Ben’s Birthday Surprise Ch. 03

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Disclaimer: The characters in this story are fictional. Any similarities to real persons in purely coincidence.

For the next couple of hours Ben and Nancy visited some shops in town before dining early at a campus restaurant. During the meal there was an unmistakable feeling of tension between them. They realized that they would soon be returning to the motel; and both mother and son were preoccupied with the possibility that they might very well be spending the night together.

Everytime Ben looked across the table at his sexy mom his mind was filled with hot images of incest. He pictured the beautiful blonde laying naked on her bed, waiting for him to climb on top of her and prove that he was a real man.

Nancy was thinking of the new lingerie she had bought especially for this trip. It was the same type of outfit she wore the night before he left for college, when she came into his room to show off her magnificent new figure. However, tonight’s attire would be even more daring: a see-through baby-doll nightie, with a pair of undersized thong panties – guaranteed to take Ben’s breath away.

As the two finished up their desserts, Nancy looked at her watch and then gazed lovingly at her adorable boy.

“Oh, Sweetie, It’s going to be dark soon. I think we should be getting back to the motel.”

“O.K., Mom….Uh, I was wondering…What are your plans for the rest of the night?”

“Well, what do you think?” Nancy replied with a slight laugh. “This is your twenty-first birthday, and we’re going to celebrate it together…in a very special way.”

Ben didn’t know how to respond to this. He still wasn’t sure if his mom was thinking on the same sexual wave-length as he was. His already-stiff cock gave an extra surge as he admired her voluptuous figure.

After a few minutes, the two were back in Nancy’s car, and were on their way to the Budget Inn. Few words passed between them during the brief drive; but as they pulled into the parking lot, Nancy made a comment that really got Ben’s attention.

“Alright, Honey…….I hope you’re ready…I have a wonderful present for you waiting inside.”

“Gosh, Mom….You didn’t have to get me anything.”

“Don’t be silly….This is a big day for you, and I want you to always remember it.”

Once they entered the room, Nancy gave her son a big hug. The two of them remained locked together for several seconds; and she could feel him tremble as she pressed herself against the large bulge in his trousers.

“Mmmm….Sweetie, it’s time for your present,” she whispered in his ear. She then walked over to her suitcase and pulled out a thin, gift-wrapped package.

“I want you to open this now….while Kars Escort I go into the bathroom to change clothes. I’ll be about five minutes…It’s a magazine. You go ahead and look through it while I’m getting ready. Do you understand?”

No, Ben really didn’t understand, but he smiled when he noticed the attached card: “To My Darling, Son – The Love Of My Life. – XXXXXX Mom.”

As soon as Nancy closed the bathroom door, Ben quickly ripped open the package – and was stunned by what he saw. It was indeed a magazine; but he had never seen (nor even imagined) such a publication. On the cover, in big red letters, was the title, FAMILY FROLIC. Two people were pictured: an attractive middle-aged lady and a handsome young man, standing side-by-side and both completely nude.

The caption below them made it clear what this magazine was all about: In This Issue We Feature Linda And Her Son, Tom. — The Best In Hot Mother-Fucking Action!”

Ben leafed through the pages in silent amazement. As he stared intently at the photographs of the incestuous couple, it began to sink in that he and and Nancy would no doubt soon be engaged in the same forbidden acts. Why else would she give him such a nasty thing to look at?

On the third page of the layout, Linda was sucking Tom’s dick with a wild abandonment. Likewise, Tom was exhibiting the same spirit by licking her moist pussy. Ben wondered what it would feel like to put his now-throbbing cock in Nancy’s mouth. On page four, the fucking started. He admired the way Tom was going at it – giving Linda such pleasure that she had a look of ecstacy on her pretty face. Ben only hoped that he could perform this well for his own mother.

Just then, Nancy called to him from the bathroom.

“I’m almost ready, Honey……What do you think of the magazine?”

“I….don’t know, Mom…..What am I supposed to think?”

Ben could hear her laugh behind the door.

“Well…I don’t know exactly….but tell me what you think about this.”

With that, she stepped into the bedroom and presented herself for his inspection.

“Happy birthday, Ben!”

“Oh my God!”, he gasped.

Standing before him was the most incredible sight he had ever beheld. His beautiful mother was a vision of pure, savage lust. Her tiny, sheer gown covered next to nothing. It’s low-cut neckline revealed a pair of fantastic breasts the size of large grapefruits, with only her swollen, pink nipples concealed from his view. The material stopped just short of her crotch, which allowed for a marvelous display of her well-formed upper thighs and pelvic region. Most shocking of all was a flimsy pair of bright-pink thong panties. Kars Escort Bayan They were obviously way too small for her, and the thin strap in front failed to hide much of her thick, light-brown cunt- hairs.

