Bi Family Fun

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Fictional family explores bi sex. All characters would be over 18 if they real. No connection to any actual people.


Finally! My stepdad, Bill, headed out to the driveway with his golf clubs for his Saturday morning ritual with his friends. My Mom, Peggy, had already left to start her Saturday ritual of shopping for hours and hours. Now I, Johnny, could start my Saturday morning ritual.

Looking out the bedroom window as Bill loaded his clubs into his car and drove off, I untied my pajama bottoms and let them fall to the floor. Nude, I headed right into their bedroom and opened the door to their closet. Months ago I had discovered that Bill keeps a stack of the most amazing porn mags hidden behind a pile of sweaters on the top shelf in the closet.

These weren’t the usual softcore Playboy style mags showing naked women. These were hardcore sex magazines showing every graphic detail of people engaged in all sorts of sexual activity. For a young high school kid I had been studying advanced sexual techniques unknown to most guys my age and jerking off every chance I had when they left me alone in the house.

The variety is what intrigued me. Bill seemed to like all kinds of sex. It hadn’t occurred to me that Mom would be into them yet. There were lesbian focused magazines, group sex, gay sex, interracial couples (always white women fucking really well hung black guys), gangbangs and my most favorite of all, bisexual men and women fucking each other.

Today I hit the jackpot. Bill had bought a new bisexual magazine! I was already hard by the time I opened the closet door but now I was really hot. I knelt in the doorway of the closet with the pile of magazines in front of me thinking I was going to jerk off at least 5 times before lunch. The new one was right on top of the pile so I started turning the pages.

There were 2 men. One looked to be around 40 and the other looked to be around 20 with a very pretty girlfriend of the same age. The magazine was Swedish so I couldn’t read any of the captions but who cares about reading anyway. The pictures told the story! The scenario appeared to be this young couple was meeting the older man at a bar. By the third page they were in a bedroom with the young couple on the bed and the older man watching from a chair in the corner.

The idea of watching people have sex always excited me. Almost every night I listened to my parents having sex from my bed and jerked off imaging what positions they were in and what they looked like when those moans and gasps got louder and louder. Mom especially made a lot of noise when she came and even through their closed bedroom door I could hear it clearly making me wish I could see them as well.

By the 6th page, the older man was naked too and was standing at the edge of the bed so the girl could suck his very large cock while her boyfriend fucked her from behind. All 3 of them were very attractive. I was attracted to the men as much as the women. His gay magazines always turned me on even after looking at them 20 times! Imagining myself sucking cock or even fucking a guy was always part of my sexual fantasies as long as I could remember.

Turning the page, they had moved to a new position. Now the young man was on his back with his girlfriend riding his cock. The older man was kneeling beside him so the young man could suck his cock. The next few pictures showed close-ups of the girl joining her boyfriend in sucking his cock. That looked so hot to me. I was feeling ready to come and I hadn’t even started touching myself yet.

Turning the pages slowly, savoring each photo of the trio taking new positions, I was totally absorbed in my lustful fantasies about how great it must be to fuck like that. Sucking a man’s cock while fucking a hot girl, a man fucking me while I fucked her, getting my cock sucked while he fucked me, watching them fuck. There were so many combinations to explore. I touched the head of my aching cock and got ready to shoot my first load of the morning lost in my fantasies.

In seconds the first, powerful spurt of thick, very white come shot into the bathroom cup I always used. Ever since I saw a picture of a man swallowing a mouthful of come, I made it a point to swallow my own come. Wiping it off my stomach with my fingers and licking them clean soon progressed to swallowing whole mouthfuls from my trusty cup. Sometimes I would fill the cup with 3 or 4 loads before drinking it to get the full effect of swallowing 2 or 3 mouthfuls of come at a time. As I drank, I always thought how hot it will be when I got to eat another man’s come.

Today I quickly drained the cup and cleaned the remaining few drops from the tip of my cock with my finger and licked it clean. Now that my first orgasm was done, I wanted to get back to get right back to the serious business of jerking off several more times before lunch! I searched through the pile for my favorite gay magazine. The nude men had me hard again in no Kars Escort time.

