Beth’s Little Secret Ch. 14

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Alice stirred, opening her eyes. “Mmm…”

I stroked her hair. “You OK? Last night was pretty intense.”

She gave me a knowing smile. “I think you were the one who got her circuits blown.”

I nodded. “Though Tim and I had done something a little like that before.”

Alice shook her head, grinning. “You two.”

Tim came in from the en-suite, wrapped in a towel. “Shower’s free, if you two want to get un-sticky,” he teased.

I gave Alice my hand to help her up. “Mm, I can definitely still feel something,” she said thoughtfully.

“Me too,” I confessed. “Tim, really, when are you going to let one of us do that to you? We promise to be careful.”

“Whichever one of us isn’t using the toy, can do… interesting things to the rest of you,” hinted Alice.

Tim raised his eyebrows. “Now you’re selling it to me.”

He chuckled as he conceded the point. “I’ve got nowhere to hide, have I. OK – I promise.”

“You heard him say it,” I winked at Alice. “Come on, let’s shower, and Tim can find us all something to eat.”

Breakfast – brunch by the time we were out of the shower – was a fry-up, and we sat at the kitchen table to eat. “Mm,” Alice managed round a mouthful of bacon. “Thanks, Tim.”

When we’d finished, we went back to the bedroom, and Alice sprawled on the bed. “I’m still feeling really lazy.”

I nodded. “But I think I ought to pop to Mum and Dad’s for a bit, they’ll want to see me. What about you, Tim?”

He glanced at Alice, her open arms inviting him back to bed. “I’ll look in sometime in the week, just tell them things are fine.”

I dressed, putting on my uniform – “They’ll want to see how I look,” I grinned – and gave Tim and Alice each a last kiss before heading out. The day was warm, and I took my time, getting a smile and a greeting from an elderly couple walking arm in arm.

I turned my key in the door to find Mum just coming down the stairs. “Darling! It’s lovely to see you – what a nice surprise.”

She stepped back, looking at me proudly. “How are things, how’s the course going? Come into the kitchen. Do you need something to eat?”

I grinned. “I’m fine, Mum.”

I sat down at the table. “It’s going really well. Oh, and I have some news.”

I saw a concerned look flicker briefly across Mum’s face. “What’s that, darling?”

“Don’t worry, Mum, it’s something good. Tim’s finally found himself a girlfriend.”

I explained about Alice – “She’s on my course, we’re even on the same shifts together.”

“Oh, that is good,” Mum enthused.

I sipped at the coffee she put in front of me. “Where’s Dad?”

“He’s just popped out to the DIY place – another tile slipped on the roof.”

I chuckled to myself, remembering how this whole adventure had started. “OK.”

I heard the sound of the car, and a few moments later Dad came in. “Hi, darling,” he wrapped his arms around me. “We were wondering when we’d see you.”

“It’s all been a bit hectic,” I nodded. “And next week Alice and I are on nights, so we’ll have to get used to sleeping in the day.”

“Alice is Tim’s new girlfriend,” Mum explained, and Dad grinned. “Good for him.”

“Do you need anything?” Mum queried. “Your father’ll come and pick up your washing if you’d like me to take care of it.”

I shook my head, imagining what she might think of my panties, not to mention the occasional hard-to-explain blobs of white on skirts, uniforms. “It’s fine, Mum, the residence has a laundry room, and the washers are free for us.”

“OK. Food? I’ll bake you some buns.”

“Mm, that’d be lovely.”

“I’ll get on with quickly fixing that tile,” Dad said, getting up.

I watched Mum moving around, finding ingredients, mixing, and after a few minutes a delicious smell filled Kars Escort the kitchen. “I put chocolate chips in,” Mum smiled. “I know they’re your favourite.”

We talked until the timer pinged, and Mum pulled out the tray. “Perfect. Why don’t you have a couple while they’re warm – I’ll put the kettle on.”

Dad came back in, going to the sink to wash his hands then winking at me as he picked up a bun from the tray, taking a big bite. “Mm.”

“Don’t eat them all,” Mum mock-scolded him. “Beth has to have some to take back, and I’m sure Tim and Alice will like them.”

She glanced at me. “Will you see them? Before your shift, I mean.”

“I’m sure,” I nodded, crossing my fingers under the table.

We sat and talked for a little longer while I ate, picking crumbs up from the plate with a fingertip. “We’re starting to think about Christmas,” Mum said. “We’d love the four of you to join us.”

For a fleeting second my mind drew a blank, then I quirked my lips. “Not sure Paul and I will be together by then, sorry, Mum.”

“Oh, I’m sorry to hear that,” she said with concern on her face. “Do you want to talk about it?”

I shook my head. “It’s fine. Things just don’t always work out, do they.”

