Big Dick Fucks Blonde Girlfriend Pt. 06

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When I got home Jess was in bed, alone. I crept in and slid under the covers as quietly as I could.

“Hope you enjoyed yourself,” she said.

I froze.

“Because tomorrow your punishment starts.”

I waited expectantly. I wanted to know what was in store for me, but too afraid to ask. I was deathly afraid that it would involve Pete. I laid awake a long time, thinking of what tomorrow would bring. I could not face Pete in person after being caught peeping on him with Jess. But I couldn’t deny how sexy it was watching them together. The image of them making out in the entryway was burned into my brain. At this point I had a raging hard on. It took a long time to fall asleep.

When we woke up Jess said, “Make me some breakfast.” I didn’t argue, just scurried into the kitchen and made bacon and eggs. When I placed it in front of her, she said, “Now clean the apartment.” I wasn’t excited about spending my Saturday cleaning, but I was somewhat relieved that this was to be my punishment, and all was apparently forgiven.

Several times while I was cleaning she inspected my work, and of course it was never good enough. She made me scrub the floors three times, and clean the toilet twice. She made me strip the bed and wash the bedding, “so it will be clean for my lover.” That was my first indication what my real punishment was going to be.

After a full day of cleaning, the apartment was spotless. I collapsed onto the couch, exhausted. Almost immediately Jess called to me from the bedroom, “Come in here and help me get dressed.”

I went in to the bedroom. She was fresh from the bath, wrapped in a towel and standing in front of her closet looking through her clothes. “Go get me a bra and some underwear,” she said. I went to her dresser and took out a matching white bra and panties and brought them to her.

“Not those,” she said. “Something sexy.”

I went back to the drawer and picked out a lacy blue bra and matching undies. When I brought them to her, she nodded, dropped her towel and said, “Now put them on me.”

She stood fully nude before me, her full breasts jutting out, her trim patch of blonde pussy hair on display. She was casual in her nudity, like a model changing clothes, and I was her dressing room attendant. I had watched her get dressed many times before, but I discovered it’s actually quite difficult to dress a woman. I slipped her hands through the bra straps and tried to put the bra in place on her breasts. She slapped at my hands and did it herself, clasping the bra around her upper chest and then pulling it down over her boobs.

Putting çankırı escort bayan her panties on was easier, as I held them out and she stepped into them, and then I pulled them up over her hips. She adjusted them into place and then handed me a dress, which I pulled on over her arms and head. The dress was very short and barely went down past her butt cheeks. She adjusted it in the mirror, posing for herself and turning this way and that, admiring herself.

She barely acknowledged me throughout the dressing process. She seemed entirely unconcerned about me sharing this very private moment of preparing for her date. It felt oddly intimate, to be treated like an assistant whose job was to help her dress, nothing more. My opinion was not sought, and if I found her body stimulating it did not matter to her one way or another. Even though I was technically her boyfriend, I was keenly aware I was helping to make her look good for her fuck buddy.

As she was putting on her makeup, the doorbell rang. My heart leaped in my chest. Instinctively I started thinking of where I could hide.

Jess casually said, “Go get the door.” I stood there like a fool, my mouth open. She turned from the mirror and scowled at me. “Get the door,” she repeated, now with an edge of command.

Trembling, I walked toward the front door. I knew who was on the other side. I had an idea what he would say. Briefly, I thought about escaping out the back door, running like I had last night. I knew that would only delay things, that I would be punished again, possibly worse this time. But in the end I was drawn to the door by curiosity. What would Pete say? Would he taunt me like he did in his emails? Would it give me the same strange tingle I had felt then?

I braced myself and opened the door.

Pete was standing there, of course, a bottle of wine in his hand. When he saw me he smiled broadly. It seemed to me there was a glint of victory in his eye. “Hi, dickless!” he said, far too loudly. I was mortified that the neighbors might hear. “I’m here for my date with your girl.” He handed me the wine and brushed past me, looking around the apartment.

“Where is she, little man?” he said, clearly relishing the fact that he stood a good five inches taller than me.

“She…she’s getting ready.”

“That’s okay, I can wait. Some things are worth waiting for, am I right, little man?” I was already getting tired of being called that. I’m not a short guy, in fact I’m almost 5 feet 10 inches. It’s just that Pete was quite tall, maybe 6 feet 3 inches.