I was always turned on by the sight of well hung men. My own cock was bigger than many of the men in the photos, I noticed long ago, but men with cocks bigger than mine always got me thinking about sucking them or what it would be like to let them fuck me. My natural tendency was towards being a bottom. Some of the men had really big cocks but the other guys seemed to enjoy having it buried in their ass. Kneeling naked on the floor contemplating that while I stroked my hard cock, it never registered with me that it had been raining for the last 30 minutes.

“Oh sorry.” Bill said standing in the doorway to the bedroom. Stunned, I looked up at him trying to process how I could possibly explain what I was doing. My hand was still wrapped around my totally erect cock with all his porn mags piled in front of me. Instantly I knew I was up the creek without a paddle as they say.

Silently I started to reassemble the magazines into a neat pile. Maybe I could pretend I was invisible, I thought. “Sorry Bill.” I sheepishly whispered. Then he surprised me.

He laughed. “Please Johnny don’t be embarrassed. I know this awkward but to tell you the truth that is exactly what I was planning on doing. I had no idea that you liked our magazines too.” Not the reaction I was expecting at all. I started breathing again.

“I was your age once too you know. There is absolutely nothing wrong with being horny all the time.” He laughed. “You are supposed to be!” I noticed he was looking at my cock while he talked. My erection started to recover from the initial shock.

“You don’t have to be afraid to talk about your sexual thoughts with me Johnny. Your mom and I know you getting to the age where it would be time for us to start talking to you about it. A handsome stud like you is going have plenty of hot young ladies after you. Maybe some guys too.” He added acknowledging that he had noticed which one of the magazines I was looking at when he came in.

“Come sit on the bed and let’s talk. I should start by being honest with you about why I have these magazines.” He said as he bent down to pick up the pile from the floor and sat down next to me on the bed. “I might as well just come out and say it. I am bisexual and your mom is too. We are extremely open minded about sex Johnny so you don’t have to be afraid to talk about anything with us. Are you OK with that?”

I nodded. Words weren’t coming out of my mouth yet as I let what Bill had just told me sink in. My Mom was bisexual? Bill was too? It started to occur to me that they must do the things I had been looking at in the magazines. Holy shit!

“Let me start by being open with you about myself and your mom. Everything I am going to tell you are things your mom and I have already agreed that we wanted to share with you when the time was right. Today seems to be that time so here I go.”

“We are what are called swingers Johnny. That means that we enjoy meeting other couples and sometimes single men or women and have sex with them. What makes swingers different from regular couples is the fact that they enjoy sharing their partners with others without being jealous. We both are totally into it. That is why the last thing I want you to feel is any inhibitions about sex. We both want you to feel free to explore all your sexual desires without guilt.”

“Most of the couples we get together with are bisexual too so there is no restriction on who has sex with who. I love watching your mom having sex with men and women and she enjoys watching me do the same. I think she enjoys watching me fuck the guys the best though!” he laughed.

“You like to fuck guys? Do you mean you like to be the top?” I finally managed to form some sentences.

“Most of the time I like being the top but sometimes I enjoy being the bottom too. That’s called being versatile. Tell me Johnny have you thought about which one you would like to be?”

“When I look at the guys fucking I usually imagine myself on the bottom. Especially when the guy has a really big cock. But sometimes I think about being the top too so I guess I am versatile too.” Talking about sex was getting easier!

“That’s cool. You just go with the flow. I like really big cocks too! Wait until you meet Larry! He has the biggest cock I have ever seen in person. 12 inches. Your mom measured it one night when he was getting ready to fuck Bob Preston that lives across the street. I like to suck big cocks but haven’t had one that big in my ass yet.”

My head was spinning. His friend Larry that he plays golf with has been over at the house many times. He has 12 inches! Bill wants me to see it! Our neighbors the Preston’s are swingers! This conversation is really getting me hot now.

“You are really developing into a hunk Johnny. Your mom and I talked about whether or not it would be OK to introduce you to some of our swinger friends so they could Kars Escort Bayan show you how to have sex or whether it would be better if we showed you ourselves. Your mom gets really hot thinking about fucking you. So do I.” Bill said as he placed his hand on my thigh.

