Being My Sister’s Sperm Donor Pt. 04

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Big Tits

It had been a few days since the intense experience with Sarah. We hadn’t spoken about it at all. I guess she caulked it up to a drunken mistake and was too embarrassed to talk about it.

Lauren and I kept seeing each other often which started to cause a problem. Sarah seemed to have an issue with us dating. I heard her and Lauren have a heated discussion about it. I didn’t see the problem, it was only a bit of fun. Lauren was a lovely girl and the sex was great but we weren’t falling in love or anything.

We started to sneak around a bit to avoid them. I would sneak Lauren into my room when the girls were at home. There wasn’t any real need. I didn’t need their permission to have someone stay over. But it became a bit of a game and trying to keep Lauren quiet was challenging, only adding to the fun.

As they didn’t know Lauren was there we enjoyed the sound of Amy and Sarah fucking most nights. Lauren became much more animated when she heard them. I worried that they may let slip my name during their role play but they didn’t. Perhaps that fantasy was losing its appeal?

Lauren was going away for the week to visit family. She had been a bit off with me for a few days since she last stayed over. She said she was fine but I knew she was hiding something. I decided to give her space and hoped it was her missing her family.

I received a text message from Amy when I was at work. It was that time of the month again and was I free tonight. Sarah would be joining which had my mind racing all day. I was looking forward to it, but I wanted to speak to Sarah before and work out where we stood. I messaged her but got no reply. It was difficult to concentrate on work but I managed to get everything done early and rushed home.

I had hoped to catch Sarah before Amy got back, but the house was empty. I took the opportunity to have a shower. I was a bit stressed, the warm water was soothing the aching muscles in my back. I washed my body, massaging the areas I could reach. There was a creaking noise, looking in the mirror I saw the door slightly ajar. I could barely see through the water spray and steam.

There was a vague outline of a head peeking through the door. I decided to carry on washing, pretending I hadn’t noticed. Was it Amy? I had previously walked in on her in the shower. Was she returning the favour? That seemed likely. Despite the other night, I doubted Sarah would be so bold to perv on me.

Knowing someone was watching started to turn me on. My cock stirred a little as I slowly stroked it. I used some shower gel and gently pulled on it, feeling it grow in my grasp. My voyeur was still watching, I wanted to give them a good show. I pushed up against the glass showing my voyeur a clear view of my naked arse. It felt really dirty being spied on and I hoped, whoever it was, got off on it.

My dick was so hard now as I increased my speed, sliding quickly along the shaft. I enjoyed feeling the veins and bumps along it. My other hand snaked down to cup my balls gently massaging them. Before I could do anything else the door closed quickly and my mystery voyeur disappeared. I decided to finish off and had an explosive orgasm shooting trails of cum down the shower door. I cleaned up and went to my room to quickly dress.

When I got downstairs both Amy and my sister were there. I tried to discern which one was the spy but they kept their cards close to their chests. As was the norm we had an evening meal together. The conversion was muted and short, sexual tension rising between us. It felt like the first time Sarah joined us. After dinner, the girls said they needed some time to get ready and would bahis siteleri I mind coming to their room in an hour. Before they left Sarah pulled Amy in for a deep passionate kiss. She stared at me from the corner of her eye as she made out with her wife. Smiling as they broke apart Amy gave me a wink as they headed upstairs.

I put on the tv as a distraction but I couldn’t focus, so I put a music channel on and decided to work out. I stripped naked, why not? We all knew the score no need to be bashful now. It was strangely liberating, doing a few naked push-ups and squats.

The workout had put a light sheen of sweat on my body and the adrenaline was pumping. I felt really good. Strong, confident, powerful. I wondered what I would find when I got up there. How active would Sarah be with me? I knew I would do everything to her if she let me.

After an hour I had a quick glass of water before heading upstairs. I woke my cock up a bit with a few tugs, making it semi-hard. I felt a bit nervous as I approached the door, but we all wanted this I was certain of that now. I may not know how far Sarah would go, but she wanted this.

I politely knocked on the door and waited. The door opened and a familiar red light illuminated the corridor. Stepping in I was treated to a mesmerising sight. Laying on the bed, stark naked was Sarah. She wore a white bunny rabbit mask and nothing else. Her toned athletic frame was exquisite, right down to the small mole on her left hip.

