Big Booty Betsy Pt. 02

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Light was streaming through my windows, illuminating most of my room with early morning sunlight. I glanced over at the clock on my nightstand, seeing that it was 6:45 A.M. on the Sunday morning following James and Alex’s date night. I assumed it was too early for them to be up just yet. Especially after the late night they had had. I knew for sure that Alex would likely be hungover for much of the morning, meaning I would have plenty of time to joke and flirt with James.

Just thinking about James sent a thrill down my body, making my nipples stand out beneath my thin black tank and my pussy began to warm. I threw the covers back with my leg, pushed my panties off quickly, and spread my thighs as I tickled my fingers down my belly, anticipating their touch between my wet pussy lips. As I reached them, I used my middle finger to stroke lightly down the seam of my lips, feeling my wetness already weeping out of me. Too bad it wasn’t the married man upstairs, teasing me with the head of cock, spreading my wetness around and occasionally pressing just the tip into my eager cunt.

My fantasy was just getting started when there was a soft knock at my door, pausing my fingers as they spread my lips open.

“Yes?” I asked, trying to keep my panting from being too noticeable. I left my legs spread wide though, hoping that it was James on the other side of the door. Hedging my bets that Alex was too hung over to be disturbing my morning and Charlie rarely made her way to this part of the house without someone with her. When my door started to open and James popped his head in, a thrill of relief and adrenaline rushed through my chest. He raised his eyebrows in mild surprise to find me so exposed.

“Charlie is waiting for us in the kitchen whenever you’re finished.” He opened my door a little wider, slipping inside. “Before I go out there though, you better get over here and give me a taste of that pussy.”

I tried to keep my eagerness from showing, sliding my legs over the edge of the bed, walking to him meekly, tucking my hands behind my back and peeking at him from under my lashes. I stopped about a foot away from him, lifting my gaze to his, chewing on my bottom lip. I felt his strong hand land on my shoulder, pulling me closer before sliding down my arm and pulling one of my hands from behind my back.

James laced his fingers with mine, holding his hand on top as he jointly cupped my pussy. He took our fingers and slid them back far enough that he could press our middle fingers inside my pussy together, curling them just enough to make them graze my g-spot, making me tremble. All the while he kept constant eye contact, monitoring my every reaction.

“You’re such a good girl. Doing exactly as you’re told.” He took one more step forward, pressing our bodies flush together and touched my g-spot lightly again while grinding my palm into my clit. “You owe me something sweet baby girl. And I don’t mean just this pussy.”

James slowly thrust his finger deep and then lifted his hand up to my lips, leaving my finger still buried in my pussy by itself. I whimpered, getting greedy and thrust another of my own fingers inside to fill the void. He wiped his glistening finger across my bottom lip as I rode my own fingers lewdly in front of him. I let my tongue swipe out, catching his finger, pulling it into my mouth. I let my tongue cradle it while I sucked intensely, wanting to get every last drop of my pussy juice off. If there was none left, he’d have to slide his finger back inside my wanton body and get more.

He slid his finger out of my mouth with a pop, gripped my wrist and pulled my hand away from my body. It was almost in slow motion as he pulled my fingers up to his mouth to lick and suck on them.

Plan thwarted. Of course, he would use my soaked fingers to get a taste. I tried to sneakily bring my other hand around so I could get my first feel of his gorgeous cock through his grey sweatpants, but James caught my wrist before I could get there, giving my fingers one last lick before pulling away, still holding both wrists.

“I’m going to start breakfast for Charlie. You have ten minutes to get your sexy ass out to the almanbahis kitchen. Wear those tiny black shorts.” He leaned down swiping his tongue across my still moist full bottom lip. “And no panties.”

After he dropped my hands, leaving the room, I got dressed quickly. I made sure to follow instructions not putting on panties but slipping into my sleep shorts and throwing on a sports bra under my tank. I had to make sure that if Alex came down, I wouldn’t have my breasts jiggling freely in front of James. I’m sure hard nipples swinging around the kitchen would be considered inappropriate.

As I walked into the kitchen, it was hard not stare at James’ ass at the stove. Charlie loved oatmeal and it looked like that was what was on the menu this morning. I leaned forward across the large counter and sink taking up the center of the kitchen, popping my hip nonchalantly in James’ direction. I reached across the counter to nudge Charlie on the cheek. “How’s your morning going sweet pea?”

“Mommy sick,” Charlie said matter-of-factly.

“Is that so?” I asked her. I glanced over my shoulder at James. He was looking directly at my ass peeking out of the bottom of my shorts. I waved it subtly back and forth at him.

“Oatmeal daddy!” Charlie shouted. Clearly, I wasn’t important, or she wasn’t that worried about her mom being sick.