I brightened. “But I know Alice can’t wait to meet you. Maybe when we’ve finished on nights?”

“Of course, dear.”

I glanced at my watch. “Probably time I got going, really. I still have some reading to do as well.”

“Do you want me to drop you off?” Dad offered.

“It’s OK. I like the walk, somehow it doesn’t hurt my feet the way a shift on the ward does.”

Mum nodded. “You know we’re very proud of you, darling.”

I hugged her, feeling more emotional than I’d expected. “Love you both.”

I remembered to pick up the bag with the cake tin, and waved back at Mum and Dad as they stood at the front door. “See you in a week or so,” I promised. “We’ll all come.”

When I got back to the flat, it seemed quiet, and I shed my uniform, walking along the hall. Tim and Alice were still in bed, wrapped in one another’s arms, and I hesitated for a moment, then lightly touched Alice’s shoulder. “Heya.”

She stirred, blinked. “Mmf… what time is it?”

“About five.”

“Mm – we really have had a lazy day.”

She poked Tim playfully. “Wake up, sleepyhead, your sister’s home.”

Tim sat up, leaning on the pillow. “So she is,” he grinned at me. “And just as gorgeous as ever.”

I kissed him. “Flattery will get you everywhere. Are you two hungry? Mum baked sponge buns.”

“Mm,” said Alice, “thought I could smell something nice. We could have sandwiches and then buns, that’ll do for tea.”

We went through to the kitchen, and I buttered bread, filled the teapot, set out plates. “Very civilised,” smiled Tim approvingly.

When we’d finished eating, I glanced at the clock. “I don’t know if it’s better to get an early night now and try and bank our sleep for later, or stay up and then nap tomorrow before we go in?”

“Not sure,” Alice pondered. “But,” she grinned, “we can go to bed anyway, and if we sleep that’s probably good, and if not -” she glanced at Tim – “we’re definitely not going to be bored.”

He chuckled. “Your wish is my command.”

“Really?” I teased. “What shall we ask for, Alice? If he’s our genie.”

She thought for a moment, then a look of distinctly wicked anticipation came into her eyes. “I think we should make him pay up on what he promised this morning.”

I saw Tim catch his lower lip between his teeth. “OK…”

“Only one problem,” mused Alice.

“Which is?” I queried.

“I want to try that toy – but I want to feel him come in my mouth, too.”

She looked shocked at her own boldness, and I chuckled. Kars Escort Bayan “Easily solved – you take first turn with the toy, then we swap and you do what you just said. Then when he’s out of action for a while, I have the ideal way for you and I to make sure we don’t miss out.”

“Mm,” breathed Alice. “God, Beth, you’re getting me so wet and you’ve not even touched me.”

“Come on,” I grinned. “Let’s take Tim like a lamb to the slaughter.”

We went through to the bedroom, and I retrieved the toy and the strawberry liquid. “We’ll have to order more of this stuff soon – I think there were other flavours?”

“Mm, banana,” suggested Alice.

“Want me to help?” I queried, and she nodded. “Tim should be on the bed?”

Tim obligingly knelt, watching us, and Alice lifted one foot onto the chair, putting her fingers to herself. “Not sure you’ll need much of the strawberry stuff to get it in me, Beth.”

I spread the liquid with my fingertips, and watched Alice’s face as I pressed one end of the toy against her entrance. Her fingers covered mine, and together we eased the smooth pink shape into her. “Ohh…” she breathed, “that feels amazing.”

She closed her thighs, moving experimentally, the toy curving upwards. “God, Alice, you look so hot,” I nodded. “We definitely need that mirror in here so whichever of us is using it can see themselves as well.”

Alice turned towards Tim. “Ready?” she raised an eyebrow.

He nodded without speaking, and Alice took the bottle from me, covering the toy then dribbling liquid directly onto Tim. “Hey,” he protested with a smile, “that’s cold. What happened to warming it up in your hand first?”

“Wups,” smirked Alice. “I’ll remember next time.”

“Next -?” Tim began, then his mouth formed an O as Alice touched his opening with the tip of the toy.

He took a breath then quickly exhaled. “OK, Alice, when you want.”

I watched fascinated as Alice carefully pressed forward, the pink shaft slowly swallowed inside my brother. Finally her hips met his bottom, and she glanced at me in triumph. “I knew I could do it.”

I joined them on the bed, kneeling in front of Tim and watching his face, seeing Alice’s look of concentration over his shoulder. My fingers were still slippery, and I wrapped them around Tim’s hardness, then teasingly drew just one fingertip along the underside of his shaft from the base to where a drop of clear liquid had already collected, taking my finger to my mouth and tonguing deliberately.

He gasped, and Alice tilted her head. “Thought I was going to…?”

I nodded. “Don’t worry, I won’t take him too far. But now he tastes of strawberry.”

