Beginner’s Yoga

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If you are interested in only the naughty bits, then read under the line.

I recently started yoga. No one told me it was going to be this hot.

-You just know he is a huge pervert. He probably doesn’t get any, said my friend Ali.

-You thought that too? I immediately thought he is a pervert. Then I thought he was gay, that’s why he is so casual with women.

-Nope. I bet he wants to fuck each and everyone of us, Ali insisted. Now if that means men too, I don’t know.

-Uh…I don’t know…I think that energy makes the class interesting. All this buzzing with anticipation of what he’ll say next, what we’ll do next… is kind of exciting?

-Oh please tell me you won’t do anything stupid. I don’t want to be thrown out of class.

-Me? Stupid? Never…

So the next time I go to class in my tight clothes, I take the time to do something special and not wear any underwear, see if he notices. It’s not like I was the first to not wear any in there either. And there he comes with his shorts. I never quite understood why he wore shorts and not something more practical for the class, so that we could all see his junk? I mean they really don’t hide anything. Whenever he lifts up his legs they always drop to reveal his butt just a little bit. We fold our legs and take a meditation position to begin. Everybody closes their eyes except from me. I notice how he takes his glasses off, to concentrate. He is not handsome. He has a weird moustache going on and with the glasses the pervert image is reinforced. So what is it about him? Is it his calming voice? His high pitched laugh? Or maybe the way he can twist his body in every position imaginable? I must be the worst in there. I barely get by getting into position every time. I am surprised I haven’t fallen on my face and made a fool of myself yet. We go in the asana where you have to be on your hands and feet, butt high up. I tremble. He comes over.

-Come on now, he says in his calming voice. Push a little more back, you can do it. Your heels need to almost touch the floor. Does it hurt anywhere?

-Actually, everywhere, I say unapologetically and the whole class bursts into laughter.

He grins widely.

-Now, now, you just need to get used to it is all, just a little practice.

Is it just me, or did he just wink at me? Maybe he blinked. That must be it. The class continues with more and more difficult poses that I barely manage, all the while he is contorting his body like a circus acrobat. I am sweating profusely, half tiredness, half excitement. The class goes into a different asana now and it is the one I never get right. We basically have to lie down and bring our legs over our head and to the wall. That smile again.

-Just lift your knees over your chest and push. Take your time. If you really can’t, güvenilir bahis then I’ll give you a push, he said merrily.

I try once, twice and of course I fail miserably.

-I’ve told you before, I just can’t lift my own weight.

-Okay then, here we go…

…and he gently touches my butt to help me up, followed by a gasp as he realises I am not wearing any underwear. My legs are now over my head, quite an unnatural position if you ask me, but his hands linger on my butt a little too long.

-One of your legs seems sorter than the other, he says in a serious tone.

-What? That is the last thing I want to hear right now.

-All our legs are a little mismatched in size, says a girl whose name I didn’t bother to learn.

His hands kept touching me, pushing me more towards the wall, until my feet touched it.

-Now put your hands for support, he said in the calmest tone possible and left.

So there I was, head under heels, left with my thoughts. “He kept his hands on me way too long. There is no way this didn’t mean anything. I can’t believe he called my legs weird… Maybe he felt nervous and said the first thing that came to mind? Or… He is just an asshole. Yeap, that’s it. He is a major asshole and the rest is just a front. He secretly judges everyone. You know what, I don’t care, Ali is right, he’s probably gay anyway”. As you can imagine, all that inner turmoil made me nervously move around a lot and unsurprisingly, I fell.

-Are you okay? What happened?

-I just fell. Must have moved around.

You know me, no sense of balance.

-So long as you’re okay. Alright, lie down again. Good. Lift your legs over you chest and…

…and once again, his hands are on my butt, but this time they actually grope me with purpose. Too late. My legs are over my head again. I promise this time I won’t make a fool of myself, and stay up. The class is coming to an end and we are asked to go into relaxation mode. He turns off the lights and lights up the incense. The room immediately acquires that delicate smell. I don’t know what it is, but it is quite pleasant. His voice washes over me like a caress. When he asks me to close my eyes I already feel like we are doing some sort of foreplay. By the end, I feel like we have been making sweet love for hours. I usually have tears streaming down my face and today is not an exception. We say our goodbyes, but I linger. He looks at me quizzically.

-I should pay you for the month, I say.

-Oh, yes. So, how are you enjoying the lessons?

What a weird choice of words.

-Oh, you know, it is all rainbows and butterflies, me and my mismatched legs are having a blast.

He gives out a high pitched, hearty laugh. Yup. He is making fun of me. I frown.

-You are so funny. Sarcastic, but türkçe bahis funny. I also think you have nice legs.

-Thank you, I beam.

-But you need a lot of practice to get into shape. Can I give you some tips? In there?

