Best-Case Scenario

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The following is a work of fiction – for now. It describes a fantasy I fully intend to make as real as possible. Those who have advice regarding the scenario I spin below are welcome to contact me, I am pleased to hear from you!

Here in Houston, they have what are euphemistically referred to as “Private Modeling Studios” or “One-on-One Lingerie Shows”. Of course, what it’s really all about is thirty minutes to an hour with a stripper in a little room without distractions, and the line between stripper and whore gets pretty blurry in there. The base price for a half hour is $100, with some places charging as much as $200 and others leaving it open insofar as what you tip. Some places offer a two-girl show, at twice the price of course. Don’t ask me about the details, though, because I don’t have them – I’ve never been a customer to such a place.

That, however, is going to change. For the past few months I’ve been socking a bit of cash here and there away from my wife’s prying eyes, and now I’m just waiting for my opportunity to have her busy and out of the house for an evening so I can sneak away and satisfy my curiosity. See, I love to watch two women make out. I’ve always imagined how great it would be to be part of a threesome with two hot ladies, and I’ve long since accepted that the opportunity to try it isn’t going to ever drop in my lap – especially since my wife is definitely not open to the idea (this is real life, after all). So, I decided long ago that if I were ever to be able to actually experience my fantasies, I’d have to pay for it.

Perhaps I’m a cad and a jerk for doing such a thing as a married man, but the sad fact is that my wife is utterly dull in bed, when she’s up for sex at all. Once a month would be better than what I’m getting, and when she moves I wonder if there’s something wrong. Her sole turn-on is for me to whisper how much I love her and what she means to me – which I don’t have a problem with, but why the hell does sex ALWAYS have to be about our undying devotion to each other? I like for sex to be deep and emotional, sure, but I also like it to be playful and raunchy sometimes. My wife, though I love her dearly, is a lousy fuck. She shows next to no enthusiasm, can’t stand to be French kissed, hates having her nipples sucked, is disgusted by oral sex, refuses to wear sexy lingerie, won’t shave, won’t role-play, won’t get on top… it’s literally gotten to the point where jerking off is preferable, and I have a fairly hyperactive libido which needs satisfying three or four times a week. So in the end, I really don’t feel too bad about going out just one time and getting a pro to do what she won’t. Frankly, she should probably consider herself lucky that I don’t have affairs at the office.

Anyway, enough about my problems. As of now, I have the necessary $200 which my wife knows nothing about in my wallet, I’ve selected a place to go, and I’ve even created a 30-minute CD of sexy music to play during my session, so I can play it again later and enjoy the memory. I’d give the name of the studio, but the fact is that what I’m hoping to enjoy is illegal in Houston and I don’t want to cause trouble, so let’s just call it “Trixie’s”. Trixie’s is the kind of place that offers a flat $100 per girl per half-hour rate, which is good for someone like me who doesn’t want to think about money while the show’s going on; I’d rather pay and enjoy. They offer two-girl shows, so that’s covered. I have no idea how attractive the women are and one cannot necessarily trust the advertising, so we’ll just have to hope for the best on that one. Still, I would imagine they have pictures at the place itself, so I won’t be going in blind – if the girls aren’t hot enough, I’ll just walk.

The reader might wonder at this point, “Why are you writing this now? Why not write it after the fact and tell us what happened?” Well, there are four reasons. One is that I feel like spinning a fantasy right now and this seems as good a plot as any. Two, I may not ever really get the chance to follow through, or I may chicken out, and then it would never get written. Three, the reality probably won’t live up to the fantasy, and if I’m going to tell a story it might as well be a good one, not a disappointing one. Four, I can always follow this up with a “sequel” that tells what really happened.

And so, I begin the fantasy! Imagine a summer evening in Houston… my wife has been invited on a “girls’ night out” and will be out and about from about 6:00 to 1:00. As usual, I haven’t had sex for three weeks, and the last time we did was pretty lackluster. The stage is set!

* * * * *

“Don’t wait up for me, okay sweetheart? I’ll be out with the girls pretty late!”

“No problem,” I said to my wife. “Actually, I’ll probably go use the pool. It’s warm tonight.”

“Sounds like a plan. Oh, and I might not answer if you call, we could go to a movie.”

