Better the Beginning

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Creamy Pussy

My wife, Dawn, likes to fuck. She really enjoys it. No fingers and no tongues in her pussy, “That’s not what it is made for”, she used to tell me. I could rub and lick her tits but not suck her nipples. I have never understood how she could be this way. Watching porn would turn her on. She would even talk to the actors on the screen, “Suck that cock baby! Lick that wet pussy!” she would yell at them. Girl on girl sex would get her excited and even anal sex scenes on occasion.

“Crack that ass big guy!” “Great entertainment, but not for me.”

It was what she believed. There was no changing her mind. After awhile our porn appetite even included some gay porn. It got us both hot. Dawn would tease me about it, “How could you be gay! You’re the best fuck I’ve ever had!”

It really did turn me on. It was what we needed to keep things going for us. It actually kicked our sex drives into overdrive. A whole new dimension to our sex life.

Dawn would admit to me about being attracted to other men. She would tell what she liked in different celebrities at first. Then the men we knew and strangers too. I found myself checking men out too. First for hard-ons. Very few that I could tell. When I did see one though, there was no denying it! I remember seeing a good guy looking like he’d just left church with a tent pole in his slacks.

I started looking at more than just men’s crotches. I noticed how their clothes fit and wondered more about the hot bodies they covered. I checked almanbahis out their eyes and smiles too. Some guys were easier to talk to. This made me wonder if they were checking me out while I was checking them out. I don’t like facial hair or tattoos but if he has beautiful eyes I don’t even notice them. My attraction lead to me being excited and aroused by a hot guy . This gets me turned on a lot of the time. There are so many to look at. Their chests, shoulders, arms, asses, legs and crotches catch my eyes constantly. I’m not really sure what it is I like. Most are straight, I know some are gay. Their masculinity doesn’t seem to be it for me. I’m still not sure what it is. I’m just glad it happens.

I realized something about myself. There were guys I worked with I wouldn’t look in the eye because I was afraid of them catching me checking them out. Now, I just look them in the eye and think how beautiful they are.

I was keeping Dawn very satisfied. No doubt about it! Nothing better than keeping your wife horny and happy. I sort of felt a bit like a teenager again.

The rest of our life continued and we found ourselves downsizing. The kids we were ready for never came. We sold our four bedroom house and bought a condominium. We came out so far a head on the deal we’ll be able to retire while we’re still young.

We moved into our new place and met our new neighbor Cheryl. She was beautiful, long dark hair, beautiful bright, pale blue eyes and fair skin. almanbahis giriş She had a full figure and seems to be in great shape. She might be forty. Dawn told Cheryl how beautiful she was the moment we met her.

We settled in pretty quickly and got to know Cheryl a little better. She told us Woody would soon be home from school. He was a freshman at some liberal school down state. I assumed he was her son and didn’t ask anymore about him. Cheryl said Woody spent a lot of time in our condo with the girl who lived here before us. She went to college out of state. It took her parents awhile to sell this place to be closer to her.

I don’t believe Woody had even unpacked before he was knocking on our door to say hello. He really missed the girl I guess. There was no mistaking why he was called Woody either.

He had quite a package! He tight shorts sported quite a large dick. I’m sure I took too much checking it out. For Woody not to notice. He wasn’t very tall, maybe five nine. I’m sure he was a runner. He had a lean build, wavy brown hair with blonde highlights and Cheryl’s beautiful blue eyes. Kind of cute. Easy to talk. He loved school, had a scholarship there for cross country and was studying sports nutrition. He really missed his girlfriend and all the good times he’d had here with her. I think I understood what he was talking about. He was awful young but I could feel myself getting hard.

I made an excuse about having to get something done almanbahis yeni giriş before Dawn got after me. I needed to get away from that hot bod before my dick got any harder. He said good bye and went back next door to unpack

I shut the door and turned back towards Dawn. She said “Now!” We hurried to our bedroom and got our clothes off. Dawn laid down in bed with her legs apart with her knees in the air. I’ve always found this to be the most inviting position for me. Wide open, wet and ready. I went straight in her hot cunt in one smooth stab.

Like I said, Dawn does have a filthy mouth.

“Fuck me, fuck me hard!”

“He can’t handle a man like you!”

“Your dick is mine!”

“I need it!”

“Make me cum!”

“I’ll make you cum when I’m ready.” I told her.

“I’m going to get my hands on him and then you’ll really cum!”

“You better not get jealous or it won’t get any better for you!”

“I won’t!” she moaned, “Just make me cum! Please!”

I thrust into her do hard I could feel her pelvis against mine. She tightened around my cock. I could feel her orgasm building within her along my cock. She stopped and held still waiting for the release. It seemed like minutes, hours maybe. When she was spent I pulled out and jerked myself off hard until I came all over her belly. When I was done I kissed it and licked the cum from her. Then I kissed her on the mouth. I didn’t stop until she opened her mouth and tasted my cum.

I collapsed next to her. I licked the cum on her mouth and kissed her again. She opened her mouth and let my tongue in. She licked it tasting my cum again.

We were exhausted. We got cleaned up without saying a word. We knew the whole world had changed for us.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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