The prospect of actually having sex right there with Bill made my answer very easy. The look in his eye left no doubt about what he wanted. “I think I would like you and mom to teach me.”

“Stand up and let me look at you.” My cock was pointing right at the ceiling as I stood in front of Bill and let him devour me with his eyes. He put his hands on my hips and turned me around so he could admire my ass. There wasn’t an ounce of fat on me and all the sports I played were getting me more muscular by the season.

Strangely, I felt comfortable posing nude for him. My cock twitched as he caressed my ass and then turned me around again. “Why don’t we start by me showing you how great it is to have a man suck your cock?”

My smile told him all he needed to know. I gasped when he leaned forward and sucked half of my cock into his mouth. He looked up at me as he slowly let it slide out of his mouth. His tongue circled the head. “You just let yourself come when you are ready. I can’t wait to taste it and swallow every drop.” Then he took the whole length of my cock down his throat.

My knees buckled. I looked down at his lips buried against my pubic hair. As great as I thought a blowjob would be, this was better. Bill started to pump my cock in and out of his mouth, taking the full length effortlessly. His hands on my ass gently pulled me towards him each time he swallowed my cock. What a day I thought!

“That feels so great Bill. I love it. I am going to come soon. Oh shit Bill here it comes!” Seconds later the most intense orgasm I ever had shot loads of come into Bill’s mouth. Not a drop escaped and he licked my cock clean before letting go of it. Naturally, without any thought of hesitation, I bent down and kissed him.

Breathing hard, I managed to whisper how much I loved it. Bill smiled and kissed me back, this time with an open mouth. Then I noticed Bill had pulled his pants down while he was blowing me. My hand brushed against his very hard cock and automatically started stroking it. “I want to make you come Bill. Can I suck it? Will you show me how?”

“I thought you would never ask!” he laughed. “Kneel down Johnny and get my pants off. Let’s be naked!” Bill unbuttoned his shirt and removed it while I untangled his pants and underwear from around his ankles and pulled them off.

Looking up at him at saw his balls were totally hairless and he had just a small patch of hair above his cock. “Nice hairdo!” I joked.

“Don’t you worry about that right now young man. Just get that cock in your mouth. We can talk about waxing later.” Bill was sitting on the edge of the bed with his legs open, letting his balls hang freely in front of me. I moved in closer and held his cock with both hands. He was about the same size as me but thicker. And very hard. With a huge head that I was looking right at. “Go ahead Johnny put the head in your mouth.”

Having a cock in my mouth for the first time didn’t seem at all shocking to me. I fantasized about it so many times I was focused on learning how to do it right. I wanted to give Bill as much pleasure as he had given me. I looked up at him and said “I want to taste your come too. All of it.” and then returned to sucking him.

Trying to swallow him was not working. I could only get a few inches in my mouth before my gag reflex kicked in. Bill noticed “Don’t worry about deepthroating. That’s not something you learn on your first try. Your mom will teach you. After all, she taught me! Sucking the head is fine.”

I used my tongue on the sensitive spot near the tip bringing a moan from Bill. “Keep that up boy and you will have a load shooting in your face.” Bill was breathing heavy and resting his hands on my shoulders as my head bobbed up and down on his cock. No time for talking as I was really into sucking him now.

After a few minutes Bill said I was doing great. “Try licking those balls too. That’s why I keep them smooth. That’s it, gently, I love that.” I carefully wrapped my hand around his sac and held the balls out so I could lick them both. Running my tongue back and forth over them I thought how I need to get my balls waxed too.

Soon I was back to sucking his cock, faster this time. He was getting ready to come so I kept up a fast, steady rhythm with my mouth and hand stroking his shaft. “Get ready. The first spurt will be hard so try to take it on the top of your mouth so it doesn’t go right down your throat.” Bill was struggling to speak as he was breathing so heavy. “Then swallow it and get ready for the next spurt.”

A few seconds later, that first spurt hit and filled my mouth with come. The force surprised me and I pulled back for a second letting the Escort Kars end of the spurt hit my cheek. I recovered quickly though and swallowed what was in my mouth and wrapped my lips around his cock to get some more. I managed to swallow the rest of his come easily, enjoying the taste.