I follow him back into the room.

-Get into standing position. Good. Now, bend over.

Is it just me, or does he sound a bit bossy?


-See, the problem is you don’t bring your ass far enough behind, he says and I am shocked.

No pubic area or any of the usual things? My ass? He gets behind me, leans in, hugs my waist and pulls. It kind of hurts. Then I feel his stiff cock against my ass.

-This is better. Remember to always push further back.

He lets go. My body moves forward.

-No no no, he repeats, push back.

I push my body back and my ass again connects with his stiff dick. I am not feeling well.

-What is this?, I ask.

-I am merely giving you pointers. Isn’t that what you wanted, misses “I don’t have panties on”?

I am speechless. I am getting so aroused that I am sure there is a visible wet spot spreading on my tights.

-Now, stiffen up, he commands.

I do as he says. His hands grab my butt and start to rub.

-For someone who didn’t use to work out, you manage quite well.

He lifts his hand and it comes down with a smack on my right buttcheek. I whimper.

-Just what do you think you are doing?

-Teaching you yoga. The hard way.

His hand comes forcefully down on my other buttock. He rubs.

-Let’s see how long you can hold on for, he says.

His hands grab the hem of my tights and pull down. Slowly. He gets them down to almost my knees. His fingers trail back up, on the inside of my thighs. I feel him bend. His breath is on my nether region now. His tongue darts out and he starts to lick my already drenched pussy. Damn. His fingers come to aid his tongue, circling round and round, until the first one snakes in my sleek opening. Then a second. Then…

-Ah!, I shout. I am going to fall. I can’t hold on.

-Yes, you can, he says.

He puts his right hand on my thigh.

-I am supporting you, you’re not gonna fall.

His other hand snakes in his shorts. He whips his dick out. Before I know it, his dick is touching me and then starts to sneak inside of me. It is bigger than I anticipated, I think joyfully. His strokes are small and shallow, just enough to feel it but not to lose balance. This is torture. I feel him spit on my ass, saliva dripping down my other hole. He puts his fingers in his mouth and licks them, then starts to rub around my asshole. I slip forward, but his other hand holds me tight. He gets off of me and falls to his knees. His tongue laps at my clitoris, then moves up to my ass. His is güvenilir bahis siteleri rimming my ass now, and I am holding myself up by sheer will. He spits again, then inserts one finger slowly up my back hole. He gets up, still holding me with his other hand, and puts his dick back inside my pussy, slowly, and keeps pushing very slowly, until both cock and finger are up to the hilt. Then he starts to move alternating the movement between the cock and his finger, so that one of my holes is always full of him. I love it. But my knees are starting to give away.

-Ten minutes, is that all you got?, he says as I crumble to the mat free of his prodding parts.

He reaches down and pulls my tights completely of.

-They are going to hinder your movement, he says.

I stay with only a slip of a shirt on, and no bra.

He turns me around to face him.

-Now, let’s repeat the position that gives you the most trouble, he says. Lie down with your knees over your chest.

I obey. He puts his one arm under my feet and pushes them.

-Stiffen your legs up, he says, and I do, I really do actually lift them and they rise above my head and rest on the wall.

My nether region is now fully exposed to his whims. He pushes my legs a little apart, then gets down to business again. His mouth descends upon me, but now it is impatient and hungry. It eats up my pussy and juices start to flow downwards. Then he puts it on my ass again, insatiable. His fingers start to fuck my pussy, while his tongue fucks my butthole. I shake. A hand immediately descends upon my naked butt.

-Focus! Don’t move!

I can’t say a word, I’m breathless. His mouth descends again, taking the opposite way. As he licks my pussy, his finger teases my ass, then pushes in. Soon enough he licks, spits, and inserts a second. Certainly he is not going to buttfuck me like this… He is gonna break me. He gets up and reaches forward. His cock is now on my anal opening. I stiffen up.

-At least let me get down first!

-Now now, he says. You can do it.

His cock pushes in my opening and I see stars. I have stiffened too much. I need to relax. I let the pressure go to the rest of my body.

-Good student, he says as I relax and he pushes and pushes until I am full.

He starts to buttfuck me slowly, carefully. His fingers find my pussy once again and get to work. He is very skilled with his fingers. He pulls out, and I get down. He sits and turns me around in front of him, in a lotus position, my legs folding underneath. His puts his dick in my ass again and starts to fuck me vigorously. His fingers at the front, helping me get closer to the edge. I start to come and so does he. I notice how he gasps for breath against my ear, how his heartbeat goes crazy and chow his cock tenses with a sudden pull and another and another as he comes. It is so intense I scream. He gets up and turns his back on me. I am left on the mat wheezing and dripping cum.

-You can’t come to my class, he says.

Oh, but I just did. And I ‘ll come for more.

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