“Get me some of çankırı escort that wine while I’m waiting,” he said in a tone of command. I bristled a bit. It was one thing to have my girlfriend order me around, but I didn’t owe this guy anything. If anything I felt like he owed me something, after fucking my girlfriend behind my back. I glared at him for a moment, thinking about all the things I should have said. I should have yelled at him to get the fuck out. I should have told him what an asshole he was. I should have punched him in his smug face. He just glared back at me with that self-satisfied look, almost daring me to confront him.

What I did was…nothing. I kept my mouth shut and slinked into the kitchen. I opened the wine bottle with trembling hands. The bottle shook as I poured it into a glass, and some red wine spilled on the counter. I looked at the glass and briefly considered spitting in it, but when I glanced over at Pete I saw him eyeing me. Averting my gaze, I brought him the glass and handed it to him.

He took a sip and smacked his lips. “Ahhhh,” he said, “that tastes good. Almost as good as your girlfriend’s lips.” He was obviously relishing the moment and getting ready to start rubbing it in good. I could feel the blood rushing to my ears.

“How did you like the show yesterday, pervert? Did you like watching my dick in your girl’s mouth? Huh? Did that turn you on?”

“N—no,” I stammered, weakly.

“Aw, come on, you must have liked it, otherwise how come you were sneaking around in the bushes to watch us?”

“I wasn’t sneaking,” I said. Even to my ears it sounded lame. Of course I was sneaking. What else could you call it?

“Well, you don’t have to sneak tonight, perv boy. We all know what you want, you don’t have to hide it any more. Jess has told me all about you.”

“Wh—what did she tell you?” I was afraid to ask, but I had to know what she said.

“Oh, you know. How your dick is so small she can’t even feel it. But you don’t even care because what you really want is to watch a real man fuck her. That’s what you’re all about.”

“That’s not true,” I said. Of course it was, but I wasn’t about to admit it to this smug fucker.

“Sure you are. C’mon, tell the truth. What you really want to see is my big dick in your pretty little girlfriend. It looks sexy, doesn’t it? Even I think it’s sexy. Pretty little Jess squirming around on my dick. I can barely get my thing in her, and when I shove it in all the way it drives her crazy.”

I watched his face as he said this. He was completely secure in his own escort çankırı skin. He wasn’t shy about describing the most intimate details of sex. And, I guess, why would he be? The guy had a huge dick, and Jess couldn’t get enough of it. He had nothing to be ashamed of. I had never been able to make a girl feel the way he did, so I was naturally reticent about sex. Maybe if I had what he had I would brag about it too.

But in the moment, that’s not what I was thinking. I was thinking about how he could make Jess happy in a way I never could. In that moment I burned with jealousy. I wasn’t so much jealous of his dick as I was jealous of the way it made her feel. I wished I had that dick of his so I could make her feel the way he did. In that moment I had only one consolation. I couldn’t make her feel that way myself, but I could let her have his dick. I could give her that. And if I could watch it happen, I would get something out of it too. I would finally get to see what I’d been yearning to see since I first saw that video.

“Let me ask you something, little man,” Pete said. “Do you like men?”

“Wh—what do you mean?”

“I mean, are you a homo? Do you like dick?”

“Of course not.”

“C’mon, don’t be embarrassed. It’s okay if you do.”? “Why would you even think that?”

“Well, shit. You’ve got a hot girlfriend, maybe the hottest girl I know, and you don’t even fuck her. You let her fuck other guys and you don’t say a thing. You even pay me a hundred bucks to watch a video of me fucking her. I think you must like the dick.”

“No, I like women.”

“I’m sure you do. But I think you secretly like the cock too.”

I knew he was just trying to get my goat. I mean, obviously I’m not gay. I’m attracted to Jess, not Pete. She’s the most beautiful thing in the world to me, and I find her sexy as hell. Pete was nothing to me. I mean, I could see that he was a good looking guy, thin and well-muscled. But his body didn’t turn me on the way Jess’ body did. Her breasts and pussy alone made me feel things that Pete could not. Still, I couldn’t deny that his penis held a strange fascination for me. Several times while we were standing there I had noticed the bulge in his pants. He was wearing nice slacks, and the thin material did little to hide the fact that he had a healthy package. I thought what it must be like for him to walk around in public like that, unable to hide the bulge in his pants even if he wanted to.

He caught me looking and just laughed out loud.

Just then Jess came out of the bedroom. In her short dress and high heels, her legs looked incredible. Pete whistled appreciatively. Without even glancing at me she went up to Pete and kissed him on the mouth. Then she grabbed him by the hand and flounced out the door.

Pete smiled back at me with a gleam in his eye, looking for all the world like a wolf making off with its prey.

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