Alice licked her lips. “Oh, yes.”

She moved in him, and Tim’s eyes widened. “That feels… strange, but good.”

“Think it’s my turn, Alice,” I hinted.

She nodded, and again I heard Tim’s gasp of breath as she withdrew slowly, carefully. I helped her ease the toy out, then pressed it to my own entrance. “Mm, Alice, it’s all slippery from you,” I breathed as it slid into my depths.

She stroked my cheek, then moved in front of Tim while I took her place. “Now,” I leaned forward to murmur, “ready for your sister to fuck you?”

Tim’s reaction was a gasp. “God, Beth, yes.”

Alice’s preparation made it easy for me to slide the toy into him, my hips pressing deliciously against the soft skin of his bottom. I saw Alice bend down, then Tim moaned as she surrounded him with her lips. “Mm, you were right, Beth,” I heard her smile. “Strawberry… but something else, too.”

I moved inside Tim, touching my fingers to my tongue then reaching round to find his nipples. “Pity it’s not my mouth on them,” I murmured, “but I can think of a way that’d be possible Escort Kars another time.”

Alice moved more insistently on him, and I heard the sound of her almost-gagging as she took him as deep as she could manage, his tip reaching the back of her throat. Tim’s fingers were in her hair, and he couldn’t help himself, pressing into her, fucking her mouth. “Mm – Alice – I’m nearly there – are you sure you’re OK if I -“

A muffled Yes in response, then I felt Tim’s body tense as my fingertips pressed together on his nipples – “Oh, god, yes, ahhhh!”

Another wet gargling sound from Alice as he spurted into her mouth once, then again, and finally she managed to swallow, working her mouth and tongue on him to make sure his climax was complete. She moved back, looking up at me with glistening lips, and I nodded. “Mm, well done, darling…”

I let Tim relax for a moment, then carefully withdrew, easing the toy out of myself and setting it aside. “Give us a little space?” I suggested to him with a smile.

He moved to one side of the bed, lying down, his face clearly betraying that he could feel some residual sensation. Alice glanced at me, tongue brushing her lips. “I so need something after all that,” she breathed.

“Lie down, but give me room above you,” I nodded. Alice stretched out in the middle of the bed, one hand reaching to rest on Tim’s thigh. “No reason you can’t be part of this,” she turned to whisper.

I slid over her, my breasts pressing against her stomach, my head between her parted thighs. “Mm, yes,” I heard her murmur. “I wondered when we’d do this.”

I bent to bury my nose in her soft fur, breathing in the scent of her arousal, mixed with strawberry. I rubbed the tip of my nose on her, down far enough to feel the beginning of her wetness, and she gasped. “Oh, yes, that’s nice.”

I began to explore her with my tongue, then gave a quiet moan as I felt her mouth on me in turn. “Oh, god, Alice, yes, like that.”

I wrapped my arms around her thighs, parting them further, burying my mouth more deeply, and Alice’s hips flexed upwards. “Mm – Beth -“

Her tongue began to caress me, and I felt her hands on my bottom, pulling me down against her. “Oh, yes…”

We pleasured one another slowly, gently, tasting each other afresh as our arousal and our mouths made us wetter. My nipples were so hard now, and I could feel Alice’s on my stomach too, our breasts deliciously pressed between our bodies, moving a little as we flexed against one another…

Alice was the first to let her need for release overwhelm our slow passion. “Oh – Beth – please -“

I tongued her a little harder, then surrounded her nub with my lips, suckling gently, my tongue brushing across her, and I felt her stomach tense, her thigh muscles tightening, her touch on me become erratic as she started to gasp. “Oh – god – mm – ohhh, yesss…”

She shuddered against me, fingers curling on my bottom, and I pressed my mouth against her as she flexed, drawing every last moment of pleasure and more from her, until she broke, gasping. “Mm – enough – god, thank you, Beth…”

I felt her mouth return to me, tongue almost desperate as she flickered it on my nub, her breath warm, and I felt my own release approaching. “Mm – Alice – yes – I’m – “

I groaned, my back arching, unable to stop myself pressing down against her, and I heard her swallow wetly as I spurted, then a gasp. “Oh, Beth, that’s so good…”

We stayed tangled against one another for long moments, then I slid from her, turning to wrap her in my arms, Tim now moving to hold her from behind. “That’s only one wish,” I teased him. “Two more to go.”

“And if we rub the lamp again, maybe it just keeps on working,” Alice grinned.

She stroked my hair. “Not that I’m complaining, but between Tim’s stuff and you – um – well, what happens when you come – I seem to be swallowing a lot just now… Maybe next time some of it can go on my skin, and either I’ll pick it up with a finger or you can use your mouth to get it, Beth…”

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