“I know, pumpkin. It’s on the way.” James turned around, leaning against the counter, cupping a large cup of coffee in his hands. “Betsy will you grab the brown sugar and cinnamon for me?”

The brown sugar and cinnamon were in the cabinet next to the stove. James was much closer to it than I was, which meant that he was manipulating the situation for something he wanted.

“Sure thing, James.” I pushed back off the counter, walking slowly toward him. As I reached for the cabinet, my body pressed into his. I popped the door open and of course someone had moved the sugar and cinnamon to the top shelf. I had to reach upward onto my tip toes, dragging my breasts across his chest and resting my thigh between his. He lifted his knee a little, pressing the thigh I was straddling right into my pussy.

I laughed, enjoying the moment, sliding down his leg as I pulled the items out of the cabinet. I set the items on the counter, running my hand between us, lightly down his chest, feeling every solid groove on his torso.

“Thanks, Betsy. You’re such a good helper.” James winked at me as he said it. He had set his cup of coffee on the counter and was standing with his arms braced on the countertop, giving me almost full access to him. I didn’t have the courage to stay there and openly touch him in front of Charlie, so I pulled back. I moved to a cabinet further away from James to grab a bowl for Charlie’s oatmeal.

Moments later, James handed Charlie’s breakfast prep off to me while he dug in the refrigerator for eggs and bacon. Looked like we were going to have a good breakfast that morning. More subtle teasing, touching and flirting continued through breakfast. When Alex finally came downstairs when we were almost done eating, she looked miserable and would only eat toast.

“Betsy and I can clean all of this up, if you want to take Charlie for a snuggle on the couch.” James volunteered when he noticed that Alex was about to start cleaning.

“Thank you, baby,” Alex said as she planted a kiss on James’ mouth before convincing Charlie that she should come into the living room for cartoons. She took Charlie’s hand and toddled her through the archway into the family room just outside the kitchen.

The TV clicked on, filling the room with the sound of some show with cartoon puppies, the sound drifting into the kitchen. James stood up from the table, raising his eyebrows at me, silently commanding me to stand with him. I could see where this was headed. Flirting in front of his daughter along with what had happened the previous evening were clear indicators that James had a thing for risky sexual activity. The thrill of that thought shot through me making my nipples harden.

I leaned over the table as he passed behind me. I reached for Charlie’s almost empty oatmeal bowl across the table, almanbahis giriş piling it on top of our plates. I made sure to take my time, knowing that my ass cheeks were hanging out of the bottom of my shorts. I glanced up as I straightened, catching Alex’s eye as I did so. Fuck.

Panic made me smile and wave at both her and Charlie. I was seriously hoping she hadn’t caught on to the display I was giving her husband. She wouldn’t be able to see anything inappropriate from the angle she was at, but I wasn’t sure if she had seen the way I had been looking at James.

Thankfully, Alex smiled back, lifting Charlie’s hand to wave back at me. I let a relieved sigh slip from me, taking the dishes to the sink behind the counter. James was filling the sink with hot water, giving me a heated look as I approached.

“You don’t want to throw these in the dish washer?” I asked, holding the dishes out to him. He grabbed them from my hands, placing them on the counter next to the sink while it filled.

“Nah. There isn’t enough to start a load. I’d rather just get them out of the way.”

“Fair enough.” I said with a smile. “Wash or dry?”

“I’ll dry. You wash.” He grabbed my hips shifting me in front of the sink and reaching for a towel. He paused behind me, his breath ruffling my hair as he whispered in my ear. “I’ve got to make sure I can dry you off when you get all wet.”

I elbowed him playfully in the ribs, making him laugh and back off.

“Are you two making trouble in there?” Alex said loudly from the living room. We were just out of her line of sight, but she could hear everything in the kitchen that we were saying unless we whispered.

“James is being mean, Alex,” I said with a grin. “He said if I didn’t wash instead of dry, he’d splash me with water, and get me all wet.”

“I said no such thing!” James threw back defensively, making me smile.

“He is such a nuisance sometimes, Betsy. Just make sure you put him in his place.” Alex said, ignoring James completely.

“He is that! Don’t worry, I’ll make sure we get everything taken care of in here.” I glanced over my right shoulder at James, finding him staring down at my ass. His hand slid down my waist and over my left ass cheek.

“My own wife doesn’t even trust me!” he said incredulously, grabbing a rough handful of my ass.

“You can bet my ass she shouldn’t,” I muttered with a grin.

“Watch it little girl,” he whispered to me, giving me a light slap. From the other room we could hear Alex softly murmuring to Charlie as they continued to snuggle. Alex clearly now distracted.

And it was in that moment of Alex’s distraction that James moved my short shorts to the side, lightly sliding his finger between my wet lips to flick across my clit. I gasped softly, rolling my hips back to give him better access.

“Better wash those dishes, Bets, or Alex will get suspicious.” James whispered. As I reached for the plates beside the sink, he rolled his finger over my clit again. “Good girl.”