Lithe toned legs drew my eyes to her bare pussy. It was puffy and moist, I guessed from Amy’s attentions. Her toned stomach stretched to her beautifully plump tits. They were smaller than Amy’s, with big areolas and thick hard nipples. I was surprised to see a tattoo on her side consisting of a pair of roses with a pixie between. I watched as her dark brown eyes roamed over my naked body.

I felt someone behind me, it was Amy. She wore crotchless suspenders, sheer tights and a black lace corset. She had in the same fox mask that Lauren had worn the first night we fucked. I had to admit it looked better on Amy. She reached forward and turned me to face Sarah. Sliding up behind, she placed her arms around me and felt for my hardening cock. Slowly stroking she pushed her body into me and whispered into my ear.

“Don’t get any ideas, It’s only me who’s going to enjoy your cock. Sarah just wanted to return the favour for your display in the shower,” she said breathing into my ear causing me to shudder.

Amy turned me around and led me cock in hand to the chair in the corner. She sat me down and bent to kiss me. She held the back of my neck pulling me in for a passionate kiss. Slipping her tongue in my mouth.

Her hand kept stroking my cock as I reached out a hand between her legs. I started stroking her exposed thighs and slipped up to her pussy. Amy moaned and broke our kiss. Quickly licking my fingers I continued probing her moistening pussy.

All too soon she gave me a final kiss and turned away walking to the bed. I disregarded my instincts and stayed seated. I knew they would call me over when they were ready. Sarah smiled as her wife climbed onto the bed and started kissing up her stomach.

Amy trailed a line of kisses up Sarah’s naked body to her tits. Slipping a hard nipple into her mouth. The sight of Amy’s bare pussy facing me, glistening with her juices was insane. I grasped my cock and slowly stroked it as I watched.

Amy moved between Sarah’s nipples licking and sucking them. Sarah closed her eyes and savoured the attention. Rubbing her toned legs together and squirming a little. She raised her arms and lightly stroked Amy’s canlı bahis siteleri back. Amy sank onto Sarah’s body and gave her a long sensual kiss. Their bodies joined together, writhing and coiling as they rubbed against each other. Amy’s arse look incredible as it wiggled and bobbed.

The girls got into a good position and picked up the intensity. Sarah lay flat on her back with Amy on all fours above. They each stroked the other’s pussy with delicate wet fingers. Seeing Amy’s juicy pussy get filled with Sarah’s fingers rubbing her clit pushed me over the edge.

Without permission, I ran over to the bed and placed my face just behind Amy’s arse. Sarah moved her legs to make space for me. I could smell Amy’s sweet scent and stuck my tongue out giving her pussy a long lick. She shuddered a little as I continued licking her dripping pussy. My tongue penetrated her warm moist hole and started to swirl in circles.

Amy bucked against my face as I fucked her with my tongue. Sarah’s fingers tickled my chin as she strummed her wife’s snatch. Warm juices coated my mouth as I heard Amy moan out.

Amy started squealing a little as Sarah’s fingers and my tongue sent pleasures rippling through her. I moved forward and kneeled positioning My cock behind her. I rubbed the mushroom tip into her folds getting it well lubricated. Sarah’s fingers were still rubbing Amy’s hard clit.

I decided to push my sister’s boundaries again. I nudged her fingers with my cock head, rubbing by oozing pre-cum over them. To my surprise, Sarah reach out and traced her fingertips over my cock. She was still kissing Amy and having her pussy fingered.

Sarah held my cock for the first time, gently squeezing it feeling along its shaft. Suddenly she let go and withdrew her hand. I placed my cock at Amy’s entrance and gently pushed inside her. I teased her with just the tip, slowly slipping it in and out in small motions. Amy rocked her hips back trying to get more of my cock inside her.

Sarah moved down so she could suck on her wife’s dangling tits. I had a perfect view of her puffy snatch, as I looked down between Amy’s arse and my cock. Did I dare try and touch her? Distracted by my thoughts I forgot about teasing Amy and she pushed back sliding my cock deep inside obscuring my view. I held still as she fucked herself on my cock rocking forwards and back. I imagined Sarah underneath her licking and sucking on her tits.

Grabbing onto Amy’s hips I thrust into her. We found a strong rhythm and the sounds of flesh hitting flesh filled the room. This was intermingled with Amy’s and Sarah’s moans. With each thrust, the moans grew louder, breathy and high pitched.