“That’s all right, I can’t think of any reason why I’d need to call. Have fun!”

“You escort bayan too!” She kissed me and headed out the door. I waited until I heard her car drive away before I moved, my heart pounding in anticipation of what was in store for my evening.

First, I jumped in the shower and scrubbed myself first-date clean, noting that I hadn’t felt this kind of anticipation since I was going on my first date. I shaved my face baby’s-bottom smooth, and while I was at it I carefully shaved the hair from my testicles as well. It might seem strange, but I’ve found that my sensitivity is increased tenfold when my happysacks are naked, and I wanted to enjoy the experience to the full.

Fresh from the shower, I applied a good measure of anti-perspirant and a little “invention” of my own: a couple squirts of Drakkar mixed with scent-free lotion. This goes on the face and hands, and on special occasions on the chest as well. I tried it a while back before a session with my wife, and she actually seemed to enjoy the sex for once, so there had to be some value in it.

Clothes weren’t entirely important, but I wanted to look sharp, so I chose an all-black outfit with good shoes and a sport coat. A couple of Altoids for breath, a quick comb through the hair, and I was ready for what lay ahead.

The drive to Trixie’s took a good half hour, and it was difficult to keep my mind on the road. I kept wondering what it would really be like to watch two women make out right in front of me, and whether the rumors I had heard were true – that the rule about no touching was worth only the paper it was printed on, and that they really might turn their attentions to me if I asked. I’d be satisfied with the show by itself if that were all there was, but of course I wanted more!

I arrived at Trixie’s just as the last glow of sunlight faded in the sky, parked my car in back, and made sure I had what I needed. The only things I intended to bring in were the money to pay for the night’s services, my driver’s license to prove my age if it were necessary, and the CD I’d mixed for the occasion. My credit cards and everything else in my wallet was securely locked in the glove box, and I locked the car up tight as well.

The building had boarded windows and little indication of what went on inside; those who wanted to go in knew what and where it was, those who didn’t were better off ignoring it. A simple pink neon sign over the door said, “Trixie’s Studio” and a smaller sign to the left said, “Open”. That was all. I felt the butterflies rising and popped another Altoid to calm my stomach. I wished I had a stiff drink.

I opened the door and entered a lobby lit mostly with blacklights and lava lamps. The sofas were large and upholstered with velvet. On the tables in front of them were magazines with advertisements for adult services and video stores, and around the walls were 8×10 images of hot women in a variety of sexy poses. A beaded curtain on one wall was parted to reveal a window, and at that window stood a hot-looking young blonde woman.

She was probably about twenty years old, and dressed in a bikini top that left almost nothing to the imagination, not that one could have imagined much better than what she had. Her breasts were round and full, the nipples poking out slightly through the fabric. She smiled at me as I came in, tossing her hair back and wiggling her shoulders slightly to shake her tits a bit.

“Hi sweetie,” she said brightly. “Are you looking for some fun tonight?”

“You know it,” I replied. “But, I’ve never been to a place like this. I hope you can give me some idea of what to expect.”

“Sure!” she said. “We love to have new customers. We offer a private modeling session at a flat rate of $100 per half-hour, and there’s a twenty-dollar cover charge. Our girls are very open-minded and uninhibited, and we really want to show you a good time.”

“Can I have a two-girl show?” I asked, trying not to stutter the words.

“Absolutely! Most of our girls are really excited about doing a double. Now, what do you find attractive in a woman?”

“There’s a lot of things I like. You don’t happen to have a photo album or something, do you?”

“You can look at the pictures on the walls,” she said, pointing around the edges of the window. As she leaned out, she gave me a first-class view of some nice, deep cleavage. “The girls on this wall are here tonight, and some of them are ready to go right away; others you’ll need to wait for, but they’re all worth it! As it happens, everyone working tonight is open to the idea of a two-girl show, but of course not all of them have experience with each other.”

Just the thought of any of the two girls on the wall making out with each other was mind-boggling. They all looked hot to me, with fine bodies and sexy attitudes. I knew this would be a tough choice. “Can I have a moment to think it over?” I asked.

“Sure, sweetie! Take as much time as you want. We’ll still be here. Oh, izmit eve gelen escort and just so you know, I’m Jenny, I’m available tonight, and I’m feeling very frisky.” She winked at me and gently stroked her fingertips across her breast, then left the window.

