BiCurious Meeting

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Normally, I don’t accept random instant messages, but for some reason on this night, I did. He said he was a friend of a friend of someone I knew from college. People went in and out of my school frequently, so I figured it was okay to talk. I’m straight, 20 years old, about 5’11” tall. This person, he said his name was Justin. He immediately said he was bi, and claimed to be a virgin. I wasn’t sure what he was getting at. I told him I wasn’t interested in anything. He admitted that he had a group of 3 friends and his brother that he messed around with, and they were looking for a new member to their group. I told him I wasn’t sure. He suggested that we meet, and then decide. I reluctantly caved, once he sent me a nude picture of him masturbating.

We met at a hotel a night that weekend; Justin got there first and made arrangements. I found the room and cautiously and nervously knocked on the door. He answered, and we made introductions. We made small talk, and he quickly steered the conversation to the direction of masturbation. He told me his favorite techniques and about his group, which had sex together once a month as a group, and more often separately. He explained how it’s just to unload, and for no other reason. I kinda understood, and was getting horny as we talked. Eventually, I couldn’t cover up my hardening rod in my pants anymore. He suggested we strip, and reluctantly, I gave in. He also handed me a pill, I didn’t know what it was, but he said it would help with endurance.

We sat next to each other on one of the queen beds in the room. He was about 8 ½ inches long, and pretty thick. He seemed huge compared to my 7 inch staff, and I got a little worried about something happening—like getting fucked in the ass. But we sat bahis şirketleri there and stroked ourselves, watching each other’s hand motions. Then, he reached over and started to stroke my cock, as a drop of pre-cum leaked from my slit. I reciprocated, and started to stroke his massive penis. Then, he suggested that we blow each other. I agreed, having tasted my own cum once, and not really liking it. I was hoping someone else’s would taste better. I started to lick his shaved nuts, sucking each one individually. I had never done this, but I had plenty of straight porn to learn. I licked up his long, thick shaft, getting it wet before I circled his head and licked the pre-cum from his slit. He started to groan gently as I took his head into my mouth and started to suck. I knew I couldn’t take him far into my mouth, but I managed to get about 4 inches or so of his thickness inside my mouth, which was stretched wide. I bobbed my head up and down and ran my tongue along the underside as I sucked hard and he groaned in appreciation. I also started to jerk off his base. He warned me that he was going to cum, and groaned as I clamped my mouth down around his head as a large load flew into the back of my throat. I was able to swallow it all, much to my surprise.

Then, I got on my back and he returned the favor. He almost deep throated me, worked my shaft, and then worked his way to the area under my balls. He pushed my legs up into my chest as he started to tongue my ass as well. I was surprised; it actually felt okay. He lubed up his fingers and started to finger my tight, virgin hole as he returned to my aching, throbbing, cock. I didn’t last long at that point, and shot at least six spurts into his eager mouth. Meanwhile, little to my knowledge, he bahis firmaları had his massive dick lubed up.

While I was still in the afterglow of my orgasm, he lifted my legs onto his hips. He rested his cock right at my hole and started to push into me. It hurt. I was expecting it to, so I just tried my best to push him out. It didn’t work; it gave him more room to push into me. Before I even realized it, he was all the way in. He rested it there, and then, once he thought I was comfortable, started to slowly fuck me. It didn’t take long before we got into rhythm and he slowly increased his speed. Soon, his nuts were tight to his body (I didn’t feel them slapping into me) and he started to grunt loudly. I was gently moaning, feeling him rub my prostate. Then, he groaned and shot a load inside me. I was ready to blow myself when he pulled out. Some cum leaked out, but he quickly cleaned it up.

He got on his hands and knees on the bed, sticking his tight ass into the air, ready to take me inside him. I spit on my cock and rubbed in the leaking pre-cum—that was all the lube I needed, and I slid in. He moaned gently as I pushed myself all the way in and started to pump in and out. I already felt my cum building up and ready to shoot, and I naturally started to speed up. Suddenly, I moaned as my cum started to fill his ass. I pulled out, licked off what ran out, and collapsed beside him on the bed.

He asked me if I could handle more, and I said that I could handle cumming a few more times. He got on his back and I naturally climbed on top of him and straddled his body. I grabbed the base of his hard cock and guided into my now loosened ass. Once he was comfortably inside, I started to ride, with now my penis growing hard again. He reached kaçak bahis siteleri up and as I rode him at a steady pace, he started to rub his hand up and down my stiffening pole. Keeping this up, I knew I would blow any second, I warned him as I continued to let his cock slide in and out of me. I started moaning louder, uncontrollably, and let loose across his body. I felt my ass clinch him, and he started to spurt his load into my ass as I milked the cum from his cock. I collapsed onto him briefly, and he tried to kiss me. I thought that was kind of disgusting, so I pulled away and licked up the cum from his body as I let his softening cock slip from my ass.

Still horny, I lifted his legs and started to plow his ass again, which instantly started to make him hard. He jerked off his erection, which returned quickly, and before long, was moaning, with his balls on the verge of explosion. Suddenly, he started to shoot, which squeezed the cum from my cock. I licked him off, and we went to sleep.

After sleeping for a few hours (on opposite sides of the bed), we decided to get a shower and finish up. Once we were in the shower, he soaped up my cock, cleaned it off, and started to jerk me off as he fell to his knees. He took me deep, concentrating strictly on my balls and my shaft. I came, and then, after cleaning off his cock, I returned the favor. I stood up, and he soaped up his cock again. He pushed me against the wall, lifted a leg, and pushed his stiff shaft inside my ass for one more fuck. He pounded hard, eager to shoot his load, and me, now eager to take it. He came and pulled out, promptly cleaning the cum from my hole. Then, I turned him around and pounded his ass as hard as I could. I wanted to blow one last load. It wasn’t long, I filled him up, and cleaned him out.

After that, he left, anxious for me to join his group of friends in a few weeks. I was reluctant, but willing. I was still straight by the end of the day, but now I had a new way to unload.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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