Bi Friends: Donny Crosses The Line

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I have been recounting two close yet very seperate periods in my life in these stories. One, at the end of high school and that summer leading up to college, takes place at the end of the 70s. The other is a few years into college, in the early 80s.

The former was a time of finding myself, sexually, and included a remarkable amount of straight lovemaking with willing neighbor girls and various schoolmates and relatives, and an incredible number of bi oral encounters with neighbor boys and schoolmates and relatives, in my barn and my neighbor Donny’s barn. Donny and I grew up 69ing each other all the time, sometimes twice a day, and always laughing and goofing about it. He also had two sisters close to my age who were a part of our ongoing sex play, in stories I have yet to pen for Lit.

The college years were entirely straight for me, yet my closest friends were a few straight and lesbian girls who redefined what was acceptable sexual interaction between us and gleefully tossed society’s norms and restrictions out the window. It was beautiful, and always pursued and practiced with a grin!

Please feel free to read the other stories… just look up ‘Bi Friends” and please feel free to e-mail comments or send similar reminiscence.

Raj Pepper (Lookin’ At You!)


One day, I was out riding with Donny and a visitor. The visitor’s name was Will and he was a senior at a military academy in Wayne, PA. The school actually had a cavalry unit, called D Troop, and we knew a few of the riders through our circle. Though he was the same age as Donny and I (18), Will was a little smaller than we were, wiry, with hair that was very short for the 70s. A nice enough kid, it seemed, though I mostly took the gung ho crowd with a grain of salt. He roared up and over the hill ahead in a show of horsemanship, and Donny and I talked a little.

“So, is he game?”

“Sure! We took the piss test already” The piss test was something we’d done with SO many people over the years. There was an old work sink from the former servant’s kitchen that was a long, low white porcelain job. It had been in the barn as a work sink, watering trough and pissoir as long as I could remember. You suggest to whoever you’re Maltepe Escort with, as you pass near it, that you have to take a leak, and simply whip it out and pee. They either pause while you go, or whip it out and pee too. If they just waited the first time, most people couldn’t wait to pee there next time they came through the room. Then you pull yours out and pee again with them. There is a certain amount of grinning and checking each other out, and often enough it breaks right into a few or many strokes. Sometimes Donny and I would double team guys, so that here were two masculine, sure of themselves boys with huge grins and half hard ons, looking at your willie while you peed. It was fairly irresistable in it’s promise of good clean fun to come, so to speak.

Donny and Will had had their pee, and they now had a clear, unspoken understanding that more was to come at the end of the ride.

“Want to join us?” Donny asked. I told him I might want to watch today, just for fun. There was a built in ladder that went up to the hay loft, and from there you could look through the slats right into the storage room we called ‘the sweat box’.

When our short ride wrapped up, I unsaddled my horse and put saddle and bridle away and gave her a quick brushing, then pretended to head over to my house as Donny asked if we wanted to go into the barn for a beer. I slipped around and right up the ladder, grabbed a beer on the way, and opened it and settled in before they reached the door. They came into the sweat box and Donny offered beer, then announced that it was hot and did Will want to cool off? As he said this, he took off his shirt, then his pants, and stood in his white briefs, leaning back and smiling. Quick as a wink, Will had his off and there they stood, grinning and posing, leaning back with their 3/4 hard ons pressing sideways through their briefs. Donny slid the cold beer along the front of his briefs and Will followed suit, their grins now wide enough to hurt.

“I can cool my dick down like this” Will said as he shoved the icy bottle down the front of his underwear. “Or this!” Donny said, as he pulled his down and his dick popped out to full attention. Will did the same Kartal Escort and they both immediately walked towards each other until their dicks were touching, then they reached for each other’s hard ons. Donny was at the large end of average size and Will was at the shorter end of average. Both looked good.

“How about we wrestle?” Will asked, and Donny said he didn’t want to hurt Will, being easily 20 pounds heavier. Will answered “Yea, right” and they got on the tack box together and said “Ready?”

Donny was naturally good at all sports and had wrestled as a freshman, but Will was the Captain of his wrestling team, and very dedicated. When they said “Go”, Donny was unprepared for the ferocity of Will’s onslaught. The room was not really set up for that kind of thing, and the flailing of the two of them was violent, fast, and more than a little dangerous. Will pinned Donny on the top of the rolling tack box, that happened to be covered in horse blankets for our horseplay sessions. Then Will, wild eyed and breathing heavily, kissed Donny for all he was worth. Donny stopped moving for a moment, then started kissing Will back, arms behind his head and on his neck and up and down his back.

“Holy shit!” I thought as I stared, the action taking place just a few inches from my face, hidden behing the wall slats. In all the years Donny and I had been ‘messing’ with it’, I’d NEVER seen anything like this. Will broke the embrace, jumped up, grabbed his school bag and pulled a squeeze bottle of something out of it. He poured some on Donny’s dick and balls and started to slick him up. Donny was on his back, breathing hard and as Will straddled him Donny poured the same goop all over Will’s dick, as well. They kissed again, almost like they were wrestling, and ground their dicks together, then Will popped up on his knees and pulled Donny’s legs up over his shoulders and started to poke at his virgin (as far as I knew) ass. Will handed the squeeze bottle to Donny and Donny slathered more on Will’s dick as Will moved forward and started slow gyration’s.

“It’ll be OK, I’m not that big” Will said, and to my surprise, there was not one word of protest from Donny. Eventually, Donny’s soft Pendik Escort moans led to a louder “Oooomph!” and I guessed Will was inside. He started a steady motion, and I could see it slipping in and out from my vantage point.

“Oh, ffffffffuck!” “Oh, fffffffuck” Donny kept saying, and sometimes “Fffffuck, yeah, fffffuck, yeah”, or just “Uuungh, uuungh” It was fascinating to watch and to hear, totally unexpected, and I admit I was way turned on by the whole scene, though I did not want the same for myself. Hell, I’m not made of stone… this whole scene was crazy hot!

Donny was slathering his hands all over his balls and his dick, and at one point Will said, loudly “Don’t come yet!”, and then obviously started to come, himself. He was bucking and twitching and straining, and then collapsed onto Donny, his dick coming right out and Donny’s legs dropping down. They kissed with slippery hands all over each other then Will said “Fuck me, fuck me now!” He rolled over onto his stomach and gripped the edge of the tack box. Donny got behind him and pulled him up unto his knees, face still down against the horse blanket. “Just do it! Just put it in! Its OK, it won’t hurt me. Fuck me…” he was sort of hissing and growling at the same time into the blanket, far from the sweet kid next door that I’d ridden a horse with just a little while earlier.

Donny did as he was told, thats for sure, and all just a few inches from my face. It didn’t take him long to come at all, but for the few minutes they were at it, it sure was physical! I slipped, silently, down the ladder and back over to my house. I went to my room and whacked my willie with fury, and came a mile. I wasn’t going to keep THAT all bottled up!

Later that evening, I was on the back porch doing homework when Donny strolled over. “So, did you watch?”

“Naw, my Mom called just as I was about to go up the ladder. Did he go for it?”


“Did he finish?”

“Oh yeah! All the way, too!”

“Cool. A wimpy finisher or a gobbler?”

“A gobbler… WAY a gobbler! It was cool. You should have come with us.”

“Next time…………………………”


I gave Donny a little room on this one. The sight of it all was still making my head reel, and if he wanted to bring it up in conversation at some point in the future, we’d deal with that then.


end of chapter ……………. 7? 100? Gazillion?

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