I had a dozen pictures to choose from, twelve beautiful girls who wanted to get naked for me. Sure, they only wanted to because I was paying them, but it had been so long since I had felt wanted at all that even that was enticing. Four of them were smouldering Latino women (unsurprising in Houston) and two were lovely Asian girls, a look that had always appealed to me. There was a picture of the pretty blonde in the window dressed as a cheerleader, and three other blonde girls – four if one counted one of the Asian women who had lightened her hair. There was a redhead with freckles in a schoolgirl outfit, a black woman with big, round silicone tits, and a brunette flexing a bicep at least twice the size of mine. So much to choose from!

Then I saw the one I wanted. I hadn’t noticed it at first due to the glare of one of the lights, but she was definitely my lady for the evening. Her skin was alabaster, her hair jet black. Her clothes and makeup suggested Elvira, Mistress of the Dark. Just seeing her picture gave me a shiver; I felt a shock run through my hardened cock and knew that a dribble of pre-come had just moistened my briefs. Her name was Valerie.

I went back to the window and waited for a moment for Jenny to emerge from the curtain just beyond. When she came out, she smiled and said, “Decided already?”

“Is Valerie available?” I asked.

“Ooh, good choice,” she said. “Valerie never disappoints. Do you like the Goth look? She’s wearing it tonight.”

“I hoped she would be.”

“Great! What about your second girl?”

I thought for a moment. “You know, I’d kind of like to leave that up to her. I’d really like the girls to be comfortable with each other, I imagine I’ll get a better show that way.”

“Are you sure you’ve never done this before?” Jenny teased me. “Okay, sweetie, that’ll be twenty up front. Let me have you wait here for a moment, and I’ll have Valerie get ready. You might want to think about what the other girl should wear, and whether you have any requests.”

I sat down to wait, and the minutes dragged. I looked over the pictures on the wall and wondered who Valerie would invite to the party. I was glad I was letting her choose; the anticipation intensified when I didn’t know which of these pretty girls to expect!

After what seemed like hours but was probably only five minutes, the door next to the window opened and Jenny invited me back. I followed her down a short and narrow hallway with doors every five feet until she came to the last one and opened it.

The room beyond was about the size of a smallish bedroom. In one corner was a large recliner with a clean sheet draped over it, and the walls were draped with heavy curtains. Opposite the pillow was a raised twin-size mattress covered with a dark red velvet sheet, and this I presumed was where the girls would perform. A tall and slim cabinet on the wall was the only other furnishing in the room.

“What I’ll need you to do,” Jenny said, “is get into your birthday suit, and have a seat on the chair there. We can play music if you want, do you have something in mind?”

“Way ahead of you,” I smiled, pulling the disc I had made out of my pocket.

“Great!” Jenny said, giggling at the picture I had made for the cover (a close up of two women kissing). “You’ve been planning this for a while, haven’t you, naughty boy?” she asked with a wink.

“Since I was sixteen,” I said truthfully.

“Well, we’ll just have to give you an extra-good show then, won’t we?” Jenny said.

She was back out the door before I realized she had said, “We.” Apparently, Jenny was to be Valerie’s partner for the evening! I couldn’t say I was disappointed. I took off my clothes and hung them on a pair of hangers thoughtfully attached to the back of the door, and then sat down with my money in my fist to wait. I felt rather exposed and was grateful for the dark room and for the sheet over the chair, obviously to make sure I didn’t have to sit in whatever the last client had left. I found myself literally shaking with anticipation, and my hard-on had dropped straight down out of sheer nervous tension.

When the door opened again, it was Jenny by herself. She smiled to see that I had undressed, and I suddenly understood the point of that – it was to make sure I wasn’t a cop or something. “So sweetie,” she said with a smile, “have you thought of any special requests? What do you like?”

This was it. I took a deep breath. “Well, I like to see two girls make out,” I said, marveling at how steady I kept my voice. “I like to see them kiss deeply and with tongue, and I like to see lots of tit-play. I also like oral sex, but not too much; what I really izmit otele gelen escort prefer is the foreplay. I don’t like toys or anal. I like bright red lips and I like dirty talk.”

“I think we can accommodate you,” she said. “What would you have me wear?”