“Oh my god, Johnny. You are a natural!” Bill said as his cock finally stopped spurting. He took both hands and held me face up as he bent down and licked the come off my cheek. French kissing a man with come in his mouth was so sensual, I thought, as we held that kiss for a very long time.

I was ready for more but Bill brought me back to earth. “Calm down boy. We will have plenty of time for more tonight. Your mom will want to be with us so let’s save our energy. I loved the way you sucked me.” Bill kissed me again. “Listen up Johnny this is important. You cannot talk to anybody, not your best friend, not anybody about we do together. That is rule number 1. Promise?”

I nodded in agreement. “Now go get ready for your practice. Your mom will be home soon and I want to talk to her about what we did. She is going to love it. The dinner conversation tonight is going to be a little different!” Bill patted my ass and shooed me out of the room.

Even though I was still horny, I tried to remember what Bill said. There would be plenty of time for more sex later. What he and I did I knew was not a onetime thing. Mom was going to be involved! Not wanting to show up to practice with a hardon, I figured I better learn to stop thinking about all the things I wanted to try until later. Working out with the guys was more fun than usual. During the summer, the football players held these informal workouts every day to keep us thinking about the upcoming season. I was energized.

When I got home, Mom was alone in the kitchen working on the salad. “Bill is cooking today, Honey. Steak tips and salad is on the menu. I would kiss you but you are so sweaty and smelly!” she laughed. It relaxed me that she was acting normally towards me. No tension at all. “Go shower and meet us on the patio. Dinner will be ready soon.” She said smiling.

I showered and threw on shorts and a tee shirt in a hurry. I could not wait to see how this night was going to unfold. In about 10 minutes I was walking out on the patio, freshly showered, ready to have sex with my mom and Bill.

Mom was already sitting at the table sipping a Martini. Bill was loading some great smelling steak tips on a platter at the grill. Mom looked great. She was wearing a sun dress that complimented her tan and was short enough to show off her legs. Mom was good looking but not what you would call a knockout. When you put her looks together with her slim, fit body and her magnetic personality she was really attractive. I wasn’t surprised when she married Bill who also was good looking and 5 years younger than her. They had married 3 years ago and always seemed so happy together. Now I was beginning to see why.

Bill brought the platter of meat over to the table and sat down with us. “That looks great Bill. What are you guys going to eat?” I joked trying to act nonchalant. They laughed and started putting pieces on their plates quickly before I could get them. “Nice. Stealing food from a kid.” I whined.

“Poor Johnny!” Mom laughed.

Mom then got right to the point. “So how did your day go? Anything interesting happen?” Mom coyly smiled at me.

Keeping in tune with her approach I replied “Oh no. Just the usual. Bill and I had sex and I went to practice.” I smiled coyly back. They both laughed.

“Bill mentioned something about that to me.” Mom replied. “I am glad to see that you don’t appear to be scarred for life!” Mom laughed and reached over to clasp my hand.

“I’m not Mom. I really enjoyed it. No, I loved it. It’s so exciting that you are swingers and that you have talked about including me.” I was ready to talk openly with them. Mom squeezed my hand.

“You know how much I love you Johnny. Since your Dad died I wasn’t really sure how or when to talk to you about sex but today is definitely the day. You remind me so much of him that I knew somehow that you would be bisexual too.”

“Dad was bisexual?”

“Yes honey he was. The first time I met your dad he was the guy my boyfriend invited for my first threesome. My boyfriend had convinced me, pretty easily I might add, that 2 guys are better than one. Plus he said I could see what guys do to each other too. The idea turned me beyond belief the first time I heard it.

“He was handsome and really good shape just like you are now. For the last couple of years I have been watching you develop into a spitting image of him. I knew at some point I was going to have to find out if you not only looked like him but also if you loved sex like him. Bill and I have been talking for a couple of years now about how hot you are and how we could approach you about sex without upsetting you.”

“Let me just say Mom that today hasn’t upset me at all. Bill made me feel so comfortable talking about sex with him that it seemed perfectly natural to do it with him. Kind of like I feel right now talking to you. Perfectly natural and, by the way, anxious to have sex with you.”

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