Nancy walked up to her big, strong son, and then boldly reached for the magazine that he was still holding in his shaking hand.

“You know, Sweetie….incest is a lot more common than most people would believe. I’ll bet you have at least one friend who’s done this kind of thing with HIS mom.”

Ben watched as his mother examined the pictures. As she went from one photo to the next, her hips began a slow, swaying motion, and in a few seconds he saw that her panties were quite soaked.

“They look like they’re really enjoying themselves,” Nancy spoke as she looked back up at her horny son.

“Mom….Are we going to?……I mean….Are you sure about this?”

Nancy directed her gaze at his impressive erection. It looked so powerful as it pushed out tightly against his pants.

“Yes, Honey…I’m sure.”

Before Ben knew it, his mom proceeded to unbuckle and unzip him. Now naked from the waist down, his massive eleven-inch dick was twitching with electric energy He watched as Nancy seemed to go into a near-hypnotic trance.

“Ohhhhh….Honey……It’s huge!…..So fucking huge!”

Nancy couldn’t take her eyes off of it. She felt like a starving bitch-dog eyeing a giant meaty bone, nearly drooling as it bobbed in the air.

As Ben continue to observe Nancy’s almost helpless response, he suddenly felt a new sense of strength. Throughout his entire life, his mother had exercised a strict control over him. She had dominated him to the point that lately he had even began to have doubts about his manhood. Now, for the first time, he felt like he should take charge. He was twenty-one years old, and he was determined to show her that he was the new boss.

“Alright, Mom…..Let’s stop fooling around!… I’m gonna stay her the rest of the night, and you’re going to do everything I tell you….Got it?!”

Nancy’s great surprise was surpassed only by the intense and strange thrill she now felt from Ben’s commanding nature. She knew deep down that this was what she had always wanted. She needed her son to be the real man of the house, and to turn her into his submissive slave.

“Answer me, Mother. Do you understand what I mean?”

She nodded meekly and smiled.

“Good!….Now, strip off that gown and get out of those panties!”

Nancy quickly did as she was told. She nodded again, obediently, when Ben told her to hop up on the bed. As she lay there waiting, she noticed a frown on his face.

“What Escort Kars is it, Honey….What’s the matter?”

Ben walked over to the cabinet and opened the drawer that contained Nancy’s K-Y lubricant jelly.

“On your stomach, Mom!,” he ordered. “This first time, I’m gonna fuck you in the ass!”

Nancy shuddered at the thought of him ramming that giant monster of a penis up her butt, but she eagerly complied. As she felt her son start to mount her, she could only moan his name, and tell him how wonderful he was.

“Ohhh, Ben……Yes!….You are my very special, sweet boy, aren’t you?….Fuck me hard, Honey!”

“I’m not your boy…I’m your MAN!,” Ben insisted. “And from now on, I’ll be the one who’s in charge….Especially when it comes to sex!”

“I’ll do anything you say, Ben…..I love you so much.”

“I love you too, Mom….Now, get ready, cause I’m gonna screw you like you’ve never been screwed before.”

Ben lunged forward, pounding several inches of his thick cockshaft into his mother’s tight ass. He was in total control, and they both knew it.

“How does that feel, Mom?….Go on!….Tell me how you like it!”

Nancy was barely able to speak. Her son’s entire dick was now imbedded in her submissive ass-hole.

“Mmmmmm….Honey…..It feels wonderful. It’s so big….Please…Don’t stop!”

Ben had no intention of stopping. He increased his hard-driving assault with such a force that the big motel bed beneath them began to shake. As the headboard banged against the wall, he wondered briefly if the people in the next room could hear him fucking his mom. But he didn’t care. All that mattered was this great new turn of events in his life. His once-dominant mother would now be his private plaything.

After three more minutes of incredible, incestuous love-making, Nancy and Ben were both ready for the big moment.

“O.K., Mom…I can’t hold back any longer! Are you ready?”

“Yes!….Come inside me, Honey….Ohh!….Don’t make Mommy wait any longer.”

Ben erupted with a shock-wave that released a half-dozen spurts of hot semen which his delirious mother eagerly accepted.

For the next several hours, they did it all: regular fucking, blow-jobs, more ass fucking, and even kinky things. For instance, after spanking her and telling her what a bad mommy she was, he sat her down in the bathtub and urinated on her. Nancy never once complained. In fact, from that first fuck, until they finally passed out just before sunrise – she loved every minute of it. Nancy ended up staying another night, and they repeated everything from the night before.

Before Nancy finally left town, she and Ben decided that she would come up and visit him every weekend for the rest of the semester. Then, he would be home for the summer; and the two of them could look forward to three solid months of daily, depraved sex. It was the nicest drive home she had ever experienced.

The End

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