and I went to bed.

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