Sarah shuffled upwards again. Sliding between her wife’s straight arms to nestle under her. Amy settled down on top of her smashing their tits together. My thrusts slid her body over Sarah’s and they shared a broken kiss. I felt Sarah’s fingers exploring our union, her nails grazing my cock as she rubbed her wife’s clit.

Amy couldn’t take any more. With a final thrust, she tipped over the precipice. She screamed out as her pussy clamped down and her whole body shivered. I wasn’t nearly done yet despite the pleasure I felt. As Amy fell to the side, in post-orgasmic bliss, I was now directly on top of my sister. I stared into her eyes and saw burning desire mixed with fear. I wasted no time in moving down to kiss her thighs.

“No, we shouldn’t,’ whispered Sarah.

But she made no moves to stop me as I kissed up her thighs to her wet pussy. As I kissed the outside of her lips I noticed she tasted different to Amy. Slightly metallic but also sour. I quickly lapped canlı bahis at her juices. I gave her the same treatment I had given her wife, who now moved up to kiss her. Looking up at Sarah’s body I was treated to the sight of their tongues entwining and Amy’s hand pawing at Sarah’s tit.

Sarah’s body moved like a wave from head to toe as she rode my tongue. All inhibitions left her as she enjoyed everything I did. I used my fingers to probe her depths as my tongue stimulated her clit. She started moaning, quieter than Amy, as I fluttered my fingers inside her.

“You like that baby? you like your brother’s tongue?” Amy said in Sarah’s ear.

“Uggh huh,” came Sarah’s response.

I stroked Sarah’s thighs as I tongue fucked her. A few moments later I felt her body tense. Just like Amy, she rode to an impressive orgasm. I didn’t stop and pushed my tongue deep inside her swirling and coiling it. Now she screamed out as I sucked her pussy.

She pushed down on my head to move me away. I reluctantly rolled away and moved to the side behind Amy. I was now the only one who hadn’t cum, supposedly the whole point of tonight. Amy nuzzled back

Into me as she felt my presence. My cock was still hard slick with her juices. It was nestled between Amy’s arse cheeks.

Sarah turned and sidled up to Amy kissing her. She stroked down her wife’s side as I lifted Amy’s leg. Holding it up at the knee I rubbed my cock against her pussy. Sarah boldly placed her hand on my shaft and gently stroked it. It was an amazing feeling, my cock sliding in Amy’s juices and against Sarah’s hand.

Amy arched her back tilting her arse to improve my access. I slipped the head of my cock in and started rocking my hips. Sarah’s fingers found Amy’s clit again stimulating it. I watched as they kissed passionately enjoying the feel of Amy’s tight hot pussy.

I raised her leg higher getting a better purchase as I fucked her from behind. Amy moaned aloud, occasionally stifled by her wife’s mouth. I had managed to last much longer than normal but now I felt my orgasm building. I thrust harder into her at a rapid pace until I felt the base of my cock tighten. One final thrust and I shot warm cum deep inside Amy’s welcoming pussy.


We woke up still laying together. The girls entwined under the covers with me beside them. I woke first with the comforting warmth of Amy’s naked body next to me. I put my arm around her and held her close savouring her closeness. I suddenly felt a little uneasy. As fun as last night was, I wasn’t sure how it would feel, everyone, waking up together in the cold light of day.

I looked over at Sarah sleeping, the covers had slipped down her body revealing her bare chest. She looked so sexy laying there I wanted to reach out and touch her. Instead, I pulled the cover over her and slipped out of the bed. I tip-toed down the corridor and had a shower.

At breakfast, none of us discussed last night. There was no tension as we ate we just enjoyed each other’s company. I picked up my phone from the living room. Last night made me rethink my relationship with Lauren.

Maybe It wasn’t fair to carry on seeing her. I didn’t want to hurt her and if it continued I eventually would. I know it was a dick move but I decided to text her. I felt pathetic but hated confrontation. I wrote a message saying I had enjoyed our time together, but it was for the best that we stopped seeing each other.

Sarah walked into the living room. She wore a short silk dressing gown that flowed over her curves. I was tempted to cuddle her and see if I could initiate something.

I was about to send the message when my phone buzzed, it was a message from Lauren. I opened it. It was a picture of a long, white, plastic stick. It was a pregnancy test and it was positive.


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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