My hands shook as I ran the sponge over the plate, hands warm in the hot water. I swear I cleaned the plate five times more than needed, pausing to breathe through the pleasure, dropping my head forward. I pulled my right hand out of the water, sliding it across the front of the sink, reaching toward James. He grabbed my hand with his free one, putting it back in the water to continue washing the dishes, shaking his head at me. My lust filled brain just wanted his hard cock in my hand and then somewhere inside me after. I realized though that if I did that, I would end up getting James’ pants wet, giving Alex a clear indication of what we were doing if she came in the kitchen and caught us. It would be a dead giveaway for her to see a massive wet handprint on his crotch.

The thought that she could walk in at any moment only made my pussy more wet. He could easily stand behind me and fuck me without Alex ever knowing. It was like a slip and slide between my thighs at that moment and there was nothing I would like more.

He shifted behind me, becoming more rough. James gripped my hair, pulling my face toward his over my shoulder while he stood almanbahis yeni giriş behind me thrusting his fingers into my sloppy wet pussy. “Do you want me to fuck you?” He whispered. I nodded my head as much as I could with his fingers entwined in my hair. “Too bad. But I do have something you can take care of for me.”

Fingers still gripped in my hair, James pushed me to my knees in front of him, pulling his sweats down just enough for his beautiful cock to spring out. It popped out to hit me gently on the lips before bouncing back, making me giggle. Then whimper softly, opening my mouth to lick the tip gently. He tossed the dish towel down to me, allowing me to dry my hands quickly, before gripping his shaft.

I couldn’t stop the words that left my lips as I looked hungrily up into his eyes. “Thank you, daddy.”

His breath left him in a rush as I let his cock rest on the side my face as I ran my tongue from base to tip. I was so excited; I couldn’t stop from taking him down my throat all in one shot. James didn’t hesitate to hold my head down, giving the smallest of thrusts, making me gag quietly around his cock. As my eyes started to water, he released me, letting me come up for air. It was hard to remain quiet as I gasped for oxygen. James had a devilish glint in his eye, pulling me back onto him.

“Jesus, what are you guys doing in there? Is everything okay?” Alex said from the couch. I allowed myself to gag one more time on James’ dick, coating him in my saliva, making him shine in the bright lights of the kitchen. I pulled my head back, stroking his slippery cock in circular motions, my hand easily moving around his head.

I gave him a quick lick between strokes then said, “Sorry, Alex! I stubbed my toe. It hurt a bit. We’re all good in here.”

“Make it quick, little girl,” James murmured as his hand still rested on the back of my head. I didn’t need any more encouragement, sucking on the head of his cock in up and down motions, while stroking my hand in the opposite direction. I wanted him to feel like he had a hot wet hurricane of suction around his dick.

I heard movement in the living room, and hurried my motions, swirling my tongue around him, continuing the stroke of my fingers on his shaft. James tapped my shoulder, slowly turning his body toward the counter. I followed him, putting my back to the cabinets as I heard softly padding footsteps coming toward us.

“Where’d Betsy go?” Alex asked. It sounded like she was standing in the doorway between the rooms.

“She had to run to the restroom really quick. No big deal.” James said, spreading his hands wide on the counter, subtly thrusting his hips forward. I took my hand off him and took all of him in my mouth, slowly pulling back so I could stroke my tongue in small circles from base to tip. I was going to get in some trouble for teasing him, but it only caused a tingle in my pussy as he dropped his hand back to my hair, shoving me down on him until I couldn’t breathe.

“Is her toe okay? These solid wood cabinets are killer on toes if you’re not paying attention.”

“I think it is. She may be a little sore for the day, but it shouldn’t cause any problems for her.” He pulled his cock back just enough to let me breathe through my nose. With him distracted I went back to stroking him with my hand and mouth simultaneously, feeling him tense when my free hand cupped his balls.

“Alright, well I’m going to take Charlie upstairs with me to take a bath. Don’t let her injure herself anymore! She’s a god send with Charlie and we need her.” I could hear the smile in Alex’s voice as I sucked even harder on her husband’s cock.

“You got it, babe,” he said gruffly. After a couple seconds of silence, I assumed that Alex had walked away. James groaned, grabbing my hands, pulling them away from his cock, holding them roughly against the counter as he fucked my throat. I couldn’t help but moan when his thrusts became jerky. “Fuck. Take my cum, you dirty little slut.”

And then his cum was filling my mouth as he moaned softly, his head hanging forward as he watched me suck every last drop from him. I continued sucking softly even when he was done, watching his muscles jump in his lower abdomen as his hips jerked, knowing that even if I didn’t get in trouble for overstimulating his sensitive cock now, it would eventually come back to bite me in the ass. And I was looking forward to it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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