I thought about Valerie in her hot black vinyl, and said, “White lace. A wedding dress, if you have one.”

Jenny smiled. “Sure, sweetie. It’s customary to give us our tip at this point.”

I handed over ten twenties, and Jenny took them with a smile. I was glad to get that out of the way with so little fuss.

“Just stay comfortable, honey, and we’ll be right here,” she said.

“Oh, one more thing,” I said as she was about to leave. “Can you come in by yourself for the first two minutes, and then Valerie should come in as if by accident? I’d kind of like to imagine that it was going to be just a one-on-one show, but then things turn out differently.”

“That sounds fun,” Jenny said with a smile. “Okay, we can do that. I’ll be right back.”

* * * * *

Good God, how much anticipation was a guy supposed to take? I could barely stand to sit still and wait, but at the same time I felt frozen to the chair and unable to move. If there had been a fire alarm, I probably would have sat right through it.

Suddenly I heard soft music through the speakers. It was the first track on my disc, Madonna’s “Erotica”. I swallowed with a dry mouth and nearly jumped through the ceiling as the door clicked open.

Jenny came in, and she looked like something out of my fantasies. The dress she wore came off both shoulders and burst out over her large breasts, descending in white frills and lace to the floor. Her lips, as requested, had been painted vivid red, and her hair came down over one shoulder. On her head was a crystal tiara. She spun around in front of me once, letting the dress flare outward and revealing legs in white fishnet stockings and a pair of white spike heels. With a mischievous grin, she leaned forward and placed both hands firmly on my shoulders, pushing her cleavage into my face. Then, much to my surprise, she slid down and began kissing my lips. I had thought that such a thing was off-limits to pros, but that shows what you learn from watching Pretty Woman.

“Am I hot enough for you?” she asked me in a husky whisper. “Just relax and enjoy, sweetie. I want to show you my body.”

Jenny stood up and spun around again, but this time the dress whipped off her body almost completely, revealing a much shorter lacy skirt that didn’t even cover her nice, firm ass. I could see that she was wearing a white lace thong and that she was either shaved or close to it. My cock came up to attention once again.

She looked down at my rising manhood hungrily. “Mmm, you are getting hot, aren’t you,” she said. “And so big, too! I’ll bet it would hurt so good to fuck you, lover…”

Honestly, I had no idea whether I was big or small in comparison to other men, but who cared? I was living the fantasy, and if she wanted to make like I was John Dillinger then so be it.

Jenny danced and gyrated to the music for a moment, rubbing her breasts through her dress and slowly beginning to tease them out. Just as her nipples peeked over the top, there was a knock at the door, and it opened.

“Hello?” came a voice from the entrance.

Believe it or not, I had just about forgotten that there was going to be another hostess! Jenny raised a hand to her mouth and made a show of being surprised when Valerie stepped in, her black vinyl and hair shining in the light. Her lips were blood red, her eyes darkened and her skin nearly white, her large breasts lifted together inside a skintight black top that split all the way to her waist. Her nails were black, and her legs in black fishnets and heels that matched Jenny’s except for color. She also looked surprised, and giggled slightly when she saw us.

“Oops,” she said lightly. “I must be in the wrong room. So sorry!”

“It’s okay,” Jenny said, looking Valerie over. “We really don’t mind, do we sweetie?”

I shook my head. My heart pounded in my throat too loudly for me to speak.

“Maybe I should stay for a while, then?” Valerie suggested as she came inside and let the door close behind her. She circled around Jenny’s body, looking the blonde girl over as if to see if she was worthy of her time.

“I’m sure you’d be welcome,” Jenny said as she closed her eyes and leaned her head in to suggest a kiss.

Valerie stepped in close and pulled Jenny to her by the hips as their mouths touched, tongues reaching through lips to stroke each other wetly. I had seen two women passionately kiss only once before in real life, at a strip club in Vegas, and there had been plexiglas between us. This was right in front of me, and these two ladies went at it with far more enthusiasm than I’d seen before. Already Jenny was moaning softly with heat and desire, and I heard her gasp when Valerie’s hands squeezed her bottom.

The Goth princess turned to me and smiled. “You like to watch us, don’t you?” she said. “Well, we’re just getting started. Jenny and I just love to fuck each other, don’t we, Jenny?”

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